Germans Being Told "Prepare for Blackouts" While Estonians Being Told How To Use TOILETS without running water - Russia Sanctions Back-firing

Germans Being Told "Prepare for Blackouts" While Estonians Being Told How To Use TOILETS without running water - Russia Sanctions Back-firing

In the latest example of Russia Sanctions BACK-FIRING on the countries which imposed them, Germans are being told to prepare for LONG electric Blackouts and Estonians are being told how to use toilets WITHOUT RUNNING WATER!

We begin in Germany where the town of Rosenheim has begun passing out instructional leaflets to city residents about how to get through lengthy electrical blackouts.  The potential for lack of natural gas (from Russia) causing electric generating stations to shut down has the city of Rosenheim telling people:

"The lack of gas deliveries from Russia could not only cause cold radiators in winter. This may also endanger the power supply in Germany. Experts warn, for example, that the increased use of electric fan heaters could lead to a collapse in the power grid.

What is a blackout?

A blackout is a longer-lasting, mostly national power, infrastructure and supply failure. Regional failures can often be rectified after hours, supra-regional failures only after a few days. This is to be distinguished from short-term technical faults (10 - 15 minutes) in the power supply.

But how do you behave in the event of a so-called blackout? In order to prepare citizens for this emergency situation, the Upper Bavarian city of Rosenheim has now published an information flyer entitled "Blackout - and then? Advice for personal provision". This will be distributed to all households in the city. Among other things, it contains a list of food and items that you should definitely have in stock at home. "Plan as you would for a 14-day camping holiday in your own four walls," says the flyer.

The flyer also contains general information about the blackout. It explains what a blackout is, how to recognize it and what the consequences are. A statement by crisis prevention expert Herbert Saurugg also shows how seriously the city takes the situation. He is "assuming that such an event will occur in the next few years," he is quoted as saying in the flyer.

When asked by , a spokesman for the city of Rosenheim explained that the flyer was only a precautionary measure for civil protection. "Imagine something like this happening and no one had any idea about anything. Then people would rightly say, 'Are you nuts? You should have thought of that." However, the city is no more or less at risk of a blackout than other cities and you don't want to spread panic, but "sensitize the population".

How realistic is a blackout scenario?

But is the situation really that serious? In fact, the German Association of Towns and Municipalities is also warning of power outages in the coming winter in view of the gas crisis. "There is a risk of a blackout," said the association's managing director, Gerd Landsberg, to the world on Sunday. 

Both hostile hacker attacks and "an overload of the power grid - for example when the 650,000 fan heaters sold this year go on line if the gas supply fails" are "realistic scenarios," Landsberg told the newspaper. "We cannot rule out widespread power failures." Germany is not adequately equipped for this eventuality. The federal government has recognized the situation, but is not acting sufficiently. "The preparation for real crisis situations must be dealt with much more intensively," Landsberg demanded. Germany must "expand civil disaster control much more intensively".

Association chief warns of blackout: "We are in no way prepared for such a scenario"

The head of the association called on every single citizen to prepare for crisis situations. "I advocate taking the recommendation of the Federal Office for Disaster Control seriously, according to which citizens should have water and food in the house for 14 days," said Landsberg. Unfortunately, hardly anyone follows this recommendation. Every citizen must be aware of what happens when there is no electricity. "Then there's no water, you can't fill up, after two days you can't charge your cell phone," Landsberg explained. "We are in no way prepared for such a scenario."

But there are also dissenting voices. "The fear is largely scaremongering," said energy expert Christoph Maurer from the consulting firm Consentec to n-tv . The general manager of the German Association of Cities, Helmut Dedy, told the Rheinische Post : "We shouldn't react with panic now, but with a joint effort." The cities wanted to save 20 percent on gas . If everyone pursues this goal together, he sees a good chance of getting through the winter without a blackout. At the same time, however, precautions must also be taken; Emergency power reserves are necessary. "In civil protection, states and municipalities share responsibility," said Dedy.


If Germans being told to prepare for long-term electric blackouts isn't bad enough, citizens in Estonia are being taught - on television - how to use toilets when there is no longer any running water:


Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

All this because Europe has CHOSEN to apply economic sanctions against Russia on account of the entry into Ukraine by Russian forces to de-militarize and de-nazify that country.  When Europe enacted the economic sanctions, and seized about $300 Billion in Russia's Sovereign wealth fund, Russia responded by changing the currency they needed to use to buy Russian gas, and by cutting-off gas flows.

