Have You Noticed? NOTHING in the MSM about Ukraine

Clearly, "the word" has gone out.  Two days ago nearly 1 in 4 articles in the Main Stream Media (propaganda) feed were Ukraine stories.  Yesterday it dried up to under 1 in 20 articles as Ukraine stories.  Today: NOTHING.

The feeds haven't been Ukraine-free like this for over a year.

It looks to me as though the memo went out; Ukraine is finished, no more coverage.

This entire Ukraine thing was clearly coordinated across the whole propaganda platform of MSM.   Very similar to the "mostly peaceful" coordination of Black Lives Matter riots in 2020. Also very similar to all MSM outlets being told to call the Waukesha Parade Massacre the Waukesha Parade Crash.

When every single outlet starts using the same ridiculous term at the exact same time . . . it was ordered.

When every single outlet drops the hottest set of propaganda stories about Ukraine at the same time . . . it was ordered.

Free press does not exist today.

Something is definitely up with Ukraine. They were pushing it at a thousand miles an hour and then it just slammed into a brick wall and we hear nothing at all.

One possibility is the story about Zelensky embezzling the $400 MILLION in Diesel fuel money.  That is definitely something the criminals in DC wish to keep out of the news.

Then too, it might also relate to the Classified documents allegedly released publicly by that 21 year old Airman via a Gamer chat forum.  Have you noticed the coverage . . . it's all about "the leak" and not one word about the CONTENTS of the leak.

These documents PROVE the US and NATO have actual boots on the ground in Ukraine, engaged in actual fighting against Russia.   Not one peep about this from the MSM.  Why?

Because the government knows it has crossed the final red line with Russia by having boots on the ground, and government doesn't want the American (or European) people to have any idea WHY Russia slams us, when that slamming takes place.  They want the public kept dumb.

Rabbit hole the whole thing then no one will know why Russia attacks the US.

Of course, Ukraine is losing to Russia even after the 100s of billions sent there by Biden . . . and . . . U.S. election campaigns for 2024 are getting ready to kick off.

How is Biden going to explain another Afghanistan debacle when the US/NATO tuck tail and run from Ukraine? So the MSM is quiet; thinking the country will focus on something else in the 72 hr news cycle.

Lastly, it could also be a lot more sinister. The PTB and NATO are about to escalate the war in Ukraine and they want no coverage while they start WW3.




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