CLAIM: NASA Satellite Crashed in Kiev Ukraine. REALITY: Russia Downed NATO Military Satellite

The "OFFICIAL" Story: The fall of the old 300-kilogram satellite marked RHESSI ( Reuven Ramas High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager ) was expected to happen in 2018 and today entered the Earth's atmosphere for the first time in almost 21 years. NASA said a few days ago that it would monitor the fall, but did not specify the time or place of impact.

Experts warned that the time variance could have been up to 16 hours.

Fireball images over Kiev, Ukraine, were shared by users on social networks, local media describe the event as "special explosion."

Most of the satellite, which was tasked with monitoring solar flares, should have burned-up in the atmosphere, but some debris may have fallen to the ground.

However, NASA said the risk of injury in the event of a satellite crash was low - about one in 2467.

What __REALLY__ Happened

Russia downed a NATO military spy satellite.

They _appear_ to have accomplished this by utilizing their brand new Electronic Warfare system, designed specifically to affect Geo-Stationary satellites.

In order to affect a Geo-stationary satellite, Russia's new system must be able to jam all the way out at 22,500 miles from earth.   But if that same Electronic Warfare system was used to hit a lower earth orbiting satellite, the high powered radio emissions would simply overwhelm all systems onboard, likely causing the satellite to completely fail and fall to earth.

That appears to be what has actually taken place.

Sources inside NATO are saying privately that a NATO (West) spy satellite was "taken out" over Ukraine.  In fact, not only is NATO angry, they're quite shocked, both that the Russian tried, and that they succeeded!

Another escalation . . . 



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