It's November 26 and we are now rebuilding this web site after Hackers wrecked it on Thanksgiving.  Like every month, I have to reach out to all of you to ask for help to keep the radio show on the air and this web site on the net.

This endeavor is Listener and Reader supported.  The radio show has NO COMMERCIAL SPONSORS, and that's by design.  Sponsors don't like controversy and when a media outlet is beholden to sponsors for its existence, those Sponsors tell the media outlet what to NOT TALK ABOUT.

I don't do that with this show.   I report the news that the mass-media doesn't usually report; and I allow callers to express opinions the mass-media censors.  It's true free speech, no matter who doesn't like it.

But it costs about $5,000 a month to carry-on.  The radio stations must be paid, each month, in advance.   No payment, no air-time.

The inbound phone lines (6) must also be paid.

The intro and outro music, must be licensed, that costs money too.

The fiber optic lines to carry the show to the net from the New Jersey origination, and the cable modem to do so from Pennsylvania, the cellular fail-overs in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the staellite uplink fail-over in Pennsylvania, all together costs hundreds of dollars a month to keep alive.

This web site is a gigantic monthly expense, with monthly bills ranging from about $2500, up to as high as $4600 in a single month.  That's because it is a cloud-based site.  Amazon Web Services charges for data-transfer.  That means although the site is FREE for YOU, I have to pay to send the data from my servers, to your browser.   As you might guess, the streaming audio for five-nights-a-week radio show streaming is a massive data expense.  You listen free, but I have to pay for that data to be sent so you can listen.

With all these expenses, once a month, I ask folks to chip-in to help the lights on.   Tens-of-thousands of you come to this site, read my work, and go about your merry way.  Very few donate.  How would YOU like it if you worked 12-14 hours a day, people took your work, and never paid you?   That wouldn't last very long, would it?   Well, if YOU can't work for free, and realize that I can't either, then please show you find my work worth supporting, and send a few bucks.

Please use the donation form below to make a donation using your credit or debit card.  Every little bit helps, but please do something.  Without your help, the bills don't get paid and the site and show shut down.


# Just a thought.....PaulSalis 2022-11-26 23:58
I'm sure someone has already mentioned this, but I've been doing the turkey thing and
"o-d"ing on football so only now checking in, HOWEVER, .... it pains me to suggest this and I'll be delighted to be wrong, ..... but what if this attack on the site is to keep Hal from sharing some "shtf" stuff that's coming down the pike. My gut is telling me that this level of damage comes from something "dropped" by someone from a lot higher "altitude" and if that's the case, I suggest this was a preemptive strike.
.......... Just a thought
+1 # RE: FUND RAISING - NOVEMBER INTO DECEMBER, 2022hisfamilycarol 2022-11-24 22:13
Thank you for your faithfulness, Hal. And please take a one week event - and praise Him during that week of rest.
# Happy Thanksgiving...J Grayman 2022-11-24 21:21 you Hal & your family...also to the subs who've been around here for a while. (You know who you are)...and to all the new ppl!

"Nothing teaches us about the preciousness of the Creator (Yahweh & Yeshua) as much as when we learn the emptiness of everything else."
   - Charles Spurgeon
+2 # RE: FUND RAISING - NOVEMBER INTO DECEMBER, 2022acschilling 2022-11-24 20:59
Happy Thanksgiving, Hal!
-4 # It's a Christmas presentmeanize1962 2022-11-24 18:58
Russian Orthodox Christmas is not until early January they want tactical nuclear weapons for Christmas that's what's going on the common sense all the new shows and everything
-5 # RE: FUND RAISING - NOVEMBER INTO DECEMBER, 2022meanize1962 2022-11-24 18:53
What I'm trying to say is the news media the talk shows of Russia are demanding technical nuclear weapons be used they have nothing in their heart but the use of those weapons those weapons will be used before January 1st I take it to guarantee don't be idiots this is bigger than Putin he can't shut them up what they all want and doing business with them now is not going to change all the suffering for months because Isuzu warms up it's back to usual You're going to see to use some nuclear weapons how is nato going to respond and act on them I don't think there will be no response I think they will back down I think their cards I take they talk big and act little and Mr Turner to go on vacation now they even be talking about it you should not give that guy a dime I'm telling you it's guaranteed there will be nuclear weapons used it's common sense
-6 # Guaranteed mayhemmeanize1962 2022-11-24 18:50
I think it's guarantee mayhem out of nowhere like Santa and his sleigh with his red suit on I think Mr Putin will use tactical nukes between December 25th and January 1st we'll go much further than that probably known the White House you know why Russians want a present Russians want nukes use the TV news house want news nukes that's what we keep reading in msbc MSNBC I think it's a guarantee tactical nuclear weapons will be used even if there's a ceasefire and negotiations going on I think there's going to be the surprise element last year at this time he was building up and Mr Turner was telling us blah blah blah and up happening two months later in February the Russians are suffering financially they don't care that you're involve a sudden wants to do business with them as soon as it warms up it's back to the scratch there's a man and tactical nuclear weapons be used that's face to facts folks the government has no control over this the Russians want them used the elite of Russia wants to use the media wants them used it's not an old time to go on vacation if he goes on vacation it's to go hiding somewhere in a cave
+3 # VACATION FOR HAL? 2022-11-24 18:44
I think it would be interesting Hal, if you could get different guest hosts on the show for the time you decide to take off.

