Insight into Cancellation of My Radio Show: Caller Revealed US Treachery with General Soleimani Death

A very serious news item has developed today which MAY give insight into a different reason the Hal Turner Radio Show was stopped on WBCQ:

On Thursday, January 2, 2020, the Hal Turner Show took to the airwaves as usual, being broadcast worldwide on WBCQ and locally in the USA via KYAH-AM.  The first caller to the show commented about the then-breaking-news the US killed Iranian General Soleimani.

The caller, heard in the audio segment below, suggested the reason the US knew that this high-ranking Iranian General was going to be in Baghdad, was because the US INVITED HIM to negotiate against a war.  The caller then suggested the US killed the General in an act of utter treachery.  Listen to the 2-minute call yourself:


The next day, my radio show was taken off the air by WBCQ.   

Today, January 5, 2020, the Prime Minister of Iraq read a statement:

"Iran's Qassem Soleimani had an appointment with the PM in Baghdad and came to Iraq to meet him the next day with established appointment, following a request of Trump for mediation. . . "

This statement was read to all MPs today by the Iraqi PM himself.  And therein lies a very plausible reason my show was suddenly terminated from WBCQ: The truth came out, on the air,  as it happened.  No one could control the narrative.  The US lured Soleimani to Iraq with the lie of averting a war, then killed him when he got to Iraq.

King Edward (Long Shanks) of England did things like this to the Scottish in the era of William Wallace.  It's a tactic as old a mankind itself.

Just thought you would find it interesting that this news came out from the Iraqi Prime Minister today . . .

Maybe the Deep State got sensitive about information coming out on my show?

This is the type of real-time intelligence that listeners get on the Hal Turner Radio Show.   The show is continuing to air, 5 days a week,here on the net and live via KYAH radio, "Utah's Talk Authority."   The show begins at 9:00 PM eastern US time.  You can tune-in live here on the net using the LISTEN ONLINE links in the menu button above.  Those links do NOT go active until about an hour before the show starts.  They stream commercial-free music until the show begins.

Tune in!


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