IAEA Arrives at Zaporozyhe Nuclear Power Plant, Ukraine

IAEA Arrives at Zaporozyhe Nuclear Power Plant, Ukraine

Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have arrived at the Zaporozyhe Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine.  Video, below, shows the IAEA motocade, under police escort, arriving at the plant to find out WHO is firing artillery shells at it.

The power plant is located in what is now a war zone in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Russia took control of that plant in March.  They did so early in the conflict because the Russians did not want a radiation incident spewing deadly radiation while their troops were on the battlefield, and they also did not want radiation coming into Russia from that plant.

Everything has been fine there since March.

Three weeks ago, someone began firing artillery shells at the plant.

Russia claims Ukraine is firing at the plant to force the Russians out.   Ukraine claims Russia is firing at themselves to create a reason to use tactical nukes against Ukraine.

Russia appealed to the United Nations Security Council and to the International Atomic Energy agency (IAEA) to get Ukraine to stop shelling.  The UN Security Council did nothing.   The IAEA agreed to send inspectors, who arrived today.

Now the world will get to know, definitively, who it is that is firing at the plant.

In related news, intelligence circuits are warning that some type of "false flag incident" is being planned while the IAEA Inspectors are there.  Some intel reports say Ukraine wants to create a horrible incident, perhaps even killing some IAEA inspectors, so they can blame Russia and incite the world against Russia.   Other intel claims that Russia is arranging such an incident to frame Ukraine and blame them.

All this is taking place as if a nuclear power plant is some war prop to be toyed with.  The level of insanity of such thinking is unimaginable.

Today, August 31, 2022 begins a very short window of time where, if someone is planning an incident, it would take place within this window.

Watch closely.  World War three could begin over this, at any moment.


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