Gaza Strip Burns As Israeli Tanks Attack

Gaza Strip Burns As Israeli Tanks Attack

Israeli tanks are shelling the Gaza Strip, calling the assault a response to alleged rocket fire.


+2 # Excellent Essay On The Decay of EmpiresLive Free 2021-04-25 17:40
Here is a link to an excellent essay on the decay of empires. It fits the USA exactly. If you are tired of netflix and Prime I highly suggest reading it. It is by Sir John Glubb.

God Bless The Patriots. Everyone else can go to Commiefornia!
# RE: Excellent Essay On The Decay of EmpiresPaul Lambert 2021-04-25 18:31
It IS an excellent essay.

Has any late-stage democracy in history ever recovered?
+2 # Empire Recovery?Live Free 2021-04-25 19:12
I am not a historian, but I can not think of any.
The main difference now I see is the increased globalization and intermixing of cultures which magnify the loss of patriotism to the host country. I am afraid the USA is in a downward spiral. Maybe if WW3 happens and the USA needs to start from scratch with a much more limited population that absolutely needs its citizenry to pull together in order to survive that might be enough to throw the country back into the earlier stages of development where honor, pride and selfless service in the country are back in style. Other then that I feel, modification and fragmentation and evolution of the U.S. constitution as we know it are in the cards, in my humble and limited opinion.
God Bless America and its Patriots. Everyone else can go to commiefornia.
# Israeli forces also arrested 50 Palestinians during the skirmishes.Canis Major 2021-04-25 09:21
Some how I doubt they were able to arrest actual combatants. If they indeed arrested anyone, the people arrested were regular civilians, who had no where to's called saving face
# The Insanity...tslinger 2021-04-25 04:16
..,and unGodly, unscriptural nature of this comments section is off the charts...that simply reinforces we are in the final stage of our Father's judgment on this land (insanity) prior to destruction. Who is among the redeemed? It seems not many...

+1 # Amen!!!Harnaś 2021-04-25 08:47
+1 # This is a special radio showPaul Lambert 2021-04-25 05:33
I wouldn't take this forum to be representative of any particular demographic.

Still, we all need to repent.
-1 # Too late, your your true nature as a heartless snivel ZE has been revealed to the whole worldHarnaś 2021-04-25 08:27
My advice to you is that you either leave forum voluntarily or change your moniker, because I will always remind you who you are, not only ZE patois but also a hypocrite with a hardened heart like the Pharisee vipers that Jesus used to curse.
+2 # RE: Too late, your your true nature as a heartless snivel ZE has been revealed to the whole worldRockyMountainBeerMan 2021-04-25 20:41
All we hear from you is hate.
Is there no love in your heart?
+2 # Thanks for the advice, Harnas.Paul Lambert 2021-04-25 18:20
But I think I will stick around for a while under the same name (real name, anyway). I have never hidden the nature of my heart on this forum or anywhere else. You are entitled to whatever evaluation you want to make. Believe me, others here are evaluating you. Ironically, mine is far more generous.
+2 # Your your true natureDee Linn 2021-04-25 15:44
as being a judge ,and being judgemental as you may believe is ok, but God said that was his job and his alone. So harnass you may just want to back it off a bit before we block you from this forum. So who are you ? King Illiterate? We can now always remind you of that !
-4 # This is man's conversationHarnaś 2021-04-25 21:34
and I do not remember having the pleasure meeting you. I do not need any female input, especially from someone so crude and lacking in in feminine graces.
# Jesuits in charge?Cynthia Lee 2021-04-25 02:34
I have very recently become aware of a history suggestive of Jesuits and Knights of Malta directing events in Israel. I wonder if much like here where extraordinarily wealthy, often not even Americans, are the hidden hands, is this true of Israel? In other words, not even close to a democratic government. I watched a 2001 presentation by Eric Jon Phelps which suggests this. I ran it past my friend whose Jewish mother had to leave Germany before WW1 and he hadn't heard of this. Anyone participating know any history on this? Sure would make 9 million American Jews pay attention with a different perspective.
# Alberto Riveraworkhorse 2021-04-25 13:47
He was an ex-Jesuit turned Protestant, later poisoned. You might want to try to look up what he has to say about them. He said The Jesuits helped create Islam around 700 A.D., and been using them to try to get control of Jerusalem for hundreds of years. Jesuits have always been a presence there, often mobilizing Sunni Moslems to kill Jews and non-Catholic Christians or exploit them. It failed when the Moslems turned against their creator, then we had the Crusades.
Also I had met a guy that had worked for the CIA who was also a Jesuit and exorcist (he was kind of twisted). But he did know things. The "company" as he called it, was actively trying to fulfill bible prophecy (CIA for short also means "Christians In Action", that was the original name). The CIA and other agencies are also crawling with initiates and members of other apocalyptic organized conformities working in concert to do that. Things don't just happen, folks. THEY ARE MADE TO HAPPEN.
+2 # RE: Alberto RiveraRockyMountainBeerMan 2021-04-25 20:48
Wow, it's like God, the Creator of the Universe and everyone and everthing in it isn't in charge... =8-o
# Seems like it, but...workhorse 2021-04-26 14:42
Rev.17:17-"For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled." THATS HEAVY. Like when God kept hardening Pharaoh's heart? Indirect intervention.

