UPDATED 5:57 PM EST -- Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military Today

UPDATED 5:57 PM EST -- Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military Today

The US Military transmitted an astonishing ELEVEN (11) Emergency Action Messages (EAM's) to US Forces worldwide today.  Usually, there are NONE.  When something is up, there may be three.  Today there are eleven . . . and counting.  Six since 3:45 PM eastern US time today.

There is all sorts of "chatter" on intel circuits about a "British submarine."  Some intel saying a sub suffered an electrical fire while others are HINTING . . . 


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+1 # RE: UPDATED 5:57 PM EST -- Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military Todaymjc 2022-11-10 18:46
Although 'nothing to see here'.....this is probably the coolest article I've read in a month.

I went to the EAMS listener group site. I read the EAMS logs. I read the Skyking logs (last message in July). I listened on one of the web SDR sites:

And then....I took my 23yr old Yaesu FT-847 off the shelf.....and powered it on for the first time in 10years.

Everything still works. Luckily, I still have the manuals. I needed them. But a couple of days later....not so much. Still haven't keyed-up in over 10yrs........but we'll see.
# happenedsix weeks ago and was not a secret missionalexpike27 2022-11-09 04:15
'A Royal Navy nuclear-armed submarine had to abandon its mission and resurface, after a fire broke out onboard following an electrical fault.

The Ministry of Defence said the incident on HMS Victorious happened six weeks ago. The blaze broke out in an electrical component in one of the submarine’s systems but carbon dioxide injectors built into the module extinguished it. However, all crew were scrambled to tackle the fire and look for others and the sub’s commander had to surface the vessel in the North Atlantic. After the fire was contained, Victorious returned to port at Faslane in Scotland.

Victorious is one of Britain’s four Vanguard-class nuclear-armed submarines with one vessel constantly on patrol ready to launch a nuclear strike. The MoD said the sub wasn’t on patrol during the time of the fire and was en route to the US for wargames.'

They are laying a false trail - so it was something much bigger why the BPM was rushed into privacy, to do his communication...
# Many AF Plane Patrolsrhedtcke 2022-11-08 16:37
Go to and hit U in upper right for military only. Select flights and you'll see many circle routes along coasts.
# Elite moving to Bunkers???rhedtcke 2022-11-08 16:30
Does anyone hear of ELITE moving to bunkers????
+1 # RE: Elite moving to Bunkers???mjc 2022-11-08 19:10
Quoting rhedtcke:
Does anyone hear of ELITE moving to bunkers????

Yes, we're all here!

And where are.......
Never mind......
+1 # More EAM on 11-8-2022rhedtcke 2022-11-08 16:25
A dozen EAM today. Air raid alert in St Petersburg, Russia. Check only. About 120 miles from Finland. Total EAM past two days, as many as before Russia invaded Ukraine. 9-11 is tomorrow. Buckle up!
# RE: More EAM on 11-8-2022mjc 2022-11-10 18:09
Quoting rhedtcke:
A dozen EAM today. Air raid alert in St Petersburg, Russia. Check only. About 120 miles from Finland. Total EAM past two days, as many as before Russia invaded Ukraine. 9-11 is tomorrow. Buckle up!

For our younger European readers......
"tomorrow" is '11/9' (November 9) in the American date system...not '9/11' (September 11).

The attack on the Pentagon and NYC, and the aborted attack on DC (UA flight 93), happened on Sep 11.....not Nov 9.
# US Backing Off Russian SanctionsDolph 2022-11-08 14:28
A thought-provoking new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov revealing Algeria submitted an official application yesterday to join the BRICS economic bloc, founded by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, says in viewing the number of nations seeking to break away from socialist Western colonial economic tyranny, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov assessed: “Before we talk about how and when will the BRICS expansion begin exactly, we have agreed to negotiate the criteria and principles of reviewing this kind of applications between the five member states...Considering that we already receive official applications, we expect, of course, that the negotiations of the criteria and principles will not take too long…We must first understand how this association will develop in its potential expanded membership...The interest to this global association is quite high and continues to grow...Not only Algeria, Argentina and Iran - in fact, there are more than a dozen of such states”.
+1 # BRICS ExpansionDolph 2022-11-08 14:32
With the BRICS economic bloc soon to represent over three-quarters of humanity, this report notes, it was interesting to notice top socialist Biden Regime official National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan confirming yesterday he has been conducting secret back-channel talks with Russia officials—are talks coming at the same time shipments of Russian seaborne crude oil surged to 3.6 million barrels per day last week, reaching the highest since early June, and global brands like Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani have resumed supplies to Russia—today the Turkish Ministry of Energy announced that it has begun partial payment for Russian gas in Rubles instead of the US Dollar—an announcement swiftly followed by Bloomberg News revealing: “The Biden administration is privately urging leading US banks like JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup to continue doing business with strategic Russian firms despite sanctions imposed on Moscow over the conflict in Ukraine in order to avoid a global economic catastrophe”—all of which was joined this week by top Wall Street banker Lawrence McDonald warning the US Dollar could lose its status as the world's main reserve currency, and stating: “The sanctions-SWIFT game should be used by the West once every 10 years, but they’ve been using this against multiple countries...From a US perspective the problem is you’ve hit 10 different countries over the head with the sanctions card, so you’re forcing these countries to form a bloc against you...That’s what’s happening”. (Sorcha Faal)
# Turkey & German Cracks In NATODolph 2022-11-08 14:54
Turkey's military is larger than French, German and GB's military combined. Yesterday we learned of German secret negotiations with China establishing a Russian-Chinese-German Axis. Now Turkey is defying America's petro dollar imperitive. The elites clearly over played their hand when they sabotoged the German-Russian gas pipelines.Turkey has not been a happy camper since the EU rejected their latest application for membership. Turkey is a member of NATO so Europe is experiencing a double threat to their unity and importance as the BRICS are blosoming into a major threat to America's world hegemony.
+1 # Hungary: Trump Is The AnswerDolph 2022-11-08 15:19
European media is plastered with grim headlines about energy shortages, disruptions and blackouts.

Analysts agree that inflation and the escalating cost of living could easily bring millions to the streets in protest. The number of migrants that have come to the European Union this year is already much higher than the number that came from Syria in 2015. And the Kremlin’s war machine will only drive the figures higher as the destruction of Ukraine’s infrastructure deprives people there of electricity and water.

But the most important factor is, in fact, on the other side of the Atlantic.

When Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary, Mr. Putin’s closest ally in the European Union, recently proclaimed that “hope for peace is named Donald Trump”, he expressed something that all of Mr. Putin’s allies in Europe have realized: Only a change in American policy can change the West’s position on Ukraine.

It is America rather than Europe that is the weak link when it comes to sustained support for Kyiv.”

