Fighting in Ukraine "Worst in years" UPDATED Russia Makes It Official: "Genocide underway By Kiev in Donbass" --

Fighting in Ukraine "Worst in years"  UPDATED Russia Makes It Official: "Genocide underway By Kiev in Donbass" --

Fighting resumed early this morning (Thursday 18 Feb 2022) in eastern Ukraine. An on the ground source reports that this mornings fighting in Luhansk and Donetsk is the worst since 2018, if not before then.

Complicating this morning's information feed is that there is now no mobile connection (cellular service) in Lugansk and Donetsk Region, reports say.


- Donetsk and Luhansk announce mass evacuation

- Hundreds of thousands urged to go to Russia

- Sirens wail across Donetsk

- Separatist leader claims Ukrainian forces are about to attack. Ukraine denies it

- Up to 200,000 Russian troops positioned near the border

In the town of Horlivka, the Mayor is urgently telling residents  to “get away from the windows, charge communications equipment and get water…”

In Panteleymonovka, 10km south of Gorlovka, Ukraine forces are reportedly conducting a direct infantry attack on DPR/Donetsk positions. Schools said to be under evacuation.

Ukraine is shelling the Gorlovka-Donetsk highway. Traffic is blocked. The area of ​​​​the villages of Panteleymonovka and Krasny Partizan (south of Gorlovka) is under fire.

The LPR said that the Kiev security forces are conducting reconnaissance in the area of the Svitlodarskaya Bulge, they plan to break the defense line there and interrupt transport links between Luhansk and Donetsk. Map from the People's Militia of the DPR.


From RIA Novosti: As a result of mortar shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of the village of Panteleymonovka on the territory of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, the track of the Donetsk-Debaltseve railway was destroyed.


Then, there's this from REUTERS:

(Reuters) A diplomatic source with years of direct experience of the conflict described the shelling over the past two days as the most intense along the frontline in eastern Ukraine since major combat there ended with a 2015 ceasefire.

Reuters, the organization that standardized "unnamed sources" as valid news sources.

Reuters, who brought us 5 years (and counting) of unsubstantiated "Russia Russia Russia" Trump Derangement Syndrome bullshit as "news".

Reuters, who told us with 98% certainty that Hillary would be POTUS 45, and COVID would kill us all.

'nuf said . . .

Here is video I find credible:

Now, you just watched an eye witness, in Donbass, personally tell you who is shooting at them: Ukraine.   Yet below, the Ukraine Foreign Minister flatly denies it:

Reports that the separatist DPR administration in eastern Ukraine is organizing a massive evacuation of the citizens to the Russian Federation.  The Leader of DPR says “In general, as I understand it, the front-line areas of Donetsk, Yasinovataya, Makeyevka, Dokuchayevsk, Gorlovka will be leveled with the ground.”


The head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, has just addressed the population and ordered all Women, children, and elderly to evacuate to Russia. It seems the Ukraine war is about to explode.

“That is why starting today, February 18, a mass evacuation of people to the Russian Federation has been organized,” he said, adding that vulnerable groups like women, children, and the elderly would be given priority.

"Ukrainian troops have been bolstered with arms supplies from Western nations and are now prepositioned for combat and ready to take Donbass by force,” Denis Pushilin claimed in a statement on Friday,
referring to his region and fellow breakaway entity, the Lugansk People’s Republic, by their collective name.

Pushilin said Russian officials in the neighboring Rostov Region are expecting an inflow of evacuees and will provide them with what they need.

There will be conditions at border crossings to expedite the process, he added.

He urged people “to heed to the warning and take the right decision,” saying that the relocation would be temporary and would save lives.

Immediately, citizens began lining up at Banks and any working ATM's to get their money out before leaving:

President Lukashenko of Belarus and President Putin of Russia are now giving a joint press conference in Moscow. Lukashenko: "For the first time in 30 years we are on the edge of a conflict that will envelop the entire continent." Blames West for escalation. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the situation in conflict-hit eastern Ukraine was worsening, as the West accuses him of planning an imminent attack on the country.

“Right now we are seeing a deterioration of the situation” in eastern Ukraine, Putin said at a press conference with his Belarus counterpart Alexander Lukashenko in Moscow.

Russia has held massive military drills near Ukraine’s borders in recent weeks.

But Putin, who has demanded promises from the West that NATO won’t expand eastwards, said the drills — involving tens of thousands of soldiers — are not a threat.

