FYI . . .Preps for this show if the worst happens

I have been reporting to all of you the developments in Poland that lead many to believe NATO will enter the Russia-Ukraine conflict before May 5.  I have renewed my urgent suggestions that all of you have emergency "preps" like food, water, medicine, a generator, communications gear like a CB or HAM radio, and I want you to know what I am doing/have done to "prep" this show.

When the Russia-Ukraine thing broke out, and it became clear that the US and NATO would be getting involved by shipping weapons, I worried to myself if Russia might take that as us being a "participant" in the conflict.   So I MOVED the servers for this web site to South America. It's a big deal: one primary server, providing content via the cloud to 19 other data centers around the planet.  When you type in my website address and your browser goes out to the DNS server, my DNS routes your request to the geographically closest data center (that's up and running) to speed-up your content delivery.   Not everything is coming into or going out of a single place.  

Every time YOU have visited this site for the past 2+ years, it has served you from South America!

I also established back-up streaming audio servers down in South America as well, but have never utilized them.   

The streaming audio right now comes out of Oregon and it's a big deal, but in a different setup than the website.  Multiple audio servers operating through a load balancer, which can automatically spin-up additional servers to accommodate demand.  But Oregon is near Washington State and we have a gigantic naval base in Bremerton, WA, which is home to much of our Pacific Fleet.   

So if Bremerton gets nuked, Oregon will likely feel the EMP repercussions and that data center may go offline.  Hence, the reason I set up a big audio server system in South America, just in case.

Here in New Jersey, just outside NYC, all of you are aware that the show goes out over a fiber optic line and there is a separate, fiber optic line as a fail-over.   If both fiber optics are down, there is a cellular data fail-over.  For awhile, I also had laser failover but it was just too expensive and I had to get rid of that.  I have a backup generator and fuel for it on-site.  It's all on battery back-ups which can provide at least one hour of service, which is more than ample time to go out and crank-up the generator.  The NJ house also has an EMP SHIELD in the main electrical panel with the hope it bleeds-off any EMP.

In the Pennsylvania home I inherited when my mom died, (after I had to pay off her Reverse Mortgage) I have a Cable modem and, just recently was able to add a single Fiber optic connection. But because trees falling can take out those land-based lines -- and have done so in big storms quite frequently -- I also have a cellular failover, and two satellite uplinks.  

ALL of that gear is on Uninterruptible power supplies that can provide power for at least one hour, and I have two Generators on site, all hard-wired in.  The one generator is 13KW and surge to 15KW, the other was my mom's and it's tiny 4KW. That house also has an EMP SHIELD in the main electrical panel.

All our motor vehicles have EMP SHIELDS installed in them - even my snow plow truck!

So I have done everything I know how to do to make certain the show __can__ air each night, no matter what.

Late last week, after finding out that Poland issued a NOTAM to all aircraft flying in the eastern 1/4 of the country, to maintain radio comms with air traffic control and to use their Transponders even at flight levels below 9500', it became evident to me that NATO is likely to enter the Russia-Ukraine conflict within the time period of the NOTAM, which continues until May 5.

It seems clear to me that if NATO enters that war, the missiles will fly and some of them would - in my view - fly here.  If Russia takes out the US, then NATO collapses immediately.  So we ARE, in my view, an early target.

So I spoke to Alan Weiner at WBCQ and inquired of him as to whether WBCQ has a back-up generator for the transmitter on 7490.   It does!   A 250KW generator which, according to Alan, EATS FUEL.

I have also inquired of WRMI in Miami, Florida and WWCR in Nashville, TN. I am waiting to hear back from them.

I tell you all of this because I want you to know I'm not just out here telling YOU to prep, I'm actually doing it myself.

I have no idea where all this crap is heading, but I am thinking about it and am taking steps to actually BE PREPARED.


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