December Fund-Raising - LAST DAY ! ! !

Today is November 30 and that leaves JUST TODAY  until the bills for this web site and the radio show become payable.  This endeavor is funded by Reader and Listener support and you help is NEEDED right now! 

Pretty much the ENTIRE mass-media is left-wing, Liberal, socialist, Communistic sleaze.  Even FOX NEWS has suddenly changed in its broadcast content; leaving the entire right wing of our country . . . what?

That's where The Hal Turner Show comes in.   I am right wing.  Unapologetically conservative. Proudly pro-America, pro-second Amendment, pro-life.   

Thanks to YOU as the source of funding, there is no censorship on the radio show and this web site is able to report real news, not just what some politically-correct corporate snowflake wants published.  

More importantly, thanks to my years working with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in national security intelligence, this web site is able to report material to you that the rest of the news media never gets close to.  Not only do you get some juicy intel, but often, you get the breaking news WELL IN ADVANCE of the mass media.

Take, for instance, two weeks ago, when I warned that "round 2 of product shortages was coming" because the general public was going to be terrified by politicians again.  I pointed out that the politicians were going to stir-up nonsense about COVID-19 again, and that the general public would start panic-buying.  I warned readers and listeners to go out that very day to stock-up on "preps" because once the general public stated to panic (again) store shelves would be cleared out.

FIVE DAYS LATER, the mass media began reporting additional COVID-19 shut downs and store shelves started getting wiped clean again.  MY readers, and MY listeners had the heads-up, days in advance!

How about the story about the US Military conducting a raid along with German federal police, to grab computer servers in Frankfurt, Germany which were directly involved in the November 3 election theft?   I reported that EIGHT DAYS before it was even mentioned by a few mass-media outlets, and was confirmed by Sidney Powell, one of the Attorneys for President Trump.  EIGHT DAYS ahead of the rest of the media . . . not too shabby.

These are just some recent examples of how you get information fast and accurate from this web site and radio show.

But it costs a LOT of money to be able to do the web site seven days a week; and do the radio show five nights a week.

Just to pay for the web site, radio station air time, inbound caller phone lines, fiber optics to the radio transmitters, music licensing fees and such, runs about $5,000 a month.  

Since I have ZERO on-air commercial advertisers, that revenue has to come from somewhere.  That means YOU.

So please take a moment to consider what you get from this web site and radio show.  Day-in, Day-out.  Fast. Accurate. Blunt.

Then ask yourself, is it worth sending a few bucks to help keep this going?

I earnestly hope so.  

Some of you are regular contributors of $25, $50 or even $100.   Others can only help with $5 or $10.   This month, I actually had someone donate $1.   Every little bit helps.

Please either click the yellow DONATE BUTTON, to donate using a Credit or Debit Card (or Paypal) . . . or mail cash, check or money order to:



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Those of you outside the US can send cash money in your currency, and I will get it converted to US Dollars once it arrives here.

There is NO SUBSTITUTE FOR YOU.   No one else is going to do this instead of you, and I cannot make this work without you.

So please step-up and make a donation.


Hal Turner