“These exercises are purely defensive in nature and do not threaten anyone.”

He said the West and its allies are “not yet inclined to look seriously at these key security demands.”

Russia this week demanded that the US commit to pulling out all of its troops from Central and Eastern Europe.

The longtime Russian leader on Saturday will personally oversee military drills involving Moscow’s “strategic forces” which will include ballistic and cruise missile launches.


That's the sum of the news as of 9:58 AM eastern US time.   Much more is expected.  Please check back.


10:09 AM EST --

Sirens sounding in Donestsk:


10:25 AM EST -- 

Luhansk Peoples Republic (LPR) announced the closure of all schools within the territory


Western official: now 110 Russian battalion tactical groups around Ukraine, "air power ready to go", no sign of Russian withdrawal.


Luhansk, February 18, 2022—central militia mobilization HQ. Fast moving line of people reporting for military duty. Groups of 20-30 coming in to register. Many likely volunteers and militiamen of the first wave. Some already with rudimentary equipment.



The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the exercises of the strategic deterrence forces scheduled for February 19 with launches of ballistic and cruise missiles under the leadership of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"The forces and means of the Aerospace Forces, the Southern Military District, the Strategic Missile Forces, the Northern and Black Sea Fleets are involved in the exercise," the Russian Defense Ministry said on Friday.

The ministry clarified that the exercise was planned earlier to test the readiness of military command and control bodies, launch crews, crews of warships and strategic missile carriers, as well as the reliability of weapons of strategic nuclear and non-nuclear forces.

The Strategic Deterrence Forces include the Strategic Offensive Forces (SNA) and the Strategic Defensive Forces (SDF).

The strategic nuclear forces, which include the Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN), form the basis of the SNS, equipped with intercontinental-range missile and aviation systems. The SNS includes formations and units of strategic and long-range bombers, as well as submarines, surface ships and naval missile-carrying aviation of the Navy with conventional long-range high-precision weapons.

The SOS is based on combat-ready forces and means of missile and space defense, including a missile attack warning system, a space control system, anti-missile defense and anti-space defense. The composition of the SOS also includes part of the combat-ready forces and means of air defense.


10:43 AM EST --

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are now conducting a massive shelling of the territory of the DPR with the use of heavy 120 mm mortars. Artillery strikes are reported. Serious material damage has been caused and is continuing 


11:00 AM EST --

After being strongly advised to EVACUATE, an almost endless stream of cars is now making its way from Donetsk toward the Russian Border.  Tens-of-thousands are evacuating because of the pending attack:



For weeks, all of us been told by the likes of Joe Biden, his Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and an almost endless cadre of government officials, former military officers and academics through their assorted Twitter feeds, and media reporters, that "RUSSIA is going to attack."

Yet now, what do we see?  It is UKRAINE that is attacking!

Ukraine is attacking Donetsk and Luhansk.

Ukraine is making it necessary for tens-of-thousands of people to immediately evacuate Luhansk and Donetsk.

Gee, government and media people, how did you get this so backwards?   How is it that the only entity attacking anyone is UKRAINE?

And while we're at it, how is Ukraine conducting these attacks?  Where did all the military hardware and troops come from?   

Oh, wait, I know . . . the troops and military hardware was MASSED BY UKRAINE months ago, which, incidentally, is why Russia began massing troops on its side of the border. 

Yet despite the fact that UKRAINE massed upwards of 100,000 troops, hundreds of tanks and artillery and armored personnel carriers, it was only __ ME __ who reported it.   

For MONTHS, I have been the ONLY major media outlet in the entire United States or Europe that has been consistently reporting the UKRAINE was massing for a fight.

But you folks in government, you former military officers commenting on places like Twitter, you Academics from International Organizations, and you media lapdogs never once reported that.   You never once told the American or European public that it was Ukraine preparing to wage war against Luhansk and Donetsk.  No, you kept that conveniently quiet.

And do you know why you kept it quiet?  Because you U.S. government officials, you former military officers, you Academics from International organizations, and you mass-media lapdogs, are lying, scumbag, pieces of shit.  

Whooooaaaa!   Did I just say that in print for all the world to see?  Why, yes.  I did.

Don't like it?  Fuck you.

You've deliberately concealed the facts.  You deliberately concealed that it's been Ukraine all along that has been setting the stage for battle.   You concealed that it has been Ukraine all along preparing to perpetrate ethnic cleansing of Russian-speaking citizens in the eastern part of that country.  You concealed that the hatred of ethnic Russians has gotten so obsessive, Ukraine even OUTLAWED SPEAKING RUSSIAN in the country.

