Dr. Derek Knauss: "COVID is Fake; Sick Actually Have Influenza "A" or "B""

Dr. Derek Knauss: "COVID is Fake; Sick Actually Have Influenza "A" or "B""

I’m a Clinical Lab Scientist, COVID-19 Is Fake, Wake Up America!


# Here Is ANOTHER Video Showing How The FibersPalehorse 2021-04-12 17:08

Here Is ANOTHER Video Showing How The Fibers
Move And 'Reach' Out To Connect With The Human Host - The Smaller Fiber On The Right Reportedly
Sprung Upward Out Of The Cotton, Hit The Magnifying Glass And Fell Back Onto The Cotton Mask
The Can Be NO DOUBT China Is Engaged In Open Asymmetrical War On The American People
These Nanofibers and bots Are Also Commonly Found In Chinese Made Nasal Test Kit Swabs

As We Warned, The Face Diapers Most Americans Religiously Wear Contain Nanotechnology
It Is Reported That Over 95% Of All Commonly Available 'Cotton' Face Masks Are Made In China
There Is NO QUESTION Moving Nanotech 'Intelligent' Fibers And Little Black Nanotech 'Bits Of Metal'
Are Being Intentionally Embedded In The Mask Cotton - These 'Intelligent' Machines Move Into Your
Sinuses And Lungs When You Wear Such Masks
+2 # Johns Hopkins University confirms: You can be vaccinated with a PCR test, even without knowingPalehorse 2021-04-12 11:52

Inspired by a parasitic worm that digs its sharp teeth into the intestines of its host, Johns Hopkins researchers have developed tiny, star-shaped micro-devices that attach to the intestinal mucosa and can deliver drugs into the body.

These tiny devices, known as “Theragrippers,” are made of metal and a thin film that changes shape. They are covered with heat-sensitive kerosene wax and each no larger than a dust particle. (See Figure 1)

Now several experts and former mainstream journalists like John O’Sullivan are warning that the massive PCR testing campaign could be a WHO vaccination program in disguise. (see Principia Scientific) [3] O’Sullivan is referring to a new technology developed at Johns Hopkins University that is supposed to make it possible to carry out covert vaccinations through a PCR test. (See Johns Hopkins Universitiy) [4]

+3 # Mark of the BeastTheProphet 2021-04-12 09:59
Say what you want, but multiple stories are popping up about DARPA and the Pentagon along with Bill Gates wanting to "chip" everyone on the planet to cure COVID-19 and diseases which are not even in existence yet.

This article cuts out the scripture quotes from Revelation 13: 16-18 but other links like the warnews247 (something like this, someone posted a link to this site earlier this weekend) and it had the headline today about this "chipping" process.

Imagine that... a chip for everyone so we can cure what doesn't ail you yet.

I wondered what happened to VeriChip/Digital Angel... now we know... the Military Industrial Complex took it over to use it to lie about curing anything and everything so they can get everyone to be chipped. No thanks. As for me and my house, we will service the Lord.
+2 # RE: Dr. Derek Knauss: "COVID is Fake; Sick Actually Have Influenza "A" or "B""Eheaiel 2021-04-11 21:36

She should have "Mike Dropped" after this statement and went back to Dr. Evil's laboratory.

And considering that the "Spikes" (Prions) she's talking about your cells spitting out is going to cause "Mad Cow" disease in victims in about 6 months to a year after taking this experimental gene therapy you better be taking these fucking warning seriously because they'll be the last ones you're going to get.

The CDC is telling you upfront what people suffering from "Mad Cow" are going to be like.
# The Ministry of Health in Israel stops all C0VID testing of VACCINATED inpatients & VACCINATED emergency room visit casesHarnaś 2021-04-11 16:58
כאן חדשות
פרסום ראשון: משרד הבריאות מנחה את בתי החולים לא לבצע בדיקות קורונה לפני אשפוזים או קבלה למיון - למחלימים או למחוסנים בעלי התו הירוק, אלא אם גילו סימנים חשודים לנגיף. זאת בעקבות הירידה בנתוני התחלואה והתקדמות מבצע החיסונים
Translated from Hebrew by
First publication: The Ministry of Health instructs hospitals not to perform corona tests before hospitalizations or admission to the emergency room - for recovering or vaccinated people with the green mark, unless they have detected suspicious signs of the virus. This is due to the decline in morbidity data and the progress of the vaccination campaign
4:46 AM · Apr 7, 2021·Twitter Web App

The largest Covid-19 vaccine lab experiment in the world, Israel does not want anyone knowing how many vaccinated people with a Green Passport are testing positive for COVID. It might confirm to everyone that the Pfizer vaccine doesn’t work.