So this is a very simple thing: Europe CHOSE to enact sanctions and now Europe is running out of natural gas, which may shut down their electric plants, and may shut down their municipal water systems for lack of energy.

What RATIONAL people would do such things to themselves?

In my view, no one.

This is a SELF-INFLICTED problem for Europe; they're doing this to themselves!

Apparently, government public servants in Europe seem to think THEY have some right to deprive THEIR CITIZENS of things like electricity and water, s that the government can virtue-signal about Ukraine.  Such public servants seem to me, to be mentally ill tyrants.

In fact, I would go so far as to say anyone who is supporting Ukraine right now, is either devoid of facts, or mentally ill themselves.

Ukraine has become an actual Nazi government.

Their military troops have entire Battalions displaying the Swastika on either their helmets, uniforms, or armored vehicles.  Their are actual Nazis elected inside their government.  There are actual Nazi's in the Intelligence services and in the police.

The entire would fought World War 2 to defeat Nazis', and here they are again.

Why the U.S. and Europe would choose to back Nazis is something unfathomable to me.  It strikes me as clear mental illness.

In fact, from the look of things nowadays, American and European societies have quite a number of mental defects, and a lot of them are in government!

As this Russia-Ukraine thing escalates into a nuclear, world war 3, remember, Europe and America had a choice; they chose poorly.

When Russian nuclear bombs start detonating in America and in Europe, hopefully, the mentally ill will be the majority wiped out, so us normal people can rebuild and make certain such people never gain power again.



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# 2022-09-27 12:18
The first Seal of Americas judgments opened on 911.2001 as the US President is the Rider of the White Horse! who goes forth overseas "conquering and to conquer". Now the US Pentagon President is attempting to conquer Russia which will cause the opening of Seal#2 - the Red Horse of NUCLEAR WW3!!! WHEN will the Prince of Peace step in and save mankind from extinction??? Go to to find out!!! FREE BOOK PDF downloads and more... Ambassador Beniah
# I conurPSKYWAY 2022-09-26 15:43
in full.
# RE: Germans Being Told "Prepare for Blackouts" While Estonians Being Told How To Use TOILETS without running water - Russia Sanctions Back-firingmeanize1962 2022-09-26 11:41
My brother once told me probably about 20 years ago every December 1st they go up to the Arctic circle and two submarines and they see how much ice there is above taking punch through it put it this way it's been the same way since the Soviet Union they do it every year two subs this year they might have the order to launch on the United States of December 1st it'll travel all the way from the Arctic circle all the way to the targets in DC it will happen when it's 67 minutes 7 maybe 7 minutes I personally believe the owner has been given to launch already to the submariners for December 1st my brother told me this 25 years ago and I think he was right I believe they really do that also look out for submarines rescue and spies in Belgium or near California they have subs and rescues their spies before an attack so be looking for subjectivity and people being rescued here and put aboard the submarines as another tactic of the Soviets these are things that look out for remember where you are on December the 1st around 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. eastern time I think that's what we will be attacked I think they're already out for seeing around knowing they have to do it even if Putin gets overthrown I think they still will launch on December the 1st I think it's a done deal
# Ice Station ZebraPSKYWAY 2022-09-26 13:55
base 211, Kergulen
# ProphecyKing Goro 2022-09-26 07:43
The toilets will stop. There will be a rancorous smell throughout the land. The Bear will come to plunder, but will turn back holding its nose.
+1 # Have you seen this?Jessiebeaner 2022-09-26 05:03

Re. Italy-Russia-Turkey
+1 # Another interesting articleJessiebeaner 2022-09-26 05:18

+1 # THANKS forThe Infant Phenomenon 2022-09-26 08:53
all three links.

