"Contact Tracers" SPREAD COVID-19 - Represent a Clear and Present Danger

Radical state officials, who seem to think they have some right to do as they please through Executive Orders which are not law, are now demanding citizens cooperate with so-called "Contact Tracers" over China novel Coronavirus which allegedly causes the disease "COVID-19." 

Sadly, these "Contact Tracers" are the perfect vehicle to actually SPREAD the virus from the infected to the uninfected. 

The arrival of a "Contact Tracer" at your property represents an immediate, clear, and present danger, to anyone who has not been infected with the virus.  After all, these "contact tracers" are deliberately going from place-to-place with the alleged goal of tracking down and notifying persons that someone in a household has somehow been "in contact" with an allegedly infected person.  

It stands to reason that the Contact Tracer himself is coming into contact with people known to have been exposed, and has therefore been exposed to, and may be spreading the actual disease.  

What health precautions are these Contact Tracers taking between stops during their daily work?  Do they wash their shoes before coming into someone else's home?  Do they change their clothes or wash their hands, face, and hair, between stops?   If not, the virus may be on their shoes, on their clothing, on their hair or body when they try to enter YOUR home.  Worse, since this new virus is allegedly so contagious, and allegedly so deadly, allowing a Contact Tracer in your presence would, necessarily, endanger your very life.

One might consider how the arrival of a "Contact Tracer" should be handled.   Should they be told to remain outside your home, and if you choose to talk with them, will you require THEY must "social distance?   You CAN require that; it's YOUR property! 

If they demand to enter your home, do they have a Search Warrant signed by a judge?  If not, then as a government agent, they CANNOT enter any privately-owned property without permission or a Warrant.  (See US Constitution, Fourth Amendment)

If they ask you questions about where you've been, can you assert your Fifth Amendment Right to remain silent?  After all, answering their questions could possibly expose YOU to government actions, even ARREST; you have a right to protect yourself from those actions by remaining silent. (See US Constitution, Fifth Amendment) Just tell them "I invoke my constitutionally protected right to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment.  I will NOT answer any questions.  I want you to leave."

Just this past week, a couple in Kentucky who refused to sign government papers, found themselves with almost a dozen officials and police at their door, to place them under "House Arrest" and make them wear Ankle Monitors to track their locations.  Asserting their right to remain silent may have spared them from such house arrest. The news story outlining what happened to these poor people is HERE.

If you carry a personal cellular phone, are you aware that the cell phone manufacturer (Apple iPhone, Google Android) may have automatically installed COVID-19 Tracking software, without your knowledge or consent?  Are you also aware that even though THINK you can turn OFF such tracking, that the phones con duct the tracking anyway?  In fact, did you know that even turning off the phone itself DOES NOT STOP THE TRACKING?   THe phone's internal circuits remain powered for tracking purposes and they make a GPS Record of where you go and when, whether the phone is on or off.  

Are you familiar with Tarris "GO DARK" Faraday phone cases, which BLOCK all phone signals in and out, so your phone cannot track your location?  The downside to this is that you cannot receive phone calls or messages while the phone is in the case, but you CAN take it out from time to time to either make calls or send/receive messages.   All the time that phone is in the GO DARK bag, it cannot have tracked where you were or what route you traveled.  This way, government cannot track you continuously, and will have no way of knowing who you may have been "near."

DO NOT GET TESTED FOR COVID-19.   You should absolutely refuse to get tested for COVID-19 if you are not sick.  The reasons you should refrain from getting tested are numerous.  First, there is NO TREATMENT and NO CURE if you test positive.  So getting tested serves no medical or health purpose.

Worse, the test results are NOT KEPT PRIVATE!!!!!!!!   Any "positive" test result is sent to public health authorities without your consent, in direct violation of HIPPA privacy; but because it is GOVERNMENT violating your privacy, they let themselves get away with it.  In fact, if you or anyone in your home tests "positive" your home address is entered into a government database used by Police, Fire and EMS.  If any of those services are dispatched to your house for nay reason, the computer system tells the Dispatcher "UNIVERSAL PRECAUTIONS REQUIRED AT THIS ADDRESS."  At that moment, every cop, fireman, and EMT in your town knows immediately someone at your house is infected.  You know how the local gossip mill operates.  Word of your infection spreads like wildfire in town.

If you don't want others knowing your health business, DON'T GET TESTED.

No one can FORCE you to be tested.  You have a right to refuse medical treatment under any and all circumstances, and NO ONE can force you to take a health test that you do not want.  If they ask you to be tested, reply, "No Thank you." and repeat that answer no matter what they say next.

Here's the most incredible part about the COVID-19 Tests:  They may come back positive if you've had . . . . ready for this . . . . .  The COMMON COLD!    The CDC says so.  Here, look for yourself:

So another problem with this test is that it is grossly inaccurate.  These "Contact Tracers" may actually be telling people who had nothing more than the common cold, they have to Quarantine!  FOR NOTHING! ! ! ! 

We have entered a time of unprecedented government intrusion into our personal lives, aided and abetted by huge corporations like APPLE and GOOGLE, who add tracking without our consent, and who refuse to let us turn it off.   And with these new "Contact Tracers" possibly spreading the novel coronavirus themselves, it could be downright dangerous to interact with government.  

Protect yourself, protect your family, protect your property, and protect your privacy.  


Pass this along to families everywhere.






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