Seperatelt, FDA now forbids doctors and other health professionals to talk about and promote Vitamin D3 as Covid-19 prophylaxis.

Ebola with much greater virulence (it specifically means the relative capacity of a pathogen, such as a bacterium or virus, to overcome a host's defenses and cause disease or damage: it is the degree of pathogenicity of a causative agent of disease) and mortality than Covid-19 is on the way as well, very soon anyway.
# By the way, the weaponized Ebola virus that China plans to release has 50% virulence and 90% mortality.Harnaś 2021-04-11 17:31
This is when corralling and killing will really begin. Meanwhile Biden's administration has announced that the government will not require mandatory Covid vaccines and Green Passports. This requirement will be mandated in the USA by corporations.
-2 # Well get ready tothunderclap 2021-04-11 17:39

Cause I have a lethal killer argument and it will win in federal court. Because one they don't want a class action on the same issue against multiple companies from multiple plaintiffs suing them. Cause in the end - the plaintiff will win and BIG!
It no attorney steps up. Then spend some time on the case or go back to the school you went to and check out who works as a paralegal or legal secretary.

Or you can Hollar back -
# With respect...Paul Lambert 2021-04-12 11:03 won't be the first to think he has come up with a killer legal argument, only then to find that the real world courts and authorities don't give a hoot.

How many fellows tried fighting income tax on the grounds that the 16th amendment was never actually ratified? Killer argument? Sure, but they still go to jail for not paying income tax.
+2 # You can’t leave the country or buy goodsPalehorse 2021-04-11 15:34

In Chile right now, you can’t leave the country or buy goods deemed “non essential” by the government, even online. You’re allowed out of your house for 2 hours, 2x week, with police permission that you have to show to enter a grocery store.
+1 # It's getting worse...Palehorse 2021-04-11 15:30

Some of the horrible side effects of wearing a mask.
# Iceland used genetic sequencingCynthia Lee 2021-04-11 15:20
Kari Stefansson, a noted geneticist, heads deCode, a company he founded to examine the unique characteristics of the genetics in Iceland. I previously read months ago that he was able to obtain the genetic sequences from other scientists and screened thousands of Icelandic population. I am not able to access some of the articles from Iceland but what is in this NY paper sounds accurate. He had previously noted that this type of virus mutates quickly and the virulent strains die out. So, if the samples obtained by Dr Knauss are more recent and are from ill persons and not asymptomatic individuals, there are not virulent strains around to be collected from hospitalized ibdividuals. This is all very confusing to be told that viruses do not exist. MSM has been owned by the globalists since before WW1 (ROCKEFELLERS) as well as increasing control of the medical profession, via control of our textbook content and journals for hire.
Dr Stefansson was a professor at Harvard, one of the universities often used by the globalists for nefarious purposes
# No access to the articles?Paul Lambert 2021-04-12 04:07
Or do you mean that they are in Icelandic? If so, provide the link and I can tell you what they say.
# Despite the fraud...tslinger 2021-04-11 13:03
Any bets on when this will be enforced here in the US- because you all know it will:

This fall?
+1 # CSPOA.orgCynthia Lee 2021-04-11 13:44
There are constitutional sheriffs who have refused to enforce unconstitutional mandates. This organization exists to educate sheriffs about their legal obligations to protect you from unlawful behaviorincluding fedetal overeach. Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officer Association
# What comes this way?Palehorse 2021-04-11 12:29

Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and
opened her mouth without measure: and their
glory, and their multitude, and their pomp,
and he that rejoiceth, shall descend into it.
Isaiah 5:14 KJV