How about considering:
Mark Passio on Natiral Law
Dr Richard Proctor on the US Constitution
Steve Quayle
Jay Dyer
Mike Adams
Alex Jones
David Knight
David Icke
How about your son?

Anyhow I hope you can get a week or even 2 off. If you brought in a guest host every week you could get an extra day off every week. Something to think about.

Godspeed Hal
-3 # RE: VACATION FOR HAL?mjc 2022-11-26 08:16
Yes, we definately need more 'Ancient Aliens', flat earthers, Nimbaru, Planet-X sightings, 9/11 denialists, Apollo moonshot denialists, and Bilderberger/Illuminati/Freemasson conspirators.

That's what we're all here for......right?!!!
# HaRealAmericanPride 2022-11-24 19:08
Steve Quayle? And all the bs he’s said over the years?
Mike Adams ain’t going to associate with all the violent ideas here.
A.J. Is not going to trade a Ferrari for a pinto.
David Icke is a blowhole
-6 # Forget don't forgetmeanize1962 2022-11-24 18:44
Don't forget don't forget don't forget he wants to take two weeks off we're going to be bored out of our minds we're going to sit around a Christmas morning with no news from them all the way to New Year's Eve and a Putin starts acting up with tactical nuclear weapons put it this way I think it's a guarantee that he will if he don't someone else will be put on this place and they will the Russians don't really have on their mind about making money all this they want to blast the West they want to drive their way right through there there's more of a chances those aircraft carriers in England's making would be robbed on Christmas to New years maybe it'll war be over with them the ukrainians and the Russians are already talking about the nuclear power plants there's discussions I think the ukrainians are already the surrender to the Russian so basically that's what the chatter is they'll probably have lockdowns and forced vaccinations on us and Mr h a l will be missing an action it's the time of year there's a lot of news especially with that colvin I don't know about giving him any donations this month I don't think it's a good idea we're going to be bored with a lot of new stories to talk about like lockdowns military Christmas bell goes ding he'll be telling it all the new covid numbers that they haven't been telling us for months how many hospitalizations how many variants out there how much the rest of us that don't have vaccines will need them or they'll have camps for us all built must be Mr Turner don't believe in what he's preaching or else he wouldn't dare take off two days in winter let alone 14 days
+2 # KYAH still in top logo...dave0975644 2022-11-24 18:39
just a head's up
+2 # Donation…Captalnal 2022-11-24 17:28
+5 # Support Hal. Please.unixguru24 2022-11-24 17:09
I used to write 'for the public' good. Never asked for a dime. In the age of information, people think it's free. Maybe for the visitors as Hal said, but there is a HUGE cost to provide any info. The evil in the world has plenty of money. So, skip a Starbucks or whatever a week and help Hal out. Encourage your likeminded friends to subscribe, etc. Liberty costs. This is one example of this truth.
+4 # I've learned so much...Doug Brown 2022-11-24 17:03
FTX, the scam of the century,
according to our illustrious leader,
is caused by vaccination deficit and climate
Good to know.
+9 # PardonDoomsdayScout 2022-11-24 16:28
So did Biden pardon a turkey this year or just skip the formalities and pardoned Hunter instead?
+3 # Sortaacschilling 2022-11-24 21:01
He pardoned the dark meat portions only.
+1 # SorryItsMePaulaC 2022-11-24 20:27
I did NOT mean to downvote you. I'm reading the site from a cell phone and the icons are very close together. That was definitely meant to be an upvote. Wish there was a way to change that.
+4 # LmaoSrmay72 2022-11-24 18:54
I almost laughed my teeth out , that's funny.
+6 # It wastrimmer 2022-11-24 16:32
A two in one.


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