Florida Sea Surface Water Temp hits 101.1°F - Air was cooler!

Florida Sea Surface Water Temp hits 101.1°F - Air was cooler!

A world record for Sea Surface Water Temperature seems to have taken place yesterday, July 24, 2023, off the southeastern coast of Florida, reaching 101.1°F  at 6:00 PM eastern US Time.   The record was recorded by Ocean Data Buoy MNBF1 at Manatee Bay, near Key Largo, Florida.

The data chart for that ocean Buoy (Live, HERE) verifies the date, time, and temperature, below

It is essential to point out that the AIR temperature in that area, was nowhere near as hot.  

We are constantly lied to by the so-called "Climate Experts" telling us that our planet is undergoing "Climate Change" because man-made-activities are emitting Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere, and the level of Carbon Dioxide is causing heat to get trapped in our atmosphere.

Of course, NONE of these so-called 'Climate Experts" ever bothers to admit that Carbon Dioxide, as a gas, cannot store heat any more or any less than other gasses.  They also never admit that Carbomn Dioxide does not prevent heat transfer, the way other gasses (like the Argon gas in your Low-E windows) can.

So if Carbon Dioxide does not store more heat, and does not prevent heat transfer, then how is it that the ocean is warmer than the air?

That's easy:   THE SUN.

The sun is heating the water.  Just like the sun heats the air.

The water got so warm because of the sun.  Just like the air.

It isn't "Climate Change" induced by man-made activities causing all this heat, it is the sun.  And there's nothing any of us can do about it.

But if the so-called "Climate Experts" were to admit that, then all their Grant money would dry up; so they carry-on with this professional Quackery, lying day after day, to keep their money rolling in.

Oh, and your politicians, keep lying day after day so they can justify restricting more of your liberty, and more of your private property rights, under their fraudulent claims of "protecting the environment."

The entire "Climate Change" issue is one, gigantic, deliberate fraud.

The ocean off the coast of Florida just proved it.

Stop believing the liars.

But keep a watch for development of Hurricanes in the Atlantic.  A hurricane can form when sea surface temperatures are above 82°F and the warmer the water, the more powerful the Hurricane.   I can't even begin to imagine what would happen if a Hurricane comes in from the Atlantic and encounters sea surface temperatures of 101.1°F.   It's strengthening could maybe exceed Category 5!



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