Rumors have been circulating most of today claiming the much-vaunted "Ukraine Counter-Offensive" would begin in earnest "very soon."  Those rumors have now coalesced to statements that claim EITHER a) The counter-offensive will begin in several hours today, OR; b) It will begin this Sunday.

Here's as snippet of what's appearing all day on social media:

What is clearly factual is that Authorities in Russian controlled Zaporozyhe have ORDERED 70,000 civilians to "evacuate immediately."  

That evacuation is now clearly evident in traffic jams leading OUT of Melitopol, heading into Crimea.  Worse, there are "miles long lines" at gas stations with people trying to put fuel in their cars to make the evacuation trip.   (As usual, the "masses" are totally unprepared and now struggling to do what is needed.)

The fact that citizens are being told to evacuate from RUSSIAN-CONTROLLED areas is both good and bad.  It is good to get the civilians out of the way if Russia KNOWS the battles will be fought there.   It is also bad because it signals big questions about whether Russia can defend the land it conquered.


One source tells me that a map was ALLEGEDLY sent to him by Kyrylo Budanov showing the counter-offensive battle plan.  I am HIGHLY suspicious of this claim.

The map, shown below, seems to indicate a massive Ukrainian counter-offensive emanating from Zaporozhye, south:

It seems to me that no military leader worth his salt, would EVER reveal an operational plan to a "friend" before it began.

Yet, I can't help but realize that stupid is, as stupid does, and if nothing else, the leadership of Ukraine and its military seem to me to be actually STUPID.

So I guess this map may be real.   Perhaps we'll all find out, soon enough.

The supposed “ Plan” for the Ukrainian Offensive looks eerily like the same rough plan they tried in 2014 against the "rebels."

When they hit stiff resistance in the cities (especially Tomsk) they will bypass it, and get caught just like in Debaltsevo in 2014.

Since the EVACUATION is factual and verified, clearly there is something "up" and we may all see the SHTF as early as tonight.  

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