For what it's worth, I got a call today from a guy whose boss worked with an old Intel Guy.  The Intel guy now does security for the very wealthy muckity mucks in Florida.  

According to the guy who called me, the old Intel guy called his boss and told him "Whatever supplies, food, meds, you need, get them TODAY."

I have a bad feeling. Russia/Ukraine/NATO?   China/Taiwan?  Israel/Iran?  All of the above?  Maybe attacks here in the US?   I just don't know.

Russia has deployed 75% of its combat power to the Ukrainian border, even redeploying units 4,000 miles from Ulan Ude near the Chinese border to Gomel, Belarus. Do not be in any doubts about how incredibly serious this is. Why it’s not on every front page, is beyond me.

Just passing this along . . . 


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