I'm not "un-vaccinated" I'm part of the Placebo Group!

A caller to the Hal Turner Radio Show on Wednesday night (Nov. 10) made a great observation.  The Pfizer/Astra-Zeneca/Moderna "vaccines" are all still under Experimental Emergency Use Authorization.  That means ****some**** people are in the placebo group . . . . they didn't actually get the vaccine.


# "When The U.S. Army Comes To Your Door" 2021-11-12 11:58
Pointing Their and AR-16s at You "Just Try Saling That Concept To Them," cause "I Bet They Won't Listen." Oh Yeah "BANG!"
# Backridge BoyCharlesplauche 2021-11-11 19:30
I love it that is beautiful
# Please find my response to a mohammedan poster, but it applies just as well to a heretic, Hebe or a schizmaticHarnaś 2021-11-11 19:14
My retort to a recent Musloid enquiry on the forum
You must be spiritually blind not to see what is going on around us.
All these groups referenced above are not only spiritually blind, but their eschatology of end tames does not include the concept of Great Chastisement described in the Milan Calendar. Heretics and Ham Haters for instance believe that the world will be saved when IsraHell becomes Great (whatever it means), Musloids and schizmatics have their own version of End Times and how it will unfold, but we will not go there since it is equally irrelevant at this and any other time. All of that false theology is irrelevant as everybody will soon find out.
When things finally start spinning out of control, you will hopefully remember all our conversations and be prompted to consult the Milan calendar, repent and convert.

I am not sure communication systems will work at all after the Monday 11/15 global earthquake. We will be all on our own, confused by the natural phenomena around us that we will not be able to comprehend. I expect a flurry of conversions among the groups referenced above as well as atheists and agnostics, those who do not care to get involved in these discussions. Again do not call me a prophet, because I would not know what it is if it bit me on the backside. Just a humble messenger and the same goes for the whole group in Milan with their leader, Roberto.
# Please find your liesPalehorse 2021-11-12 14:38

Harnaś, what Masonic lodge do you belong to?

Your calendar is a deception.
"Monday 11/15 global earthquake", more lies
from you occult induced mind.

Crawl back into the hole you came from
# HARNAS ANTISEMITEsupporttheblue 2021-11-12 06:28
Go back to your father, SATAN. You are repulsive.
# Important info hereSamuel Badolato UNPAID SINCE JANUARY - SHUT OFF 07-24-2022 2021-11-11 18:00
You know to meanize the leader of a thousand worlds memes the American flag red white and blue means of surrender to him the 50 stars means that you have 8 to 12 loves for him that's why they were following those ships at Ocean they all must have had the American flag on there means is over a thousand years old is rude over a thousand worLds
+1 # Stupid Beyond RepairPalehorse 2021-11-11 17:19

EVIL: CDC Director Walensky Says
Children Should Wear Masks Even
After They’re Vaccinated (VIDEO)

Virginia Pharmacy Found Administering
Wrong Covid-19 Vaccine to Children Aged
5-11; Over 100 Received Adult Dosage in
Just Over 1 day
# RE: Stupid Beyond RepairJFY 2021-11-11 19:51
She's not stupid, she's just pushing the plan forward to the fullest extent. This bitch from hell is the tip of the spear in the "bankers'" plan for extermination of anyone who are not them, i.e., world genocide.

A lot of these people aren't stupid, they are evil to the core, and continuing to promote that they're stupid only helps them push the plan forward because it gives them deniability and it gives other people a cop out in recognizing that they are seeing pure, unadulterated evil: "Aw c'mon, you're too harsh; they can't be THAT evil, they're just stupid". The hell they are.
# Natural News and Mike Adams breaking news that hospital Neonatal ICU are jam-packed with newborns born to mothers who were inoculated!Harnaś 2021-11-11 13:53

Palehorse correctly uncovered and reported that Modern's CEO ,Itzek something or other, who is Israeli born is a practicing Talmudist. Sit down and digest this for a minute.