Direct intervention doesn't happen until Rev.6:12-17 & 19:11-21. You can look up that. I heard about some congressman who arrogantly said that they had the technology to go to war with God!!! ROTFL!

When the time comes, pull out your easy chair, have that beer you saved for this occasion, and enjoy the sky show. (Get a telescope with a solar eclipse filter. Is.13:10, Rev.6:12 is the reason)

Is.12,13. No fear.
-2 # Typical ancient heretical conspirational theoryHarnaś 2021-04-25 08:46
The only thing that directs Juifs/Zahars who run the NAZI STATE of ISRAHELL and their partners in crime ZEs is someone called Lucifer. His message spills profusely and speaks volumes from the pages of Talmud, Zohar and Kabala!

9 million American Jews?

No more than six or seven according to Jewish American estimates which are notoriously fraudulent. Jews constitute 0.2% of the word population of 8 billion, so the starting point of the discussion of their presence in the US amounts to no more than 1.6 million. WSJ used to publish account of their disappearing from the US population through intermarriage and suburbia, yet the official numbers have lately grown in the heads of their ZEs stooges to 9 million, unbelievable!
+1 # Typical of "king Illiterate harnass"Dee Linn 2021-04-25 16:01
to recognize his leader Lucifer , just reminding you of Who you are !!
+2 # No Alex Jones in TulsaBnew1971 2021-04-25 00:19
Anybody have theories or knowledge on why AJ was not in Tulsa for the big freedom event? Was he not invited or declined? Just wondering if the movement is starting to brand itself carefully now moving forward.
-2 # Alex Jones is an Israeli shillHarnaś 2021-04-25 09:01
He is not aware that IsraHell has been immersed in genocide of its fellow Judeans, who have converted and were now Palestinian Christians and Muslims, from the beginning of the Twentieth Century, when Zionists like a a common Jewish street thug from Plon'sk, Poland, David Grün or "Ben Gurion" (and later the leader of the conspiracy to assassinate JFK) began moving into Palestine with other Jewish criminals and mass murderers.
+2 # Just a reminderDee Linn 2021-04-25 15:50
of Who you are " judge king Illiterate"
# RE: Alex Jones is an Israeli shillJuden 2021-04-25 09:58
How much do the Ayatollahs pay you to spew your liquified possum poo? I hope you know that the "Big guy" wants 10%.
-2 # Some more info in response to kosher pickle trying to muddy waters: Thug named Ben Gurion, JFK and the BOMBHarnaś 2021-04-25 12:24

John F. Kennedy argued that if America allows Israel to have a bomb, then it cannot tell China not to have a nuclear weapon, so in any way America should deter Israel from having nuclear weapons. Michael Collins Piper points out this issue in annex 9 of his book that at the time of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Mossad of Israel, and intelligence service of China, behind the scenes, jointly worked on nuclear weapons development. Another point that is that John F. Kennedy a few months before his death wanted to attack Chinese non -peaceful nuclear establishments, but by his assassination and a crypto-Jew Lyndon Johnson coming to power, the program was canceled and the Johnson allowed China to develop nuclear weapons.
-3 # Can you prove that a Polish juvenile delinquent David Grün was not from Plon'sk and did not direct the conspiracy to assassinate JFK?Harnaś 2021-04-25 12:12
Childhood and education
David Ben-Gurion was born in Płońsk in Congress Poland – then part of the Russian Empire. His father, Avigdor Grün, was a Pokantny Doradca (literally corner advocate) navigating his clients through the often corrupt Imperial legal system.[4]

Ben-Gurion discussed his hometown in his memoirs, saying:

"For many of us, anti-Semitic feeling had little to do with our dedication [to Zionism]. I personally never suffered anti-Semitic persecution. Płońsk was remarkably free of it ... Nevertheless, and I think this very significant, it was Płońsk that sent the highest proportion of Jews to Eretz Israel from any town in Poland of comparable size. We emigrated not for negative reasons of escape but for the positive purpose of rebuilding a homeland ... Life in Płońsk was peaceful enough. There were three main communities: Russians, Jews and Poles. ... The number of Jews and Poles in the city were roughly equal, about five thousand each. The Jews, however, formed a compact, centralized group occupying the innermost districts whilst the Poles were more scattered, living in outlying areas and shading off into the peasantry. Consequently, when a gang of Jewish boys met a Polish gang the latter would almost inevitably represent a single suburb and thus be poorer in fighting potential than the Jews who even if their numbers were initially fewer could quickly call on reinforcements from the entire quarter. Far from being afraid of them, they were rather afraid of us. In general, however, relations were amicable, though distant."[16]
+5 # 14Srmay72 2021-04-25 00:11
Next time you believe america is top dog remember 18 missles fired 14 made it through our missle systemaand ddavids sling iran and russia are laughing while isreal and America shit there pants because they just proved we should have been updating g ours instead of marines in heels. Obama destroyed america and we did nothing
-1 # Hal these three specimen: Deplorable Renegade, Paul Lambert, and RockyMountainBeerMan are some of the finest examples of the ZE pro-Israel terrorist mindset anywhere.Harnaś 2021-04-24 22:20
I do not think they have read or understood your article.

All these three heretics want to bulldoze Gaza Strip, inhabited by he abandoned victims of Jewish aggression going to before the WWII, into the Mediterranean Sea. As I have found out earlier, any rational discussion with these delinquent and unbalanced individuals is not possible. I hope you keep their subscription here intact to remind folks everywhere that we have ZE monsters here on your forum.
+2 # RE: Hal these three specimen: Deplorable Renegade, Paul Lambert, and RockyMountainBeerMan are some of the finest examples of the ZE pro-Israel terrorist mindset anywhere.Juden 2021-04-25 10:02
You forgot the "Arch Zionist" extraordinaire Kosher Pickle. In fact I have even been accused of be on Mossad's payroll. I have repeatedly denied that false charge as I would be willing to work for Mossad for free!
+1 # U R SiKotslinger 2021-04-25 04:10
What are you, like 14?

Who do you think you are...? Try to be something of an adult. Your immaturity is an embarrassment. You seem a bit...Asperger's or something.
-2 # Interesting perspective, although a criminal one!Harnaś 2021-04-25 09:29
Practicing psychiatry without a license, TSlinger? Do you know that this is a serious criminal transgression that can lend you in the cooler?

Sending their political opposition to a mental hospital was the notorious modus operandi of the Bolshevik Commies in the old Soviet Union. You are another one of these ZEs patois on the forum who use Jewish totalitarian methods to own this free-wheeling discussion club.

By the way Bolsheviks were not very fastidious, just like like you you, a psychiatrist wannabe, in sending their own Juifs and others to psychiatric hospitals. This included a celebrated dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, who had spent 12 years in Soviet psychiatric hospitals (official diagnosis "Schizophrenia"). Somehow Bukovsky had no problems functioning successfully in the Britain (despite his label "schizophrenic") after his release by the Talmudists from USSR in response to international pressure.
# RE: Hal these three specimen: Deplorable Renegade, Paul Lambert, and RockyMountainBeerMan are some of the finest examples of the ZE pro-Israel terrorist mindset anywhere.Paul Lambert 2021-04-25 03:54
Projection at its finest, Harnas.

(You still think I am ZE??!)
-2 # Practicing psychiatry without a license is a criminal offence!Harnaś 2021-04-25 09:33
FBI loves investigating crimes like this!
# RE: Gaza Strip Burns As Israeli Tanks AttackPaul Lambert 2021-04-24 17:45
That whole vile Gaza rectangle should be liquidated once and for all.