Therefore Death expands its jaws, opening
wide its mouth; into it will descend their
nobles and masses with all their brawlers and
Isaiah 5:14 NIV
# Virus FraudLassieLou 2021-04-11 11:20
Spent many years in EMS,did all the virus/medical trainings,did all the bio-weapon/terror trainings,all of it for YEARS,every year.We figured from the start,either bio weapon attached to a flu/cold virus just a "new & improved poopulation" control virus. We still did what we always do,hang low when we could,won't take the shot,just won't,and see what unfolds. Pretty much what we thought,just glad we live in a very red state!! Still watching though,because they "must" continue the narrative !
+1 # virus fraudjudith L 2021-04-11 10:09
Not surprised. The narrative is slowly falling apart, but not fast enough. i checked, the author is legit. Can be found at looks like from Feb/12/2021 At the bottom of the page it says to share. I do not do social media and am not sure how to do it thru my email serve, but encourage all of you to do so. Humanity needs to know this. [Hal, it would help greatly if you ID'd the links to the material]
# Nah manTheNothing 2021-04-11 08:12
I had it. It’s not the flu. It’s got a real nervy pathogenicy. Take out taste and smell and gives a metal and electrical sensation. This this was engineered. But it’s not deadly like they want you to think. However it’s stronger than a flu.
+6 # Virus /evidenceLexie 2021-04-11 04:32
This entire year in both UK and USA statistics for inluenza are at zero ,how does that compute? . On the other hand covid stats are in .It amazes me how easily duped we are. At the beginning ,for the first week or two I believed it all but then I discover our hospital is shut down during the whole process .My g/daughter was admitted to hospital 4 times during the past year but sent to hospital miles out of our way because ours was closed , when there and ,all 4 times, the hospital was empty ,nada going on ,nurses were looking for something to do? This does not reflect pandemic conditions. They are conning us .
# RE: Virus /evidencetslinger 2021-04-11 11:33
Easy to see how easy it will be to get people to take the Mark now don't it?
-4 # SchizophreniaMitchell German Canceled for Non-Payment 2 years 2021-04-11 02:45
You are the same Hal Turner who around this time last year was screaming bloody murder about the most dangerous virus out of China?

Ironically, you were right.

You really are just a guy who jumps to whatever the conspiracy of the moment is. Unfortunately, that 's why I have to take your content with grain of salt, it's more entertainment for me now.

I mean... if you backtrack on your own crap, why should I believe it?
+9 # Backtracking?Paul Lambert 2021-04-11 07:15
...or simply modifying the theory as new information and evidence comes forth? That is what science is about, right?

I would rather Hal change his mind than stubbornly to hold on to a position formed an entire year before this news came out?

I don't know if Dr. Knauss is correct either. However, if we are going to mark people's words, we should begin by marking the words of the politicians around the world who told us that this would all be over in two weeks.
+1 # lISTEN TO THISjimginny 2021-04-11 02:44
ANYONE THAT HAS been to the hospital in the last year and had the Virus test

Already May have the Mark of the Beast
# RE: lISTEN TO THIStslinger 2021-04-11 11:36
That's not how the Mark can't take it unknowingly, unwillingly. That's bad theology.

It will come with a "denouncement clause", so to speak.
+4 # Hand Writing Was On The WallHuskerMike 2021-04-11 02:15
Ever since Nov 4th’ stolen election and then the way over the top prosecution of those “unarmed insurrectionists” on Jan 6th at the Capitol, I felt the deep state had gone into hyperdrive. Nothing since then has changed my mind. When Commissar Joe talks about now how our Bill of Rights are not absolute, and neither is the 2nd Amendment, you know the hammer is coming down on us soon. Have a good day Comrades.
# Aye.tslinger 2021-04-11 11:38
And we'll be on our own.

No organization to fight it...our "heroes" by and large are sucked in and will be "just doing my job, ma'am."

Do not look to them for help. The old dogs here know...effeminates don't fight for people.
+1 # Doomed.eric church Whined Begging for $ 2021-04-11 03:33
And unfortunately as usual, we will do absolutely NOTHING. We are Doomed and AmeriKA is DEAD my friends. Talk about the writing being on the proverbial wall, my God.
# RE: More Inside InfoKme 2021-04-11 00:50
Immune System 101 for Dummies . . .
+1 # COVID 19GiJoe 2021-04-10 23:12
The name says it al Certificate of Vaccination Identification 2019.

Wake up
+5 # common senseGiJoe 2021-04-10 23:17
Where is the common sense in people any longer?

The Gov. does not care about you.

