CLAIM: U.S. Navy P-8 Spy Plane Provided Coordinates for Ukraine to Attack Russian Ship

CLAIM: U.S. Navy P-8 Spy Plane Provided Coordinates for Ukraine to Attack Russian Ship

Information is leaking out of the United Kingdom that the US Navy used its new marine surveillance aircraft to provide accurate targeting data to Ukrainian forces to sink the Russian Black Sea flag ship Moskva on April 13. 

Ukraine claimed it fired two Neptune missiles at the Russian warship which was patrolling south of Odesa. 

Russia initially claimed the vessel, which had more than 500 crew on board had blown up after a fire onboard. 

Later, the Kremlin was forced to admit the vessel - named in honour of the Russian capital - had been taken out by hostile action.

According to information coming out through the British press, a US surveillance P-8 "Poseidon" aircraft, was tracking Moskva in the hours before it was attacked before supplying its location to the Ukrainian military. 

The Boeing-made aircraft is based upon the Boeing 737-800 jet - which is widely used by airlines such as Ryanair. 

However, instead of passengers, the Poseidon is packed with state-of-the-art surveillance equipment which can track surface vessels and submarines at ranges of more than 100 miles. 

According to the claims in British media outlets, the P-8 took off from Italy and took up station on the Romanian Black Sea coast where it attempted to locate the position of the Russian Black Sea fleet. 

The P-8 left US Naval Air Station Sigonella in Sicily on April 13, hours before the attack. 

Before reaching the Black Sea coastline, the Poseidon turned off its trackers, so it could no longer be followed online.  

The aircraft was 'hidden' for almost three hours before it returned to Flight Radar 24. 

Aviation data analysis Amelia Smith says there were slightly more US aircraft covering the Black Sea coast on the day of the attack. 

However, the US Navy refused to confirm if they assisted Ukraine with the attack by providing intelligence data. 

A Defense source added: 'In keeping with our support to NATO's eastern flank, we have been conducting some limited air patrols off the coast of Romania. But we will not speak to the details of operational matters.'


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