I am Back in the New York City area. I had to have a sort of Luca Brasi moment with a couple Banker/Financial types. Monday night, I will tell YOU the "What's What" about Economic collapse, the Stock / Bond Markets, and World War 3

I am Back in the New York City area.  I had to have a sort of Luca Brasi moment with a couple Banker/Financial types. Monday night, I will tell YOU the "What's What" about Economic collapse, the Stock / Bond Markets, and World War 3

For a couple years now, I have been utilizing various sources for information, intel, and to get an understanding of why things are, the way they are, and where things are heading.   Yet some of these sources; in the Banking and Financial Sector in particular,  have simply not been forthcoming.  So, I decided . . .

that in order to get them to be as forthcoming as I actually needed them to be, I had to use methods that were not . . . (ahem) . . .  traditional.    Think something sort of like a "Luca Brasi" moment . . .

The reason I decided that a non-traditional method needed to be used on these particular individuals is because for months now, we as a nation - and much of the world - have not only been teetering on the verge of actual, nuclear, World War 3, but also on the verge of what appears to be complete national collapse. Social, political, cultural, religious, and economic collapse.

So many things are going bad, on so many levels, so fast, and in so many places, it just seems to me as though "the end" is coming . . .  but I can't tell when, or which thing (or things) will be the trigger.   

Of course there are people in the world who actually DO possess such knowledge and with some of them being long-time Intelligence sources, it bothered me that they were toying with me, with bits and pieces, innuendo, hints, feints, and the like.  In fact, a couple of the very well healed, have been toying with me for a few YEARS now, and it was time to bring the toying to a stop.   I wanted the real facts and I decided it was time to get them.   I also decided this maybe had to get ugly.

So earlier this week, arrangements were made to meet with a couple or a few of these people, Saturday night-into-Sunday.  All very hush, hush.  All very quiet and very, VERY, secret.  One at a time, in the dark of night, in places where there was no help, and there was no escape.

Now most regular readers of this web site and listeners to my radio show know that, for fifteen years, I worked with the FBI; my final five years 2003-2008, with the Joint Terrorism Task Force.  You know from sworn testimony in Brookylyn federal court by Special Agent in Charge Amy Pickett of the FBI New York City Division, that I handled "national security intelligence, terrorism, and foreign counter intelligence."  You know that I had "extra-territorial operating authority" from the Office of Intelligence at FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC, and that I was tasked to travel to other countries as part of my work.  

Through the years, I developed contacts in the Intel field, some of whom I am still in contact with to this day.   That is how I get information that other media cannot get; and often get stories on THIS web site, hours or even days before other media outlets get those stories.  Those contacts also afford me the ability to get "the dirt" on people if I really **NEED** it, and I decided it was time.  

I know, and have known for quite awhile, who it is that is so inextricably intertwined in matters of global finance, that they actually know what the real deal is. No, they aren't the Titans of Industry or the so-called Masters of the Universe; they're the lesser people within that command structure.  The second, third, fourth, or fifth in line . . . because they are the ones who have to IMPLEMENT what is decided.  So they get the info - and often the big picture - while others merely get told to "do this" or "do that."  These second, third, fourth, or even fifth in line can answer many of the serious-as-a-heart-attack questions that so many people have about why things are falling apart and where it's all heading.  So I picked my targets, got the dirt on them, and arranged the meetings.

In the movie, "The Godfather" which opens at a wedding party for the Godfather's (Actor Marlon Brando) daughter "Connie" (Actress Talia Shire), Connie's brother, Michael (Actor Al Pacino) explains to his girlfriend Kay (Actress Diane Keaton) why singer "Johnny Fontaine" (Actor Al Martino) is so beholden to the Corleone Family that he would come to sing at Connie's Wedding Party.  Michael explains to her that his father, (Marlon Brando) went to see a Big Band Leader for his Godson, Johnny Fontaine, to get the Band Leader to release Fontaine from a Personal Service Contract.  The initial meeting failed, so (Marlon Brando) went back the next day, only this time, he brought Luca Brasi; and within an hour, the Big Band Leader released Johnny Fontaine from the Personal Service Contract.   Here's the brief scene from "The Godfather" movie that explains the Luca Brasi moment:

Of course, the movie scene talks about holding a gun to someone's head, but nowadays, information about someone, their activities, their . . . proclivities . . .  can be the equivalent of a gun. 

Holding information over someone's head . . . like if they're a whoremonger while the wife and kids are safe at home, of if they're a closeted flaming queen homo (who is now HIV positive) while they portray themselves as a straight laced tough guy, or if they're a major drug addict while "managing" other people's money (a lot of which disappears),  can be a very motivating way to get information from certain people.  Information can sometimes be worse than a gun because certain people know that if their activities, habits, or proclivities were to come out, it would cost them their marriages/family, their careers, their life savings or worse.  That's the info I got on them, and that's the info I held over their heads to get what I needed.

In any case, after a couple or a few meetings, I'm pretty sure I got the information I was looking for.  It had the "ring of truth" . . . 

I will tell you what they told me is coming, and you will either believe me or you won't, but ultimately I'd like to think this info will survive the test of time as a true warning of the future that is sure to unfold.

What I tell you may seem crazy but as time unfolds you will see . . . I at least tried.

I may just be nobody, but I've been on this solo watchtower a long time, I've managed to make a few contacts and friends along the way who have explained the future to me as I will explain it to you, but ultimately I am just nobody attempting to help.

The typical American looks at the economic situation and cannot rectify in their own minds how the market says one thing and their eyes and ears sense another.

We see record homelessness, we see record drug deaths, we see moral degradation in our schools, we see accelerating decay in every single one of our cities, and we see a media and government that has been captured by fraud. We see in government not two-political parties but rather a uni-party that exists to enrich itself and not serve the people. We see the largest wealth gap in our country's history with no end in sight.

Because of this we cannot understand how it is that the market is 20000pts higher than it was a decade ago. We cannot, for the life of us, see how housing prices are so absurdly high as the price of a Single Family Home (SFH) went from 190k to 370k in ten years.

We cannot, for the life of us, understand how anyone pays the now $2,000 dollar AVERAGE  in rent, or how anyone pays a utility and food bill triple what it was two years ago, and yet asset valuations NEVER seem to fall!

We see the homeless, we see the despair, we see the drug deaths, we see the absolute decay of Western society on every street corner in America and Europe. We see hollowed out rural towns and cities with no jobs or hope left.

We see ALL this and wonder... how are the prices so high? For 14 years the Bears on Wall Street have seen with their own eyes and ears, that the prices make absolutely ZERO sense. They have applied LOGIC to an ILLOGICAL moment in history, so they are unable to understand how both things are possible. Because of this they perpetually tell you it's all coming down because there's no way this can last.

Turns out, they're wrong.

On my Monday (29 August 2022) radio show, I will tell you the actual "What's What" that took "non-traditional" methods to coerce out of people . . .

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You are NOT going to like what I tell you.  But at least you will have been warned, and have a chance to survive.



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