INTEL - 10 Ton Ammonia Tank - Odessa - Easter Sunday

The Intelligence Community is abuzz with reports - all unconfirmed -- that some type of chemical attack is being planned against Odessa, Ukraine.  It is CLAIMED that this attack is being set up by the Ukrainian SBU (Secret Police) to take place on Orthodox Easter Sunday (Tomorrow) and to be blamed on Russia.

"The most likely scenario of the staging may be an imitation of a missile strike by the Russian Armed Forces on the western naval base of the Ukrainian Navy, as a result of which the port's cooling plant, located 500 meters from the military facility, will be blown up.

To implement this scenario, a tank with ammonia (10 tons) was delivered from Odessa to the territory of the enterprise on April 18, 2022, and personal protective equipment was issued to law enforcement and special services in the Odessa region."



Employees of the SBU and the special services of Great Britain (SAS) are allegedly the ones preparing this attack for Lisichansk, where Western journalists have arrived.

Kiev can simulate a Russian missile strike on the Ukrainian Navy base, as a result of which the port's refrigeration plant in Odessa will be blown up.

Employees of the Ukrainian special services are preparing the use of chemical substances in the area of the Odessa port "Yuzhny" in order to blame the Russian military.

The bishops of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church received recommendations from Zelensky not to hold celebrations on the night of April 24.

No such warnings have been sent to the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

From the Russian Ministry of Defense:

"Russia MOD statement , very detailed and lengthy.

According to reliable information, on the eve of the Easter holiday, the Kiev regime is preparing provocations to discredit the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.

Thus, the bishops of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church received recommendations from the office of President V. Zelensky: "on the night of April 23-24, not to hold traditional Easter celebrations, replacing them with an online broadcast of divine services in churches."

At the same time, these notifications were deliberately not sent to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate (hereinafter referred to as the UOC–MP) in order to organize a mass gathering of believers in the churches of the UOC-MP. The provocative actions are carried out against the background of the campaign carried out by the Kiev regime in the Ukrainian media to accuse Russia of allegedly organizing "rocket attacks on religious sites," including the Svyatogorsk Lavra.



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