Editor-in-Chief of Russian TV Resigns "We're on the brink of nuclear war"

Maria Baronova resigned as editor-in-chief of Russia Today, a state-run media operation also known as RT.


# RT is purty goodlumpy 2022-03-09 12:08
I was going to RT website every few days to get a non-project Mockingbird perspective on current events. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get their website to load right the past few days.

I suspect my internet provider has blocked my access? Good ole Ma Bell. Not.
+1 # RE: Editor-in-Chief of Russian TV Resigns "We're on the brink of nuclear war"BorisS 2022-03-09 07:32
She is LGBT liberal. So it is quite logical what she did.
+1 # Fox NewsBobbyjames1 2022-03-08 22:23
Maria Baronova resigned as editor-in-chief of Russia Today, a state-run media operation also known as RT, last week after condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.
Notice she resigned after publicly condemning Putin’s invasion of Ukraine
-3 # Conveniently misleading!Bobbyjames1 2022-03-08 22:16
I’m disappointed that Hal left out the fact that Boeronova came out publicly and condemned Putin and Russias actions in Ukraine ,and then resigned Ahead of being terminated!
I’m reconsidering my subscription .
+3 # RE: Editor-in-Chief of Russian TV Resigns "We're on the brink of nuclear war"RockyMountainBeerMan 2022-03-08 21:59
So, you won't see or hear the hypersonic warheads.

Don't look at the flash if away from target.
+5 # Lay of the LandPoet Warrior 2022-03-08 19:12
Do not trust what is said, trust actions. And by all accounts war is a given. Have you paid attention to the those that recently predicted an attack on US soil?
There have been two easily recognized and others not in the west. Start with Henry Gruver, he can be found on Steve Quayle's site.
Good luck to those who don't comprehend human nature beyond their own silly pleasures. They become early victims. Being prepared and away from population centers is pure wisdom.
God blesses those who care for themselves and all around them to be wise and safe.
Soon very soon my friends the die has been cast and thus kinetic exchanges will occur.
# "Lady Don't Feel Bad" 2022-03-08 18:38
Idiots in America haven't figured out yet "They're going to lose Everything too" because of "Leadership That Counts" by "Mr. Excitement himself the Old Demetia Riddled Joe 'Shit Pants' Biden" whose load of shit "May cost every American Their Life in a needless Nuclear War!" Enjoy your popcorn as "Bombs Burst in Air Fools."
+13 # Trumps rhetoric is not much different from MSMBooskybobcat 2022-03-08 18:06
his main point is that we wouldn't be in this situation if he was president and thats likely true but not for the right reasons imo. Trump doesn't acknowledge that NATO totally fucked the world on this thing and that they are instigating war, he seems to support sanctions and wishes they were even tougher and earlier, all of which is escalating the situation to war. God is our only hope here, time to pray prayer for grace and mercy and maybe even some imprecatory prayer.
+9 # RE: Editor-in-Chief of Russian TV Resigns "We're on the brink of nuclear war"BeenThere 2022-03-08 17:52

I have no doubt that she "resigned", but because of her concerns or is there another reason, (financial - threats, etc).

Of course Russians are concerned about their future, so are Americans. The entire Western backed Governments are putting sanctions on Russia!

