I received VERY Disturbing information last night . . .

Looks like we have an actual WW3 Date.   My wife and son made their way up here to our home in Pennsylvania yesterday; they arrived around 6:00 PM. They brought with them Postal Mail from the P.O. Box and in that was discreetly-packaged, NATO-related information about the ongoing Russia-Ukraine thing.  I read it.  I am absorbing it. 

I will do a story on this later.  It will be detailed.

We'll be doing the Memorial Day weekend Barbecue thing, but there's a lot of real work to get done.

We are installing a 100 amp electrical sub-panel for the Kitchen.   Whoever wired the house originally, used ONE (1) 20 amp circuit breaker . . . . for the ENTIRE kitchen.   Everything!   Refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, Microwave, Lights . . . and all outlets.

If you use the toaster when the microwave is on, as the refrigerator kicks-in, POP goes the circuit.  Dishwasher with microwave and try to brew coffee?  POP.  It's crazy.

So we bought a GE Sub-panel, 3 awg wire, a 100 amp square-D sub panel feed breaker, and will now re-wire the ENTIRE kitchen so that each duplex outlet has its own circuit breaker, the refrigerator will have its own, same with microwave, same with dishwasher, etc.

11:00 AM, the satellite company arrived to re-aim my two satellite uplinks which are fail-overs for the radio show.   So THAT is the final work that had to be done as a result of the new roof going on earlier this week.

Everything is coming along !



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