Electro-Magnetic Pulse from Nuclear Explosion Will Destroy Electronics for a thousand miles - Unless you protect with EMP SHIELD

Electro-Magnetic Pulse from Nuclear Explosion Will Destroy Electronics for a thousand miles - Unless you protect with EMP SHIELD

Imagine, for a second, your electricity goes off.  It happens from time to time.  There's a quick pause as the lights go out, you might say to yourself or to a loved one "oh no, not a power failure."  But this time, instead of the lights just going out, things start arcing and sparking.  Light bulbs explode.  Smoke starts coming out from EVERY ELECTRONIC DEVICE.  Some of the devices might actually go on fire.


+2 # Big ProblemCharlton 2021-04-16 08:00
This story leads a person to believe that an electronic device has to be plugged into a wall outlet at the time of an EMP in order to stop working. It doesn't. An electronic device will be destroyed even if it's not plugged in and not being used at the time. Granted if it's not plugged in it probably won't catch on fire but certain electronic components will still be damaged by the EMP. Capacitors store voltage which will surge through the rest of the cicuits and damage other components. Your car will not work anymore because most cars today have a lot of computer components in them. Even if you diconnect the battery it won't matter.
# Electric fieldsMan of the Atom 2021-04-15 23:36
I think you mean electric fields - in electromagnetic waves there is a simple equation for field strength: B = E/c. B is the "magnetic field" (AKA the "magnetic induction" or "magnetic flux density") and E is the electric field strength. B is much, much smaller than E due to the division by the speed of light c = 300 million meters/second (186,310.5 miles per second).
+1 # EMP Prep - DeficienciesRBI 2021-04-15 21:43
Some pertinent data that seems to have been overlooked thus far:
1) The EMP Shield is destroyed in the process of shielding your home/car/gear, so it only works once.

2) The "EMP Shield" failed some basic testing done by Arthur Bradley (PhD), so he built a better solution. In either case, effective shielding requires the use of EMP Ferrites, which are very easy to install.

3) you can get more in depth information from Dr Arthur's web site:

(No commercial ties, I just purchased some of his products at full retail)
# EMP protectionmdicken1 2021-04-16 08:44
I have incorporated all of Dr. Bradley's solutions on our vehicles and home. If you check his credentials you will find that he is one of the most credible voices on this subject. Highly recommend his work.
# JJAswern 2021-04-16 00:25
I listened to the scientist that helped build it from the beginning.
When the military tested it they tried to make it fail through multiple strikes and couldn't. The fact that that's the first thing that you said is a false claim by this other guy makes me wonder what else he's lying about. Before the EMP shield there wasn't a product on the market that did what this does even the military is buying it up. I looked at your link I think the only thing different is the magnets and I personally think it is nothing more than a sales gimmick. One person is not going to convince me that all the accredited testing agencies that the emp shield went through are wrong because one man selling his own product says so.
With that said your guy might be right but I say buyer beware.
# Andyskippy 2021-04-15 22:11
Andy with EMP Shield said it has been tested to work multiple times. I guess we might find out if that is true. . If anyone has questions reach out to Andy or listen on thelibertyman monday morning early to hear Andy. Thanks RBI for the link Im going to check it out.
# Another way...workhorse 2021-04-15 20:43
...Get underground. If you want to save some of your electronic devices and batteries, etc., store them in a mining tunnel if you are lucky enough to have one nearby
# or...tslinger 2021-04-15 23:06
a galvanized steel garbage can, upside down on a rubber mat. Your valuables inside.

They may still not likely work due to grid destruction, but some basic functions will.
# scottie53scottie53 2021-04-17 19:15
I have been told a microwave oven is a good faraday cage of sorts. I have 2 big ones enough to fit lots of radio gear in them. Don't know if it will work but it's worth a try!
+3 # I agreeJamestannon 2021-04-15 20:01
I have them on some vehicles and I must say I'm impressed by the 3m velcro! It can hold the unit tight even if bouncing offroad in both the Canadian summer and winter.