In “the weak link” America today, this report details, its midterm elections are taking place to decide the fate of socialist Democrats—according to top socialist Biden Regime advisor Keisha Lance Bottoms, the dismal failures of Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden are entirely due to “misinformation” from his Republican Party political opponents—to counter whatever “misinformation” is, because no one has actually defined it or given examples of it occurring, the socialist Biden Regime militarized the midterm elections by activating National Guard cybersecurity units in 14 States—and in his open letter “The GOP Needs A Counterradicalization Strategy” just published by leftist NBC News, it sees former senior intelligence service CIA officer Marc Polymeropoulos beyond all belief comparing President Donald Trump supporters and Republican Party lawmakers to Al Qaeda terrorists that need to be hunted down and killed.
+3 # Enter Edward SnowdenDolph 2022-11-08 15:30
Among those who warned about how dangerous the American intelligence community had become, and the laws they would break to keep socialist Democrats in power, this report concludes, was world-renowned NSA-CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who was forced to flee to Russia before his own nation killed him for what damning secrets he knew—kept hidden from the American people this past week before they vote by the entire leftist media establishment was the bombshell news: “Seven years after former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the mass surveillance of Americans’ telephone records, an appeals court has found the program was unlawful – and that the U.S. intelligence leaders who publicly defended it were not telling the truth...In a ruling handed down on Wednesday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit said the warrantless telephone dragnet that secretly collected millions of Americans’ telephone records violated the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and may well have been unconstitutional”—and yesterday Snowden posted a warning message to the under socialist siege American people saying: “The most important video of the year was filmed in 1983”, and contained a clip from the news video “CIA Officer Frank Snepp Discusses Planting Stories in Vietnam”, wherein CIA Officer Frank Snepp revealed how thoroughly the American media had been infiltrated and corrupted by the CIA. (Sorcha Faal)
# Snowden Interview of CIA Corruption Of MSMDolph 2022-11-08 15:37

Make this go viral!
+1 # We've sent 18 EAMs TODAY...make that 19KarGiver 2022-11-08 14:21
I've had Lee's livestream up all day; it's like listening to a police scanner but the messages are encrypted and they all have something to do with our nuclear arsenal. Anyway, as of 2:18 EST today, 11/8 the Nuclear Command and Control has sent 18 Emergency Action Messages to nuclear equipped receivers around the world. That's obviously in addition to the 11 "unprecedented" number yesterday.

It's not a drill and the messages are exclusively nuclear-related.

One is going out right now; the livestream is on the Inventor Lee Wheelbarger channel

Edited to add at 2:34, we're up to 19 now. The rate seems to be picking up.
+1 # RE: We've sent 18 EAMs TODAY...make that 19RAFO 2022-11-08 14:38
Just curious… if the messages are encrypted, how does a listener de-crypt them?? Just asking… please don’t say I need to get a secret decoder ring. Thanks
+1 # RE: We've sent 18 EAMs TODAY...make that 19mjc 2022-11-08 17:14
Quoting RAFO:
Just curious… if the messages are encrypted, how does a listener de-crypt them?? Just asking… please don’t say I need to get a secret decoder ring. Thanks

You could always ask a buddy in the Illuminati to decrypt it for you.

I'll give you a free one : B2 12 11 2 8 25 14 11 18 16 30 12 19 21 3 25 = "Drink more Ovaltine"
# You don't decrypt them; only the recipient, thankfully, can do thatKarGiver 2022-11-08 15:56
But they are ACTION messages meaning they tell the recipient to DO something. The messages are ONLY being sent from the US Nuclear Command and Control to handlers of our nuclear weapons. One doesn't have to decrypt them to know that Emergency ACTION Messages regarding our nuclear arsenal is...important.

And, actually, for more detailed understanding you can go to the Greek War New 24/7 site; they just wrote an article about it.
# RE: UPDATED 5:57 PM EST -- Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military Todayjrd803 2022-11-08 11:07
This in from
"Instructions to citizens of foreign countries in Kyiv: Prepare for a nuclear strike - They are handing out pills and leaflets - They are planning to evacuate the capital!"

Link =
+4 # It's go hard or go home, with no option to LIE LOW in Lisichansk.White Lightning aka Raptor 2022-11-08 10:22
UKRAINIAN FORCES IN FULL FLIGHT: Major WIN as the militia of the Donetsk Republic, West Russia (DPR) together with the Russian Armed Forces, have TAKEN Donetsk Airport in full - the original battle for the airport (2014), led by the late and legendary commander Arsen Pavlov ("Motorola") resulted in several thousand killed on both sides, but DPR victory ensued in 2015; the Ukrainian forces retreated to nearby settlements (such as Opytnoye, Donetsk Republic, West Russia), from which they have now been ELIMINATED.

Traffic fully resumes along the Crimean bridge, following last month's TERROR ATTACK planned by Ukrainian Special Services, which damaged a VITAL lifeline for 2.4 MILLION Crimean residents - Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

Chinese military must INCREASE its combat capabilities and be READY for military action - Chinese President Xi Jinping during inspection of Chinese army's Joint Operations Command Center.

Russia and China plan to invest another 1.3 billion US dollars into joint projects - the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

Russia and India discuss joint production of weapons, and at least 12 countries now showing interest in participating in BRICS - association of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - and Russia hopes it will not take long for BRICS members to agree on criteria to allow new members to join - Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov following meeting with Indian Foreign Minister.

The UK succesfully conducts testing of DragonFire - a long range, laser directed energy weapon (LDEW) - its capability includes reaching its targets with high accuracy and hitting multiple targets at different distances at the same time.

IT'S ALL ON IN LISICHANSK: The Armed Forces of Ukraine are attempting to break past the positions held by RUSSIA near Lisichansk, Lugansk Republic (LPR), West Russia - Wagner Private Military Company (PMC) and pro-Russian forces are holding fort DESPITE the collective West concentrating its forces in this area; the two groups are often a MERE 100 meters from one another - it's go hard or go home, with no option to LIE LOW in Lisichansk.
+2 # RE: UPDATED 5:57 PM EST -- Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military Todayselah 2022-11-08 10:14
so now it looks like they are openly rigging the powerball too. And boy oh boy this crap spewing from zelinsky is sure to p.o the honorable, President Putin.
+2 # RE: UPDATED 5:57 PM EST -- Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military Todayselah 2022-11-08 10:15
Rigging powerball
+1 # RiotsDoomsdayScout 2022-11-08 11:03
People are more likely to riot from a sham powerball drawing than a sham election.
+3 # Edit featureKarGiver 2022-11-08 10:32
You can edit your posts by hitting the first of the 3 icons on the bottom left corner of your post.
# Medvedev: "We will send our enemies to the eternal fires of Hell - We listen to the words of the Creator and obey"White Lightning aka Raptor 2022-11-08 10:12
New Russian Borei-A Class Nuclear Submarine Launches Bulava ICBM. It is equipped with 16 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles!

A new nuclear-powered submarine (SSBN) soon to join the ranks of the Russian Navy has successfully fired the Bulava ballistic missile (SLBM) in its final tests, the Russian Defense Ministry announced today. In the statement, the ministry said the Generalissimus Suvorov Borei-A type fired a Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile with a dummy warhead into the northern White Sea, which reached the test site in Kamchatka in the Russian Far East. Bulava missiles are designed to carry nuclear warheads.

