The vaccines for COVID are being blamed by many for KILLING athletes worldwide as over four hundred (400) in High School, College, and even professional sports, suffer heart attacks and drop dead without warning.


# When EVERYTHING was a covid death.Carina 2022-01-07 14:46
When all this BS started, if you fell down the stairs, you died of covid. Just about every death was covid related. Now, every death should be vax related for those vaxxed. Period!
+1 # More news along that line - supply chain collapse in food and firearms?Man of the Atom 2022-01-03 09:19
+2 # Prince Phillip from the grave..paulattahoe 2022-01-03 00:06
Quote of Prince Phillip, (deceased) husband of Queen Elizabeth II and co-founder of the World Wildlife Fund:

"In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation."
+3 # Have you noticed?Pierre Derelicto 2022-01-02 20:49
The NBA, NHL and EPL (English Premier League soccer) all refer to players as being "unavailable, due to 'Covid protocols.'"

... the same language.

... and during the Holidays -- during a time when there would naturally be elevated viewership -- all of these same leagues were cancelling games, "due to 'Covid protocols.'"

Over the next few days, I'll try to dig into what, exactly, these protocols are. It's all a PR campaign for continuing the bogus fear propaganda, but it will be interesting to see how the protocols may or may not mimic one another, from one league to the other.

Everyone knows the vaxes are killers. They've duped about as many saps as they're going to. They're going to have to shift their narratives, completely; they're losing more credibility (among the precious few still buying in) by the minute. They can't censor such an overwhelming amount of health damage, worldwide.
# DisappointmentDoug Brown 2022-01-02 19:50
Those of you that have fixed your star on Liam Kelly and Damien Galeron, unpin your hopes and go wash your hands.
Damien Galeron may be a Spanish professor, and knowledgeable, but he is also a practicing astrologer.
And his side-kick, Liam Kelly, is odd. Not just a little out there, but ODD.
Let me add to this list I work in a very small industry at most 5,000 people and everyone knows most of everyone.

In the past 3 months every week I hear “Did you hear X died” sometimes 2-3 people per week

The odd thing is most don’t even get it or correlate the shot with the deaths which is mine boggling to me as there all running off to get there boosters.

95%+ are vax

Sure will be interesting in the next 36 months when there is almost NO ONE in the United States that can do this.

And when this happens everyone in the US will know
Food for thought

Why isn’t the same thing happening in the:

+1 # Give it time, give it time, give it timeMan of the Atom 2022-01-05 11:00
Rome wasn't destroyed in a day!
+1 # Bunksagamore 2022-01-03 09:47
How many games have been played for NFL, NBA, NHL and MLS? Lot of NFL and NBA has been called off. Just wait, it's coming. But US new casters will pan away from those games where something happens on the field or in the locker rooms afterwards.
+6 # Hay folks, it's just the New Norm?acturner067 2022-01-02 17:54
The way of life as we have known it is over? This is the so-called soft kill they have waited for? These people behind this think it will releases them from murder? What these wicked people do not know is that Satan has no respect for anyone but himself. Those that promoted this serpent venom will be dropping like flies as well for Satan needs their souls and his time is short. Those that followed Jim Jones (former CIA agent) to Jonestown were deceived as these people today are, gullible (lost faith) and ready to take the Kool-Aid for they believed Govt, MSM, even pastors of churches could not possibly put them in harms way. God told us not worship false prophets, idols. If you do not know Jesus Christ now, please get to know him right now time IS short for Jesus said what is coming will be like no other time ever. Matt. 24:21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
-4 # 2nd video ruins credibilityDirtyRedWY 2022-01-02 17:28
I know some of these are old. As in prior to covid vaccines. I believe the vaxx is harmful but when you grab videos to fit your narrative regardless of content, it's wrong.
+3 # Not just athletes, 2022-01-02 17:18
Official German Government data suggests the Fully Vaccinated will develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome by the end of January 2022
By The Exposé on January 2, 2022

German Government Data for the alleged Omicron variant of Covid-19, suggests that most of the “fully vaccinated” will have full blown Covid-19 vaccine induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) by the end of January 2022, after confirming that the immune systems of the fully vaccinated have already degraded to an average of minus 87%.
# Lions not CowardsNorse Lass 2022-01-03 23:07
Thanks for this post. Do you know if any other country has released the same expectation?
+7 # RE: Not just athletes, everyoneJFY 2022-01-02 18:33
Yup, it's already starting to be made clear that this year is going to be a chapter out of hell, and from very early.

Those of us who have not taken the shots will be so overwhelmed by the tidal wave of deaths all around us, many of them of people near and dear to our hearts, that we will be hard pressed to handle it.

