From a Source in Europe:

This is from a source whose information seems to have a track record of reliability:

I wrote yesterday that the hysteria around the "use of nuclear weapons by Moscow" scares me. Unfortunately, there are other indications that there may be something behind it. Not 100%. Still... (coming soon)

I would very much like to draw attention to this post and maybe pass it on. Especially for journalists. A colleague of mine (a military expert, a citizen of a NATO country who served in the international armed forces) has just informed me that a nuclear provocation in the south of Ukraine may occur in the coming days. I believe this report, for reasons that I will explain in more detail below.

As a reminder, at the talks between the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine and the NATO command at the end of August, the use of tactical nuclear weapons (TNW) or radioactive ("dirty") weapons in the south of Ukraine was discussed, followed by an accusation against Moscow. This should provide for a really deep breakthrough on the front and facilitate the emigration of the disloyal population of the region to Kiev. For the US, this is a pretext to aggravate the situation and force the EU countries to unite within the framework of NATO.

This could happen on October 5-10. Malka or Pion launchers, which should be available to Ukraine, could be used to shoot down the ammunition. (This option was worked out by military experts). Kiev insisted on the provision of TNW, but the "partners" were afraid that the ammunition could be stolen and insisted on making several "dirty" ammunition using radioactive material available to the AFU, possibly from Chernobyl, under the guidance of NATO advisers.

My colleague insists that the issue of a strike is decided, he just does not know whether it will be TNW or "dirty" ammunition. He personally fears that NATO will increase the deployment, and the incident could lead to a real confrontation with the use of nuclear weapons. So he writes about everything for me, maybe also for someone else.

Why is information still plausible to me:

-My colleague is a very serious person who, due to his experience and career, could have a lot of knowledge and be involved in the preparation of decisions in the military field;
-Some of my contacts in the EU independently told me that everything is being prepared for an event that will finally "kill" relations with Russia. One person wrote to me that this could be related to a nuclear threat;
-I know from open sources of persistent attacks on Zaporizhia NPP with the help of drones and long-range NATO weapons (probably with NATO calculations), i.e. the West and Kiev have undoubtedly been following a nuclear incident in the south for months;
-Hysteria is spreading in the West about Moscow's "nuclear preparations", and the White House has even announced its possible reaction. Taken together, these could be preparations for this kind of provocation.

I really wish that the information was inaccurate or that a wild plan of a nuclear provocation was discussed, but canceled. But I see only one way to prevent this - by writing.

To anticipate: I will not only publish this text, but also send it to Russian diplomats known to me. Whether it will help, I do not know. Unfortunately, I have no evidence and no details, and I can not name the name of my colleague - he gave his word and obviously has to face a prison sentence for trying to prevent a tragedy. 

So I can only inform about this threat. I urge bloggers and journalists to share this information. Those among your readers who have connections with foreign countries should try to convey this information to the public and the press.


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