INTEL - 10 Ton Ammonia Tank - Odessa - Easter Sunday

The Intelligence Community is abuzz with reports - all unconfirmed -- that some type of chemical attack is being planned against Odessa, Ukraine.  It is CLAIMED that this attack is being set up by the Ukrainian SBU (Secret Police) to take place on Orthodox Easter Sunday (Tomorrow) and to be blamed on Russia.


# Time To Move AwayForrest Mosby 2022-04-24 12:00
From that tank
+4 # Which Will Fall?Doug Brown 2022-04-23 21:16
Budapest, Berlin, Copenhagen, Brussels,
Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam, London, Bern,
Prague, Warsaw, Rome, Vienna?
So far nice and easy.
So far Russia's extremely limited objectives.
It could happen overnight.
So far it's been interpreted as a joke.
The assumption that the West will
automatically assume military
ascendancy, and destroy Russia, goes the the
hubris which will cause the lying empire to lose.
+1 # EU downTunnelrat 2022-04-24 08:46
Putin only needs 3 bombs. One for Brussel, one for Luxemburg and one for Strasburg and there is no EU more left. Praying that people cone to their senses.
+1 # Russsia preparing for a retaliatory attackBruce Oxenford 2022-04-23 20:15
Russia preparing for a retaliatory attack upon its homeland, would coincide with foreknowledge of this planned attack, which Hal briefed us on during his live shows late last week. However Hal was under the impression that Russia would strike first by nuclear weapons, yet Russian foreknowledge of a false flag event by Nato and thereby a retaliatory attack upon Russia would also be a possibility...
Somehow I feel Nato in being placed in a trap by Russia, and if Nato uses a nuclear weapon on Russia, somehow Russia is setting up for the whole world to witness NATO's folly.

Time will tell.
+3 # A young boy had a vision...Hold the door please 2022-04-23 20:07
And as he saw the beginnings of World War 3, he said that he saw the Catholic Church involved and helping to cause it. I watched the video. He saw Russia attacking, saw the carnage, saw the developing war, and said the Catholics were in on it somehow.
# Not All CatholicsDoug Brown 2022-04-23 21:30
But the Pope has a demon.
# RE: Not All CatholicsJFY 2022-04-23 22:03
Doug Brown, thank you for pointing that out. But further to the point, bergoglio isn't "The Pope", he is an anti-pope of the kind that we have had several times through the millennia, except worse.

He is a satanic freemason who was placed there to destroy what's left of the Church by impersonating a pope.
+1 # Benedict XVIDoug Brown 2022-04-23 22:23
True, Benedict XVI is the true Pope.
I've read 3/4 of Benedict XVI's
writings. Benedict XVI writes a lot like
a convinced Evangelical, which
I found amazing. He writes like he knows
Jesus Christ personally.
No wonder they wanted to dispose
of him. His books are fantastic and
draws a reader closer to the Sacraments,
The Holy Church, and Jesus Christ.
-1 # RE: Benedict XVIdaniel_martin 2022-04-24 05:17
who is the heretic that votes him down? He speaks the truth. All NATO protestants NATIONS will burn. The VERY catholic Portugal wont be Nuked. The Very Orthodox Greece wont be Nuke. Is my english good enough for you? Protestantism= Republicanism= Democracy=Freemansory=Comunism= moral decay thats is the Evil in this world. Apocalipse is the pay back. Thats why The very jewish Jesus Christ prophesied he would denied almost all christians when he returns. jewish and Muslims are monarchists to this day. I bet after EndTimes there will be far more Jewish, Muslims, Catholics and Orthodox. Protestants will be a thing of the past. Im talking post WW3/Nibiru world (2030/31 +).
-1 # Third Secret HintFaith11 2022-04-23 21:20
Here is so called third secret . the second one has to do with Russia which I believe has been fulfilled. " John XXIII fainted when he read the third secret because it specifically states, according to eyewitnesses, that the Pope would betray the flock and turn his sheep over to the slaughter devised by Lucifer himself. John XXIII fainted because he thought he would be the Pope who would open the door to Satan and that he would be the long-awaited antipope."
Everyone that is paying attention knows the fake rubber mask Pope is now seated and has pushed the vaccines that many believe turns off the "God Gene" which a top doctor discovered.
It has been speculated that subsequent Popes also read the prophecy and likewise chose not to make it public. Finally, 40 years later, the complete text of the prophecy was released, but the controversy surrounding it is far from over. That is simply because the church hasn't released it. Father Martin Malachi was the only person is credible that saw the third secret. Since they were all sworn to secrecy they would not say but he did give a hint, after Noory asked the question in a round-about way " Take your worst nightmare and multiply it exponentially" So, anyone's guess of what is the cause of this is outcome, might be close to the truth.
-5 # RE: Third Secret HintJFY 2022-04-23 22:20
Actually Roncalli (John XXIII) was an anti-pope who took his name from another anti-pope in the Middle Ages who used that name first.