In as peaceful and orderly a fashion as possible, the Arabs living there should be sent home to their fellow Arabs in Arab countries.
# RE: Gaza Strip Burns As Israeli Tanks AttackRockyMountainBeerMan 2021-04-24 18:50
I've said elsewhere over the years that they should just bulldoze it into the sea and make a nice beach resort there.
# RE: Gaza Strip Burns As Israeli Tanks AttackThe Deplorable Renegade 2021-04-24 18:46
Paul, agreed with your assessment about Gaza. Getting rid of the arabs is the only hope for it.
+3 # Asymmetric warfareSmiley1984*! 2021-04-24 17:29
Tanks against unarmed civilians, asymmetric warfare.I wonder if the IDF would be so bold if the Palestinians had some of those anti tank weapons being sent to the Ukraine.
-1 # RE: Asymmetric warfarePaul Lambert 2021-04-24 17:44
When in history did that kind of thinking take hold? "Asymmetric warfare"? Wars have always been won when one side of the conflict could use overwhelming force in order to defeat an enemy.

Has the accusation of asymmetric warfare been raised against anyone but the Jews?
+2 # ASSYMMETRIC WAR?Rick Geise 2021-04-25 10:14
It is my understanding that we are currently in a covert, unconventional, 5th generation, assymmetric war with China! SARS-COV-2 was a biological attack. The 2020 election was a cyber-attack. There is an ongoing infiltration of enemy combatants through our southern birders. Fentanol is very probably a chemical attack. I believe that the Reddit/Wallstreetbets/Gamestop fiasco may have been an attack on our financial system through the CCP international tech company Tencent, Inc. which acquired Reddit in 2019?...

And the military personel policy changes and defining of our law enforcement is degrading and diminishing our protectors!
# GD SPELLCHECK!Rick Geise 2021-04-25 10:16
borders and defunding
+6 # Not trueMadMax19 2021-04-24 19:57
North Vietnam did it correctly unfortunately.
+4 # ...MadMax19 2021-04-24 19:58
They had a much smaller force and was still able to cause us to fold and leave despite losing the battles
-1 # RE: ...Paul Lambert 2021-04-25 03:59
A bit of a pivot. What I meant is: What it is the moral basis of objecting to "asymmetric warfare" when the objective is victory?
-2 # RE: ...RockyMountainBeerMan 2021-04-24 20:30
Thinking it was the lack of support/Kollege Kommies back home, fighting on home ground, and LBJ coaching it like a college football game.
+5 # HmmMadMax19 2021-04-24 20:41
And the vc played it better through the use of asymmetric/gorilla warfare. Study it’s concepts and uses and and be surprised on how easy it is for a smaller/inferior force to beat a super power
# RE: HmmRockyMountainBeerMan 2021-04-25 21:04
I definitely agree with you. Our own War for Independence proved that.

Just saying that the fustercluck of mismanagement and Kommies fighting us at home - Jane Fonda included - hurt our chances for success a lot.

Thinking some Clorox and some Mr. Clean or flamethrowers might have helped with the tunnels. Worked on the Japs.
+3 # You are rightHillbilly Jim 2021-04-24 21:13
They were literally under our feet.
+1 # RE: Gaza Strip Burns As Israeli Tanks AttackDevilDog 2021-04-24 17:00
The Destruction Of Jerusalem
-3 # Devil DogDoug Brown 2021-04-24 21:50
Are you aware the message you
are recommending is by Chuck
Baldwin? Mr. Baldwin's
anti-semitism makes Harnas's
issues with the Jews and Israel
pale in comparison. Harnas is
small potatoes compared to Baldwin.
I've often suspected Baldwin is
disingenuous, having another
unseen axe to grind.
-1 # So, your own heretical pastor, Chuck Baldwin, who refuses to buy shares in the ZE deviancy is now a worse villain than a Roman Catholic Harnas,Harnaś 2021-04-25 10:49
who refuses to be obsequious to Jews like the Bishop in White (he is not a pope, because his election, just like Biden's was illegal) Bergoglio?
-4 # RE: Gaza Strip Burns As Israeli Tanks AttackJuden 2021-04-24 17:32
The Destruction of Jerusalem happened and 70 CE. Luke 21:20-24. When the time of the Gentiles has ended, verse 25 And there shall be signs in the sun and the moon and the stars and upon the earth distress (tribulation) upon the Gentiles...
So to make it short and simple, the coming tribulation will be on the Gentiles not the Jews. I hope you are ready.
+6 # RE: Gaza Strip Burns As Israeli Tanks AttackAnthony Schneider 2021-04-24 16:05
God bless the Palestinians.
# ...because they are real, right?Paul Lambert 2021-04-25 04:01
So let's see if I understand correctly: The Jews are not really Jews, but these Arabs whose roots are totally alien to Palestine are real Palestinians.