Americans aren't going to be able to sustain our economy much longer either.
+13 # RE: Editor-in-Chief of Russian TV Resigns "We're on the brink of nuclear war"Lambs Servant 2022-03-08 17:28
"When all else fails they take you to war." Gerald Celente
+11 # I don't know about you but the vibe is changing..Lexie 2022-03-08 17:01
I hate being a pessimist about things ..we thrive (I think) when optimistic. Lately though ,I mean the past week , I'm feeling like the air around me is brittle, there seems to be little avenue to allow for optimism .
+1 # Re: I don’t know about you…Mallard2018 2022-03-09 01:11
Me too! A real feeling of doom!
I know that God is in control!
+15 # Good RiddanceIke1 2022-03-08 16:42
I thought she was full of shit until I heard people were going to lose their Iphones. My God What next. Their Levi Jeans.
+12 # 2022-03-08 16:25
I remember when obama was president.There were threats made in congress and the senate,alot by hilary clinton.Then you got the macron of france and the leader of germany threatoning to nuke russia.You are fucked either way you look at.Demacratic world my ass,where were the leaders when they let muslims into their country to rape,burn, and pillage.Nowhere.Then our leaders gave us covid vaccine and lied to us.Now we got people dropping all over the place.Dead.These royal fuckers have got to be destroyed along with their cults.I can imagine the new world created in their image.Real shithole filled genetic engineered slaves.
+3 # Poland just did it.Dogsncars 2022-03-08 15:37
In the latest major development in what's become a "huge operation" mounted by individual NATO member states to assist Ukraine's military, Poland has announced it is ready to transfer all of its Russian-made MIG-29 jets to the Rammstein Air Base in Germany.
A statement posted Tuesday to its Ministry of Foreign Affairs website indicated the jets will be placed "at the disposal of the Government of the United States of America" which in turn is expected to send them to Ukraine, after President Zelesnky has issued a series of urgent appeals for fighter planes.
"The authorities of the Republic of Poland, after consultations between the President and the Government, are ready to deploy – immediately and free of charge – all their MIG-29 jets to the Rammstein Air Base and place them at the disposal of the Government of the United States of America," it said.
+4 # Hint. Hint.Gregg W 2022-03-08 17:08
Hey Russia, this is Poland. We are getting rid of all our fighter planes. Please don’t attack us.

Oh brother.
+3 # RE; Poland just did itRedlist Renegade 2022-03-08 16:17
Get Ready , Here comes World War 3 !!!
+2 # RE: Poland just did it.TB1 2022-03-08 16:17
More theater, the Migs are not in working condition because they haven't been used for a long period of time.
# RE: Poland just did it.mjc 2022-03-08 18:44
They're saying they're deployable, and are ready to deploy them

Statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland in connection with the statement by the US Secretary of State on providing airplanes to Ukraine

"The authorities of the Republic of Poland, after consultations between the President and the Government, are ready to deploy – immediately and free of charge – all their MIG-29 jets to the Ramstein Air Base and place them at the disposal of the Government of the United States of America.
# RE: Poland just did it.mjc 2022-03-08 18:40
From 18 months ago....

Poland still operates around 30 MiG-29s alongside F-16s and old Su-22s. Key Point : Polish air force doctrine has become more Western, but Russian technology remains. Russia's MiG-29 first flew in ...
30 MiG-29s in service as of December 2017

down to 23 by 2021 (following multiple crashes)
+5 # FAKE BRITISH NEWSSpetsnaz7 2022-03-08 15:27
RT is an autonomous non-profit organization.

Margarita Simonyan
Editor-in-Chief of RT

Margarita Simonyan RT is an autonomous non-profit organization
In 2005, Margarita Simonyan launched RT, Russia's first round-the-clock, English-language, international TV news channel, which has since expanded to a global, 24/7 news network with nine TV channels, digital platforms in six languages, and sister news agency RUPTLY.

In 2017, Margarita Simonyan was included in the prestigious Forbes list of the world’s most powerful women, a dozen spots higher than the former US secretary of state and ex-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Under Margarita’s helm, RT grew its TV audience to 100 million weekly viewers and became the first TV news network in the world to hit ten billion views across its channels on YouTube, as well as a 11-time Emmy finalist.

In 2013, Margarita Simonyan also became Editor-in-chief of Rossiya Segodnya, an international news agency and radio service that broadcasts in more than 30 languages. Margarita began her journalism career in the Russian city of Krasnodar at the local TV and radio station, eventually heading up a regional bureau for Russia's largest nation-wide broadcaster, VGTRK.

