European Parliament Member Calls for Sanctions against USA and Saudi Arabia over Wars

European Parliament Member Calls for Sanctions against USA and Saudi Arabia over Wars

A CROATIAN Member of the European Parliament has publicly proposed the imposition of Economic Sanctions against the United States and against Saudi Arabia.


+4 # RE: European Parliament Member Calls for Sanctions against USA and Saudi Arabia over WarsCanis Major 2022-05-23 20:12
And so it starts.
Every Euro country will use these facts to lift sanctions against Russia.
There will be no more US interference.
Things will reset to before the 1940's, but with conditions.
We will have to wait and see.
Ukraine is about to fall.
+3 # FINALLYNZ KIWI 2022-05-23 16:53
A non WEF brave enough to challenge the B/S
+5 # "This Sets Up Revelation Chapter 17 & 18" 2022-05-23 14:54
+20 # Hat tip to this manJessiebeaner 2022-05-23 12:08
Thankfully, not all honesty, integrity, and courage has died. This man deserves deep respect from the entire world, for having the backbone to state PUBLICLY the truth about the MASTERS THAT RULE FROM AFAR.
NOW, I would strongly recommend he ask Putin for a security detail before he is found suicided by 10 gunshot wounds to the head, 6 to the chest, and a bayonet rammed up his butt.
+5 # More on Poland-Ukraine buddying up...FewThereBe 2022-05-23 11:49
Telegram today:

We state: the loss of sovereignty of Ukraine approved by law

It is no secret that Ukraine has been a country with limited sovereignty since February 2014.

The main decisions on internal policy in Ukraine (the choice of the Prosecutor General and the Minister of Internal Affairs, the appointment of the Supreme Court, the decision on the privatization of land) are taken only in agreement with the Capitol Hill overseas.

But it has always been beautifully veiled and played out as an internal Ukrainian political spectacle with explosions and fire-bombs at the Rada, performances of deputies Lyashko and Goncharenko, fights at the tribune and similar amusements of a political asset.

The overseas Hegemon has always remained in the shadow of the offices of the floor allocated to Americans in the SBU building and in the shadow of the folders with mandatory executive reports to its curators on the work done and planned.

Like any member of the Dark Side Force, Washington loves shadow. Both in the Minsk agreements of 2015 and in the February guarantees of 2014 to President Yanukovych, the hegemon did not want to shine, but sent his senior vassals from the EU.

In the most difficult cases, the well-established Eastern European scheme was used, with the appointment to a key position of a man with an American education or even an American with native roots and restored ancestral citizenship. As I recall, at one time in all three Baltic countries - protectorates of the United States, the presidents were American citizens. And nothing, democracy.

Back to Ukraine: Lithuanian, Georgian, Polish, and even American cadres and agents of influence were used, but pointwise, in order to plug the holes.

But the latest decisions of the Ukrainian parliament, supported by President Zelensky, on the "special status" of Polish citizens in Ukraine - this is a different level. This is nothing but the demolition of the last external (highly formal) manifestations of Ukrainian sovereignty.

All. Ukraine as a sovereign state no longer exists, even legally. A significant part of State functions and rights (including, most likely, the full range of law enforcement and judicial authorities, public security, including border security) will be delegated to representatives of another State.

Here, it is important to note that the masks removed at the end of the performance. And that means that the Ukrainian state machine has gone haywire, the situation is close to critical. As a result, the Capitol no longer has confidence in the 3rd-team and its ability to keep the situation on its own and the "Sacred Javelins". That is why a serious application has been made for direct external control of that piece of former Ukraine, which is still under the formal control of the Kiev regime.