By the way (since I don't now you), the Atlantic Council are bad guys. Reading the "SIA analyst's" plans, one sees that it is mostly propaganda. But thanks again for the links. All worth reading.
+1 # And thisJessiebeaner 2022-09-26 05:37
Re. Swedish election
+2 # Wonder if this will constitute crossing the lineOccamsRazor 2022-09-26 00:05
+2 # Off Topic/Need Some Advice!LassieLou 2022-09-26 00:01
Hey all,I need some advice/thoughts.I live in the "boonies" (or what used to be the boonies!) But in a "subdivision" A guy bought the house across the road (dirt),he's not a bad neighbor,just a bit odd. He asked my husband to come over & check out his security system (we've had some "creepers" stealing gas,that type of thing) So he was showing off his "system" and bragging,that it was motion sensor,and he could hear "everything" and proceeded to show that off......and my husband was listening to our t.v. & kids in OUR living room & could hear me telling the kids to turn down the me this is CREEPY....we need to know if there is something we can do to "block" this bozo from listening in on our house........other than not saying anything important...and no,my old man didn't punch him out or anything...he acted like he didn't really "notice" but we need to block this guy!!
Any thoughts or advice?? Please! And Thanks!
+1 # Just like a dog .......NHydg 2022-09-27 18:48
Only a Dog can hear frequencies above a given frequency .....not annoying to the human but a real problem for a dog ........same with those electronic listening systems ..... only point the thing so as it is easier to hear from his direction ..... kinda aim the "speaker" toward his house will over flood his electronics and block his eavesdropping . Could use it in a pulse mode so as not on all time. A dog or critter deterant anyone should ask.
+1 # Your "old man" was rightThe Infant Phenomenon 2022-09-26 09:15
not to betray any emotion or thoughts to the neighbor. It is ALWAYS stupid to make threats. One should simply ACT WITHOUT ANNOUNCEMENT or with anything else that could give the neighbor (or whoever) a chance to prepare.

So carry on being "neutral" and then do whatever you are going to do without warning or announcement. Try to anticipate the neighbor's response (he may be psycho) when you are planning your own action. What kind of man would boast to a neighbor that he has the capability to invade the neighbor's house?

Consult a lawyer. Given the location of your home, the neighbor is probably not violating any law or local ordinance. But there may be state law that he is breaking. Or maybe not, but find out before you do anything else.

My *guess* is--and it's only a guess--that there is not much you can do about it (as far as getting him to get rid of his intrusive toy).

You might talk to somebody who does home inspections to check for electro-magnetic "pollution." (There are such professionals.) He might tell you how you could "harden" your home against the neighbor's technology. I *think* (but am NOT sure) that you can do that with a relatively small amount of copper around your windows or something like that (I read about something similar a LONG time ago, so don't rely on my memory).

Anyway, there will be some kind of technological solution you can use, and it may not be cost-prohibitive. Anything the mind of man can devise, the mind of man can find a way to destroy or defend against of neutralize, etc., so there WILL be a way to stop him from eavesdropping on YOU. (I'd keep quiet about this as far as talking to other neighbors. Don't give yourself away.)

And, of course, if you think he is eavesdropping on your house, talk about ... well, I'm sure you'll think of something.

Good luck!
+1 # Thanks To AllLassieLou 2022-09-26 21:19
who took the time to answer my post,first we let all the neighbors know (we're a pretty tight knit bunch) And today I went asking questions,at the county,seems there's no county law,but is a state law prohibiting listening in on your neighbors with a "device" I'm going to talk to my husband & decide how we'll go forward
+2 # I had no ideaJessiebeaner 2022-09-26 05:26
That this level of intrusive technology was available to the average Joe. Anybody know what it is called? Where do they buy this? With a listening range across the dirt road???
+1 # Sound Masking SetupOccamsRazor 2022-09-26 00:11
You would have to get some sort of passive acoustic shielding for that side of the house or an active one similar to this:¤cy=USD&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&utm_campaign=gs-2019-11-20&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gclid=CjwKCAjw-L-ZBhB4EiwA76YzORLP3sxsENWSH3X6aFlngWsIE5bO6Op3rLCKSgPkGM0VJj5HYTG1_hoCWJoQAvD_BwE
+3 # NATO Troops to ENFORCE TYRANNY in a Town Near YouWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2022-09-25 22:35
CLEARER FOOTAGE: UN Military movement East UK (Thetford) 24/09/22 1.30PM

We here in the US are in danger of being over run by these power hungry bureaucrats who only aim is to further the cause of NATO and the WEF. A world of faceless, heartless, demonic cogs opening Satans Gate to HELL.