Roncalli opened the doors to Vatican Council II, which led directly to where we are now with bergoglio.
-1 # This Post by Faith 11 is Good.Doug Brown 2022-04-23 21:34
This Pope, as insinuated, has a demon.
# RE: A young boy had a vision...Maid4theLamb64 2022-04-23 20:24
Where is the video online, please? Would like to see it also. Thanks.
-2 # Father Malichi Martin's booksDoug Brown 2022-04-23 22:33
His best book, by far, is called:
Utterly fantastic work. Every Hal Turner
person should familiarize themselves with it
Father Martin's last book is called:
in which Father Martin
reveals how Satan has entered the Vatican
and has taken control of the Catholic
Heirachry. Prophetic? Many believe so.
+7 # Blinken & AustinGaryhines 2022-04-23 19:27
Hi Hal Blinken & Austin are going to Kyiv to meet with Zelensky which means that the United States &NATO are planning something inside of Ukraine.Coming out of the Mouth of Victoria Nuland that Russia was going to use a tactical Nuke inside of Ukraine.that means that the United States and Nato are going to use a tactical Nuke inside of Ukraine.
+1 # Diplomatic luggageRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-04-24 00:28
Uhhhh, yeah, here's your, uhhh, briefcase, sir... Remember not to open it until your, uh, meeting.
+2 # Nuke KyivBill51 2022-04-23 19:58
While the meeting is going on!!!!
+3 # WWIIIVercinge 2022-04-23 19:05
Kiev plotting Bucha-like false flag in Lisichansk, cautions Russian top brass
US, NATO move to final stage of plotting provocations in Ukraine, diplomat says
US prepares provocations to accuse Russia of using tactical nuclear weapons
# RE: WWIIImjc 2022-04-23 20:41
There is no 'Truth' in Pravda.

There is no 'news' in Izvestia.

Tass (being an acronym of T(elegráfnoe) a(génstvo) S(ovétskogo) S(oyúza) Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union) is the at this point the most historically accurate.

Je.Sus.Christ. Millennials are shit researching news.

The rest of us have seen what they pass for 'news'.
It's worse than CNN.
-1 # More TruthDoug Brown 2022-04-23 22:40
More Truth and objectivity in TASS and
RT than MSNBC, FOX, CNN, CPAN combined.
What type of coffee are you drinking?
+2 # Faith should not recognize borfetslloydbarker 2022-04-23 18:37
Orthoxy in Ukraine has always been problematic. Despite my past conflicts with the GRU, I hope they fuck up the SBU.
+2 # RE: INTEL - 10 Ton Ammonia Tank - Odessa - Easter SundayRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-04-23 18:33
Reminds me of a thief sneaking up to a porch to steal a pkg and the motion sensors turn the lights on and a voice comes over the speaker saying, Busted!
+13 # "President V. Zelensky A Special Kind Of Satanist" 2022-04-23 18:32
It takes a "Special Kind of Evil Son of a Bitch to Blow Up a Capacity Filled Christian Church." President V. Zelensky deserves to "Receive a Special Non-Refundable Non-Stop Ticket too Hell." He and his Nazis, along with U.S. Congressional Supporters, will "Partake in Seats of Honor to Lucifer" in the "Lord God's Special Hell Fire Damnation Eternal Lake of Fire" especially "Reserved for these Special Kind of Nasty Satanic Filled Poor Excuse for a Human Being Demonic Things destine to Burn Forever."
+3 # RE: "President V. Zelensky A Special Kind Of Satanist"PastorK 2022-04-23 19:34
It takes a "Special Kind of Evil Son of a Bitch to Blow Up a Capacity Filled Christian Church." President V. Zelensky deserves to "Receive a Special Non-Refundable Non-Stop Ticket too Hell." He and his Nazis, along with U.S. Congressional Supporters, will "Partake in Seats of Honor to Lucifer" in the "Lord God's Special Hell Fire Damnation Eternal Lake of Fire" especially "Reserved for these Special Kind of Nasty Satanic Filled Poor Excuse for a Human Being Demonic Things destine to Burn Forever."