Generalissimus Suvorov began trials in the White Sea last July. It belongs to the fourth generation of Borei-A nuclear powered submarines and is the second submarine to be built. Moscow says it is equipped with advanced navigation instruments, sonar and weapons systems to launch missiles and torpedoes. It is expected to join the Russian Navy's Pacific Fleet from late 2022 to early 2023. It is equipped with 16 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles, as well as 533mm torpedo tubes, and stands out for its stealth qualities, speed and maneuverability in challenging operational environments, according to the Russians.
# "Everyone has been waiting for our Awakening - The rotten world order will collapse"White Lightning aka Raptor 2022-11-08 10:10
Biblical references N. Medvedev: "We will send our enemies to the eternal fires of Hell - We listen to the words of the Creator and obey"

The former president and current vice-president of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, characterized the war in Ukraine as a holy conflict with Satan, warning that Moscow can send all its enemies "to the eternal fires of Hell" (PS: Hell is biblical area referred to in the Old Testament, the hell where sinners will be punished after death). This is not the first time that Medvedev makes biblical references.

On Russia's "Day of National Unity", the Vice President of the Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, answered a simple question - "why is our cause just?". According to Medvedev, this big question is made up of many small ones. What the former president of Russia noted in detail, also referring to the "battle" between Russia and the forces of Satan:

“Why are we fighting? Russia is a huge and rich country that has its own lands and the lands where our ancestors lived. These lands are sacred to us and we will not give them away to anyone. Thus, we fight for all our people, for our land and for our millennial history. Who is fighting us? We fight against those who hate us, who ban our language, our values ​​and even our faith, who instill hatred for the history of our Motherland. The "dying world, a bunch of crazy nazi drug addicts" are fighting us, the people are drugged and "a big pack of dogs barking from the western kennel.

“They have no faith and no ideals, except the obscene habits they invent and the standards of doublethink they impose, denying the morality accorded to normal people. Therefore, having risen against them, we have acquired holy power. Where are our old friends? Russia does not care about those who abandoned us. This only means that they were not our friends, but just fellow travelers, sidekicks and hangers-on. They are not among us, but we have become stronger and cleaner. We woke up... As Medvedev says, Russia is no longer weak and has shaken off "the hazy fog" of recent decades. In fact, he notes that many other countries were waiting for the awakening of Russia, which "soon will wake up completely".

"And when the rotten world order collapses, it will bury with it all those cynical servants, its supercilious "priests"" states Medvedev, pointing out that there is an opportunity to "send all enemies to hell" , although he emphasizes that that is not Russia's purpose. "Life and truth are our cause," says Medvedev, pointing out that " Russia's cause is just" and "victory will be ours."

It specifically mentions: " Why have we been silent for so long?" We were weak and crushed by timelessness. Now "we have driven away the sticky sleep and the sad fog of the last decades, in which we have been plunged since the death of our former Motherland." Soon, following our example, those still oppressed by the West will "woke up completely".

What are our weapons? Weapons are different. We have the opportunity to send all enemies to the fiery Gehenna (hell), but that is not our duty. We hear the words of the Creator in our hearts and obey them. These words give us a sacred purpose. The goal is to stop the supreme lord of hell, no matter what name he uses – Satan, Lucifer or Iblis. Because his goal is death. Our goal is life.

His weapon is an elaborate lie. And our weapons are the Truth. That's why our purpose is right."
-1 # Votedjudith L 2022-11-08 10:04
From my vote to God's ear. Pray for Peace. Be Peace, living peacefully with those around you.
# Instructions to citizens of foreign countries in Kyiv: Prepare for a nuclear strikeWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2022-11-08 09:59
They are handing out pills and leaflets - They are planning to evacuate the capital! Distributing pills and instruction booklets - Preparing 1,000 shelters. Officials in Kyiv say they have begun planning for a once-unthinkable possibility: a complete blackout that would require the evacuation of the nation's capital!

What does this mean practically? That 3 million inhabitants will have to leave the city in the middle of winter, which is a dramatic turn of the war, while 1,000 heated shelters are already being prepared.

According to the American newspaper New York Times, which publishes the information, Kiev authorities have begun planning to evacuate the city's 3 million residents if the Ukrainian capital suffers a total blackout, as they struggle to maintain an electricity grid that has suffered severe damage from Russian missiles.

A total blackout that would require the evacuation of the capital of 3 million was once an unthinkable possibility. The situation, as revealed by the New York Times, is already dire with 40% of Ukraine's energy infrastructure damaged or destroyed.
As winter approaches, the city is preparing 1,000 heated shelters that can also protect civilians from Russian missiles. Most are inside educational facilities, but authorities have asked that their exact locations not be disclosed to avoid making them easy targets. To prevent a complete grid failure, Ukraine's national energy company said Saturday it would continue to impose rolling blackouts in seven regions. The huge strain on Ukraine's ability to provide power is the result of widespread shelling by Russian forces of critical energy infrastructure across the country, a tactic analysts say Russian President Vladimir Putin has resorted to as his troops have suffered repeated failures on the battlefield. The damage caused by the Russian strikes has caused renewed suffering for Ukrainian citizens and forced officials to consider the possibility that further damage could render them unable to provide essential services.

The unthinkable is possible. "We understand that if Russia continues such attacks, we may lose our entire electrical system ," Roman Tkachuk, security director of Kyiv's municipal government, said in an interview, speaking for the city. Officials in the capital have been told they are likely to have at least 12 hours notice that the network was on the verge of failure. If it gets to that point, Mr. Tkachuk said, "we will start informing people and asking them to leave." In turn, Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko said last week that due to the overloading of Ukraine's energy system, 450,000 citizens' apartments have been left without electricity. This, according to the mayor, is one and a half times more than the previous days.
Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that Kyiv authorities admitted the possibility of a lack of heating in homes in winter.

With shelters, pills, instruction booklets, citizens prepare for a nuclear strike. The Serhiy Pritula Charitable Foundation in downtown Kyiv has a shelter in the garage under the building to protect its staff from conventional Russian attacks, and another in the event of a nuclear strike. “The second shelter is properly equipped. It has medicine, food, drink and bottled water, flashlights and batteries ," explained Serhii Pritula himself, television star and head of the foundation, to Politico. "Predicting the movements of the Russian military and political leadership is always a difficult task if you use common sense. We became very unlucky with our neighbors. This is why we should take every nuclear threat very seriously and prepare accordingly," he notes.

Scary rhetoric. Moscow's rhetoric is indeed worrying. Earlier this month, Medvedev, who now serves as the deputy head of Russia's Security Council, warned that Kiev's goal of recapturing all its lost territory was a "threat to the existence of our state and a mutilation of today's Russia," which in his words is a "clear reason" for Russia's use of nuclear deterrence. Kiev's reaction to Medvedev's statements was immediate. Oleksii Danilov, secretary of Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council, called the nuclear threats a "suicidal act" saying "Russia will eventually turn into the No. 1 enemy of the entire planet." Even its ally China has warned Russia of the danger of using nuclear weapons. Last week, President Xi Jinping declared that "Nuclear weapons cannot be used, nuclear war cannot be fought." US President Joe Biden told Putin it would be an " unimaginably grave mistake" to use a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine.
+1 # Florida state tells federal election your not wanted hereSrmay72 2022-11-08 08:48
+2 # RE: Florida state tells federal election your not wanted hereJFY 2022-11-08 09:38
The demonrats are now talking about a "red mirage" and how after weeks of counting the republicans will lose.