ALEX JONES (Full Show) Sunday - 9/25/22
+4 # Get readyKathybb 2022-09-25 22:03
Prepare your heart, and get right with God. This whole world has gone mad. Never in my life have seen so much rampant evil. So much prophecy is happening right before our very eyes! If you have eyes to see, and ears to hear. And also I’m noticing that people around me are acting really strange. Then, there’s the crazy drivers!
# breathing dragonDoug Brown 2022-09-25 21:54
Biden yet roars and breathes fire...
He may not know what room he is in...
His underwear may well be soiled...
Biden excorieagates and pines..
Surely snatching sleep from Putin.
Biden's shrieks are heard all over the world.
Oh, he says, we will intensify the sanctions.
Oh, he says, we will squeeze every last drop.
Oh, wait till he see what I will do.
The world shudders
+1 # Self inflicted woundRed Deer 2022-09-25 21:27
Self inflicted wounds are what you get what you neglect to control political power. The EU has allowed a governmental group that was not elected nor under the control of each member states but runs it member countries like the former Soviet. Centralized and authoritative group that set policies that overrides the will of each country and now they suffer the fate under the fools of the EU/NATO and the US. We here in the US are too in danger of being over run by these power hungry bureaucrats who only aim is to further the cause of NATO and the WEF. Briton was kind of smart to dump membership but their government was so embedded by the agents of WEF and NATO that it really did not matter. They supported the suctions against Russia so not they shiver, in the dark.
Germany of all countries should have seen this coming as they where the gateway for energy from Russian and had good relations with Russia up till the war with Ukraine. Ukrainians identification with NAZI culture should have given the Germans a clue as to how this would go. Hal your spot on with your assessments and I feel that your warnings need to be heeded by your readership.
# nazirugerwild 2022-09-25 19:26
hitler never called his troops nazi he called them democratic socialist like berni sanders
the word nazi translates to country pumpkin simpleton so the word is an insult the a news paper at the time referred to the german army as nazis fake news even then
+2 # GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE BEGINS IN GERMANY!oldschool 2022-09-25 18:48
Then Japan and the United States.
# It's seven years old.The Infant Phenomenon 2022-09-26 09:27
It's from 2015.
-15 # Very important infomeanize1962 2022-09-25 17:58
I hit a book that I read in the library as a kid and the head the nuclear bombs 20 milliseconds detonation numbers and they gave you a string of numbers I think I remember them and that's public knowledge and the second one was based off the first one and so on to all 40,000 of them that were ever made by knowing the first sequences and the second sequences all nuclear bombs numbers can be decoded because they use a number system that's dangerous stuff in this day and age I bet your Russia's got away the jam that that was idiots to pop up that publicly in a book you can know everyone they make they'll go from certain numbers to certain numbers a certain numbers all you have to do is know the first two that were ever made we are idiots don't expect the United States of America to keep you safe they can't they didn't me I ended up somewhere before where Putin's birthday was on June 12th the same as my mom and I'm not others that had the same thing happen to them there's a lot of us of us they're not going to keep you safe this government their nuclear arsenal is compromised it's worthless
+3 # I am so sorry, Sir, or MadameNda 2022-09-25 19:54
For any and all evil this godless gutless spineless nation may have bestowed upon you.

Your posts are difficult at best to sort through; perhaps English is a secondary language or you suffer disability due to untold evil this wicked heathen has bestowed upon you, but I have wondered before about your circumstances.

And wish you only the very best. God will sort out His people, each of us, according to our works.

You appear to have great courage enduring the off colored replies to your posts, mine included.

If we, as a nation and it's people has been the cause of any harm, destruction or ruination in your life or limb, I deeply and sincerely regret it, on behalf of those of us inclined to care.

May God Bless each of us according to our works and exile the rest.

