Coincidence? "COV-19" Circuit inside New 5G Cellular Circuit Boards

Coincidence?   "COV-19" Circuit inside New 5G Cellular Circuit Boards

Someone once said "there are no coincidences" and that many times, so-called "Conspiracy Theories" turn out to be true.  Early in the COVID-19 outbreak, many people worldwide said the "virus" had something to do with the then-recently-activated 5G cellular system.  Below, a video from a worker who installs those 5G towers showing a circuit board for the tower, containing some type of electronic device labeled "COV-19."

I have taken a download of this video in the event Youtube removes it from their platform.  Youtube is a ferocious CENSOR of truth, so nowadays, I take copies of things from their site to make sure real information cannot be "black-holed."


I am presently unable to find __any__ company that produces __any_ device they call (or refer to) as "COV-19."

So, what is it?

In areas where 5G cellular towers are turned on, animals of all types do very weird things.  For instance, this video shows birds LITERALLY ATTACKING the antennas on a 5G Cellular tower, using their beaks to rip the coaxial cables out of the antennas themselves!


Why would animals do things like this . . . unless they were attacking something which is hurting them?

Clearly, something is "up" with this new 5G technology, and the fact that an electronic device inside a 5G circuit board is actually labeled COV-19, seems to seal the deal as proof the disease outbreak is connected to the new cellular technology.

We need to be asking serious questions about this new technology.