They want you locked down and controlled while foreigner sneak across the border with the Gov. blessing.

We are being over thrown. I would like to hear some suggestions on what the hell we are going to do besides typing out all the things that are going wrong!
# Constitutional sheriffCynthia Lee 2021-04-11 13:41
Our constitution provides for an elected sheriff who can stand up to overreaching federal mandates. Sheriff Richard Mack stood up to the feds in the 1990's (Brady Bill) and subsequently founded the Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officer Association Find out if your local sheriff recognizes the responsibilities of their office. If not, work to get someone elected who will . Great second career for retired military officer who honors the constitution. There is concern Soros is funding the campaigns for some candidates just like he did for district attorneys. Get everyone you know on board with the local county elections.
+3 # People don't learn from experience.Paul Lambert 2021-04-11 07:28
It is the same here in Germany. While there is no way to know how many people here oppose this stuff due to the overwhelming censorship, this country is still a place were people just do everything the government tells them.

Germans like to say that if they lived back in the 1930 they would have fought tooth-and-nail to oppose the Nazis. Bollocks! They would have swallowed all of the propaganda hook, line and sinker, as they do now.

I share your question as to what to do about this stuff other then type out or frustrations. While there are many ways I have found to overcome government BS personally, I am at a loss as how to remove this threat on a large scale. Ultimately, the governments of the world will need to be more afraid of the people than the people are of COVID.
+4 # Wtf.eric church Whined Begging for $ 2021-04-11 03:35
SO, so true. We just sit back while our country is quite literally being Invaded my God and we all sit back and do utterly NOTHING. WTF is wrong with us? The US Constitution clearly means zero anymore as well.
+3 # As for me,tslinger 2021-04-11 01:29
I'm convinced and certain that God- The only Sovereign- has removed discernment from many, as part of His righteous judgment on this nation, as He has done before. The most glaring example is that of Moses vs. Pharaoh, but it is not the only one. Rome imploded in a similar fashion, and was destroyed, so also was Sodom and Gomorrah. When God judges, he gives people over to rampant "sexual promiscuity"- sexual revolution? Then it's homosexual revolution and unfortunate acceptance, then insanity which precedes destruction. We are at insanity- lawlessness, corruption, gender dysphoria, right is wrong/wrong is can easily see the writing on the wall. And if you can't, look up at the flashing neon sign- danger: destruction is dead ahead. The religion of politics has overtaken even the very Church catholic (NOT talking about the Catholic church), further showing that feeble man always looks to man, thinking his imaginary "free will" will guide him.

When we are weak, we seek His strength. Apparently, we think we are still strong, rich, and in control. He will show us our abject nakedness and frailty. Some of us see it very clearly.

The blood of Christ was necessary, not symbolic. There is where we need to be.

May His mercies be upon His own, and His hedges protect the predestined. This is all ordained. All of it- to the iota.
+2 # RE: common senseAngelaM 2021-04-11 00:57
ignore them and live your life. they are black magicians. they literally just introduced a law in congress to make magic not only legal but call it a national treasure. just do you. seek creator and you will be met half way. we cant control what they do
# Watch out sharingSBGlett77 2021-04-10 22:58
Many items Knauss discusses are very plausible and fit with others who are warning this virus has elements that stink to high heaven. Just be advised that the "debunkers" are out there trying to discredit this, so if you share this with a vaccine true believer, they will find someone like Dr. (Propaganda Doctor REDACTED), who looks like a throwback to the Weather Underground, on his "(PropagandaSiteREDACTED" YouTube channel. Then the person you are trying to help will be further cemented in their position of moral superiority, in that they are countering "your disinformation".

(Propaganda Doctor REDACTED), to me, is a master of the specious argument. He masterfully switches testing for influenza with testing for COVID, fails to address why there are next to NO influenza deaths this year, and introduces doubt where Knauss simply does not elaborate on his methodology. He draws his own conclusions from papers he flashes on the screen, and presents those as incontrovertibly proven, which is always wrong from a science viewpoint. He also implies, then, the vaccine is completely legitimate and necessary. In my opinion, he speaks in the condescending tone of one who likes to think of himself as a little bit smarter than everyone else.

This is a good video; thanks, Hal.(There was no video) We should all just be careful of enthusiastically sharing this with some people.