As a war correspondent, she reported from Chechnya during the Second Chechen War, from the Beslan School Siege, and from Abkhazia, which earned her several journalism awards.
+4 # Thank you Spetsnaz7oldschool 2022-03-08 16:19
for this educational piece of information.
+2 # fake newsSpetsnaz7 2022-03-08 15:28
Here is the daily mail article naming the incorrect editor in chief for RT

Simply fake British News
# RE: fake newsmjc 2022-03-08 16:14
They got the titles wrong...

"Baronova, who was the managing editor of RT’s Russian language unit, said she wanted to bring positivity to the state-run outlet and much of her responsibilities focused on covering problems with social institutions."
+4 # formerSpetsnaz7 2022-03-08 15:30
yes she was the rt employee from 10 or so years ago now an anti putin mouthpiece
# RE: formerselah 2022-03-08 20:11
So basically she just dumped Russia too
-17 # BelieveableJohn Jones 2022-03-08 15:22
Only reason she is believable is she is telling the truth about how bad things are in Russia and how much people have turned against Putin. The only hope for everyone to avoid war is for the Russian people to get rid of that son of a bitch.
+3 # Who?hawaii-bob 2022-03-08 15:15
The Editor-in-Chief of Russia Today (Rossiya Segodnya) is Margarita Simonyan, since 2013. The person you named, Maria Baronova is an anti-Putin activist; hardly somebody to be in charge of RT.
+6 # RE: Who?Pesky Varmint 2022-03-08 15:28
Baronova is a known Putin hating peon at RT. No doubt they gave her walking papers so this fake news is her revenge. Far from being Editor-in-Chief. Seems like the fog of war comes right out of her ass. Perhaps CNN can use her.
+2 # WWIIIVercinge 2022-03-08 15:05
Even in Russia there are people who have not yet understood that Putin has no other choice and that the responsibility for a possible nuclear war lies entirely with the West. And if the person is a Chief Editor of the censored (by the West) Russia Today, the thing is very serious and almost borders on a stab in the back of Putin, who in any case, in his intelligence, has also taken into account reactions of this type. The only mitigating factor is that it is a woman who, like all women, lets herself be overwhelmed by emotion. All in all it is better that she is resigned, because such influential people who take such irrational reactions do only harm to themselves and to the community. If she has not yet professionally understood that the alternative to Putin's action is LOSS OF EVERYTHING, it is wonder that she has come to the post of Editor-in-Chief of such an important Russian newspaper.
In the meanwhile in 85 regions of the russian federation there have been rallies sustaining Presidente, the Govern and the army.
+3 # ScrewedSrmay72 2022-03-08 14:50
It's hard to believe editor in chief of Russian TV isn't in a damn bunker already. If you believe that your simple. That's like saying editor in chief of American top news propaganda is living in a flat in DC, like her with her son in Moscow, NOPE DONT BUY IT MYSELF. That don't mean I don't think we aren't screwed on the contrary. If these news leaders are hiding just like most news people here know we are about ready to see millions vaporized to make way to feed those that took the real shot that will probably be an antidote to what's planned. When they ask you for your ID, your numbers your "CREDIT SCORE- NEW WORLD ORDER MEMBER. they are about to kill hundreds of millions if not billions maybe this ladies got a little heart. Maybe it's a code to TPTB things are coming? If you can get money out now if need be convert it into land buy something you need gold and silver are a fast track to hell very few that have precious metals can help widows or poor store your treasure in Heaven. I mean most over 50 are not included in the days after so use it for God before you have to stand in front of him to be judged. How many do you think will kneel at the day of judgement, with money they could have used to help those that can't?
That's why the rich man walked away from Jesus because he didn't want to sell it all and follow him.
+9 # Russia has no optionsKevin 2022-03-08 14:46
Hey lady! With Putin, Russia has a chance. Without the invasion of Ukraine, you have no chance. The west would eventually take you out and steal Russia's resources. Yes, you may lose your iPhone, your job and your car, but you may be able to stay alive.

If a country would kill it's own people, why would they even blink at killing people in another country?