Is that about it?
-1 # RE: ...because they are real, right?Juden 2021-04-25 12:39
Arch Zionist extraordinaire here. I've been called a lot of things, Khazar being one of them. Well according to a dna test it appears that I am 40% "Natufian" which for those of you who don't know means much of my forefathers came from the land of Israel. So put that in your Khazarian pipe and smoke it.

Ancestral_North_Eurasian 18.17 Pct
East_Asian 1.65 Pct
West_European_Hunter_Gartherer39.98 Pct
Natufian 40.20 Pct
-1 # This information is meaningless unless you can identify your House of origin and prove it with documentation.Harnaś 2021-04-25 14:07
Which House (Tribe) do you belong to? Be as specific as possible.
House of Israel,
House of Reuben,
House of Simeon,
House of Levi,
House of Dan,
House of Naphtali,
House of Gad,
House of Asher,
House of Issachar,
House of Zebulun,
House of Joseph,
House of Benjamin,

Without that info, your genetic signature is irrelevant and probably not much different than mine. Over centuries a lot of Europeans, just like Zahars have became "Jews" through intermarriage. This happened among the spendthrift aristocrats in England and Germany not to mention the conversion of convenience. This fact shows up in your genetic fingerprint which reveals more European than Judean genes. Without proper paperwork I cannot consider you a real Jew, since all Jews were destroyed by the Holy Trinity through Romans' hands during the 70-137 AD period and subsequently the remnant scattered to the four winds.

On the other with your genetic DNA make-up you could me my long-lost brother. Convert and repent because there is only several weeks left before the end of the world!
# RE: This information is meaningless unless you can identify your House of origin and prove it with documentation.Juden 2021-04-25 15:29
In your Jew hatred, you conveniently left out the tribe of Yehudah. Yes I have Gerber, Kauffman, Schwartze, Kurtz, Esh, Zook and many other Jewish surnames. Those tribe you stated are lost but they shall ALL BE FOUND, SAVED, AND GATHERED OUT OF THE LAND OF THEIR ENEMIES the Xtians to rejoined with their brother Yehudah. What a great celebration that will be IN GREATER ISRAEL! When Moshiach the ANTICHRIST COMES!
# Not so quickly slippery pickleHarnaś 2021-04-25 22:00
There was no such a thing as Yehuda, only the twelve Hoses that I listed. Period. Yehuda is the name of a Jewish fiddler.

I can see that you cannot identify the tribe you are from. This is very serious. You cannot be Jewish and not know what House you belong to. The reason you do not know your House is because Our Lord and Master,. Jesus Christ had all genealogical records destroyed by Romans 2000 years ago when He obliterated the Jewish race!

You are not even Jewish, pickle. How can you claim to be Jewish based on the somebody's assertion that you are 40% "Jewish". How do we know that these coneheads scientists reading your DNA really know. I prefer solid genealogical records from the Temple to establish someone Jewishness, but they have been lost long ago and will never be "recreated". Your soul, unless you convert is definitely not destined for paradise, for which your deceitful faith does not even make an allowance. But let us say that Jewish rabbis finally agree that a paradise for Jews really exists. With allegedly only 40% of Jewish components in you bodily makeup, which part of you will enter the still hypothetical Jewish paradise?
# Again Lert us deal with this old Zionist/ZE propaganda once and for all!Harnaś 2021-04-25 10:07
IsraHelli propaganda that present day Palestinians are interlopers who emigrated to Gaza/ West Bank from other Arab countries to improve their standard of living.

Genetic/DNA studies reveal however that Palestinians are the descendants of the ancient Judeans who converted to Christianity voluntarily, or were compelled by the Ottoman Turks and other historical mohammedan rulers of Palestine to convert to Islam!
# Why?Doug Brown 2021-04-24 21:52
Make the Palestinians mind their
table manners, you mean to say.
-2 # RE: Gaza Strip Burns As Israeli Tanks AttackThe Deplorable Renegade 2021-04-24 16:52
The Arabs are not civilized people.
-1 # RE: Gaza Strip Burns As Israeli Tanks AttackRockyMountainBeerMan 2021-04-25 21:17
Just wondering what the Palestinian/muslim version of Leave It To Beaver would be like.
-2 # RE: Gaza Strip Burns As Israeli Tanks AttackJuden 2021-04-24 16:19
As per Numbers 24:17, the heads of the sons of Pelesheth shall be broken by the Star of Yisrael!
# The reported rocket fire came hours after Israeli forces attacked Palestinians in Jerusalem al-Quds, leaving at least 105 Palestinians, including women and children, injuredHarnaś 2021-04-25 10:34
This is exactly what Nazis did during WWII all over Europe and not just to the Jews. It does not bother you that IsraHell is continuing the NZI legacy (and have actually improved on it) of killing women and children ? You do not really believe Hal's report that among the 105 injured there were no dead? Magical Jewfish Talmudic bullets?