(Seems like YOU are trying to prevent people from getting info and citing a propaganda Doctor and his propaganda site instead. Slick!)
-2 # Huh ??SBGlett77 2021-04-11 07:30
What the heck are you talking about, Hal ? Are you saying I was subverting Knauss' message ( which you showed as a transcript of the video ) ? In my comment, I tore this refugee from Mod Squad, Dr. ( redacted ), to pieces, and was simply trying to warn people that this and other so-called "debunkers" existed, and they should choose ( i.e., discern ) carefully who they sent Knauss' info to. I have too many times sent something to idiots who smugly think they have the opposing viewpoint all sewed up with "fact checking" they have done, and if I don't call out the "debunkers" ahead of time, and debunk THEM, they blow up my credibility with subtle lies and twisted facts. Most of them I never send anything else, ever.

Do you know what a specious argument is ? - labeling someone as a master of the specious argument is not a compliment or recommendation.

Maybe I should not have named specific names, I'll give you that, but don't make me out some kind of sleight-of-hand closet virus hype/vaccine sympathizer. You do good work, Hal, and I support you, but don't taint it with hasty snide reactions and character assassinations because of something you just might have misunderstood.
-1 # is the show livestrem down?Dragonbait 2021-04-10 21:51
I've been tryingmore than 20 minutes from 2 computers and I can't get to the stream of the show
+2 # RE: is the show livestrem down?Newsdesk 2021-04-10 23:27
It's Saturday, there are NO SHOWS on the weekend.
-7 # I call Bullshit!Rubber Tramp 2021-04-10 20:34
This was not written by a scientist. The level of the command of the English language is lacking and common words are substituted for the standard scientific terms.

I am not a believer of the propaganda spewed forth by the CDC and MSM, but a spade is still a spade.
+1 # What are some of the tells?Paul Lambert 2021-04-11 07:21
What are some of the things you see in that text that appear to be a lacking command of English? That standard scientific terms might have been substituted could be explained by the author wanting to write to a broad audience as a warning and to get people's attention.

However, as a professional translator who writes in English for a living (albeit usually British English), I would be interested in anything you can point out in the above that you think is poorly wriiten.
+3 # Wow!HuskerMike 2021-04-11 01:37
Some of you guys just have no clear discernment, you’re like Rumpelstiltskin who just woke up after a year of sleep. Remember all the “panic” a hear ago that all the hospitals were maxing out, along with the respirators, only to have Patriots go up to these same hospitals 24 hours later and film video, no long lines, ambulances all sitting around idle, etc. (whole hospital crisis report was fake news)? Then that horrific death rate never happened. Then NY State and Cuomo made almost no use of the USS Comfort hospital ship. Then Fauci kept changing his story on masks. Then the 2 weeks of mask wearing to “flatten the curve” turns into 13 months, and counting. Then the Commiecrats sabotaged the election with their “Covid” voting changes. Now it’s a mad dash to get vaccinated even though it only causes death in .6percent of cases. Flu cases for winter of 2020/2021 crashed to almost nothing, now what are the chances of that??? It’s been BS from the start. Even car crash deaths are being documented as a Covid cause of death. By this time, if your BS meter still isn’t pegging out, then you need to cut back on the drugs or alcohol man.
+7 # Nopetslinger 2021-04-10 21:00
I wish I had saved the original white sheets on this when I saw them a couple months ago- I'm sure I did, I just can't find them. You'd change your tune real fast- 6 university labs participated if I remember specifically and their results were published as a standard scientific journal. Only a and b-type influenza "viruses" (exosomes) were found. Not a single variant.
+3 # RE: NopePalehorse 2021-04-10 21:54

I have also heard several top level doctors,
such as Dr. Judy Mikovich and others, state
that the "Covid-19" virus has never been

Meaning that nobody has ever seen a complete CV virus during and clinical investigation.

All they have ever found are broken fragments
of a virus, not knowing what virus it actually
belonged to.
+9 # We Are In Deep, DEEP TroublePalehorse 2021-04-10 22:09

"Professor Charles Morgan gives a lecture at West Point to US soldiers in... latest technology in the field of Bio-Warfare, DNA reprogramming and human cell exploitation.. in previous videos that the Corona-con JABS will have the capability to not only change human DNA, but can also enable a persons thoughts and actions to be influenced by remote control..."

