Germany Could Face Riots as Oktoberfest Canceled, Breweries may shut down

Germany could be forced to scrap Oktoberfest celebrations and its famous Christmas markets as officials desperately search for ways to save energy after Russia began throttling gas supplies to Europe.

Hanover yesterday became the first major city on the continent to announce it will turn off all hot water in public buildings to conserve energy, while Berlin has begun dimming streetlights and Augsburg has turned off public water fountains.

But as winter approaches the crisis will almost certainly deepen, forcing leaders to make stark choices about what to cut to stop people freezing in their homes.

Rosi Steinberger, a member of Bavaria’s regional parliament, admitted to the New York Times that Oktoberfest celebrations could face the chop. The idea of scrapping Christmas Markets is also being floated.

Non-essential industries such as Bavaria's famous breweries could also be asked to shut down to keep the lights on.

Meanwhile Germans have been warned they will have to pay a 'gas surcharge' on top of their already-soaring bills for at least the next 18 months and which could cost the average household up to £1,000-per-year.

Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

All this because Germany chooses to involve itself in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, in which Germany has no national interests whatsoever. 

The thought of Germany minding its own business seems to have never occurred in the minds of German government officials.  So now that German officials are refusing to mind their own business, millions of Germans must go without.  This is an absurdity on almost every level.

How long the German people choose to allow their public servants in government to continue causing upheaval in the lives of regular Germans, is up to the German people.

But when a public servant starts causing public mayhem, that public servant should be removed by the people whom he is supposed to serve.


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