You concealed it was the United States and the European Union that fomented, financed and incited the forcible overthrow of Democratically-elected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich in the year 2014, and financed the installation of a puppet government in Kiev, to do the bidding of the West.  You concealed that you did these things in order to install a government favorable to the US and to the EU, so Ukraine could join NATO, and then NATO could install US missile defenses on Ukrainian territory.   

You concealed the desperate pleas of Russian President Putin, who told the world repeatedly,. literally FOR YEARS, that those American missile defenses could be retrofitted within one hour, changing their conventional warheads into nuclear warheads and the retrofit could be done while the missiles remained in their launchers so no one would know the missiles had been converted from defensive to offensive.

You concealed that those missiles would have a flight time of only five minutes to Moscow, and only about 7 minutes to Russia's strategic nuclear missile silos.

You concealed that Russia was pleading publicly that they could not tolerate the placement of such missile in Ukraine because Russia could not defend against missiles that were only in the air for five minutes.  

You concealed that those missiles would be an existential threat to Russia, one they could not tolerate.

And you concealed all this, literally for YEARS; instead reporting tripe that it was Russia causing a lot of trouble.

Instead, you falsely portrayed Russian President Vladimir Putin as the aggressor.  You falsely portrayed Russia as wanting to recreate the former Soviet Union.   Yet none of that was true.

The worst part was - all of you KNEW it wasn't true, but you said it anyway.   You intentionally deceived countless people in the USA and worldwide.

Tell me, why shouldn't people come to your house, drag you out by your hair, and beat the living shit out of you on your own front porch for being lying, pieces of shit, motherfuckers, who are starting an actual world war by intentional lies?


2:09 PM EST--

Oh, look, here's a real surprise: The masses (who are asses) that never bother to actually PREPARE for anything, are all out trying to gas up their cars to evacuate!

Is this YOU?   Are YOU one of the masses who are asses, that never bothers to prepare for anything?

Don't be one of the masses who are asses.  Prep now!  There is very little time left.   Food, water, medicines, a way to generate electric, fuel for that generator, a way to generate emergency heat to survive the rest of this winter, and fuel for that heater, too.  Communications gear, either CB or HAM radio (HF)


2:23 PM EST --

Oh, look, even MORE masses-who-are-asses lining up to get gasoline.   Just goes to show you what the average person is all about: Ignores reality until it comes and bites them in the ass.   Is this YOU?   



***** BULLETIN *****

2:32 PM EST --


The Consul of the Russian Federation Meet today at 22:00, to discuss the use of armed force abroad.


******** FLASH TRAFFIC ********

The Russian Foreign Ministry has now openly said it:

"A Genocide is underway by Kiev, in the Donbass."


3:11 PM EST --

British Embassy in Kyiv temporarily moved to Lviv, near the border with Poland, UK Foreign Office says



NATO bombed Serbia in the mid 1990's because there was similar fighting and similar death tolls with Kosovo. The satanic globalist cabal needed Kosovo to happen.

That NATO Bombing was considered democratic.

Russia is somehow not allowed to do the same for Donbass, Ukraine, because it is now conveniently re-defined and labelled "an aggression."

No matter what Russia does, for me it is pretty clear who is at fault here: it's the globalist controlled U.S. and NATO.

There is absolutely no difference between Kosovo and Donbass. Except one was good for the globalist cabal, and the other isn't.


3:24 PM EST --

Video report direct from the conflict zone!



3:29 PM EST --

In case of escalation in Ukraine, Russiawill be deprived of access to global financial markets and sophisticated technologies - The White House

(HT REMARK: Reaction upon hearing this: Maybe in response, Russia might make it so the whole world will be deprived of access to global financial markets.  Get cash money out of the bank - right now  ! ! ! )


******** FLASH ********

Putin signs Decree calling-up military Reservists in Russia.

Here is the Decree:


3:35 PM EST --

Russian media reports 22kms long traffic jam of vehicles attempting to enter Russia from parts of Donetsk region.


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3:45 PM EST --



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 UPDATE 6:35 PM EST --

Vyacheslav Volodin, Chairman of the Russian State Duma, says if there is a threat to the lives of Russian citizens and compatriots living in #Donetsk and #Luhansk, Russia "will stand up for them."


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