The gall is mind boggling.

This is smelling more and more like a civil war is brewing.

The demonrats are like a hyper invasive weed in your garden. You can't just trim it back and hope to coexist, because it always just keeps coming back and coming back, destroying everything else in the garden with ever more intensity and resolve. The only way is to totally eradicate the damned thing and make sure that it never shows up again.
+2 # █▓▒░ EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES ░▒▓█Palehorse 2022-11-08 08:11

Are these part of any training exercises taking place?
+4 # No, it's NOT a drillKarGiver 2022-11-08 08:12
According to the livestream at "Inventor Lee Wheelbarger" it's the real deal. And there have been 5 as of about 6 AM EST today 11/8

At about 7 AM this morning he said, "If I'm getting excited about this stuff you better be getting excited, too."
-2 # RE: No, it's NOT a drillmjc 2022-11-08 16:31
Quoting KarGiver:
According to the livestream at "Inventor Lee Wheelbarger" it's the real deal. And there have been 5 as of about 6 AM EST today 11/8

No, it's a nothing-burger.

Here are the EAMS message counts going back a couple of weeks. Note the counts in the 20s last month.

You can browse the EAMS list here:

11/08 - 11
11/07 - 16
11/06 - 12
11/05 - 1
10/28 - 4
10/27 - 7
10/26 - 14
10/21 - 16
10/19 - 19
10/18 - 27
10/14 - 22

Meanwhile.....these are being billed as Skyking messages. They are not. The last Skyking message was logged in July
Audio here :
+13 # Only nuclear-related message sytem!KarGiver 2022-11-08 08:06
Previous to yesterday I'd never heard of "EAM," but I just looked up the purpose of these EAMs and found that they aren't just any military messages, they are from the US Nuclear Command and Control to those with nuclear weapons. Apparently they are "get ready to launch...standby" types of things, but they are obviously encrypted so only the recipients know the exact content.

YouTube channel "Inventor Lee Wheelbarger" is live again this morning (11/8) broadcasting NEW LIVE EAMs. I'm at 6 AM EST in the livestream as he's saying, "This transmission you're hearing of an EAM is live."

Maybe everyone else here already knows this but for whatever it's worth I just learned and thought maybe it might be helpful.
# Transmission in CODE. Different books to decode daily.White Lightning aka Raptor 2022-11-08 09:48
Nuclear forces getting Instructions from NORAD?

Ballistic missile submarines or “boomers” are undetectable platforms for submarine-launched ballistic missiles. They are on constant patrol with enough firepower to make just one boomer the sixth most powerful nuclear power in the world.

A compilation of platforms and weapons, the three legs of the U.S. nuclear triad serve as the backbone of America’s national security. The triad, along with assigned forces, provide 24/7 deterrence to prevent catastrophic actions from our adversaries and they stand ready, if necessary, to deliver a decisive response, anywhere, anytime.
-1 # NCPATRIOT58NCPATRIOT58 2022-11-08 07:35
+7 # settle downBoss 2022-11-08 07:02
Let's have all of us settle down today and quietly and quickly go to vote. Make your peace with God. Pray for Florida that the hurricane stays away from land. God bless.
+7 # just a tip..Lexie 2022-11-08 06:33
Check your mobile phones for wifi networks when in the que and in the polling stations. Make a note of any wifi networks you get. The polling stations should not have wifi.
+2 # This time you know absolutely the gov. is gone.Lexie 2022-11-08 06:29
When they steal the election again you will know the democrats together with the FBI have conducted a coup and that they will finalise the destruction of the US on behalf of their communist allies. All the western governments know what's going to happen. I hope I am wrong but I'm sure I'm right. Fear for the future for children.
+7 # term limitsrugerwild 2022-11-08 05:25
we must have term limits
+5 # Let's supposeTerraHertz 2022-11-08 04:28
Let's suppose that it _was_ a fire, but that it was also the result of hostile action.

In recent years I've often wondered what might be possible in new forms of weapons, utilizing advanced AI guided small drones, carrying tiny payloads designed to 'scare off' opponents rather than just explosively obliterate everything in the area.

For eg, small stealthy ship-seeking drone-mines, with shaped charge penetrators that just punch a little hole in the hull deep under the waterline when they contact. Something that wouldn't impair the ship much in ones and twos... but 10, 20, 100... that ship had better leave the area fast before its bilge pumps are overwhelmed.

Or for anti-submarine... punch a tiny hole, with the penetrating jet being _very_ incendiary. Then the hole is plugged by the tail end of the device.

Sends a very clear 'go away' message.

And if the present case was something like that, NATO has EAM conniptions on discovering that an opponent has a new game-changing weapon against subs. Which NATO can't talk about in public, because to do so would be an admission that 'the opponent' are nice and polite guys, who can just spank NATO subs without actually blowing them up and killing the entire crew. And they went to the trouble of developing such a weapon, for exactly that kindly reason. Even after what happened to the Kursk.

An amusing idle thought.
+10 # Election dayErfman 2022-11-08 04:28
Election day is finally here.

The powers that be will probably do what they can to cheat and steal the election again. The will of the people may once again be ignored.

This being said, I still encourage everyone to vote today.

If the evil globalists are going to once again steal this election, I don't want to maked it easy for them.

I will not surrender and just hand them the victory.

They are going to have to actually do the deed and literally steal the vote.

My vote may not make any difference but I am going to do it regardless because it is my duty and stealing my vote will be one more thing these wicked men will have to answer for when they stand before God !

Please vote today. Let's overwhelm the left and make them really work to steal from us!
# O/T… 2022-11-08 03:42
Today, 8Nov22 , is voting day in America.
For those here that are believers the link below is from Give Him 15 , a Dutch Sheets ministry.
+2 # Any updatesAzrael76 2022-11-08 01:55
How many were total and what were the messages
# RE: Any updatesmjc 2022-11-08 15:05
Quoting Azrael76:
How many were total and what were the messages

There may be some confusion between general EAM messages and EAM Skyking messages.

