The entire northern quarter of the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands, lifted ten centimeters overnight; a startling and very serious development in the ongoing volcanic eruption taking place there since September 11. 

The sudden uplift of such a large portion of the island does not bode well for the unstable land mass along the southwestern flank.  If that unstable landmass slides into the ocean, the east coast of the U.S. could be hit with a massive Tsunami 7 to 8 hours later, wiping out many major cities.

Here is the satellite measurement from Spanish government authorities in the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the northwest coast of Africa, where La Palma is located:

The area showing as RED is the area where the ten centimeter uplift took place.   And this is NOT where the volcano is actually spewing lava!

The undeniable interpretation of this uplift is that the magma moving underground is now trying to force its way out of the NORTHERN (main) volcano. 

This scalable Google map of La Palma with a satellite view, shows the old volcano which makes up most of the northern area of the island:

Persons along the east coast of north America are urged to pay close attention to developments on La Palma.  The situation is clearly worsening.

Additional uplift is now also evident on the southEASTERN flank, directly opposite the unstable landmass on the western flank.  Overnight, the chart shows this eastern area experienced uplift of 5 to 8CM.   This will serve to make the angle on the UNSTABLE western flank, more acute, adding to the possibility it will slide into the ocean.  Here, look:

If the southwestern flank of the island, which already slid 13 feet during an eruption in 1949, should resume that slide and fall into the Atlantic Ocean, scientitsts have calculated it would be akin to a landmass the size of Manhattan Island New York City going "plop" into the water.   The Tsunami wave such a landslide would create would smash the US/CANADA east coast with inbound Tsunami waves which computer models say would be around thirty METERS (100 Feet) high.  Other scientists have said the waves could be FIFTY METERS.

Those tsunami waves would penetrate the east coast upwards of 15 to 25 MILES from the shoreline, utterly destroying everything in the path: Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, DC, Norfolk, Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, Miami and the entirety of the Florida Keys.

Here is a map from the computer model at showing how much of the east coast would be totally under water if a fifty meter tsunami struck:

Almost nothing in the state of Florida would avoid the inundation.   You can run the flood numbers yourselves at HERE

There is presently no tsunami and no need to panic. 

Prudence, however, dictates it is time to PLAN.    

If you live in an area showing in BLUE as being inundated, where will you evacuate to?  How will you get there?  What if your primary route is blocked, what alternate route will you take?  What will you take with you?  

Bear in mind, that even though it would take a tsunami wave 7 to 8 hours to strike the US east coast, authorities would not issue WARNINGS immediately for fear of causing panic.

Once the warnings go out, literally tens-of-millions will panic immediately and roads will clog so fast, and so badly, some situations akin to the move "Mad Max" will likely develop.

YOU do not want to wait until official warnings go out.   YOU want to be far ahead of the public panic.

So PLAN now.   Have your car topped-off with fuel, the oil level and fluids checked.  Tire pressure and such checked.  Have a "go-bag" for each member of your family with some clothes, some canned food or snacks, whatever medicines you might need.   Because once the alerts go out, there's no telling how long the gas lines will be from people who go through life oblivious to everything around them, all panicking at the same time.  There's also no telling how fast or how badly the traffic will back up.

You don't want to be stuck for hours in a gas line while the roads to safety completely clog and make your escape impossible.


Here is our initial coverage from last year when earthquake swarms began hitting the island.   This story explains in detail how and why a tsunami would be created, and showing its height when it hits New York City and the rest of the east coast: CLICK HERE



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