First Blinken, Now Macron Accidentally Finds Reality . . . Sends Alarm Bells Ringing

Yesterday I reported that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken swerved into reality when he said "Russia may win the Ukraine battle, but it will lose the war."  Today, French president Macron seemed to also veer into reality -- and it is causing alarm bells to ring in NATO.

Macron hinted at the need to acknowledge Russian concerns. He stated: “There is no security for Europeans if there is no security for Russia.”

(HT REMARK: Well, that is certainly welcome to hear by those of us who are still sane.)

Macron's remark is a formulation of respect but one that also legitimizes Moscow’s demands for a new security architecture based on the Russian concept of “indivisible security." But what Macron meant was unclear.

He said he firmly opposed repeating “the mistakes of the past about spheres of influence” but then said “Russia is European. Whoever believes in Europe must know how to work with Russia and find the ways and the means to construct the European future among Europeans.”

HMMMMMMM . . .  First was Turkey, now it's France, next is Germany. Some NATO countries are not following their "leader" blindly anymore. Survival instinct is starting to wake up.


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