As an example, a fully inoculated aunt of mine doesn't understand why she's been feeling dizzy lately and also why she's had a few nosebleeds with clots. I'm just waiting for the terrible news. She's one of my favorite aunts, but death is not considerate of such things.

Another aunt of mine, who is also inoculated, is now on supplementary oxygen and her speech is so weak that no one can understand her. Her demise is imminent. But, as others have said, there's somewhat of an IQ test in all of this. Another Aunt of mine (her sister) told her vehemently not to get the shots, and so she went out and got them. That has to be the most expensive "So there!" I've ever heard of.

I've heard an Australian expression is "some people have to piss on the electric fence for themselves."

I could go on (a lifelong friend of my mother's can hardly breathe now), but nearly all of us will have too many stories like these in the next few weeks to months, when the bioweapon completes its effects.

And then those of us who didn't take the bioweapon will find ourselves in a crumbling shell of a society that doesn't have either the manpower or the knowledge base to continue life as we knew it.
+1 # deadly venomKathybb 2022-01-03 19:39
My son in laws grandma still took the Pfizer 2 jab shot after being duly warned by him, to not! The very next day after 2 shot, balance, and cognitive issues. started having bad falls. it was down hill from there. She was in her early 70' s, and productive. went to the store, cooked, cleaned, ect. then developed pneumonia and is now passed. the day before thanksgiving. one thing I wonder about is, does anyone else think that some of the jabbed could of received a placebo? And your right, I don't think anything can prepare us for what we are fixing to witness. these evil bastards are going to answer sooner, or later.
+1 # Some batches were worse than othersMan of the Atom 2022-01-03 21:16
This may also depend on the tendency of the attending physician to report this to VAERS.
# best friend's demisesagamore 2022-01-03 09:52
i visited my best friend over the holidays; she is vaxxed and boosted; she has diabetes and her dr's pushed it on her; now her doctor thinks she has internal bleeding but they can't find it in her intestines; she is also bruising quite a bit now - on her face from the corners of her mouth down to her neck. She cannot conceive that the vax might be causing these issues. Not sure how much longer she has. So very sad.
# John Robert Mallernee, KB3KWS, in Vernal, Utahwritesong 2022-01-02 16:42
What is the name of that song, and who is the artist?
+1 # What's Going On...Heather Adkins 2022-01-02 17:43
by 4 Non Blondes. Every person who grew up in 90s knows that classic.
+4 # When are the sheep going to wake up?thulsadoom17 2022-01-02 16:07
I like how the news anchors act dumbfounded and clueless. They know what's going on but continue to pretend otherwise.
+3 # kill gamecowgirl 2022-01-02 16:15
why are the new anchors in on trying to kill everyone? Did they get the placebo?
# RE: kill 2022-01-02 17:19
They get to stay alive ?
+1 # RE: kill gamePaul Kurzlee 2022-01-02 22:12
They get to stay alive ?

They only think that. Thats the good news part of the story. It will be so nice when they all die along with all the other suckers they fished in. They are all in the same boat now.
+5 # Standing in line at Walgreenscowgirl 2022-01-02 16:04
Lordy, a pregant woman was signing up for a vaccine... 80 something old man in line said.. you getting a vaccine... she said yes whooping cough... not the jab... then he said he had it all and was happy with himself. man in his earlyl 60s behind him said his brother died within 5 hours of getting the jab... will never take the jab himself. the old 80 year old with a mask on pulling it down and getting into everyone's face said oh , I am not here for myself but to get at take home covid test for my son. He again said he is fine and has taken all the jabs and is happy. I really did did not enjoy breathing his air he was emitting. Seems those who get the jab like it and cannot be convinced otherwise and like to get in your face.
+2 # Lines for Jabspaulattahoe 2022-01-03 00:25
I lost my brother shortly after the jab and another good friend of mine 2 days after the jab. I noticed 20 or 30 people standing in line at Costco eagerly waiting for their boosters.
+2 # lines for jabsKathybb 2022-01-03 19:47
so sorry that you've lost your brother. my oldest brother and his wife both took it. so....., I pray for them. Don't wish death from this evil poison on anybody, especially our dear family members. Its like the majority of people are under a spell. truly mass psychological warfare.
+1 # Thank You Kathy & Cowgirl!paulattahoe 2022-01-03 20:28
The way this is playing out I firmly believe the Illuminati has "outside" help. Yes, of course, it's "mass psychological warfare" for a cause that takes precedent over every world problem and event. The vaccine push is more important to the cabal than nuke war between NATO & Russia.