PBS News Hour, unlike Hal dares to report that there were several dead among the 105 injured
-4 # RE: Gaza Strip Burns As Israeli Tanks AttackThe Deplorable Renegade 2021-04-24 16:38
What do the sandniggers expect when they keep firing their rockets at Israel? You play with fire and you get burned.
-1 # RE: Gaza Strip Burns As Israeli Tanks AttackPaul Lambert 2021-04-24 17:41
Narratives in the Arab-Israeli conflict always begin on Chapter two, DR.
+1 # RE: Gaza Strip Burns As Israeli Tanks AttackDevilDog 2021-04-24 17:30
what do the dick sucking chicken swinging shekel begging inbred pedophile satanists expect when they rob, burn, murder, loot, steal, maim, in prison, cut off food, water, electricity, destroy crops, throw them out of their houses, kick in their doors and walk into them at 2am and kidnap their children, call them and treat them as animals? I can prove everyone of these. Now ask yourself, why does every one hate them and why have they been thrown out of every country they have settled in and why has God Almighty punished and scattered them and why did Jesus say
"Ye (Jews) are of your father the devil; and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him.” (John 8:44)
The Destruction Of Jerusalem
-1 # RE: Gaza Strip Burns As Israeli Tanks AttackJuden 2021-04-25 12:44
Jeremiah 31:38 Just as I have watched over them, to pluck up, and to break down, and to throw down, and to destroy, and to afflict; so will I watch over them (Israel), to rebuild, and to replant, saith Yehovah.
# Baldwin Again.Doug Brown 2021-04-24 21:56
Problem w/Baldwin is he
only looks at half the facts.
That is why is a
polemicist of bad repute.
-1 # RE: Gaza Strip Burns As Israeli Tanks AttackPaul Lambert 2021-04-24 17:50
Prove ANY of these! (start with the proof of the dick-sucking and chicken-swinging and take it from there)

Otherwise, if you want to make a counter-argument to DR's comment, your own comment needs to be based on at least some facts.
# RE: Gaza Strip Burns As Israeli Tanks AttackDevilDog 2021-04-25 02:06
shut the fuck up Yid, they are all facts and you damn well know it, make yourself useful and go fuck your sister, everyone else in the family has.
-1 # Never go to court, DevilDog.Paul Lambert 2021-04-25 04:06
I hate to think of what would happen to you before a judge.

In one breath you will insist that you can prove every one of your accusations, and when asked for proof, you will tell the judge "they are all facts and you damn well know it!"

Bad idea.
-2 # Oh, so I am Jewish now too.Paul Lambert 2021-04-25 04:03
Good to know.

(I wonder if Harnas reads your posts and finds room for any rational discussion with such a delinquent and unbalanced individual).
-1 # Keep me out of it you Teutonic heretic and degenerate!Harnaś 2021-04-25 10:16
Quoting Paul Lambert:

(I wonder if Harnas reads your posts and finds room for any rational discussion with such a delinquent and unbalanced individual).

If you want to discuss anything with me I am on a different wavelength.
-1 # RE: Keep me out of it you Teutonic heretic and degenerate!Paul Lambert 2021-04-25 18:29
Keep you out of it? That was directly quoted from you!

(Now Teutonic as well??! "Degenerate" is an evaluation to which I already acknowledged you were entitled. But adding the erroneous "Teutonic" to the equally incorrect "Evangelical"? You can dislike me all you want Harnas, but at least know whom it is that you dislike.

I still like you, however, Harnas, and there is nothing you can do about that.
-1 # RE: Gaza Strip Burns As Israeli Tanks AttackThe Deplorable Renegade 2021-04-24 18:50
DevilDog was describing Muslims. he can't prove that Jews ever did any of those things. He's had too much of the nazi koolaid.
-1 # RE: Gaza Strip Burns As Israeli Tanks AttackPaul Lambert 2021-04-25 04:07
I think he is just a hot-head altogether.
-7 # Uhhhhhh.eric church Whined Begging for $ 2021-04-24 17:25
I really don't like any of the shit-stain apes over there. Good kill off each other.


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