40% of my office personnel were inoculated with Moderna in January-February. We are now probably closing the office right after the Christmas pasty in the middle of December.
# Sajid Javid ..UK bully boy!Lexie 2021-11-11 13:52
Javid has just announced there could be bans on the over 65s ,who don't get their booster shots, going to open spaces ..healthy option for the elder generation thus removed.
+1 # it just goes on and on and onselah 2021-11-11 12:22

and it's the aussies
-1 # Israel preparing to vaccinate 5- to 11-year-olds against Covid-19 imminently.Harnaś 2021-11-11 12:20
Well, I do not anticipate that this will be allowed to happen by Heavens in the chaos that is about to be unveiled in the Great Chastisement.

Please note, the second sun will make worldwide appearance tomorrow, based on our best estimates of its orbit around the Sun utilizing the deleted (by NASA) times from the Stereo Ahead A & B satellites transmission (one of them actually does not function anymore).

Check the Milan Calendar below.

One item not in the calendar is a massive worldwide earthquake on November 15th.

Complete all your preparations this weekend and do not go crazy.

May I remind you of the slaughter of about 2000 innocents two Millenia ago perpetrated by insane King Herod? (he also killed his wife and oldest son as well) Jesus Christ was only an infant then and his divinity hidden for another 30 years. He could have done nothing to stop king Herod infanticidal monomania. Christ has all his powers now and will unleash them over the next >>>>2306
-1 # RE: Israel preparing to vaccinate 5- to 11-year-olds against Covid-19 imminently.Harnaś 2021-11-11 12:23
Quoting Harnaś:

should be "hours on November 15th at 1600 Rome time".
-1 # RE: Israel preparing to vaccinate 5- to 11-year-olds against Covid-19 imminently.Harnaś 2021-11-11 12:25
+2 # aaahmmmmselah 2021-11-11 12:23
May I remind you that ALL of your predictions as a "so called prophet" have been WRONG. please stop
-2 # You are welcome to wait another 100 years if you want, by which time nobody else be aroud, wioed out by genocidal maniacs Fauci, Collins, Gates and Borla!Harnaś 2021-11-11 13:12
You must be spiritually blind not to see what is going on around us. The Israel approval of the death-shot for little kids only reaffirms the imminence of the timeline. Our Lord has told many people in detail how things will unfold. He never does anything without the cooperation of prophets who then inform the faithful. There are only about 20 people in the world now, I have been told, who also got their messages sorted out and understand this as well. Therefore, I would not be surprised if you were skeptical!

The Milan Calendar is not my own nor anyone else's invention. It is just a compilations and sorting out in time of all the Catholic prophecies of Fatima, Akita, Garibandal, Padre Pio, Anguera, Ferrara (both in Brazil) and a number of others. If you read the entire 100 slides presentation rather than shoot from the lip, you will realize that the Milan Calendar is not conjectural but firmly based in sciences including math, physics and astronomy Ignore it at you own peril!

Here is something to jump-start your spiritual fires... Hayden's Agnus Dei from his Missa in Tempore Belli 'Paukenmesse'
+2 # NIH claims co-ownership of Moderna vaccine patent; U.S. National Institutes of Health scientists played a major role in developing Moderna Inc's COVID-19 vaccine and the agency intends to defend its claim as co-owner of patents on the shot, (https://www.sPalehorse 2021-11-11 11:56


((NOTE: In Moderna's limited history they have never
brought a successfully manufactured product
to market.

The combination of a government agency with
a private public entity for the purpose of any
business endeavor is the definition of Fascism.))

ALSO: Note my comment at the bottom of this
column concerning Moderna and the
+1 # crimes against humanityjerrisch48 2021-11-11 12:44
Well thank you for identifying yourselves. When
the hangings for crimes against humanity start we will know right where to look and find you.
+1 # THERE CAN BE NO CONTROL GROUPRick Geise 2021-11-11 11:03
If you are unvaxinated YOU ARE/WILL BE TARGETED. They cannot allow pristine humans to just be walking around in public exposing and monkey-wrenching their experimental results.
# No one is saying this will solve all our problems...TheChasifer 2021-11-11 15:47
Chill. Its just another tool for your toolbox. We aren't at the level of people breaking down our doors yet.
+1 # NIH claims co-ownership of Moderna vaccine patent!Harnaś 2021-11-11 10:37

I wonder how it might have happened. Something to do with this fateful meeting?