The Illuminati power brought Trump right into the fold exactly when they needed him to push the killer jab. My faith in God is the only reason I can keep going.
+2 # lines for jabscowgirl 2022-01-03 11:57
Sorry for your loss. Not looking forward to loosing close family members to this either. My prayers are that they will not get the boosters and not become sick from the the initial doses.
+3 # You can add a couple more to that list...Rosewood11 2022-01-02 15:42
1) FRANKLIN GRAHAM...who once opined that Jesus would have taken the vaccine, had to have his pericardium removed at the Mayo Clinic because it had become so rigid that his heart couldn't beat properly. (I believe I found that in the Christian Post.) They say the people with pericarditis have a life expectancy of five years. God only knows what the prognosis is for someone who has to have the pericardium removed.

2)/ CARLOS MARIN of Il Divo. Although having been vaccinated with the Jansen (sp?) vaccine in Mexico several months ago, Carlos came down with covid while in Manchester, England where the group was performing on their Chistmas tour. He was admitted to hospital, and shortly thereafter was placed in an induced coma and put on a ventilator. He passed on December 19 at the age of 53.

This one hit me really hard. Carlos was an amazing singer, and in great shape. He was buried in the same Armani suit--his favorite performance suit--that he wore when Il Divo premiered 17 years ago. The man was fit, trim, happy and healthy.

Simon Cowell, who put the group together all those years ago, was personal friends with Carlos. Carlos ex-wife, Geraldine LaRosa (Innocence) said Simon called and offered to charter a medical plane for Carlos to fly him back to Spain, if the family thought he could get better treatment there, but was told Carlos would not survive the plane's pressurized cabin.

Carlos' mother said the disease attacked his lungs, and after the tubing was changed on his ventilator, he went directly downhill. Go on youtube, and enter "Carlos Marin," and listen to any of his singing video. He had an amazing set of lungs!!! I cannot believe he is gone.
+1 # Good informationBruce Oxenford 2022-01-02 19:56
Rodewood11, thanks for the updates. Good information.
+1 # At oncehhtlh 2022-01-02 15:39
Out would be nice to see all jabbed "news casters" to site on tv at once. Then MAYBE people will wake up. NOT!

Their jabbed LE and military can all enjoy the fruits of their jabs too. They serve their masters not us.

Politicians aren't jabbed. With no henchmen, who will protect them?
+5 # All kind of news items about celebrities dying all over the world popping up all of sudden everywhere! Examples below! Betty White and Grichka BogdanoffHaarnaś 2022-01-02 15:25
The kill shot is still being held in reserve according to Dave Hodges and should be here very soon.

The kill shot will be hemorrhagic smallpox. Do not forget the recent news item that Smallpox vials which were supposed to reside in a safe inside a CDC vault in Atlanta since 1980, have found their way to a Merc lab in Philadelphia!

Celebrity Extermination Program

27 Beloved People You'll Be Super Relieved Are Vaccinated

"Betty White, " (March 21, 2021)

Manitoba minister who refused to discuss his vaccine status dropped from cabinet


Jordan Peterson On Trudeau's Vaccine Edict: "You'd Have To Kill Me First" -- Crickets from Canada's government subsidized mass media.


Manitoba Eyes Security measures as Politicians Under Personal Threat

Doctors Paid $1,000 For Every COVID Patient They Euthanize In New Zealand
+1 # RE: All kind of news items about celebrities dying all over the world popping up all of sudden everywhere! Examples below! Betty White and Grichka BogdanoffBruce Oxenford 2022-01-02 19:57
Sarracenia purpurea. Smallpox

Holy basil. Ebola
So damn wrong and DISGUSTING all of these kids and adults dropping dead my God, WTF seriously?
+1 # "Dead On Story" 2022-01-02 15:13
People are "JUST DYING TO GET THE JAB!!" Retraction: "DYING AFTER GETTING THE JAB!!" Step up and be a man "CATCH ALL JABBED WHO FALL OVER DEAD." This is "A DEAD ON STORY!!" We should all "THANK 'SHIT PANTS BIDEN' FOR LEADERSHIP THAT COUNTS!!" Scream out loud and clear "GO BRANDON!!"
+3 # Biden's bitch assthunderclap 2022-01-02 14:29
This is what he meant by dark winter!

The answer is in the deaths and crying of the lost ones. All this to perpetuate fear... the Blood of Jesus against this satanic crap all to import 192 million Chinese can come over because 8 million + illegals are here.

All because of obamacare and the first paragraph of this slave bill check out pages 1510 1513 and page 2000 requires a person to be chipped, oh shit - the 4th shot is the one that is meant possible for those like myself who haven't had the jabs

The judicial infrastructure browsing system
Now you understand the stay 6 feet away!?!
+5 # Please clarify your statements.LilBirdie 2022-01-02 14:43
The things you've said seem important.
The way you've said them is cloudy.
Please add to your post.


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