GAME OVER IN UK: Boris Johnson TO RESIGN as Prime Minister Today

The British government collapsed yesterday, with more than forty (40)  UPDATE 7:40 AM EDT  Fifty-Nine (59) Ministers resigning and refusing to continue serving under Boris Johnson's leadership.  It is now said that Johnson will resign as Prime Minister today.

Integrity seems to be the issue . . . at least that's what is being put forth to the public.

It has to do with the COVID restrictions and how, during the restrictions imposed on the country, Johnson held parties where few if any wore masks or social distanced, as the rest of the country was instructed to do.

After images of the parties leaked out, scandal erupted and worse, the Johnson government DENIED breaking the COVID rules.   Turns out, those DENIALS were lies. This raised a huge integrity problem for Johnson because people could no longer believe anything his government said.

Then, ANOTHER scandal erupted — allegations that Chris Pincher, his deputy chief whip, had drunkenly groped two men in a private members' club.

In the aftermath of Pincher's resignation, Johnson claimed not to have known about similar allegations when he gave him the job. That soon fell apart in another public example of him not telling the truth.

So "integrity" is the issue being publicly disseminated . . . however . . . 

The REAL reason that Johnson is being ousted has to do with his government's response to Ukraine, the Sanctions imposed upon Russia, and how those economic sanctions have now backfired on the UK and on Europe as a whole.

The Sanctions against Russia are making it impossible for Europe to buy natural gas and without it, their economies cannot continue operating. As gas supplies in storage begin to run out, electric generation will have to shut down, and thus business cannot go on.   Unemployment will skyrocket exponentially and countries will collapse.

We await the official announcement that Boris Johnson has resigned, and also await word on who is likely to replace him.  6:40 AM EDT, July 7, 2022


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