+5 # I made a Tiny house . . .towdogs 2022-09-25 17:42
I took a Roll of Plastic & some Staples . . . I made a Tiny House inside my house . . . 14 x 14 foot . . . I Dropped my Ele. bill 40% for Aug. & 60% for Sep. from my July Bill . . . I don't play their Retardonomics Game. . . LOL . . .
# HeatSrmay72 2022-09-25 21:25
All my life we only heated rooms with water we stayed in kitchen 95%of the time at the table. Never heated our bedrooms, still to this day
+1 # As a kid...Doug Brown 2022-09-25 22:04
We used to wrap larger stones we
heated by the fireplace in blankets and
put them at the foot of the bed under
the covers. Way before electric blankets.
No heat upstairs. Upstairs chamber-pots too.
Outhouse was in the barn and in the winter that
was way too far to walk in the dark,
sub zero.
# RE: Germans Being Told "Prepare for Blackouts" While Estonians Being Told How To Use TOILETS without running water - Russia Sanctions Back-firingGunner 2022-09-25 17:42
Didn't you get like $12,000 last month??
# paid intelNda 2022-09-25 19:57
Intel is very $$. Try it sometime!
+7 # Thank you Hal9ram9 2022-09-25 19:09
Hal Does a really good job and it is very expensive to run a radio program and pay for air time.
+2 # Reset...Gulfcaptain 2022-09-25 17:34
How do you get a "great" reset of the economy and system? Breton Woods was just such a reset. How did that come about? What happened first? What made it possible? Yes. WAR. The WEF is pushing the idea of a reset because the Western banking system has hit a wall. It's over. The question now is: How does the ruling elite and banking cartels retain control during and power after the collapse?

Who will sit on top? The BRICS or the Western debt based slave system? Who will rule the world?

The options are as follows: 1). The West tries to salvage the old system and make good on all the debt created. They patch things up, focus on energy, food and economy. 2). They follow the WEF / UN plan of de-industrializing the West, starve, poison or freeze as many as possible. Create crisis after crisis until the populations who are then hungry, desperate, afraid and traumatized agree to go along with the NWO plan. Along with this is WAR with the East with the goal of reducing them to the same state as the Western population.

All debts wiped out. A new world digital currency. Reduced population (less mouths to feed and control) a weakened BRICS and a new power base for the West.

Looking at what the West is doing, what plan do you think the West is implementing?

Plan accordingly.
+1 # RE: Germans Being Told "Prepare for Blackouts" While Estonians Being Told How To Use TOILETS without running water - Russia Sanctions Back-firingCWD 2022-09-25 17:30
Important point I think you missed is this have to do with the going green radical policies.

They’re just using Russia as a reason to push it
+1 # RE: Germans Being Told "Prepare for Blackouts" While Estonians Being Told How To Use TOILETS without running water - Russia Sanctions Back-firingCWD 2022-09-25 17:31
Not the Green Party

But all the anti-fossil fuel agenda
-8 # RE: Germans Being Told "Prepare for Blackouts" While Estonians Being Told How To Use TOILETS without running water - Russia Sanctions Back-firingmeanize1962 2022-09-25 17:30
Russia is strong remember that miniature sub Putin one and two and you went under water can you imagine that being mechanically run that thing goes down thousands of feet can you imagine thinking outside the box if they loaded that with explosives one underneath one of our carriers and detonated it mechanically I'm sure they're curious I mean there's a lot of things on the out of the box that I think Russia has already thought of she's not out of the game of winning she can win it's very easy for her she has all of your plan masses she can pull off a major major he's giving heads and he's already thought of that stuff I'm mentioning he's got those underwater he's got those underwater submarines they can take out whole islands with warheads he's training dolphins and sharks and whales in Wales he knows his problems the United States Navy I'm sure that will be his first option his first taken care of business just assumption and assumption I might be taking freedom of speech passage limits here in the speech they start doing things out of the box they will win it'll be like taking candy from baby
# RE: Germans Being Told "Prepare for Blackouts" While Estonians Being Told How To Use TOILETS without running water - Russia Sanctions Back-firingGunner 2022-09-25 17:45
Us DUMB shits in the "West" are so stupid - we are truly cutting our own throats...
# Far worse?Nda 2022-09-25 20:03
Far worse is that we have been, generation after the next, working towards and paying for this decades long master plan all along.

Sickening. Tell that to your kids...
+1 # The Occult now celebrate in the open...White Lightning aka Raptor 2022-09-25 17:29
The occult now celebrate in the open.... keep sitting at home doing nothing and soon it will be the purge.... prepare for zombie apocalypse type scenarios....

