Europe's LARGEST Natural Gas Storage Facility: EMPTY

Europe's LARGEST Natural Gas Storage Facility: EMPTY

The largest natural gas storage facility in northern Europe is now EMPTY of gas.

The facility, run by (Russia's) GAZPROM, dropped like a rock once Europe instituted economic sanctions against Russia.  

With this largest facility now empty, industry will have to shut down for lack of fuel for heating and generation of electric.   

With the largest storage facility now empty, the draw-down from all the smaller facilities will speed up by orders of magnitude, emptying them with ten days to two weeks.

What will Europe do when it has no gas to generate electric or to heat buildings?

Of course, all of this trouble has to do with Europe sticking its nose into the affairs of Russia-Ukraine.

Now that Europe is demonstrably running out of natural gas, watch for things between Russia-Ukraine-NATO to get VERY VERY VERY much worse, very fast.




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