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Word has reached my ear from my former colleagues in the Intelligence Community that next Monday, March 15, 2021, (My 59th Birthday BTW) will __supposedly__ be a day of infamy.


# They Won't Physically Attack Us, YetMLB18960 2021-03-18 18:40
Folks, the Russians and the Chinese aren't going to start a physical war with us, yet. First they have to really weaken us. Expect biological and economic attacks first. Maybe an EMP. Once we've torn ourselves to shreds then they will come and easily pick up all the marbles. Both Russia and China have biological weapons that are true nightmares. China can end us in one day, economically. All they have to say is we have 40,000 tons of gold and everyone can audit it. If they really want to twist the knife they could say we will no longer buy or sell with anyone who uses dollars. If we push them in the corner hard enough this is inevitable.
+1 # Crimea, KaliningradHuskerMike 2021-03-11 02:25
Both are critical naval bases/ports for Russia, given Russia’s history, they will teach NATO and the US a lesson we won’t soon forget. Expect China to move on our assets in the Pacific at the same time, we can’t fight a 2 front war any more. Eventually Russia will use their nukes, and expect China to invade our west coast and our southern and northern borders with millions of troops after the Russian nukes are deployed. This action would be pure stupid by NATO and the US.
+1 # RevelationsSmiley1984*! 2021-03-10 19:21
We know there has been large movements of armaments into and through Europe. Also that Putin removed the bankers from Russia and has been targeted ever since.
Let us hope that this revelation leads to cancellation, as sometime happens. Otherwise, it is time to don your tin hat and dig deep, or just pray.
+2 # You are exactly rightHarnaś 2021-03-10 20:57
The washingto DC Jewish think tank The Heritage Foundation sent one of their Juifs (an a really noce fellow) to Rissia some twenty yeas ago. I asked him when I had run into him a year later, why was he back so soon, did he not like eating ice cream in Moscow in the Winter months? No, he said, Russians were not interested in his talks about setting up a (Rrothschikd) Central Bank in Russia. Good for Russians then and now!
# RE: COVERT INTEL - March 15bruce doto 2021-03-10 16:05
why don't you fix what ever the problem is so we can see what's coming if not post the story so everyone can see it . this has been up for over 12 hours if it is important why not give the info to everyone ?
+1 # The Ides of MarchPaul Lambert 2021-03-10 14:36
Beware the Ides of March.
# SuccessCharles 2021-03-10 14:30
"...success for the West on all fronts." It's not the "West." It's the Globalists/the Cabal/the Deep State...whatever you want to call them. They're not a nationalistic geographical entity -- and have NOTHING to do with the will of the White citizens of America and Europe.
# Seems to be bugs .....NHydg 2021-03-10 12:19
If anyone is having site problems you need to scroll to the bottom and click on "contact us" ....... It looks like there are some bugs in tha works here....... some new security is coming on and has been installed .....
# RE: COVERT INTEL - March 15Canis Major 2021-03-10 09:23
My understanding from pervious news, the Russians have their military divided into separate armies ready to confront any possible attack from land and or air. They have always understood Kaliningrad is a possible weak spot, but defensible by their military base on site. According to previous news announcements, Kaliningrad is heavily fortified
# Kaliningrad is not a weak spot, again.Harnaś 2021-03-10 11:50
It is four aces in the sleeve! You must be speaking as ex officio State Department employee!
+1 # Nothing will happenBnew1971 2021-03-10 08:41
I have been tracking these "covert Intel" stories for many months. Have NEVER seen one actually occur. Yawn.
+1 # Captain MarvelBurnit 2021-03-10 12:54
Quoting Bnew1971:
I have been tracking these "covert Intel" stories for many months. Have NEVER seen one actually occur. Yawn.

It's because The Avengers and Iron man always save the Earth. Cheeish...don't you watch movies? ;-)
+1 # RE: Nothing will happenRubber Tramp 2021-03-10 09:30
Good entertainment though. Hal has a vivid imagination and delivers the fantasy with style.
-1 # A common manRaphael Benzo 2021-03-10 08:20
Well I'm wondering what will Russia do with all their "Nuke" ...make sausage and eggs.!
# Ready Or Not,Here It ComesForrest Mosby 2021-03-10 08:18
Rucks By The Door
# RE: COVERT INTEL - March 15Traugot Kaestner 2021-03-10 08:14
Go Russia! Go kill all globalist even in America
-1 # Can't see content on this postDuneDude 2021-03-10 07:26
Cookies set to accept and logged in but this page not showing me the premium content??
+5 # Thankspmoore67 2021-03-10 06:44
Thanks for the head's up. I initially came here because you are highly respected by Steve Quayle.
-7 # RE: ThanksRubber Tramp 2021-03-10 09:32
Steve Quayle, Hal Turner, and Dave Hodges are three peas in the same pod.

