Hackers promise to destroy Europe's banking system in the next 48 hours.

URGENT!  Several computer Hacker groups, with a long track record of highly effective and devastating computer attacks, have announced "the strongest cyberattack in history" to bring down European Banks within the next 48 Hours.

Several hacker groups are allegedly planning to carry out a large-scale computer attack on the European banking system. As it became known to the 

Hacktivists of "Killnet" along with representatives of "Revil" - which was long-considered defeated, as well as members of "Anonymous" say they have joined together to achieve this goal.

Put simply, Russian hackers have declared war on European banks.

According to sources who have seen it, a not yet published promo video dedicated to this attack has already been made. In the video itself, an unnamed representative of "Killnet" allegedly called on all active groups to engage in destructive activities against the European banking system.

"This is not a DDoS attack, the games are over. No money — no weapons — no Kiev regime" — this formula will work," the masked man promised.

The leader of "Killnet" hiding under the nickname "Killmilk", confirmed that preparations for the attack are already underway. It is expected to begin in the next 48 hours.

Cyberattack could be the largest in history

The representative of "Revil," in turn, stated that "the world has gone crazy", and the reason for this, in his opinion, was money. He also stated that it is the European banking system that governs the EU.

"No money, no problem. Revil is sufficiently familiar with the European financial infrastructure," the representative of the group threatened.

A member of Anonymous also noted that European financial institutions will witness "the strongest cyberattack in the recent history of the world." He urged them to be ready for the coming blow, and also stated that when it is struck, "it will be too late to fix anything."

"Many European banks will be targeted, and we will strike without mercy," concluded the representative of Anonymous.


Klaus Schwab, leader of the World Economic Forum (WEF) has long warned, and recently reiterated, that some type of monstrous, worldwide cyber-attack, would cripple the civilized world, and would be more devastating than an actual war.

“Pay attention to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive Cyber Attack which will bring to a complete halt…power supply, transportation, hospital services…the Covid Crisis would be seen as a small disturbance…in comparison to a major Cyber Attack…” -Klaus Schwab 

Isn't a a bit convenient for him, that suddenly, these alleged "Hackers" announce "the biggest cyber attack in history?"



Didn't the United States adopt an official public policy that a Cyber Attack could be met with a military response?

That's even MORE applicable here . . . look WHO is allegdly announcing this:  "Russian" Hackers.

Oh, gee whiz, how convenient.  NATO is all deployed for their Air Defender 2023 "Exercise" in Europe, and just itching to get involved in the Russia-Ukraine war on the side of Ukraine.

Right on cue, "Russian" Hackers announce a major attacking on the European Banking System while all those NATO troops and planes are deployed right near Ukraine!

If this cyber attack DOES take place, and it DOES take out European banks, NATO might just use that as the basis to claim they have been "attacked" (by Russia, of course) and wham, Article 5 of the NATO Treaty gets invoked, the NATO troops enter Ukraine, and the Russian nuclear missiles fly.

This is all a little too convenient for my tastes.


Today being Wednesday, 48 hours puts us all at FRIDAY.

Several years ago, weren't we all warned by various other people, that before TPTB crash the system, the world would suddenly get word about some cyber attack problems with banks?  Didn't that years-ago warning tell us the attacks would start late in a week, explode on a FRIDAY, taking out the banks for potentially weeks?

Gee, how convenient that today's announcement by Hackers fits all those details almost perfectly!

Folks, this _____ COULD _____ be the WEF/TPTB doing this.   One would have to have his head in the sand not to see it.

You know the drill: Get some CASH MONEY from the bank - to live on . . . NOT TO PAY BILLS.

If these people do what they are saying, it is entirely ____POSSIBLE____ that bank ATM/DEBIT/CREDIT cards may go offline.  And as Europe goes, so goes America as all the banks are connected worldwide.

So don't panic -- plan.

Remember, fuel up your vehicles, have food, water, medicines, and some cash to live on.  For food, not for Bills.   The Bills can wait if the choice is survival.



I found someone on social media who has put up a copy of the Video announcement mentioned above:



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