The country of Ecuador is suffering civic chaos on such a massive scale, the entire country has shut down.   Airports are closed. Buses, Taxis and Trains not running. Food shipments are not moving and people are in the streets protesting.

Streets are filled with protesters over government cutting-off fuel subsidies, which caused the price of fuel to triple.

A $4.5 billion loan (that they didn't want) has forced the fuel subsidies to be removed and the price of fuel including propane has almost tripled.

Rafael Correa wanted to fast-track development projects when he was president of Ecuador, so he borrowed billions of dollars from China. But the loans have come back to haunt his successor, Lenin Moreno, who will go hat in hand to China this month to seek more flexible terms and breathing space."

It's China and the loan scam they have been doing all around the world to gain assets when these corrupt politicians take loans that everyone knows they can't pay back.

It's basically selling your country to China.

The exit of OPEC is also a huge role in this due to oil being the country's largest export.

People are having to take dirt back-roads to meet-up with people just to get food. Also these are just the "wealthy" who are able to stockup, the poor will be crushed by this if something isn't done.

Taxi services down, families separated everywhere, workers unable to return home from work.


Hal Turner Analysis

When each country of South America falls like dominoes, you can count the days before their trouble becomes ours.

So many people responding to international problems such as Hong Kong, France, Venezuela, and now Ecuador -- with laughter and mocking them as if it will have no effect on the U.S., are very shortsighted.

We now have Iraq turning into a civil war zone as well.

It's all going FUBAR and this wave will eventually hit our shores.

Ecuador's next door neighbor Peru also getting stirred up. 

That's three adjacent countries (including Venezuela).

Brazil is on the edge, Argentina seems to be in perpetual financial trouble.

Colombia and Chile holding it together so far but if the whole continent goes full retard then what?


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    David Carswell · 7 months ago
    NOBODY ( !! )..... ESPECIALLY INSIDE THE STEVE QUAYLE ALT--MEDIA INFO CLEARINGHOUSE CARTEL, consisting of very smart folks who should know better (such as D*v* *o*g*s in his recent "The Common Sense Show" reportage about TERRIBLE, TOTALLY MONOLITHIC South America)....seems to understand that CHILE doesn't use the stupid Keynesian economic model of printing fiat currency backed only by AIR. Rather, Chile follows the sound principles of economist Milton Friedman, wherein an ODD and RARE type of modern governance happens...."IF THEY DON'T HAVE THE MONEY IN THE BUDGET, THEY DON'T DO THE PROJECT". Facts ---- I have lived in Santiago for precisely five years and have witnessed NO....ZERO....IMF loans along with astounding 2.5% annual inflation for five years straight. Before moving here in September of 2014 to retire....I REALLY did my homework. This country is an unknown paradise and extremely well--governed. And guess what ?? Coca leaves won't grow here (just a wee bit too little rain and tropical temps). Without much recreational drug trafficking, it's essentially "bye-bye prostitution / other crimes". My best decision ever....moving to the free Republic of Chile....with very responsible government and outstanding weather, plenty of jobs, low public debt, wonderful recreational opportunities, only 18 million persons in the WHOLE 8000 KILOMETERS LONG COUNTRY....and almost completely not publicized.
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    BoldlyReady · 7 months ago
    The birth pains are increasing very rapidly now......
    It is the absolute responsibility of EVERYONE to prepare, the Lord actually gave us the heads up warning in Revelation. The Lord expects His children to be ready, to be prepared. Fill your lamps with oil, have spare oil to go the distance.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      · 7 months ago
      I am really glad you mentioned this about revelations.