Seriously though, what alternatives does she suggest? War in Ukraine is not a war in Russia, at least at this moment.
+4 # trade ja!Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-08 14:41
"I have a son, I can’t leave because his father won’t allow me to leave with him, and so I just prefer to stay in Moscow …

she's probably ALREADY in a safer place than some of us...
+2 # poland gave the jetswherami 2022-03-08 14:37
so thats it right there. its donzo.
# WATCH THE GOLD PRICENZ KIWI 2022-03-08 15:04
I feel this and poisonous GENOCIDE are all cover for the fall of THE PETRO
+10 # thats how much control the west haswherami 2022-03-08 14:34
see how she is so concerned about her iphone. thats the criminal zog juice thats been pumped into the veins of billions of muggles.
this is why the earth will be cleansed with fire
+4 # wow...Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-08 14:43
good point, I hate fones, the telephone was just fine, this thing isnt one of those...
-10 # RE: Editor-in-Chief of Russian TV Resigns "We're on the brink of nuclear war"Willyalberta 2022-03-08 14:29
FFS , some person bitching and whining n her month cycle , nothing is going to happen. This is all theatre , WTF up
# Poland hands over Mig-29swpmilleriii 2022-03-08 14:27
Illia Ponomarenko is reporting that Poland agreed to give Ukraine its Mig-29s "via the United States." Reported on twitter, FWIW.
+1 # americaldocKevin Mills 2022-03-08 14:26
Update, Zelensky wants to make compromises
+1 # americaldocKevin Mills 2022-03-08 17:14
What kind of an ass gives a thumbs down to an article from this patriotic news source, the gateway pundit?
# gateway pundit is always late to the partylumpy 2022-03-09 12:12
I ignore GP. They always later than all the other sources. Case in point they didn't publish the Vivek story from India until 2 weeks after Gab and Infowars had it.
+6 # Let me guess, she wants to be in...iCanWalk 2022-03-08 14:19
Rachel Maddow's slot.
+11 # RE: Editor-in-Chief of Russian TV Resigns "We're on the brink of nuclear war"selah 2022-03-08 14:18
For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7
-6 # RE: Editor-in-Chief of Russian TV Resigns "We're on the brink of nuclear war"Willyalberta 2022-03-08 14:30
Really?… you believe this ,we’re fucked , no help coming
+5 # RE: Editor-in-Chief of Russian TV Resigns "We're on the brink of nuclear war"Dagwood 2022-03-08 15:47
A lack of fear does not mean bad things aren't coming. Psalms 91 doesn't mean what you think it means.
+7 # Saw this yesterdayMaid4theLamb64 2022-03-08 14:18
Read this yesterday on the Fox News app. Very startling to hear someone from Russia say it. Except she thinks it's true because she thinks the U.S. will fire first. Personally I think its the other way around, but when the missiles start flying, I don't think people will care who did it first. It will be survival mode.
# whateverlumpy 2022-03-09 12:13
she's probably a deep state plant and helping orchestrating a false flag in Ukraine. Zero trust, why would you announce something like this in the news? I wouldn't. Normal person would make a quiet exit.
# What does it matter oo killed oo?Kevin 2022-03-08 14:48
= M. Python
+2 # thanks for that tip...Dudimus Maximus 2022-03-08 14:37
Quoting Maid4theLamb64:
Read this yesterday on the Fox News app.

..."say n'more"
+9 # RE: Saw this yesterdayThe Deplorable Renegade 2022-03-08 14:29
IF the US fires first, which I doubt, it’s my understanding that Biden has NO access to the nuclear football, i.e. the nuclear codes. If anyone needs to suffer it should be the neocons for bringing us to this point.
+5 # Don't forgetCJ 2022-03-08 14:31
Don't forget the Neo libs also.
+2 # Yeahgjones7777 2022-03-08 14:17
Yeah, not good
+2 # RE: Yeahselah 2022-03-08 14:24
apparently she has been threatened by outside forces.


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