Here are the recent EAM messages:

Or you can listen online here:

Set the frequency to 8992 and the band to USB
Turn on “squelch” to reduce background noise
+1 # Over 20Spetsnaz7 2022-11-08 01:12
There were over 20 of these today! My
Spidey senses are tingling
# RE: Over 20Maid4theLamb64 2022-11-08 05:33
There have been 33 in the past 48 hrs!
+11 # In the 1950'sDoug Brown 2022-11-07 23:55
We waited up to find out who won.
The winners were announced
before midnight.
Biden just said it will probably be weeks....
+7 # I agree with HalDoug Brown 2022-11-07 23:52
Rigged election, again.
# Jumpy eh?MANYROUNDS 2022-11-07 22:29
The wicked flee when none pursueth. The wicked invite the robber of sleep. Fatigue invites the gremlin of mistakes. These are they who have large gear to operate, much of which travels very fast, is very loud, and goes boom in one way or another.
+6 # BabitMildB 2022-11-07 22:06
Was thev1st to die.
+2 # soy boy fags and shitheadsPSKYWAY 2022-11-07 21:44
+4 # warnews247 - 'disappeared'unixguru24 2022-11-07 21:30
It's gone; no DNS records available. Save your favorite site IP addresses. Erasing DNS is the easiest way to shut down a site. Make it invisisible.
+1 # I'm not real savvy in computer tech,oldschool 2022-11-08 00:19
How would you save your favorite IP addresses ?
+6 # RE: warnews247 - 'disappeared'Raven1 2022-11-07 21:53
Search duckduckgo.

The website you are looking for can be found, yet the website has not been updated since the 4th of November, it seems
+1 # Use Bravepmoore67 2022-11-08 05:47
Duck has been compromised.
-4 # No sky kingMildB 2022-11-07 21:11
-3 # We can not say.MildB 2022-11-07 21:17
-3 # We r readyMildB 2022-11-07 21:19
+2 # Scottish OilLoki 2022-11-07 21:07
Brits cutting off their own oil from Scotland.

Brit elites: "Now more people will die! Satan will be happy!"
+11 # RE: UPDATED 5:57 PM EST -- Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military TodayRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-11-07 21:06
Blood Moon tonight.
# Saw it this morning!KarGiver 2022-11-08 09:38
Along with Mars between the horns and the Pleiades star cluster in Taurus! The eclipse was a bit hidden here in Massachusetts by the tops of trees, but the leaves are gone so it worked out! Spectacular show!!! Hoping everyone who tried to see it got to, as well!
+5 # fireGreg5000 2022-11-07 21:00
it could be just a fire

UK subs are junk

would you buy a british car?
+4 # CarDaddy 2022-11-07 21:55
You mean like rolls or Bentley? Perhaps a jaguar or half of all Toyota's and Nissan made here ?
Sure mostly forgien ownership but there is a reason they are produced here .
everything you have is down to us , every inovation you can think of is from HERE .
We are the home of the industrialised world ,the mother of parliaments.
The BIRTH place of human rights,the FIRST country in the world to abolish slavery.
But we did for some strange reason let the USA loose in the world,our bad , sorry !
-1 # All US Patent Applications...Dolph 2022-11-08 12:49
...go through GB's MI5 and are given out to insider friends (AIM)
# Woegjones7777 2022-11-08 06:09
Your ignorance of history is truly amazing!!
+4 # DaddyRickyRaccoon 2022-11-08 02:39
Quoting Daddy:
You mean like rolls or Bentley? Perhaps a jaguar or half of all Toyota's and Nissan made here ?
Sure mostly forgien ownership but there is a reason they are produced here .
everything you have is down to us , every inovation you can think of is from HERE .
We are the home of the industrialised world ,the mother of parliaments.
The BIRTH place of human rights,the FIRST country in the world to abolish slavery.
But we did for some strange reason let the USA loose in the world,our bad , sorry !

Seems as though the US just followed in Britians footsteps.
You tried to conquer the world. Colonize every corner.

Tax the hell out of everything.
Sorta sounds like present day US doesn't it?

I remember a saying one time.
"The sun will never set on the British empire"
Like it or not.

We took our lessons on dominance by what the Brits did to Ireland and Scotland.

Those who live by inflicting tyranny, breed tyranny!

Or as we like to say, like father like son!
+3 # in my darkest hourdaniel_martin 2022-11-07 23:24
I watched 007 Casino Royale, and I never forget the scene when Bond got a Aston Martin DBS. I promised myself I would die trying to afford one. Its the single most charming thing I have ever seen
# the hingrugerwild 2022-11-07 22:36
dont forget laddy we have the electronics and programs
also the king drove a caddy not some piece of shit from england rock and roll
+2 # Pretty good.Gregg W 2022-11-07 22:30
That was funny.

So it’s all your fault that the US was let loose in the world. For shame. LOL
+26 # Time's running out!Getsum 2022-11-07 20:58
The 7th of November is almost over! Something has GOT to happen otherwise this will be yet another fear porn date set that vanishes into a nothing burger.

For those keeping score; the score is about 25,000 to zero with date setters wrong e-v-e-r-y time. Have faith, trust in God...He has it all under control.
# Date setting is dumbpmoore67 2022-11-08 05:50
BUT all that crap is still coming.
+6 # Who set it?Gregg W 2022-11-07 22:33
I can’t think of anyone that said today was “the day”. I don’t think you mean Hal.

Seriously. Can you tell us who did?
+1 # Did youRealAmericanPride 2022-11-07 23:02
miss Hal’s story on the evacuation of the Kherson region because he thought someone was going to use a nuke on the 7th? In case you missed it here ya go.
# So because the story had a date in it...KarGiver 2022-11-08 10:47
Hal should have not reported it? Seriously, it wasn't HAL who "set the date" in that article.
# Dates Generate RevenueGetsum 2022-11-08 15:17
As I've said several times here before...Other than sex, nothing sells better than fear. Report Armageddon and end of the world dates and you will be sure to generate more traffic which equates to more revenue.

It would seem that people would catch on by now, but no. They simply choose to forget and anxiously await the next report of gloom and doom as if they are literally HOPING for the demise of the world in a fiery nuclear holocaust.
# Pretty good.Gregg W 2022-11-07 22:30
That was funny.

So it’s all your fault that the US was let loose in the world. For shame. LOL
# Arrrrggggghhhh.Gregg W 2022-11-07 22:35
Stupid thing. I somehow posted this again. No idea how. Tried to delete it but can’t.
+3 # Yep!Loki 2022-11-07 21:08
Dates are for clicks.
-3 # US Statusseattlesteve53 2022-11-07 20:45
DEFCON warning – Asia, Africa, Middle East, and European commands are at DEFCON 2 for the first time ever. Thank God that Potus DJT has the nucear codes.
+1 # RE: US StatusRaven1 2022-11-07 21:02
The above mentioned area are at Defcon2.

Overall defcon visible by the public is still 3, yet those 4 areas mentioned above are at defcon2
-1 # RE: US StatusRaven1 2022-11-07 21:37
2022 Current Defcon Level Today | Today's Overall Alert Status Now
+3 # It’s not def con 2HicSuntLeones 2022-11-07 20:56
It’s not def con 2 and it has been def con 2 before. Cuban missile crisis and Persian gulf.
+8 # Nothing to Worry About cup of coffee and Donut..Garyhines 2022-11-07 20:42
We got nothing to worry about .cup a coffee and Donut everything is fine and dandy. We have a stolen election in almost every state. Wouldn't be shocked to see Red States Blue.this is what they have been planning to steal the election and stay in power. After the election we know exactly who to go after over the fraud election. Number one on the Hit List is Joe Worthless Pile of Dog shit himself Biden .needs to be taken down . Wanted for murder a war criminal. Other than that everything is fine . cup of coffee and Donut.
# Red to Blue,oldschool 2022-11-08 00:42
Looking at msnbc or cnn earlier tonight, not sure which one it was had Arizona in Blue.
+1 # Lieswatchmann 2022-11-08 01:20
Yes, and 2 years ago, it was announced that Arizona went blue.....BEFORE the Polls Closed!

