Health Update - 1/23/2023

Hi folks, Mike Turner here.  My dad, Hal, was admitted to the hospital earlier today following a Cardiac Catheterization and Angioplasty procedure.  Over the past several weeks, he was having pains similar to those he experienced while he was having his heart attacks a couple of years ago, so he scheduled an appointment for today to get checked-out.  The procedure went well and he's fine, but they did find a blockage of about 60% or more in his left anterior descending artery.  A stent was inserted into that artery to hold it open, and a balloon was inserted and inflated to help open-up some of his other arteries.  All in all he's well, but the doctors want to keep him overnight for observation.  As such, he will not be doing a live show tonight.  He's asked me to write this note and to run a repeat of last Friday's show (1/20/2023).

We expect that Hal will be back on the air tomorrow night.

Thank you all for your support and prayers--we are extremely grateful to have them.


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