Conducted by US Special Military Operation became a catalyst of the process of disclosure of essence and goals of the Ukrainian project, has painted solution by bright color - color of external controllability of Ukraine and brown color of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi and anti-Russian project.
# RE: More on Poland-Ukraine buddying up...Jose, formerly of Manhattan 2022-05-24 16:28
Ukraine is far enough away from being a proper sovereign state that it should be henceforth known as the Ukraine. It is just so corrupt, so lawless, and so subject to outside dictates that it is more than anything else a wild frontier territory, which is incidentally what the term Ukraine literally means, a frontier land.
-8 # RE: More on Poland-Ukraine buddying up...The Deplorable Renegade 2022-05-23 12:52
Some of the best Russian propaganda I’ve ever heard anywhere.
+3 # Hindsight sees 2022, Seems like they are staring to feel the stingOccamsRazor 2022-05-23 11:36
Politics will be influenced greatly when starvation and economic terror start to rear their ugly heads. People will quickly realize what seemed like a good idea at the time was actually pure stupidity.
+2 # Russian Military Oblitorating UkraineDolph 2022-05-23 12:44
Overall, the following Ukraine targets have been eliminated by Russian military forces since the beginning of the special military operation: 177 aircraft, 125 helicopters, 990 unmanned aerial vehicles, 319 surface-to-air missile systems, 3,226 tanks and other combat armored vehicles, 421 multiple launch rocket systems, 1,643 field artillery guns and mortars and 3,106 special military motor vehicles”.
+1 # Is The Plan To Deplete NATO's Military StockDolph 2022-05-23 12:52
As “crunch time” nears for Ukraine, this report concludes, this morning it saw European Commission Vice President Josep Borell revealing that the European Union’s weapons stockpile has been depleted—a revelation coming at the same time the Ministry of Defense (MoD) released a video showing Russian military forces obliterating a battery of American M777 howitzers supplied to Ukraine its forces say they can’t even operate—and in whose other just issued urgent war bulletins, sees the most notable of them being:

“Russian missile and artillery troops struck over 680 Ukrainian military targets in the past 24 hours eliminating 73 command posts, 578 areas of amassed Ukrainian manpower and military hardware, and also 37 artillery and mortar units at firing positions...They also destroyed 13 tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, five Grad multiple launch rocket systems and three ammunition depots”. (Sorcha Faal)
+1 # Biden's Trip To Far East...Dolph 2022-05-23 13:22
...seems to be directing American sheeple's attention to the coming war for Taiwan. Don't forget Duduman's warning, "When America goes to war wirh China, the Russians will strike without warning." This message was received in April 1996, twenty six years ago. Dumitru was extradited from Romania for smuggling Bibles into Romania and Russia, couldn't speak a word od English, was a guest on the 700 Club and then toured the country with Stan Johnson of The Prophecy Club. The Prophecy Club and 444 Prophecy are two web sites I listen to every week day and highly reccomend. The Book of Revelation, Math.24:3: Mark 13:1; Luke 21:7 are important parts of Bible prophecy of the end times. Get ready and "seek knowledge, it's the principal thing, and with knowledge get understanding."
+3 # Keeping promisesPaul Lambert 2022-05-23 11:31
In 2016, Empress Hilarious promised war with Russia if she were to be elected. Had she won, I imagine there would be at least three new wars under her watch.

The leftists and the Eurotrash talked about Trump, but at least there were no new wars under his administration, and I doubt that had the election not been stolen the world be on the brink of World War III right now.

But instead, people liked to listen to what the media said about Trump and conspired to remove him from office. So now they got the swamp monsters in all branches of government, and now we face war.

So there is really nothing to say about Ukraine one way or another. This is simply what we knew (or should have known) would happen. The swamp promised war. Now, we will get it.
-2 # WAR TIMINGDolph 2022-05-23 13:43
God has the final say when wars begin and end. Right now it's a time of God's jusice. God used Israel's enemies to chasten His chosen people and after killing all their prophets and their Messiah, 1Thes.2:15, they lost their Temple and country but kept their identity because God wasn't finished with his chosen people. In the coming tribulation 2/3 Israel will die, Zech.13:7-9, but 1/3 will be saved when they see the holes in His hands at Armageddon, v.6.
+1 # Never mind then.Paul Lambert 2022-05-23 16:15
Forget everything I said then, Dolph. You have a copy of the Bible so nothing else anyone talks about is important at all. Silly me.
+9 # America's Wrecking Ball BidenFaith11 2022-05-23 11:23
We don't need sanctions, because Biden's wrecking ball demolition team is accelerating our decline at a rapid rate, that clearly is the goal
+1 # NATO powers a proxy war against RussiaWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2022-05-23 11:22
“The historic decision to let German tanks roll against Russia once again is not driven by “security and peace” and least of all the protection of the Ukrainian population. Instead, Germany and the other NATO powers have systematically provoked Russia’s reactionary invasion to allow them to wage a proxy war against Russia on the backs of the Ukrainian population….

In the months leading up to the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian government, with massive support from the US and Germany, has been preparing to bring the areas held by pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country under its military control. A war against Russia in Crimea was also planned…. All restrictions imposed on Germany after the world war are to be removed, and the Bundeswehr will be rebuilt into the largest European army….