People were still waiting in line to vote, when this BIG LIE was broadcast.....on the boob tube.
+2 # Probably. Bastards.Gregg W 2022-11-07 22:37
Maybe that explains the EAMs. Preparing the military for martial law if the Right goes bonkers. We never do, but doesn’t mean they won’t say that we are.
+26 # Always somethingJohnnyinKY 2022-11-07 20:41
I can’t take it anymore. Let the war begin already. I’m sick of living on the edge. Shit or get off the pot.

My spiritual discernment, which I rarely talk about to anyone, is screaming at me. Something is up. It’s not wrong very often
+4 # I hear ya Johnny,oldschool 2022-11-08 00:49
I don't like it, got bad vibes about this clown show.
+4 # We all feel it.ell 2022-11-08 00:30
It is like waiting for a hammer to drop. The adrenalin burnout is real. Hang in there and keep praying.
+1 # Re: my earlier Warnews247 siteLauraL 2022-11-07 20:40
I asked my daughter to go there and tell me if she gets the same page I do.
She got "DNS address could not be found"
+4 # re: warnews 24/7la0508 2022-11-07 21:05
I can get on, but they haven't changed their stories for at least 4 days, I think. They usually have a new story every couple of hours.
+2 # la0508LauraL 2022-11-08 00:03
Same here. I get Friday's page with the Syrian pres and the 'war' guys behind him.
I expected she'd either get today's page or the DNS. I'm glad I asked her.

I can get all kind of Russian sites yet this one, out of Athens, is gone.
+5 # RE: Re: my earlier Warnews247 siteJFY 2022-11-07 20:45
Apparently they were too precise with their news stories.
+7 # The Blood MoonKme 2022-11-07 20:37
Will be seen thru the night in the Pacific Northwest beginning @ approx midnight 2moro night. It is amazing the PNW has had rain, rain, rain. But, then, in the evening of the 8th we will view the Heavenly realm and see a spectacular sign from GOD - the Blood "Red" Moon. Many have interpreted such an event as they believe according to their traditions. I believe GOD is not dead and is very much with us at this time. I will gaze upon this miracle in the sky and thank Him for his protection. May His "red" banner in the sky be our comfort, not our fear. *Prayers for all ...
+2 # Days of 2022-11-07 23:43
I invite you to research events that happened on 17 Cheshvan, specifically the rain started falling and Noah entering the ark. This year 17 Cheshvan lands on Friday 11/11.
+2 # I don’t think itGregg W 2022-11-07 22:40
Bodes well for a nation. At least it’s not a Solar eclipse!

It is interesting that it will be visible in normally cloudy skies. Hmmm.
+14 # You can bet that it wasn't an "electrical fire".TigerTiger 2022-11-07 20:29
With the military, in particular with "secret" parts of the service like the SAS or nuclear subs, they always mislead and say that it was something that it was not. So if they say it was an "electrical fire", which sounds pretty innocuous, then it was almost certainly something else. What? Who knows. But they are almost certainly covering something up. Could be a clash with the Russians, could be a reactor leak, could be Godzilla - we'll never know perhaps, until there's a leak or else the situation blows up so much that it's impossible to hide.

But it wasn't just an "electrical fire" that would force a nuclear submarine to the surface while on a "secret mission" (aren't they all "secret"?).

My bet is something to do with the Russians, where the UK came off worse and don't want to admit it. It would fit, because after Russia disclosing the UK's connection to the blowing up of the pipelines, and the attack on their ships, we've just been waiting for the inevitable retribution. Was this it? Maybe we'll find out more soon, hope so. Punishing a UK nuclear sub would seem like pretty appropriate revenge.
+11 # EAM'sSmiley1984*! 2022-11-07 20:27
There are now 15 EAM's listed from 16.40 to the last one at 23.09. Also DEFCON levels are:-

DEFCON 2 for, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Asia.

Defcon 3 for Cyber and USA.

It is important to note that Europe has bee at DEFCON 2 for some time now (months) are no one seems to have noticed!

DEFCON 2 is only ONE level from all out (nuclear) WAR!

Could Russia be carrying out its promise for response to the UK's direct attacks on Russian territory and infrastructure. I refer of course to the attacks on Sevastopol, Kerch Bridge, and Nord Streams 1 & 2, as well as sinking the "Moscava" flagship of the Black sea fleet.

To every action there is a reaction. In Russia's case it may be delayed but it will come, make no mistake!
# DEFCON 2022-11-07 23:46
They have been at those levels for at least a week, I checked last weekend and that’s where they all were.
+2 # Defconwpmilleriii 2022-11-07 21:23
How do you the DEFCON level?
+3 # Wrong.tslinger 2022-11-07 21:16
It’s not visible to the public. Phony “assumption” site.
+7 # Open Source Intelunixguru24 2022-11-07 20:49
Those levels are what shows. That's not military; it's a private organization of some kind that gauges news articles and adjust levels accordingly. Since the news media lies like a rug, who knows what's really going on. We'll be the last to know.
-4 # "Times Like These You Need" 2022-11-07 20:09
Balls I meant "Brains!"
+3 # MachineMachine 2022-11-07 20:04
Interesting, it was the US who has a Nuke sub in the Black Sea, right? Now this mysterious British Sub incident. Funny that we send out Anti Naval/ Anti Sub warfare craft up on all three of our coast lines with the P-6 Command Centers.
+17 # rod romeynRodRomeyn 2022-11-07 19:54
thanks hal for keeping the sheeple informed ,the masses will scoff at the watchman but the true remnant of god will discern the times we are in, we appreciate you and your family
+18 # RE: UPDATED 5:57 PM EST -- Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military TodayRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-11-07 19:43
Russia is waiting to see how the US election goes before they make a move.
+2 # Whew !SBGlett77 2022-11-07 20:43
Man, that gets complicated. It's true that if the Republicans win, they are going to roll back some of the destructive policies of the past. Sadly, there are enough RINOs that probably not too many will get neutralized. But, if the Dems lose big, as they deserve, then they are going to go nuts in the lame duck period. They will be immediately cramming stuff like insane aid levels to Ukraine, before they have to leave office in January.

