CONFIRMED: Russia Building Troops In Syria to "EXPEL U.S. Army"

The Russian government has begun an "unprecedented" build-up of military might inside Syria with the plan to "expel the U.S. Army" from the country.

The Russians are inside Syria with the permission of the Syrian government.  U.S. Troops are in Syria WITHOUT such permission.

The U.S. entered Syria on the grounds that the terrorist group "ISIS" was taking over vast swaths of the country, stealing the oil to fund itself, and was growing and spreading into other countries.

But when the US entered, they did very little to stop ISIS.  Instead, the US began backing a group calling itself "the Free Syrian Army (FSA)" which was openly trying to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Things went very badly for Assad, and his government was losing against ISIS and against the FSA, so Assad went to Moscow to ask for military help.

Russia agreed to help and sent the Russian Army.

Within months, the Russians absolutely smashed ISIS -- and the FSA.   Assad's government was able to re-establish control over vast portions of the country.

But the US never left the country and, to this very day, maintain control over huge sections of northeast Syria . . .  where the oil is.

A couple years ago, Russia provided video surveillance footage showing the US allowing tanker trucks to come into Syrian oil areas, fill-up, and then go into Turkey or Iraq.  Once there, the oil was partially refined, re-labeled, and sold on the oil market.   But no one says where all that money ever went!

It later came out that the US, along with Israel, and Turkey, were grabbing upwards of thirty million dollars a MONTH in Syrian oil, and selling it.   Where the money went, no one knows.

This theft of Syrian oil caused Russia to tell the US, Israel, and Turkey to halt the theft of oil.   No one listened.  SO Russia BOMBED certain oil facilities in northeastern Syria to physically prevent the ongoing theft of oil.  This turned out to be a short hiccup in the theft.   THe damaged facilities were repaired, and the oil flowed again.

This has now gone on for years.

Now, Russia is moving large numbers of troops, armor, artillery, and planes into northeast Syria, to face the US Army.

Word coming from the area is explicitly clear: Russia is planning to EXPEL the US from Syria.

Unlike Ukraine, where all the nations of NATO have been supplying weaponry to that government so as to fight Russia, there is no such arrangement within Syria because Syria and Russia are allies.   So if there's a face-off between Russia and the US inside Syria, NATO will not be able to do very much.

We are now faced with the very real possibility that Russia will tell the US "get out of Syria by this date, or be put out by force."   What happens next is anyone's guess, but war is on the table.  Direct war - between the US and Russia.





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