The ongoing failure of Venezuela's Electrical Grid has already caused over 1,000 deaths, with experts projecting ONE MILLION DEAD in the next 7 days.

When electricity failed from the main Hydroelectric Plant in Venezuela, it set in-motion what appears to be a Cascade Failure of the country's entire electrical grid. 

As power companies tried to restore power, major electrical sub-stations began blowing up because of the surging demand and improper design/maintenance. 

As of last night, THREE massive electrical sub-stations from Venezuela's three Hydro-electric Dams have all exploded and burned. 

About 96% of the country has no electric . . . for the THIRD DAY.

Without electric:

  • Gas stations could not pump fuel for vehicles.
  • Stores had no cash registers or Credit/Debit card machines - No sales.
  • Banks and ATM's were shut down - no cash
  • Foods requiring refrigeration began to thaw and rot in supermarkets and home refrigerators
  • Water companies could not pump drinking water - leaving millions with no water and no way to flush toilets
  • Telephone and Internet companies could not provide service; cutting-off communications
  • Hospitals could not treat sick or injured people
  • Infants needing Neonatal incubators began dying (74 80  so far that we know of)
  • Patients needing Kidney Dialysis began dying
  • Patients who needed respirators to breathe, died when the machines went off (300 so far)
  • Diabetics who need insulin watched the insulin go bad from lack of refrigeration - those deaths are pending
  • Those with other illnesses or injuries could not be operated on - (297 dead so far)

Morgues are filled to capacity with ROTTING CORPSES and the smell is so foul, people living nearby are moving away.

At least 80 newborn infant patients have died in the emergency of the University Hospital of Maracaibo, Zulia, from the national blackout on Thursday, March 7 until the early hours of Sunday, June 10. That's just ONE hospital.

As of Sunday afternoon, numerous people in Caracas were seen drinking water from SEWAGE CANALS! ! ! ! 

Their consumption of this untreated and foul water WILL result in stomach cramps and Diarrhea within 24-48 hours.  Vomiting and fever  by 36 hours, Dysentery and dehydration within 48 hours, Coma then death within 72-96 hours.

Outbreaks of Cholera and Typhus can be expected by the end of this coming week.

Experts say the death toll will rise exponentially as all these issues skyrocket at once.  

Early Sunday, protests against the government turned violent and "Collectivos" (Armed supporters of Socialist President Nicolas Maduro) allegedly began shooting anyone opposed to the Socialist "Revolution."  Hundreds are reported shot.

Also Sunday, RIOTS broke out as hungry, thirsty people fought each other for what little food and water was to be had.

Human beings can last for weeks without food, but only three days without water.  Today ends day 3. 

The number of deaths from dehydration are expected to rise by "orders of magnitude" this week.

As the number of people becoming sick from drinking fouled water increases, deaths of those people will happen in such numbers as to stagger the mind.

As protest violence and rioting grow, casualties who would normally survive the relatively minor injuries from such things, will succumb due to lack of medical care.

According to experts, Venezuela could see ONE MILLION DEAD . . . by 7 days from now if electric is not restored and fresh water returned to flowing.


No one in Venezuela ever thought things could get like this -- or get like this SO FAST.  Three days!

Few if any were prepared in any meaningful way.   

YOU are just like them.  Are YOU prepared?

If our national electric grid was to go down, via Cascade Failure or act of sabotage, do YOU have any way to generate electric to keep your refrigerator running or some lights on in YOUR house?

If the public water supply lost power and your water faucets were dry, how much emergency water do YOU have?   ( You need 1 gal. per person, per day, to survive)

If gas stations couldn't pump fuel and trucks couldn't carry any freight for lack of fuel, how much Emergency food do YOU have?  Can you last a week?  Two?  A month?

Here is a list of suggested "preps" to have on-hand for yourself and your family.  Get what you can, save-up for the rest.  Because like the people in Venezuela, YOU are just one catastrophe way from dehydration,  hunger, disease, and death. 



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