Meet the New Billionaires Club: COVID-19 Vaccine International Club
+4 # RE: I'm not "un-vaccinated" I'm part of the Placebo Group!Sheepinator 2021-11-11 09:19
Or if you really want to shut em up, just say I’m part of the family member died as a direct result of the safe and effective shot. Then sit back and watch thier head pop.
+1 # RE: I'm not "un-vaccinated" I'm part of the Placebo Group!davenjilli 2021-11-11 08:23
Love this
+14 # It's control groupMarlynn77942 2021-11-11 07:22
It's control group, not placebo group. The placebo group got the 'fake treatment' in a controlled experiment
+7 # control groupErfman 2021-11-11 09:10
You are correct. Control group is the proper term.
-4 # SadAussiefrank 2021-11-11 06:49
Hal you always talk about your time in the FBI. I’ve worn a badge too. The pleasure you take in mocking those that have died recently is sad. You need to get right with God. You can disagree with someone without revelling in their death. The lord will judge you by the way you behave today, regardless of your prayers.
+3 # BROKE DOCTRINE!Rick Geise 2021-11-11 10:47
Where are you getting your doctrine? According to the mystery gospel provided exclusively to and through the apostle Paul by the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ, you have NO GAME and your behavior only condemns you. You have no ability in and of yourself, as a descendent of the seed of Adam, to improve your flesh (i.e. behave properly) and make yourself acceptable to Almighty God.

According to Paul''s epistles the ONLY way to avoid God''s judgement is by abandoning self and your broke understanding, trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, the authority of the Holy Scriptures and receive His indwelling Holy Spirit.


Through the ministry of His Holy Spirit and the study of the scriptures He will begin the work of perfecting your flesh (i.e.improving your stinking thinking and subsequent behavior) (a.k.a. progressive sanctification).

+3 # RE: SadHalTurner 2021-11-11 09:43
To which people who have died are you referring? Do you mean those who mocked the non-vaxed?

Because if that's who you're referring to, your words are falling on deaf ears.
+4 # KeySBGlett77 2021-11-11 09:22
That is key - the Lord will judge us, but not by what others perceive as outward behavior, but by the heart, which is what the Lord looks on.

Neither you nor I can know anyone's heart other than our own.

I'm satisfied that Hal takes no pleasure in others' sickness or death, by his regret about Gavin Newsom's illness on his show Monday night. He was even asking God on-air to forgive him for even slight feelings of Newsom getting what he deserved. I actually felt Hal went too far, and as a caller said that night, Hal wasn't wrong for condemning evil.

Pointing out someone's foolishness in not having discernment is not mocking them. It is attempting to show the foolishness for what it is, and make no mistake, foolishness deserves consequences. This is a theme throughout the book of Proverbs. Such pointing out may save others' lives, as it is intended to do in Proverbs.

As far as "regardless of your prayers" - what ?? God always, always, accepts the prayer of true repentance, whether for David murdering Uriah, or Hezekiah selling out to foreign kings, or jailers persecuting Paul, etc., etc. In fact, the goodness of God is always what leads us to repentance ( Rom. 2:4 ), NOT scolding.
+3 # And to youSrmay72 2021-11-11 09:48
WELL SAID! I was born into a sinfull world i fell as do all but Jesus.All sin and fall short of the glory of God. I am saved by faith that Jesus died for all man not just "THE GOOD ONES" Some times its hard to understand that Jesus died for serial killers as well as the glutton. David was an adulterous killer but also danced naked in the street for God. Yet God called David a man after his own heart.
I , at times, am of this world, I do my fair share of sinning. I strive to make those around me understand God loves his children. He became flesh so ALL SINNERS not just some. Im not Jesus he needs no help JUDGING OTHERS, THANK GOD.
+4 # Well said .......NHydg 2021-11-11 09:34
Glad you set that straight ......heh heh
I do recall something said about hating evil ......'tis OKAY
# Become a part of the Control Group!TheChasifer 2021-11-11 06:36
The Control Group is doing something amazing right now. Check it out! You even get a card that says "MUST NOT BE VACCINATED". They are doing a worldwide study of effects on the unvaxxed. Sign up for free and receive a digital card that can be scanned and explain why you are not vaxxed. If you pay $8 a quarter then you get a copy. Support them!
+3 # ONE MUST understand.....this is NOT a scientific studyNHydg 2021-11-11 09:43
One MUST understand that this has NOTHING to do with science . This IS a total extermination effort by the ones that look at themselves as gods. This IS an effort to destroy humankind. This IS a tool of Lucifer who hates ALL that God made. AS far as carrying a card or dismissal you are setting yourself up as the next target ......NOW they have your name and address. I carry my card/dismissal/ release in a holster.
# Now they have your name and address!?!TheChasifer 2021-11-11 15:51
Seriously? Do you have a cell phone? Drivers license? Pay taxes? Internet provider? Give me a break. Maybe try and push back a little eh? Be a part of something that helps instead of sitting back and being a paranoid loon in the comment section of websites.
-1 # RE: ONE MUST understand.....this is NOT a scientific studyJFY 2021-11-11 15:32
100% right.

