Indian Bar Association sues WHO scientist over Ivermectin; Says Ordering Withdrawal of Medicine KILLED People!

Indian Bar Association sues WHO scientist over Ivermectin; Says Ordering Withdrawal of Medicine KILLED People!

The Indian Bar Association (IBA) sued WHO Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan on May 25, accusing her in a 71-point brief of causing the deaths of Indian citizens by misleading them about Ivermectin. 


# New South Wales as the Premier tells citizens - "You have been warned."Palehorse 2021-09-09 13:33

“You have been warned...”
“Get vaccinated or you will not be able to participate
in the many freedoms that many people have at 70%
(On your knee's peasant)

Australian officials said 'We will be looking at what
contact tracing looks like in the New World Order'
(On your knee's peasant)

Globalists Describe Humanity as “Cannon Fodder” -btw
have you been vaxxed yet? (On your knee's peasant)
+1 # The Indian experience and the African experience support the use of IvermectinMan of the Atom 2021-09-09 01:14
Bravo to the freedom fighters of modern India! You're a better man than I am! to parphrase that old poem of Rudyard Kipling about Gunga Din.

This first link shows the African experience with Ivermectin:

Meanwhile the Criminals for Disease and Corruption want to give it to the Afghan refugees:

Interesting if true:
+1 # Sorry meant to upvoteHope springs 2021-09-09 10:04
Accidentally pressed the wrong button. Meant to upvote your brave comment.
+1 # Sooner rather than later the Sh*t is going to hit the fanMan of the Atom 2021-09-09 01:25
I see it coming on multiple fronts - the election fraud, the medical fraud, etc. It just gives me "warm fuzzies" to be an American!
+1 # Copy of document??CamoGloves 2021-09-08 19:52
I just spent a while trying to find the actual document so that I can read all of the points. Anyone have a link to a copy - preferably in English - of the lawsuit?
+3 # Gibraltar 99% ‘vaccinated’ yields 2,500% increase in Covid casesHarnaś 2021-09-08 17:47
The nation of Gibraltar, which achieved a 99 percent vaccine compliance rate as of June 1, is now seeing an astounding spike in cases. As the vaccine is useless, why the push for mandatory vaccination and Covid passports? It makes no public health sense.
# Quote from Harnaś...Palehorse 2021-09-08 18:16

and also evidence from the Earthquake CANADA and USGS that the 6.5 was not a natural earthquake.
And so where is this alleged evidence?
# RE: Quote from Harnaś...Harnaś 2021-09-08 21:08
Thanks for your question. Please find an attached description how the sausage is made... The reason that the BC earthquake was reported immediately is because USGS is obliged to release a large earthquake this size outside the US in 20 minutes (see below). Why the info was taken down some time afterwards is another matter. As I have discussed yesterday, since 1600s there has never been an earthquake this size in the coastal mountains of BC.

"Response Events" and Processing Priorities

NEIC targets a 20-minute release time for response events. An earthquake is considered a response event when the event exceeds a threshold magnitude. Due to later arriving data and contributed solutions, this may not occur within the 20-minute target window, and in the case of "slow” (low-frequency content) earthquakes, it can be days or weeks before an event is discovered. In sparsely instrumented regions, an event meeting the response criteria may not have sufficient data to locate or publish, even for the final catalog. Events may also have a magnitude below this response threshold when they are processed by our automatic system and after manually processing their magnitude may exceed the threshold. As a result, the release of such events will be delayed.

Response events (target release time less than 20 minutes):

M3.0 or larger
Eastern US (roughly east of -105 degrees)
M4.0 or larger
Western U.S. (roughly west of -105 degrees)
Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
Populated Alaska
M5.0 or larger, all other parts of the world
In addition, some earthquakes with magnitudes below these thresholds will also be reviewed on an immediate basis. These include earthquakes in high-risk areas likely to cause multiple fatalities or significant damage or events which have been felt widely in densely populated parts of the world.
# No Evidence As I SuspectedPalehorse 2021-09-08 21:34

In your statement that I quoted (above) you
state "...evidence... that the 6.5 was not a natural earthquake."

You have responded with agency "procedural
protocols" that are used as guidelines for
handling data from said event.

You have presented absolutely no "evidence"
that the earthquake was not "natural."

That's because you don't have any "evidence."

Just because quakes have not been recorded there before, is not proof of your claim.

As I stated before, it would require a seismograph read out to prove what you
# Well, why don't you came up with a seismograph of the M 6.5 in BC,Harnaś 2021-09-09 08:38
and describe its meaning? I have not been able to find one, as all the traces of purported existence of the posted earthquake had been erased from the record! Another computer glitch? Doubtful, considering that the use of the term has become synonymous with Illuminati's manipulation of all things significant
# Sep 9, 2021 Another One ? ? ? And what was it?Palehorse 2021-09-09 12:37

Massive M6.5 earthquake at the northernmost tip of the Cascadia Subduction zone in British Columbia, Canada quickly deleted by USGS

"...official reports of the M6.5 earthquake on land in British Columbia, Canada were quickly deleted by USGS.
# Here it is. the official version from Reuters and USGS. It was a computer glitch!Harnaś 2021-09-09 12:06
U.S. Geological Survey said the alert was falsely generated by an automatic system.

In other words do not look here, because there is nothing to find. And I always ready everywhere that computers do not make stupid mistakes like this!
# Cannot find any seismograph data!Palehorse 2021-09-09 09:58

I am not arguing the claim of explosion vs. quake,
as I also draw suspicion upon the quake claim.

I was simply looking for your "evidence."
# No hard feelings, I understand!Harnaś 2021-09-09 21:24
I am waiting for my relatives in Kelowna, BC to get back to me about this. Let us see what locals near the so-called earthquake site know about the event by word of mouth.

Local papers are keeping silent.
+2 # India is a super-corrupt Communist state which means it is run on lies!Harnaś 2021-09-08 17:42
They will probable never get the lying Bolshevik bitch!
+5 # Don't Hold your Breath ?acturner067 2021-09-08 11:11
When she behind bars or hanging from a tree justice will be done until then pray these criminal liars meet there end or their maker.
+8 # Bravo Indian BarAdiff5466 2021-09-08 11:01
Finally!! Holding individuals personally involved in this big-bucks-4-big-Pharma scheme! Bravo friends, BRAVO!
+1 # INDIA has been changed by the law beforeNZ KIWI 2021-09-08 16:08
+7 # Indian Bar Association sues WHO scientist over Ivermectinbrucetheobald 2021-09-08 10:20
As an American lawyer, let me say Excellent Job by my Indian colleagues! How many more Americans will have to die before the American Bar Association does something similar?

If this causes the WHO to change its stance to something more favorable to Ivermectin (it very well could) that could be the first of many dominoes to fall to having Ivermectin be approved for Covid in the US.
+4 # RE: Indian Bar Association sues WHO scientist over Ivermectin; Says Ordering Withdrawal of Medicine KILLED People!Uasns1 2021-09-08 10:07
Go Get 'em!

"A few weeks ago she said she’d rather die
than have to live like they’re living in Sydney
with no freedoms, no travel, no conversations
with people."

"...the only thing open is fast food and grocery
stores and they are starting to make people
show that they’ve had the vaxx to even be
able to purchase food. "
+5 # RE: Indian Bar Association sues WHO scientist over Ivermectin; Says Ordering Withdrawal of Medicine KILLED People!Bill51 2021-09-08 09:22
Lockem up!!!


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