Doom porn, nothing more.
+2 # RE: ThanksRealityCheck101 2021-03-11 02:26
And yet, here you are...
# RE: ThanksThe Deplorable Renegade 2021-03-10 13:30
What does rubber tramp use for a brain, a fried egg?
+2 # Ahhh, March 15, the Ides of MarchHarnaś 2021-03-10 06:28
CAESAR to SOOTHSAYER on the way to the Senate building: "The Ides of March are come". SOOTHSAYER (softly): "Ay, Caesar, but not gone". —Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

Julius Caesar was dead 1/2 hours later exactly as prophesized by the soothsayer several weeks earlier.

The Kaliningrad enclave wedged between Lithuania and Poland has been left there by the Russians when the old Soviet Union (supposedly) collapsed for one and only one purpose only. It is too small to achieve any kind of independent economic viability and from the beginning was seen by the NATO as nothing more than an a forward military outpost of the New Russia and the proof that the old Soviet Union never really went away for those of you naïve enough to consider Russia and Mr. Putin some kind of savior of the Western Civilization. Russia does not belong in anyway to the WC. She is allied with Mongol Genghis Khan culture of China through the Secret Shanghai Accords Protocols which go back 20 year. The world has already been divided between the two of them a long time ago. Whatever differences they have between the two of them will be resolved through war, no doubt, AFTER they have swallowed the Western Civilization. The Kaliningrad enclave has been left there as the most forward outpost of the Russian Empire to permanently threaten and checkmate Poland, the Baltics and NATO. You can bet your shirt that there are nuclear missiles in Kaliningrad, ready to fly on one minute notice to Western Europe and hit any target in Western or Central Europe five minutes later. No defense is possible. Kaliningrad being allowed to remain in Russian hands after the fall of USSR means permanent nuclear blackmail and life insurance for Russia at the same time. Trying to take it out is INSANITY.
# @HarnasCharles 2021-03-10 14:39
It's not "insanity" to try to take out Kaliningrad if your goal is to start a mutually apocolyptic nuclear war between America and Russia (which might be your goal if you are Communist China or Israel or a puppet or ally of theirs in the "American" government).
+4 # RE: COVERT INTEL - March 2021-03-10 06:02
I am logged in an also can't read the premium content. Or access audio archives
# Hey ......Go to Hals email linkNHydg 2021-03-10 12:15
Not sure if Hal gets a chance to read all the comments...... Use his email link is on his contact page
+3 # Cant read the story alsomiller1787 2021-03-10 05:54
Makes me feel better it isnt just me that cant read it
+3 # Can’t read the storyStarDawg 2021-03-10 05:27
See above
+3 # RE: COVERT INTEL - March 2021-03-10 04:25
I am a subscriber. I have changed both my browsers to accept cookies from your site, but I can no longer get past the green wall to see Premium content. Is there no way to fix this?

Dina Manibog
+10 # Putin...Doug Brown 2021-03-10 04:00
Putin smells sickness and
despises it. The American
President's son on tape
little Chinese girls. And the media
Father Joe
freely abusing little girls all his
public life, and the sewage American
Media covering it all up,
fronting for their evil.
In Putin's heart he would flush
this rancid perversion and filth
down the drain.
Here is the problem.
We are no longer Moral.
We are no longer a
A Christian nation.
We are degenerate.
Putin knows this.
Putin hates the immoral people
we have become.
NATO, EU & USA all, are corrupt,
having hearts blackened with sin.
America right now is a lot like a
festering boil waiting to be lanced.
Biden disgraces us. Biden's crew?
Ripe for slaughter.
Ripe for bring brought down.
+3 # It will happenSBGlett77 2021-03-10 07:09
Great summary, Doug. I would add, I have been watching the genetic corruption via vaccines this nation is leading the world in developing. This is very similar in intent to what the fallen angels did in the days of Noah, that is, genetic modification of God's creation, in full arrogance. Maybe they are even behind it this time, too, influencing their godless billionaire and "scientific" dupes.

