Hostile Crowds Shout "F*ck You Biden" in California and New York City!

The illegitimate President of the United States is running into more and more hostile crowds as he shuffles his dementia-addled self all over the country.  Americans are fed-up.

From California:


From New York City:

At College Football Games its more of the same in state after state.


Hal Turner Commentary

It seems to me that Joe Biden stole the US Presidency via a criminal Conspiracy by his Democrat Party.  I also think in the eight short months he's occupied the Office, he has nearly wrecked the country.

Immigration is once again out of control.

Our self-sufficiency in oil production is now gone and we have to import oil again.

Prices of consumer goods, especially food, has skyrocketed because of his failed economic policies.

He is violating the freedom of all Americans by "mandating" masks (that don't work) against Coronavirus; with thousands losing their jobs over his whimsical mandate for vaccines (that don't work) as well.

This guy is a disaster.





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