"If hypocrisy had a name, it would be called the EU." Irish MEP Claire Daly: "The EU "pretends to care about human rights, but ignores the crimes committed by its own members."
-3 # What Next???Paul Kurzlee 2022-09-25 17:25
So what happens after some body shits in the plastic bag? First remove the duct tape. Plug your nose as well. Then I would guess the next move is just throw it out the window. It would get pretty rude smelling in the apartment if the bags were saved up. So that is probably what they do. Of course I dont KNOW that. Just a guess. The last time the power went off here it was 2 days until it was restored. I have a wood stove so I could just shit in the bag then burn it in the woodstove. That works really good. Nobody has woodstoves there in those high rise buildings they all live in like saradines in a can. Strange how it does not tell the sheepies what to do with the bag after its loaded up. Thesheep are so stupid they have to be told every detail how to live. I really wonder what they do with those bags. What happens when they run outa duct tape? What Next??
-1 # Tha garbage chuteNHydg 2022-09-25 21:37
Just take it down the hallway to the trash chute .........YIKES !
-11 # RE: Germans Being Told "Prepare for Blackouts" While Estonians Being Told How To Use TOILETS without running water - Russia Sanctions Back-firingmeanize1962 2022-09-25 17:20
He took Russia this far he's so should make it a glorious glamorous time he said one and Ukraine he shall plow through Eastern Europe he's not stop until he's into East Germany maybe he should do what Hitler didn't do invade England to the English channel holding on the nuclear bombs is not going to get you respected in this day and age everyone that held on to their nuclear bombs or caved in to the West lost power your presidency became nothing and even lost their country look all around look at Libya look at Iraq look at the Soviet Union look at garbage look at that reform that Gorbachev did this is going to be a glamorous time you should go all the way they armed them up now it's too late and that's what they should tell them they should give them an ultimatum stop supplying Ukraine with weapons of mass destruction and even bullet and you'll be spared this is a glorious time since world war II and he shall follow through to the end he should be Peter the Great number two Russia is too strong too glamorous too glorious to fall into little bitty pieces of its former self republics
+6 # Dr. Mike Yeadon; The only people who would plan and do this are people who worship Satan.White Lightning aka Raptor 2022-09-25 17:19
Dr. Mike Yeadon; The only people who would plan and do this are people who worship Satan. We’re beyond wrong and right; We’re in the GOOD VERSUS EVIL.

The injections are toxic. The very design of them could not be more dangerous. They chose to use the only part of this purported pathogen; the spike protein which is acutely toxic. And yet they’ve injected billions of people, we’re into millions of people who have died, we don’t know how many more people will die.

Source @Child Covid Vaccine Injuries UK

I personally think the shots are filled with graphene oxide and they're building neural networks within the human for Neuromodulation. Graphene oxide will transform gigahertz into terahertz. A LOT of the injury's are from the RADIATION. A LOT of the Clot injury's are from the self assembling neural networks. Zombie Apocalypse is just a matter of TIME.