10 thumbs up.
+3 # Sounds promisingpmoore67 2021-11-11 07:12
BUT they sure do ask very specific questions that bad people could use, plus look at that doctor's name (very suspicious and fake looking). Perhaps an evil 3 or 4 letter agency appearing to be friendly?
# I don't think so.TheChasifer 2021-11-11 09:15
They don't need this to find out any of those things about you. I feel it's a good way to help out and be a record of why it was a good idea to not take this shit.
# RE: Become a part of the Control Group!TheChasifer 2021-11-11 06:40
*physical copy for the $8
+7 # PlacebosPaul Lambert 2021-11-11 04:19
They only work if the person receiving them does not know that it is a placebo. I don't think anyone has been told ahead of time that he was just getting a placebo.
+8 # Great idea but--Smiley1984*! 2021-11-11 02:12
Great idea, but did you know that the actual placebo group no longer exists.
After the trials they were offered the vaccine " for fairness and their safety", and so the official control group was destroyed.
How is that for deceitful practise!
# It was DURING the trialHeyJude 2021-11-11 10:48
not afterward, that the placebo group was offered the jab and almost all took it. The trial is on-going.
+3 # Placebo 2021-11-11 02:11
So doesn’t that make us “essential workers “ since you need the control group to evaluate the effects/effectiveness of the vaxx. I’m good with that, heck, they don’t even have to compensate me cause, you know, we’re all in this together. ;)
+5 # RE: I'm not "un-vaccinated" I'm part of the Placebo Group!Bob 2021-11-11 02:02
Wife and I have been telling folks were part of the "control" group so we can't be vaxxed! Same idea. Folks just look puzzled.
+6 # "So Your Vaxxed" 2021-11-11 00:27
Those who took the Jab "Need to Force the Vax on the unvaxxed," because "In their heart they know the Vax doesn't protect them from anything." So "Out of Anger and Frustration The Vax become enraged and dangerous Killers Foaming at the mouth wanting vengence against the Unvaxxed to elevate their Sad Excuse for a Mind." Yes "The Vaxxed are mentally ill people who need help from Psychiatrists to regain any Semblance of Sanity."
+2 # Oh this is good...Palehorse 2021-11-10 23:59

I'm part of the vaxxed " unvaxxed."

On the other hand...

Watch Moderna CMO Dr. Tal Zaks Tell How The
Figures In To His Company's Kill Shots

Dr. Tal Zaks, chief developer of the Moderna vaccine, interviewed for the Museum of Jewish Heritage, Aug 25, 2021.
+4 # All good and well but ask him if they have been vaccinatedMan of the Atom 2021-11-11 00:19
Pfizer hasn't been either - when they and CDC and FDA employees begin to sicken and possibly die, then we can be assured that they have been "fully vaccinated" with something other than physiological saline.
+1 # Not All good and wellPalehorse 2021-11-11 10:20

The point is "Talmud Figures In To His Company's Kill Shots."

As the Talmud is Satanic.
+2 # NahLoki 2021-11-10 23:47
+4 # RE: I'm not "un-vaccinated" I'm part of the Placebo Group!selah 2021-11-10 23:31


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