Hacking Damage Repaired - ~6500 News Stories RESTORED

As of 9:45 AM EDT on December 8, 2023, my technical guy has successfully RESTORED the news story database that was maliciously deleted yesterday.  About 6,500 stories, which appeared on this site  from December 4, 2018, through yesterday, are once again available.

YESTERDAY's news stories are NOT restored because those stories were published, then hacked out of existence, BEFORE the daily back-up ran.   So I have to re-work those very few stories from yesterday and at-worst, only ONE day of content is lost. UPDATE 11:44 AM EDT -- yesterday's stories are now also restored.

Some of the IMAGES or VIDEOS in older stories may not appear because some of that content was not backed up.  Too much space back in the day . . . . but ALL of it is now backed up from this year.

It may interest you to know that when the daily back-up runs, and the back-up file is stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS), my tech guy has HIS system, in HIS office, download that back-up so it is physically OFF Amazon Web Services.   This way, if AWS shuts the account and deletes the content, we still have all the content OFF their systems!

Whoever did this was clearly upset at particular news coverage.  I now know what terms they used for their malevolent deletion work.

It may interest all of you to know that since December 4 of the year 2018 . . . . this web site has garnered 156,855,981 "hits."  That's one-hundred fifty-six MILLION, eight-hundred fifty-five thousand, nine-hundred eighty-one, hits.  That is an average of thirty-one MILLION hits a year.  Just so you know.

We still have to look at HOW they did what they did.  But as of 9:45 AM EDT today, it appears to us that all news content is now restored.






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