+2 # This is also a part of the plan you mention.JFY 2022-09-25 19:06
And it's set to roll in weeks.
+9 # WWIIIVercinge 2022-09-25 17:18
The European Union is a political entity created by the same Zionism that controls America and has already caused two world wars in view of the New World Order. Europe is a vassal of the United States whose orders it is forced to carry out. Zionism does not care if people are forced to go back to the Middle Ages due to lack of light or can no longer even go to the toilet due to lack of water. Zionism wants to reduce the world population and enslave the survivors. Point. Thank God there is Putin who is tearing apart his plans that began 250 years ago, because Russia has no intention of losing its sovereignty and in the last 22 years it has modernized its immense military arsenal for this purpose. This will result in World War III, which will wipe out Zionist globalism, but will also cause countless casualties around the world. We have entered the full apocalypse. For this it is necessary to pray because each of us may have to appear before God when he least expects it.
+3 # Can't holy see in the darkness?acturner067 2022-09-25 17:12
Was this war was created partly for this situation to test people as to how much misery they can take? The energy take down action is a drill in real time to get the people acclimated to living in the stone age until demonic big brother decide to offer them/us the carrot on a stick solution. The political leaders of each side know their lock-step script and they do as they are told by their Babylon king/god. Once everybody figures out who is the cap stone for he is not the corner stone that the builders rejected. The One World Powers will lose their controlling power and the blackout will be upon them.
+4 # What a mess!9ram9 2022-09-25 17:02
The sad thing is just like covid lockdowns the sheeple will go along with it an freeze to death with stinky poops on the floor, cause there is no lighting to see where the toilet is!
+7 # #rogue_ 2022-09-25 17:09
The German during WW2 survived because they still had fireplaces and wood burning stoves...
+6 # RE: #Gunner 2022-09-25 17:51
Now in many places fireplaces are actually Illegal - seriously? WTF? And we the impotent puppets just sit back and continue to take it straight up our asses with NO lube at all and then beg for more.
+8 # "We don't want nuclear winter or nuclear war, but if you declare that we will be destroyed, we will have to destroy you."White Lightning aka Raptor 2022-09-25 16:58
"It is impossible to defeat Russia without a nuclear explosion. No way. “We will not allow our country to be destroyed, if you try to destroy us, you will be destroyed with us. “What are our next actions? [Hitting] the decision-making centers? In Kyiv, London, Washington – where? "What do we have to do to avoid nuclear war or is it already a foregone conclusion?" It sure looks like it! "If they don't stop it will come true, what is the goal of the collective West?" "Ukraine's victory and Russia's defeat. As long as the Russian Federation has nukes [and we do], its defeat is impossible. “Put us into a corner – everyone will be destroyed. Is that what they are trying to achieve? "Putin said it so succinctly, so clearly. We do not threaten, we do not want war. We are first in line to stop it.

"We don't want nuclear winter or nuclear war, but if you declare that we will be destroyed, we will have to destroy you." There are no other options. Why can't they figure it out? Can't they follow that logical explanation?
+3 # OH SHIT!!!! 2022-09-25 16:57
The Zelenskyy curse.
-9 # RE: Germans Being Told "Prepare for Blackouts" While Estonians Being Told How To Use TOILETS without running water - Russia Sanctions Back-firingmeanize1962 2022-09-25 16:55
We have to look at this the hard way eventually Mr Putin will be in jail because there's nobody trying to turn this off except Alex Jones nobody is trying to say hey do this do that will look to things the West don't want Russia to quit and get sanctions lifted they want to fight that's why they have the yachts they want to fight they really really want to fight and I always have blood and giving the person a fight when they want it if I wasn't control I'd already be fighting but I'm not I have nothing to do with anything I'm just a nobody ain't nobody nobody nobody he remembers of getting tossed around and getting picked up from my and I'm thinking I liked it that's how I am do I miss those days of being a baby I don't know I don't think so I like being a grown man but we have to face the facts Putin will be in international jail no matter what he does when you're on out unless he can get them to not charge him for invading Ukraine and we treating and having all thanks and something if not they want to fight and just give him one just give it to him
-9 # Think of this outside the boxmeanize1962 2022-09-25 16:40
Let's think outside the box for a moment president of the United States has things put into his calves or his butt they can tell where he is even if he's underground secret service can find him at any time just look at China they have 80 km going to the capital now why would that be rumors are their president is being held against his will under house arrest what if it's the opposite what if they're getting ready to apprehend President Joe Biden or president Trump trump and take him to China and hold him there the army would be needed so the president could not be rescued and another thing the minutes are done being president and they're walking out of the White House they removed them they're not terrorist former president they no longer have that installed in them we got a problem I think I think an important individual in the west is going to be abducted it's just a hunch
# meanize1962 interpretation ?MildB 2022-09-26 08:07
Let's think outside the box for a moment. What if the president of the United States has "trackers" put into his calves or the meat of his butt?

Then they could track where he is. Even if he's underground secret service could find him any time?

Just take a look at China, they have 80 km going to the capital now? Why would that be a rumor that their president is being held against his will? Perhaps a type of house arrest.

Now, what if it's the opposite here. What if they're getting ready to apprehend President Joe Biden or president Trump and take either of them to China? To hold him/them there?

Would not the army be needed so the president could not be rescued? One other point, the minute they are done being president and they're walking out of the White House they removed them!

