Hungary Closing its Borders to All Foreigners September 1

Hungary Closing its Borders to All Foreigners September 1

On August 20th, the Hungarian government warned all citizens to not plan any trip abroad after September 1st.  On August 27th, they held an emergency response drill - nationwide - involving police, ambulance service, disaster defense service and military!  Today, August 28th, they announced that they will be closing the borders TO ALL FOREIGNERS on September 1st.

This web site reported the Hungary advisory to their citizens to cancel foreign travel after September 1 HERE

 It would be a stretch, but you could look at some of these items as a prelude to a Southern Hemisphere event-

1) Build the wall to keep a mass influx of “refugees” metered
2) Aricebo down- could it be to reduce optics of something incoming?
3) Goverments all over spending/ borrowing into Oblivion (under the guise of the virus), not caring about implications
4) Ultra wealthy building bunkers/ seed vaults
5) The barrage of divisive distractions- Left/Right, Race, Gender, etc
6) Top military brass hidden away at Cheyenne Mtn...
7) etc... so many coincidences you can add to the list.

It definitely feels like something bigger is imminent.

Moreover, there are many signs something (they aren't telling us) is up.

a) Rumors of lock downs for September.
b) Military activations for September.
c) Israel telling all their citizens to come home.
d) China calling their citizens home.
e) Rumors of what could be starting in Sept (Meteor storms)
f) Major Military movements to their borders.

 I am as in the dark on all this as you are, but being aware of all these things taking place DOES give us all a "leg-up" versus most other people.   

I'm not certain what the hell is coming, but it sure looks like September is when it comes.


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