Russia has to know this. So, will their moves be more, or less, pronounced if the Republicans win ? I think it will be a tough and unpredictable call for Russia to make in re their actions after the elections.
+20 # Election?DoomsdayScout 2022-11-07 20:08
Funny how we just forget that our system is compromised. No way in hell I would ever trust the electoral process again. Republicans and Democrats are all the same. Russia knows it.
+2 # ElectionDeepwoo 2022-11-07 19:46
Great logical reasoning!
+1 # PutinskyyLoki 2022-11-07 21:10
Putinskyy likes him some Fetterman!
+2 # #WARNEWS 24-7Tim421 2022-11-07 19:42
The site hasn't updated lately, anyone know why
+8 # Emergency 1 to emergency 2acturner067 2022-11-07 19:38
Are you feeling increase levels of anxiety? Emergency this emergency that? Good,that's what us Demon-crats has worked hard for. Hoping you will have feeling of hope for less-ness. Stay the course vote for who in the hell needs free speech while you can enjoy free housing and food at FEMA. The Demon-crats need your support this Tuesday. If you can not make to the poles do not worry our time tested poll machines are ready to make a vote in place of you and our mail in service is above reproach. Remember vote early and vote often. This ad was brought to you by Big Ass Blue Demon-crate those that are hardly working for you.
+6 # 2022-11-07 20:44
Anyone blaming one party is not paying attention to what the hell has transpired over the past 50 years.
+4 # RE: UPDATED 5:57 PM EST -- Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military TodayNDAlphaMale 2022-11-07 19:18
The mainstream media would be giddy with excitement if there was actual war with Russia
+5 # Warnews 24/7LauraL 2022-11-07 19:15
Is anyone getting Friday's page on that website? This happened last Friday. If you are able to get on please share your link.
That was how I was able to get on that site last week. I've never seen this before. Grrrr.
Thank you
+1 # RE: Warnews 24/ 2022-11-07 20:45
Just now I was not able to load this page on my phone but could on my laptop.
+1 # #warnews 24-7Tim421 2022-11-07 19:44
just posted the same, didn't see your post. I think something is up
+1 # War newsSMC4 2022-11-07 19:34
Quoting LauraL:
Is anyone getting Friday's page on that website? This happened last Friday. If you are able to get on please share your link.
That was how I was able to get on that site last week. I've never seen this before. Grrrr.
Thank you

Yea it’s not working for me either
# Nothing last foreverChappyusa1 2022-11-07 19:04
USA deserves what's it about to get. I want front row seats. Oh well. We will see where this goes.
-11 # Cuz this the beginning of the endmeanize1962 2022-11-07 18:56
Closest the beginning of the end of civilization you mentioned the civilian government of Russia because all kinds of deal has sign in peace and everything I'm going back in the trees a whole world turns around this wonderful pieces wonderful arrangement for 24 hours you go around thinking the military agrees with that not this time don't pay attention to the civilian government over there pay attention to the military really folks that's civilian government is nothing now
# RE: UPDATED 5:57 PM EST -- Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military Todayacschilling 2022-11-07 18:56
The Sun?! Really?!
-4 # too many movies....SuperSoul1971 2022-11-07 18:54

"& in the morning!? We're havin' WAFFLES!"

& ya wonder why people roll their eyes when u try to tell 'em to prepare. maybe they are (were) the smart ones. Like the Loonies in King of Hearts...
-14 # This time I'm scaredmeanize1962 2022-11-07 18:53
We've been lucky since world war II you got lucky by hitting those two cities it was a horrible thing to do but you ever see the movies or what happened afterwards I think we're not going to escape this one this time I think our luck is run out my luck has run out I have nothing played tonight and if I did I would not want anything it changes the outcome my luck will run out I believe mother Russia is luck run out too I'm very very scared for the first time in my life I think there might be nuclear war I mean really something horrific can you imagine submarines going at it in the ocean what kind of radiation what kind of a disaster that could be how about a whole bunch of oil prices thinking an oil and all the ocean life effective can you imagine that I think our luck is run out I think something's really going to happen this time too many people that were players in the civilian government of Yeltsin became dead or targeted to die and became nobody's where no one will trust the civilian government ever again everybody has their trust in the military and then they wait for about 12 years about 12 years now
+4 # RE: This time I'm 2022-11-07 20:47
bend over and kiss it goodbye then...
doesn't sound like you will be of much help.
+2 # RE: This time I'm 2022-11-07 20:47
bend over and kiss it goodbye then...
+6 # PATRIOT58NCPATRIOT58 2022-11-07 19:09
Meanize1962….. are you drunk?
+4 # RE: PATRIOT58Falcon9h 2022-11-07 19:48
Quoting mrednour:
Meanize1962….. are you drunk?

We'll never know... PUNCTUATION.
+8 # Very likelyunixguru24 2022-11-07 19:15
Drunk or otherwise impaired..
+8 # RE: UPDATED 5:57 PM EST -- Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military TodayJFY 2022-11-07 18:45
If the sub's "secret mission" had to do with destroying the one remaining Nordstream pipeline, then the fire may have been a result of Russian action a la "USS Donald Cook".

If that turns out to be the case, then the Russian technology is not affected by the ocean depths and it puts the submarine part of the nuclear triad in the junk heap of history; and essentially that was the only effective part left.
+2 # RE: UPDATED 5:57 PM EST -- Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military TodayHope springs 2022-11-07 19:38
Nordstream pipelines in the Atlantic? That’s a quick shift!
+1 # RE: UPDATED 5:57 PM EST -- Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military TodayJFY 2022-11-07 20:32
Everyone knows they're in the Baltic, but if you would look at a map, the North Sea separates the British Isles from the Baltic Sea.

Think a little.

If what I commented was actually their intent, they only got as far as somewhere in the North Sea before being intercepted.
+4 # RE: UPDATED 5:57 PM EST -- Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military TodayErfman 2022-11-07 19:00
It would be staggeringly stupid for the British to bomb the remaining Nordstream pipeline.

That being said, it very well could have been their mission.
# RE: UPDATED 5:57 PM EST -- Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military TodayJFY 2022-11-07 19:06
I agree with you on both counts.
-9 # I still feel badmeanize1962 2022-11-07 18:37
I still feel bad about the 1990 failed c o u p against Gorby military failed then generals committed suicide I feel pain in my heart over that still to this day career soldiers when they lost control they committed suicide we are so close to the morning over here they had 15 B-52 bombers take off one after another three or four hours later they see o u p was over with something went on that they'll never talk about and I believe we must have made threats and we're going to carry them out that's the only reason that ended and those gentleman died with admiral uniforms on general uniforms on active duty men I still remember that I still hurt my heart over that I had a feeling something was going to happen but when I did and then ended so abruptly out of nowhere
# Nobody gives a shit about youJessiebeaner 2022-11-07 21:33
Go away, you POS LOSER
+2 # "Suicide"ActionFrank 2022-11-07 19:03
Pretty common to commit "suicide" with two rounds to the back of the head. They discovered massive drugs being flown out of their base and obviously couldnt live with themselves.....
+3 # Confirmed fire on board UK crap subDummyemail@ 2022-11-07 18:34
Also these escalations from the United Snakes of America are uncalled for with so much tension around the world.
WTF is wrong with the American people for not protesting massively in the streets for removing sanctions on Russian, Iran and Venezuela oil so the American people can have cheap energy.