They're not terrorist and as being former president they no longer have power installed in them we got a problem? I think, I think to the tune of international hostage, an important individual in the west, is going to be abducted.

It's just a hunch,
+9 # High probability......Doug Brown 2022-09-25 17:20
There is an extremely high probability
this confused writer is a Vietnam veteran
who has been experimented on with
experimental psychedelic drugs.
In older terms, a CIA experimental case.
Knew a guy like that during the war.
Perfectly normal, loved working on engines,
but he volunteered for 'drug trials.'
He's been a run-on sentence ever since.
+6 # Punctuation is a thing...and it's freeCataMaroon 2022-09-25 16:47
You know, the whole stream-of-consciousness thing is interesting and all, but if you feel you have something to say, you might try making it readable. IMHO, of course.
# RE: Punctuation is a thing...and it's freePaul Kurzlee 2022-09-25 17:29
Quoting CataMaroon:
You know, the whole stream-of-consciousness thing is interesting and all, but if you feel you have something to say, you might try making it readable. IMHO, of course.

You aint the only one with that opinion. Just scroll by and leave a thumb down for his statements. It is impossibe to read them.
+4 # Not pretty but another way to work toilet with no water ....LilBirdie 2022-09-25 16:36
Save liquids (human) aside in bucket.
Use bucket to remove solids down toilet.

Like I said, not pretty but it is effective.
Better than bagging both and storing in doors.
-2 # RE: Not pretty but another way to work toilet with no water ....Paul Kurzlee 2022-09-25 17:40
Quoting LilBirdie:
Save liquids (human) aside in bucket.
Use bucket to remove solids down toilet.

Like I said, not pretty but it is effective.
Better than bagging both and storing in doors.

Ewwwwww. Hope you got a nose plug unit. Even a clothes pin would work for that part of the job.
-6 # RE: Germans Being Told "Prepare for Blackouts" While Estonians Being Told How To Use TOILETS without running water - Russia Sanctions Back-firingmeanize1962 2022-09-25 16:30
This could be the most glorious time since the 1930s and 40s when Russia took over all Eastern Europe because they were attacked and invaded and they were trying to be her to physically mentally and spiritually the first 3 weeks of the war the Russia stock that the Germans were deliberators 3 million of them surrendered those three million were killed then they realize that they had to fight and they couldn't retreat guess what this is those glorious times all over again this is the patriotic war this is the big one this is where the United States ignorance and everybody they've been paying off all these banker families is going to get them nowhere is getting them nowhere and they're going to get pay back for all this it will come by the hand of vitamir Putin rest assured pay back will be coming 12 years of suffering is long enough you choose the bed you're in you choose to communist Chinese you choose bankers in the royal family of China that's your bed you slept in you choosed it 12 years of suffering now payback's coming from the fatherland from mother Russia and be ready for focus there's no way you're going to get ready for power outages is not paid back it's just natural law
-5 # Much more is needed for paybackmeanize1962 2022-09-25 16:27
Much more is needed for payback cuz I'm just not being able to Foster John or half power is not payback for taking grain over power we have entered the phase where the only way for them to learn their lesson is the use of more r you know what being used they have done nothing but bad stuff from their mouth 24 hours a day from the United States to England to Canada to Belgium to Poland nothing but bad things they knew power outages were coming they want the rest of the few of the satisfied with just that no Russian much more is needed
+12 # RE: Germans Being Told "Prepare for Blackouts" While Estonians Being Told How To Use TOILETS without running water - Russia Sanctions Back-firingMaid4theLamb64 2022-09-25 16:08
Just to be clear: the mentally ill, incompetent leaders that are ensconced and entrenched in leadership of the United States, were NOT elected or chosen by We the People. They pushed, stole, and cheated their way in.

Thus, when WW3 begins and the US and its allies are ruined, they have only THEMSELVES to blame. Certainly not the majority of the citizens of this (once) great country. May the Lord help us and be merciful to those who still love Him.
+9 # RE: Germans Being Told "Prepare for Blackouts" While Estonians Being Told How To Use TOILETS without running water - Russia Sanctions Back-firingEddamnit 2022-09-25 15:43
"There are no accidents in politics..."


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