Inconvenient Fact: Deadlier COVID Mutations ALL Come From Countries Where AstraZeneca's Vaccine Trials Took Place

The suspected more dangerous COVID mutations come from, of all places, the countries where AstraZeneca's vector vaccine ChAdOx1 underwent its Phase I testing between April and November 2020, UK, South Africa, Brazil:


# More data and none of it looks goodMan of the Atom 2021-03-13 02:59

I read that most of the reported deaths in the USA occurred in the 1st 48 hours after receiving a messenger RNA vaccine. The same media claiming all deaths were due to SARS-CoV-2 are claiming that no deaths are related to the virus. A medical expert on blood diseases from Johns Hopkins stated it was a medical certainty that Gregory Michael, MD died due to the vaccine but later I read in an internet article where a "journalist" (read propagandist) with no expertise in the matter claimed there was no connection! Unbelievable, really. I think we are seeing the Big Lie technique in overdrive - 1st the election and now this.
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correction on 2nd line
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