India Putting 180,000 Paramilitary Troops Into Kashmir; Pakistan Mobilizing Army and Air Force

India Putting 180,000 Paramilitary Troops Into Kashmir; Pakistan Mobilizing Army and Air Force

There have been stark developments in the seemingly never ending troubles between India and Pakistan.  Last week, India admitted it had 40,000 paramilitary troops in Kashmir, had sent 10,000 more Thursday and ordered 28,000 more to deploy on Friday, for a total of about 80,000.   NOW, the world finds out that another 100,000 paramilitary troops are actually inbound to Kashmir, bringing troop deployment by India to 180,000.  This is utterly unprecedented and signals India's intent to go to war.

Pakistan this morning began mobilizing its army and air force.

Last night, the Indian army used Bofors guns against "military targets" and "militant infrastructure" on Pakistan side along the Line of Control in Kashmir.  This, too, is unprecedented because of this weapon's firepower.

The Line of Control is shown below:



The Bofors Gun is shown below from a File Photo:

Early last week, tourists were being officially told to leave Kashmir as soon as possible.  A Holy Pilgrimage by Hindus was cancelled and this morning we find out even patients at Srinagar hospitals are being discharged in a rush.

Whatever the stage is being set for, it's massive.

Given these serious developments, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has called for an emergency meeting of the National Security Committee 

Conversely, the Prime Minister of India has called for a crucial Union Cabinet Meeting for tomorrow.

At the publication of this story at 8:13 AM EDT Sunday, both sides are already exchanging artillery fire along the line of Control.  India claims seven of its troops are already dead.



Indian army and air forces just went to high alert



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