I hope that eventually Russia destroys the US Dollar as that is all that is keeping these war tensions going. 31 trillion in debt and people have no clean water, homeless everywhere and people with no healthcare.
+4 # Don't worry you are getting your wishChappyusa1 2022-11-07 19:12
This US dollar is in hospice and on its death bed.
The world will dump the dollar all at once and the west leaders will be shocked, screwed and fcked. As well as all of us. Get ready this is just the beginning.
+9 # Full Moon tomorrow.Ron4man 2022-11-07 18:33
Tuesday, November 8th, a Full Moon will occur. There will also be a Lunar Eclipse resulting in a Blood moon. The pagans called the November full moon the "mourning" moon. The Indians called it the Beaver moon and Hunter's moon. Regardless, the world has gone mad and the full moon accentuates "lunacy". Timing couldn't be worse.
+4 # RE: Full Moon tomorrow.Falcon9h 2022-11-07 19:46
Nahhh... I used to be a drug/alc counselor in a detox and if I needed a mental health day I did it on new moon, not full. New was much worse.
# The day before an important election no doubtBooskybobcat 2022-11-07 18:31
Sounds about right.
+10 # Hopefully...OccamsRazor 2022-11-07 18:31
The EAM's were "We are losing in the Midterms" type of messages.
+2 # RE: UPDATED 5:57 PM EST -- Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military TodayLambs Servant 2022-11-07 18:30
Thanks for the update.
-9 # Important Outlookmeanize1962 2022-11-07 18:29
You know this did not come from the government to hint of hostilities between Russia and England individually from NATO came from the military this is another sign that the military is taking things into their own hands and that's a sign that the conventional civilian government they're ignoring them the info I got is that they are making scenario plans on their own without the government playing a part in it so maybe this war has become an official war they only can do that if the Ukraine conflict is called a war that's why he's calling it military whatever it's in their constitution that they take over everything that the generals can take over the civilian government run trains buses speed limits everything and we are about to see how important it is to have military connections instead of civilian government connections with the kind of BS messing around we have been doing with Russia now for about 12 years things were good with them in the beginning of 2010 they signed the start to treaty then things got bad in 2011 and they have not gotten better I personally believe the civilian government is taking no part in the war whatsoever but I don't have info that drastic
+14 # Re: midtermsDoug Brown 2022-11-07 18:28
When in your life have candidates ever
overtly warned voters of consequences for
voting wrong?
+4 # Another EAM just went out - 23:18 UTCunixguru24 2022-11-07 18:21
On 15.016 MHz, USB. Got it 9/5 +30 here in Central/Western PA
+4 # Oh noJohnchadfield 2022-11-07 18:29
What did it say? Was it "Bravo Sierria India Delta Kilo"?
+8 # LOLunixguru24 2022-11-07 18:55
They're coded obviously but I recorded it for what little that's worth. Way over my pay grade. I'm just a ham nut lol..
-9 # Hence hintsmeanize1962 2022-11-07 18:20
There was kind of overtures like intermission break that they usually have for 20 minutes like with gone with the wind a long movie from the Russian military a few days ago they left the possibility open of a conflict between Russia and England independently from NATO and I don't see how that could possibly be but it was a public hint I'm not talking about anything with Intel with Intel and there was an article about the submarine catching fire online I did not read the article this is how world war II started they started going after oil barges and conventional ships and trade and surplus ships Nazis would fire upon vessels out in the ocean I don't expect it to be any different this time around I I believe that the first wants to suffer the most will be the Chinese because they do the most trade with us second would be Taiwan and third would be South Korea Russians don't give a darn about Chinese making trains of bucks bringing things to America and obeying our patents they could give two times about that they don't talk about it because they know they have to take care of that before any assault on the states so be looking out for things like that before you see an assault here of course I'm giving away the whole Barn of tactics
+2 # EAM'SJohnchadfield 2022-11-07 18:20
Would love to be in the "need to know" loop. Not going to happen in my pay grade.
-1 # RE: UPDATED 5:57 PM EST -- Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military TodayMSNews 2022-11-07 18:17
EAM due to the sub having to surface, thus exposing its location. So other ships and subs go to the location for assistance.

P8 are sub hunters.

Normal stuff.

If a uk jet entered ukrap airspace, Russia will attack it.

More normal stuff in war.
+14 # RE: UPDATED 5:57 PM EST -- Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military TodayBeetlepumpr 2022-11-07 18:17
+6 # Dead of night.Madfr0g56 2022-11-07 18:12
The cricket has stoped chirping, time has come
+24 # JesusActionFrank 2022-11-07 18:12
I hope ya'll have made your peace with Jesus by now. If not, do it now. Just in case....

Godspeed everyone over the next 24-48 hours. I dont like admitting to this, but many recently have articulated the same.

I have a very uneasy feeling, and have for some time now. And its more than anxiety we all know about current events. Its a crap feeling bigger than me and us all.

I pray Im wrong, but I had similar irrational feelings of unease the morning of 9-11 and Katrina. I actually became physically ill as both went down. I thought at first I had food poisoning of something like that. It hit fast and hard.

I know Im not alone with this feeling. Please, everyone Pray to Jesus tonight we all come out fine at the end of this.
+6 # RE: JesusFalcon9h 2022-11-07 19:50
No, you're not alone. I've had that feeling since the election was stolen, as this one will be.
+1 # SnowbearSnowbear 2022-11-07 20:33
I agree, Action Frank and Falcon9h
# SOMildB 2022-11-07 18:05
+8 # Heads UpLassieLou 2022-11-07 18:00
Thanks to make a town run tomorrow....wouldn't be so bad,except,snow today,and minus double digit wind chills,today,tonight & tomorrow,makes a hour one way trip 1 1/2 hour trip one way........
+13 # RE: Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military TodaySeymourInSedona 2022-11-07 18:00
+11 # RE: Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military TodayDeepwoo 2022-11-07 18:49
Quoting SeymourInSedona:

They sure as hell have been spraying!
+2 # (Story) from UK Sunrobertross 2022-11-07 17:59
+1 # If this is an Election FFunixguru24 2022-11-07 17:59
It's going to happen in the next 14 hours or so.
+6 # Nothing going to happenDoomsdayScout 2022-11-07 18:14
They have until atleast January. If they cheat and pull out a win they continue slow destruction of the US. If they cheat and lose they have until January to bring it all down. Why would they throw in the towel tonight? Election circus will go on as planned.
+12 # E3sSpetsnaz7 2022-11-07 17:53
The E3s just went dark on sky glass!
+5 # Going in and out over OKSpetsnaz7 2022-11-07 17:55
Keep coming back on and going out over OK
+14 # RE: Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military TodayRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-11-07 17:52
UK, always thinking they are still an empire, like some senile king in exile.

Me, thinking an election eve FF to stop elections.
+24 # Time Stamps would be nice.William 2022-11-07 17:47
Hal, time & date stamp your intelligence, it helps
# RE: Time Stamps would be nice.SeymourInSedona 2022-11-07 18:01
i believe him. don't need stupid timestamps
# NaiveHicSuntLeones 2022-11-08 08:35
Then you are a naive idiot.
+29 # RE: Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military TodayLarryLD 2022-11-07 17:46
Thank you Hal for all you do. God Bless You.


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