The German government has already delivered tanks from former East German stockpiles to Ukraine and announced further heavy arms deliveries. These include anti-aircraft tanks and self-propelled howitzers that are capable of enormous destruction. Germany and NATO are ready to lay waste to Ukraine in order to defeat Russia…

With its heavy weaponry, Germany is equipping the Azov Battalion and other neo-Nazi units. These groups are the political descendants of Bandera’s Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), which was responsible for the murder of thousands of Ukrainian Jews.” (“On anniversary of defeat of Nazi regime, German Chancellor Scholz delivers war speech”, World Socialist Web Site)
+2 # RAPTOR: Maybe...Maybe NotDolph 2022-05-23 14:05
I don't follow German news or commentary but my gut feeling is that Germany was a reluctant bride to this whole Ukraine concoction. They have only half heartedly been a contributor to Ukraine's military build up and the memories of the Russians rolling into Berlin have far from faded. Plus the overall insanity of flirting with a nuclear holacaust is hard for these intelligent people to digest even with the heavy-handed propaganda that has been jammed down their throats over the past 77 years. On the other hand, Poland is occupying half of their historic land.
+2 # P.S.Dolph 2022-05-23 14:13
The Germans are fed up with being pushed around by the U.S. and the Brits who screwed them twice before in pre-scripted wars.
+3 # RE: P.S.Paul Lambert 2022-05-23 16:18
Too bad the German military today completely sucks.

I know people who have served in the German military. It's equipment is painfully obsolete and overall couldn't take on Jamaica. They simply expected the United States always to come to the rescue.
+3 # Truth SaidzVsq@4aM9 2022-05-23 10:22
foundations of truth go deep, quickly turn against U.S, begets turmoil fomenting civil unrest, Viktor suvorov Russian writer and a former Soviet military intelligence officer who defected to the United Kingdom, he wrote in chapter 15 of his book SPETNAZ how it would begin an so now you have it from CROATIAN Member of the European Parliament.....
+14 # We already have sanctions USBill51 2022-05-23 08:44
We already have sanctions against the US it's Branden.
+2 # Having BRANDON in our lives is equivalent to being trapped in a shit filled diaper as a babyJessiebeaner 2022-05-23 12:17
And when nobody changes the diaper the skin breaks down, infection ensues, and even death from infection can occur.
+23 # RE: Croatian Parliament mberchip 2022-05-23 08:42
Rest of the World is fed up with the
former USA now USSA.
+6 # United Satanist of AmericaWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2022-05-23 11:25
Insane, Profane, Inane Satanic Sycophant's.
+1 # SycophantDolph 2022-05-23 14:28
a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage.
+18 # RE: European Parliament Member Calls for Sanctions against USA and Audi Arabia over WarsLambs Servant 2022-05-23 08:25
A politician speaking honestly is a rare thing these days.
+2 # Rare 2022-05-23 11:05
Even more rare to pull it off more than once…Kolakusic best watch his six…
+13 # RE: European Parliament Member Calls for Sanctions against USA and Audi Arabia over 2022-05-23 09:28
Even rarer that it gets reported.
Just checked - only Hal reported it !
+1 # Sorry, no, itnotme 2022-05-23 10:16
has already been reported on Telegram at 07h25 EU (Berlin time)
-1 # RE: European Parliament Member Calls for Sanctions against USA and Audi Arabia over WarsHaarnaś 2022-05-23 08:12
It did not escape my notice that Mislav Kolakusic, obviously a well-informed Catholic Croat is speaking to empty benches! Let us see if he can get Brussels to issue his suggestions as a formal resolution. European Press seem to have missed this story completely. Con you believe it Hal?
# Mislav KolakusicDolph 2022-05-23 15:01
Mislav Kolakusic is the well known Croatian reformer who wrote extensively on the malfeasance of worshipping Mary. The worship of the virgin Mary was set up in 381 A.D., three years after Bishop Damascus became head of the Babylonian cult. The image of mother and child was an object of worship in Babylon long before Christ. From Babylon this spread to the ends of the earth.
+6 # Empty houseCJ 2022-05-23 09:11
European bureaucrats are even more empty headed than their American cousins. Therefore it would not matter much if the the room was full. Mr. Kolakusic actually stated this message out loud. Its energy has been released. It will manifest it time regardless of what either you or I write. Have a nice day.
-2 # RE: Empty houseHaarnaś 2022-05-23 09:16
Quoting CJ:
European bureaucrats are even more empty headed than their American cousins. Therefore it would not matter much if the the room was full. Mr. Kolakusic actually stated this message out loud. Its energy has been released. It will manifest it time regardless of what either you or I write. Have a nice day.

Pray tell me, specifically which newswires have picked up this story in Europe or the USSA?
+2 # PatienceJessiebeaner 2022-05-23 12:24
Or do you expect immediate gratification in all things??


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