What "capped off" this period of time for me was when Congressman Nadler announced, in full public view and ex officio, that the will of God is of no concern to Congress. That spoke to me of a "Herod" moment, where the evil, godless Herod soaked up the praise of the people, ex officio, when the people proclaimed him as a god ( Acts 12 ). God ended him right there. I thought the same about our country - God's ending it right here. I think many people had the same thought.

So it will happen, maybe starting on the Ides of March, maybe not, but our demise will be fast now, by whatever means and through whomever. However, God will deliver His children ( Dan 12:1 ) from it, or through it.
# Putin knows...Doug Brown 2021-03-10 18:50
Putin knows his American
Counterpart is fraudulent.
Putin also knows Biden's scum
sucking cronies: the raunchy
Brennan, the boy affectionado
Schiff, the vulgar and irreverent
Nadler, the duplicitous Schumer,
The vile gin swilling Pelosi, the
Ethnically and ethically challenged
Harris...and Biden's entire creepy
team are wicked and evil to
the freaking core.
Putin is offended by all of them.
Putin knows Trump won.
And now Biden's people
have the audacity to talk
American hegemony?
Are they insane?
If this pot boils over, and I
think it will, it may because
American leadership, to
Russian sensibility
is like accidentially smelling
spoiled cat food.
I think Russia is totally
Repulsed by the filth Biden
and family represents.
# RE: COVERT INTEL - March 15bruce doto 2021-03-10 03:01
I am logged in and can't read the story,why not?
+4 # RE: COVERT INTEL - March 2021-03-10 02:38
Obama/Biden May be evil and insane enough to go for it! Will result in a 3rd WW and utterly destroyed the USA and Europe. Attacking Kalingrad is suicide. Nukes would definitely fly. Since Biden and Obama want to destroy the USA this could be their plan
+2 # End Times Biden or End Times 2021-03-10 02:03
We know that End Times Biden is Bad, Bad, Bad.

End Times Trump if we get there, looks awesome on the surface, but offers a vision that is not so visible in Scripture and makes me wonder if Trump is truly a man of God or another misdirection by the enemy.

I still vote Trump and see what happens next, but Israel will attack Iran no matter what and I do not think even Trump can stop that from happening.

I believe the Russia/Ukraine stuff is a false Def-con 1 program which will help Trump in the end and destroy Biden and the Demoncrats if I am right.

There is so much fake news even in the Conservative media that knowing the real truth requires a lot of reading, studying and then discernment.

What I am seeing now is the possible introduction of the Anti-messiah - we shall see.
-3 # All wars are bankers warsLocaengland2 2021-03-10 02:00
+1 # RE: COVERT INTEL - March 15gotalife 2021-03-10 01:52
I’m logged in and can’t read the story
-1 # Me, tooMeatball 2021-03-10 14:09
I've contacted Hal several times but no answer. This is the only site with which I've ever had trouble logging in. Logging in on iphone is impossible. It's now impossible on lovely Mac desktop. Wish he'd get some help on his site.
+1 # RE: COVERT INTEL - March 15SteveAU2 2021-03-10 01:51
Interestingly, after your report of b52s heading the the ME, I spotted a US Air Force spy plane, callsign redeye11, doing laps over the eastern half of Latvia. It was doing a pattern from n to s then back again which went on for at least 12 hours. Redeye was refuelled midair over the North Sea prior to this lapping of Latvia by a couple of other US Air Force tankers with callsign QIDxx i think it might have been 11 and 12.
+9 # RE: COVERT INTEL - March 15RockyMountainBeerMan 2021-03-10 00:32
I reckon they forgot that Russians are really good chess champions, capable of thinking many moves ahead.

I reckon they also forgot that Russia has also been invaded twice by europe in the fairly recent past and that they do not suffer fools gladly.

Or, rather, they gladly let fools suffer.
+2 # INSANITY - CRAZY - NUTS - 2021-03-10 00:16
+2 # Good view halRandall Sands 2021-03-10 00:11
Excellent point, any planning accepted as a plan always first to fail the Russians likely to alloy first move knowing the lateral.


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