I don't care about my house crap. When the power goes out, all my house is, is an inconveniently located cave surrounded by the world's top predator. I want my vehicles to get me to low population zones.

Anyone who thinks they are going to be able to use their generator had better put an EMP shield on their generator as well. The generators will get cooked by the emp if they are just sitting in your garage. They use semiconductors too! So protect them from emp if that is your plan.
+1 # Protect with EMP SHIELDBob 2021-04-15 19:07
We've been following Stan Deyo, developer of this device, for years. We had one put on our house and have one for our generator. Figure we would do everything we could to protect what we have. Do your research, we did and bought the devices about a year ago.
+7 # Off-grid pointers...LilBirdie 2021-04-15 18:35
Keeping things cool...
Get 1-2 square 2-1/2 gallon jugs of water.
They will fit perfectly in large white cooler.
Put them out at night. Put one in cooler in the morning.
Insulate the other best you can in cool shaded area.
I used several blankets for this. By early evening the one in cooler will be warm. Swap them out. Night put both out again. Always remembering to cover cooler & insulate as much as possible.
When them temp starts going up wrap them with wet towel & pray for wind.
I'm assuming you don't have a small stream or creek.
I've described how to preserve meat before.
I'll add a trivia this time ..
Why are salt & pepper paired? Salt preserves the meat. Pepper keeps the bugs off so your meat doesn't get fly-blown. That's also why natives hung their meat in the smoke of a fire. It wasn't for flavor.. lol.. everything had that smoke flavor it was all cooked over fire.. it kept the flies off while it dries.
If washing clothes by hand standard bar soap is best. Swishing clothes in soapy water is hard & it sucks!
Couple swipes of the bar works best.
Honey is the best thing period for cuts scrapes etc. All wounds for that matter.
Very good way to help to decongest the lungs when you have "nothing". Take as deep a breath as possible hold it as long as possible. Expanding the lungs loosens phlegm. Cough it up. It also helps push it out and expand capacity. Sick people breath shallow making condition worse.
If you have any questions ask. I might have something for you. I've been at it for a while.
# Lil BirdieGregg W 2021-04-16 23:46
Yes. Great pointers. Thank you.
# RE: Off-grid pointers...tslinger 2021-04-15 18:50
Great stuff!
+3 # One more thing...LilBirdie 2021-04-15 18:42
If you find yourself headed for the woods you'll find old grey tree stumps often. Old grey not decomposing. Those are pitch stumps. Otherwise referred to as far wood.
This will catch fire like it was dipped in gas. A little of this will get a fire started very easy. Use shavings.
# More Lil BirdieGregg W 2021-04-16 23:50
At first I thought you had a different name out where you live. Then I realized it was probably a typo. You were talking about FAT WOOD or Pitch Wood. I’m not good at finding it yet but now you can buy it in stores. If you see it, grab some. Birdie is 100% correct. It’s great
for starting or keeping a little fire going.
# Never done this but it'd work...LilBirdie 2021-04-15 21:47
For those stuck in a city or suberb setting, where water & "facilities" are precious.
Use a bucket during the day for "liquid waste". That liquid waste can be used to remove solid waste in toilet.
Once the neck of the chamber is filled with fluid a syphon is created removing all solids & liquids. Leaving an empty bowl.
Not a soft topic but in some people's cases waste removal will be a real issue.
Even grey water can be used for flushing out sock & suck to stop bacteria growth.
# RE: One more thing...AngelaM 2021-04-15 20:01
great tip! we mix sawdust with deisel fuel and store in 5'gal bucket by wood stove
+4 # Last thingSrmay72 2021-04-15 18:32
# MoronPerforM2 2021-04-15 21:51
Quoting Srmay72:

You sound like are sub-under 80 IQ!
+5 # Last thing - Srmay72Bob 2021-04-15 19:13
No, you don't turn on your lights. You use the electricity to keep your fridge/freezer running. You want to be the "grey man". Use the same devices your other neighbors are using: lanterns, oil lamps, wood cook stove. This device protects your wiring inside your home along with your appliances.
-2 # ...........LilBirdie 2021-04-15 18:43
Fool .....
+2 # EMPJuden 2021-04-15 18:32
EMP energy from a device will not strike equally in all parts of the country. There will be plenty of areas that the EMP energy is much lower than other areas perhaps not doing as much damage. When things get critical, you might want to consider turning your main breaker off.
+1 # Sobrietytslinger 2021-04-15 18:18
Do you really want to be the only house with electricity in this scenario, sticking out like a sore thumb for every desperate soul/roving gang?
+5 # Tslinger.....LilBirdie 2021-04-15 18:51
You're better than that comment.....
I'd have give anything when off-grid to be able to cycle a deep freezer once a day. Just for the ice to keep food cool. Charge batteries, run the small 110 washer I have.
Only a fool lights up the house.
Truth is after 8 years off grid, I'd trade electricity for running water any day! That was a blessed day when we got the diversion ditch in and I didn't have to pack water way more!
# THAT makes sensetslinger 2021-04-15 23:15
You are absolutely correct- anything that gives off no light or excessive noise signature- for sure.

Just gotta be careful down the ways a bit when you cook meat...the smell will travel. The hungrier the man, the better his sense of smell. Now I'm speaking of the person in the city or even suburbia...out in the country, you've got much more time as a commodity. in any population center...time becomes more and more precious as it passes- after that first week. I'm a spatial thinker- not linear...I have supplies accumulated since 2008...I've got a pretty good idea what it's going to take, and yeah, I do wanna preserve some sustenance, but very, very stealthily in case I'm unable to mobilize.

You keep making your suggestions- they will help a lot of folks. Crappy part for me is I have 2 very secluded BOL's but they are each a good drive...could I...would I even attempt it? 2 days in...sure. 12 days in? Not a chance.
# TslingerGregg W 2021-04-16 23:58
With two BOLs, you might want to head to one when the first shots start in Ukraine area. I know this could get drawn out for weeks. That is the crap shoot about these situations. I don’t have a place to go. I’m part of a small group but none of us has any bug out property. We know some people about 5-6 hours away but don’t have permission to just show up.
+3 # Thanks T!LilBirdie 2021-04-16 02:22
That means a lot coming from you
I keep posting those tidbits hoping if/when the time comes some will remember. Hopefully it will help some.
+2 # Great deviceHalftrackal 2021-04-15 18:17
I have an old points and condenser truck, but when the emp shield came on the market I bought 4 of them. Easy to install. Great work Hal for spreading the word, it’s definitely piece of mind. Also recommend the book One Second After, great story great instructional manual.
+4 # What's the pointtommyjefferson 2021-04-15 17:19
What's the point of a home EMP Shield if the power plants don't survive the blast? Vehicle protection seems smart tho.
+3 # RE: What's the pointHalTurner 2021-04-15 19:04
The point is your emergency generator WILL work. But if all your electronics are fried, you won't be able to power any of them. SoO if you protect the appliances/electronics in your house, your own generator will power them up because they survived.

Remember, Insurance does NOT cover war damage. No coverage for all the gadgets and gizmos destroyed.

So you can either spend a few bucks to try to protect all your stuff, or spend thousands to replace it all. Your choice.
+2 # What's the pointNevada Swede 2021-04-15 17:38
Having an EMP Shield enhances your ability to have solar power/fueled generators/electronics all still working...
+1 # EMP ProtectionNevada Swede 2021-04-15 16:53
I've talked to the EMP Engineers and they said it works unless the bomb is right above you! Maybe the cars will survive. will you?

My home and all my cars have them installed.


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