French Actress STRIPS NAKED During Awards Ceremony to protest COVID Lockdowns

French Actress STRIPS NAKED During Awards Ceremony to protest COVID Lockdowns

Actress Corinne Masiero disrobed on stage during a French awards ceremony, exposing the audience to her anger - and a whole lot more -  over the government’s closure of cinemas and other cultural institutions amid the Covid-19 crisis.


+1 # yeah for the old ladiescowgirl 2021-03-14 10:38
+1 # RE: yeah for the old ladiestslinger 2021-03-14 19:11
Bravo on that woman!

She has more "balls" than most men I see walking around. What really cracks me up about all these pussy-men are those wearing "freedom" shirts along with a face diaper. Yeah, you're real free, dickhead!
# Please Hal....BanjoDoug 2021-03-13 23:03
..... stop showing such terrifying pictures ..... I am dramatized.....
# Firefighter Ends Mask Debate Once And For AllRealityCheck101 2021-03-13 23:03
Firefighter Ends Mask Debate Once And For All
# They say clothes makes the person....BanjoDoug 2021-03-13 18:06
.... so maybe the lack thereof also applies....

The appropriate undergarments obviously do a wonderful job. The absence of these undergarments are just plan scary....
+1 # Oh mytrustintheLord 2021-03-13 17:42
Please people, the same people want to depopulate are the same people want to save you through vacination. (misspelled on purpose)\ Think, think, think again. Thanks Mr. Hal for the piece of news.
# Lab designed virusesCynthia Lee 2021-03-13 14:42
My major concern about this virus is that there seemed to be valid reports that it was laboratory constructed and, while a healthy person fights it off, it may hide out and recur later, years later. We can't know yet. The fact President Trump didn't bring the perpetrators, especially Americans like Fauci to swift justice could mean the mechanisms to bring more virulent viruses to our shores is probable. Meanwhile, vitamin A, vitamin D , zinc are very important. and Dr Mercola have great reviews of how to fight off this virus which applies to basically all viruses. Asian culture uses licorice root extracts to fight viruses and I saw this work in my own practice. It is cheap to purchase raw licorice root and steep your own tea at first sign of illness ( or three times a week to ward off are contagious before symptomatic). 20 minutes steeping minimum with raw licorice root for medicinal effect.
+1 # Gee... don't quit your day jobPalehorse 2021-03-13 11:10

Well, I'm glad that's over with.
Did ya get any on ya?
+1 # Lady Godiva but not Doukhobors ReduxHarnaś 2021-03-13 10:56
Disrobing peacefully for a good cause has been around since at least the time when Lady Godiva rode a horse through a town naked because taxes were too high in 13th century Coventry.

A very sophisticated liberal French audience above was quite amused and supportive of Mme. Masiero. French cannot live without their culture: Paris Symphony, Paris Opera and of course not to be forgotten Moulin Rouge, Folies Bergère and Lido de Paris where stripping your Haute couture clothes in public is a long established tradition.

In Russia, like the Byzantium, the capitol with capital C of all Christian heresies (Bergoglio in Rome digs to this treasury daily to misinform and misguide the naïve in his flock) there was one schematic/heretical sect which liked to drop its clothes in public en masse to protest whatever they wanted to protest to authorities. Thousands of them escaped from Communism in Russia in 1921 and settled in Western Canada where they continued to torment the local authorities and RCMP. It was a big problem. Like another Russian original, Rasputin, heretics they were to the extent of not being Christian.

Yes, the Orthodoxy makes Russian style disrobing not an amusing vignette like in France, but a BIG HEADACHE!

From Wiki:
Their prayer meetings and gatherings are dominated by the singing of a cappella psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs in Russian. Doukhobors do not practice baptism. They reject several items considered orthodox among Christian churches, including church organization and liturgy, the inspiration of the scriptures, the literal interpretation of resurrection, the literal interpretation of the Trinity, and the literal interpretation of heaven and hell. Some avoid the use of alcohol, tobacco, and animal products for food, and eschew involvement in partisan politics. Doukhobors believe in the goodness of man and reject the idea of original sin.

They would burn their own Community Doukhobors' property, and organize nude parades. The Parliament of Canada responded in 1932 by criminalizing public nudity. Over the years, over 300 radical Doukhobor men and women were arrested for this offense, which typically carried a three-year prison sentence.
Nudism and arson were the highly visible methods of protest. They protested against materialism, the land seizure by the government, compulsory education in government schools and Verigin's (their leader) assassination. This led to many confrontations with the Canadian government and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (continuing into the 1970s). They used violence to fight modernity. They destroyed threshing machines and other signs of modernity. With night-time arson they burned schools built by the Doukhobor commune and even Verigin's house.
During 1947 and 1948, Sullivan's Royal Commission investigated acts of arson and bombing attacks in British Columbia and recommended a number of measures intended to integrate the Doukhobors into Canadian society, notably through the education of their children in public schools.
# Yes, to all your Russophiles out there who cannot take a little French joke with you fine Burgundy today. Russia is not a member of the Westerns CivilizationHarnaś 2021-03-13 14:38
and the discussion about Dukhobors nails it. You just do not understand what Russia is, because they forgot to teach you about Russia at school. The Dukhobors and their problems fitting in demonstrates problems inherent in the schismatic Orthodox Christianity. To make these Russian into functional members of the Western Civilization, the Canadian government n had to disappear them from the community. It still remember growing up Canadian in the 1970s Dukhobors sensational striping naked in British Columbia to protest the building of a hydro-electric power plant in their neighborhood.
+1 # RE: French Actress STRIPS NAKED During Awards Ceremony to protest COVID LockdownsThe Deplorable Renegade 2021-03-13 09:18
I'll admit that's one helluva way to protest something. I wonder about those red marks on her body. If she's been abused by someone I hope she got back at the fucker.


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