Hundreds-of-Thousands Protest "Vax Passports" in France - The French say "non"

Hundreds-of-Thousands Protest "Vax Passports" in France - The French say "non"

France has erupted in multiple and utterly massive protests over President Emanuelle Macron's decree requiring Vaccine Passports to go out in public.  So many people are protesting that entire cities have been forced to shut down!

In Paris:

In Aix-en-Provence:

In Marseille:

Of course, neither French television nor the BBC have uttered a single word of new coverage about this.  NOT ONE WORD!

Most people seem to think the mass media refuses to cover these protests because the media is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the state establishment.  If something takes place that goes against what the powers-that-be desire, the media refuses to cover it.

Given the reality that literally hundreds-of-thousands of people have taken to the streets and there is not one moment of media coverage - the media proves itself to be little more than propaganda anymore.


and Here too:

THe Vax Pasport rule calls for 6 months in jail for entering a bar or restaurant without such a pass!


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