HORROR IN IRAN: Major Explosions in Tehran; Reports of "Genocide" in Mahabad

HORROR IN IRAN: Major Explosions in Tehran; Reports of "Genocide" in Mahabad

The country of Iran has descended into chaos and murder tonight. Reports are FLOODING IN about ongoing explosions and gunfire in Tehran and, at the same time, a report of GENOCIDE being carried out against Kurds by Iranian Army forces in the city of Mahabad.

We begin coverage with a series of large explosions and almost non-stop gunfire taking place right now in the Iranian capital city of Tehran.

Social media is lit-up with video showing the ongoing explosions, gunfire and chaos:

Six loud explosions were heard west of the capital Tehran.


MAHABAD - Genocide in Progress???

But the real trouble seems to be unfolding in the Iranian city of Mahabad, shown on a scalable map below:

According to eye-witnesses on the ground there, Iranian military forces are going door-to-door, rounding up people the government doesn't like, taking them into the street and shooting them dead.

Screams and ongoing gunfire fill the city.


Iranian military vehicles, including tanks, are on the streets of Mahabad.

The government has cut off all electricity and Internet connectivity in Mahabad.

Social media is saying there is a "Genocide" taking place there; Kurdish people seem to be the focus of government killing tonight, throughout the city.




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