Hackers Crash ENTIRE Russia Banking System - Get CASH Out Now Before Reprisal Attacks Today

Hackers Crash ENTIRE Russia Banking System - Get CASH Out Now Before Reprisal Attacks Today

Americans and Europeans should get to their banks RIGHT NOW to pull out some amount of cash money to have at home after Hackers took out the ENTIRE Russian Banking System.  Reprisal Hacking attacks now seem likely against the West and if you do not have cash, you may be financially paralyzed!

The entire Russian banking system is at a standstill nationwide because the ISP used for banking communication with the Russian Central Bank is down. Infotel, the ISP, is suspected to have been hacked by a pro-Ukraine group.  Infotel runs the Automated System of Electronic Interaction (ASEI) for the Central Bank of Russia.

Very long lines have already formed outside cash machines this morning, similar to the ones seen in February, 2022 when Russia's Special Military Operation began and Sanctions were applied; people ran to ATM's (shown above in Feb. 2022) to grab cash.

The computer infrastructure of the ISP - InfoTel - has now been down and offline for nineteen hours:

A group calling itself Cyber.Anarchy.Squad has publicly taken credit for the bank computer network hacking.

The group posted Infotel's full internal client list;  100 out of 400 are banks, the rest are credit institutions, car dealers, and of course the Russian Central Bank.
The group says the entire Banking infrastructure has been destroyed.

Americans and Europeans should get to their banks or to an ATM absolutely IMMEDIATELY to get some cash.   It seems highly likely that reprisal hacking attacks are now going to be launched, perhaps by the Russian government, so as to retaliate against the West for what has just been done to Russia.

If YOU do not have cash money in your possession, and Hackers take out OUR Banking System, then none of your credit or debit cards will be able to work, and you will have no way to purchase food, fuel or other essentials.

Don't wait - get to the bank or to an ATM immediately.  Minutes count!

It is also advisable to make HARD COPY PRINT-OUTS of your bank account activity this month so you can PROVE how much money you still had in those accounts if the west Banks are attacked and destroyed like the Russian banks just were.


Here is a direct link to the Internet Connectivity monitor of the Russian ISP, showing they are still totally offline (Click HERE)

Here is a direct link to Russian Media outlet PRAVDA confirming the banks are all offline (Story HERE)

Social Media postings are also confirming the story:

After posting this story above, I departed my house here in Pennsylvania and went immediately to the ATM to withdraw the maximum daily limit on my account: $2,000.   Got it.  No problems at all.

Of course, the ATM itself has an $800 transaction limit.  So I had to put the card in, take $800, get the cash, the receipt, and my card back, then put the card in a second time to get $800 more, etc., then put the card in a third time to get the final $400.  Pain in the neck, but the ATM's out here in the country don't allow single $2,000 transactions like the one's back in New Jersey do.   And the ones here only give out $20 bills, unlike the one's in NJ which give $50's and $100's.   In any event, I got the money, so I at least have some peace of mind in case Hackers in Russia do to OUR banking system, what Hackers did to the Russian banks.

I then went to the supermarket to get my last-minute "preps" because of that whole NATO "Air Defender 2023" exercise which simulates war with Russia.  That "exercise" is scheduled to begin Monday, June 12 and last through June 24.  I have a sickening feeling it isn't going to be an exercise; I think they're going to use it as cover for Ukraine's counter-offensive, and some time next week or so, we're gonna find ourselves at war.   

So I got the stuff on my list at the supermarket . . . $343.00 and headed home.

Checked the fuel gauge in the truck, still full, so I didn't need fuel.

Back at the house now, have to put all the stuff away.

Crazy morning . . . .


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