If you watch this video you will see the professor confirm... that it is now possible to control the mind of another person by remote control and to also take control over their physical body movements, thoughts and functions.. This is NO conspiracy theory, this is an absolute FACT!!
+2 # Mind ControlHuskerMike 2021-04-11 02:00
Interesting and scary. I was telling the Mrs. yesterday that with the neurological adverse effects that are being predicted now by medical professionals, that I would not be surprised if mind control would be a possibility as a result. I just knew those Zombie movies were predictive programming. This will get really ugly if this country survives the next few years with Russia/China.
+1 # RE: Mind ControlPalehorse 2021-04-11 10:28

Looks like a method for creating programed
shooters in mass murder schemes to promote
"gun control."

Next phase will be cannibal flesh thirsty ghouls.
+2 # RE: We Are In Deep, DEEP Troubletslinger 2021-04-11 01:33
The jab and prion disease...follow the trail...

Is the "zombie apocalypse" still fiction? I'm thinking not.
+1 # RE: We Are In Deep, DEEP TroublePalehorse 2021-04-11 10:18
for sure!
zombie apocalypse
"prion disease" commonly known as Mad Cow
in the UK will afflict millions, causing mental
# MAD COWPalehorse 2021-04-11 12:21

I seem to recall something impersonating a
human being seen on MSNBC going by the
call sign of "Rachel Madcow." Some refer to it
as a dyke or damn. None the less, a mass of
conflicting impulses at the least.
+6 # Covid is FakeMagnavox77 2021-04-10 20:18
I have always been hesitant just taking a flu shot. Now A lot of my co-workers and family have taken this vaccine for reasons of other people talked them into it or they just want the day to come to take off the mask or they want to protect their sick relatives. I will be praying for them. What made me decide not to have this vaccine is due to the censorship. If people are censored, then there must be truth to what they say. If you want the mask off, then we unanimously at once must do it to make that happen. No vaccine required but one person alone cannot do it.
+5 # This is technical K.O. newsHarnaś 2021-04-10 20:08
you cannot diagnose a particular virus from RNA scraps of 30 or 40 base pairs which is what the PCR test does. Wisely, Knaus did not use the PCR test and diagnosed only Influnza A or B on all 1500 samples. This is consistent with the observations made by other researchers who noted that the Inluenz A and B have disappeared form the statistical date both here and in Europe this year. Koch's postulates were notoriously also never fulfilled for the Covid-19 virus. Nevertheless, whatever it is, it is indeed killing folks, even those who do not believe in it, by causing widespread pulmonary embolism. A novel anticoagulant drug Eliquis is administered nowadays to those admitted to even in the most remote hospitals and helps save lives.
+2 # No more fluGregg W 2021-04-11 01:10
Yep. I remember Dr. Brix (scarf lady) say during a White House presser this: “now they we no longer have the flu around”.
This was my paraphrase. She clearly said the flu was no longer a problem. I was shocked when I heard that. It was news to me but she said it so “matter of factly”.
+4 # Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities. ? VoltairePalehorse 2021-04-10 20:04


# NOT...Palehorse 2021-04-10 20:04
+2 # RE: Dr. Derek Knauss: "COVID is Fake; Sick Actually Have Influenza "A" or "B""marie369 2021-04-10 19:51
I did a little checking and it goes back to sometime in 2020. he seems associated with Cornell but I couldn't find any proof. anybody else do some checking?
+2 # YUP!tslinger 2021-04-10 19:53
Been quoting this study for months- glad to see it again!
+3 # Fake Covid but REAL Nano 2021-04-10 19:48
These bastard's really want to finish us off... it is beyond belief the levels and detail they will go to end us.
I read this today... its an hour long but scary as hell when it comes to the test for COVID and the VACCINE. It seems technically true, but my God what it means to all of us....

Really... GOD help us.
+11 # RE: Dr. Derek Knauss: "COVID is Fake; Sick Actually Have Influenza "A" and "B""Dean Easterling 2021-04-10 19:32
Shot developed before so called virus, whole thing is about the shot and it's effect on humans.???????
+5 # If I recall correctly...tslinger 2021-04-10 19:56
The term "Covid 19" was coined in 2012...
The "tests" were shipping- yes, shipping- in 2015.


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