It doesn't take a special kind of evil to do this. It takes someone who is following the devil because they've been "promised" some kind of eternal reward. The problem is that hell and the lake of fire are the only two "rewards" the devil actually brings to the table.
+4 # RE: INTEL - 10 Ton Ammonia Tank - Odessa - Easter SundayLambs Servant 2022-04-23 18:21
Just curious but why didn't he give that information to the Orthodox Church?
+7 # RE: INTEL - 10 Ton Ammonia Tank - Odessa - Easter Sundayclayht 2022-04-23 19:30
Probably because the Orthodox Church is the Russian Branch.
Dear Heavenly Father Please protect all who worship the Lord Jesus Christ no matter the church they worship in, Amen.
Soli Deo Gloria!
+2 # I suspectCarla 2022-04-23 19:20
The-powers-that-(shouldn't)-be did that in order to target the Christians in the Orthodox Church for destruction/sacrifice as they gather in large numbers tomorrow evening for services.
+14 # PraySrmay72 2022-04-23 18:01
Let's pray all the sites that have warned against it can hopefully stop it . If everyone knows what's coming pray they won't do it . Ammonia is a horrible way to die. I've been in a cloud it sucks the air right out of your lungs.
+4 # Taffy 60 in the news....mjc 2022-04-23 17:46

NATO & Russian Military Presence In Mediterranean Sea At Cold War Levels

""Ukraine has changed things. The Americans are back. This hasn’t been the case since the Cold War...." - Thibault Lavernhe, regional communication officer of the French army in the Mediterranean
+4 # Gonzalo Lira's Twitter feed is saying the same.Schnauzer_World 2022-04-23 17:41
+13 # Didn’t bidet have a red line?Gregg W 2022-04-23 17:41
I’m trying to remember. Didn’t resident bidet mention a while back, “If Putin uses chemical weapons…”?
+5 # On a holy day?!?! 2022-04-23 17:26
Google _______ attacked on a holy day. Pick a country at random to insert and, yup, at some point in history countless countries have been attacked on a holiday they were celebrating or their attackers were to be celebrating. SMH
+8 # Yom Kippur 2022-04-23 17:30
October 1973 When the fourth Arab-Israeli war began on October 6, 1973, many of Israel's soldiers were away from their posts observing Yom Kippur (or Day of Atonement).
+14 # 2022-04-23 17:14
have a reporter on hand in Odessa detailing rocket attacks on a military target and 2 apartment blocks.
Anthony Blinken is to visit Kiev on Sunday.
So, it is all set up ready for the false flag attack.
+7 # Did a search...J_Grayman 2022-04-23 17:07
..on "chemical attack is being planned against Odessa"....found it interesting that the Russians have been saying as far back as March 18th that a "chemical attack" was being planned by Ukraine forces/NATO/US and place the blame on Russia.

Seems that the US definitely wants to rachet this up, what's the latest, another 800 mil in weapons??
+14 # The Dow dropped a 2022-04-23 17:28
and it will continue to drop next week.
The official whistle for WW3 is needed asap.
+3 # Don't worrySrmay72 2022-04-23 18:02
Trump will save the world, ya right
+1 # RE: Don't worryoldschool 2022-04-24 00:21
Quoting Srmay72:
Trump will save the world, ya right

That's what Q said.
+1 # RE: Don't worryjmredmond54 2022-04-23 20:11
The same SOB that pointed up at the sky and said the jab is a "gift from god". Who is his god?
+1 # Deceived by "Experts"EagleLady77 2022-04-24 00:52
Trump and others were deceived by Fauci and other "experts" that they should have been able to trust. A man who has been deceived can pass on false information without realizing it. He can be acting in good faith and thinking that he is helping people.
-1 # A Pastor Jeffres/Houston, TexasDoug Brown 2022-04-23 22:51
Pastor Jeffres, out of Houston
Texas said that.
Specifically, prior to Christmas,
he said the vaccine was God's
gift to us all.
Pastor Jeffres is as
demon possessed as the Pope.
# Pastor Jeffres is demon possessedoldschool 2022-04-24 00:27
Absolutely !
+3 # RE: Don't worryGunner 2022-04-23 20:09
Trump is a straight punk-bitch, con artist, liar.
-1 # That Is Putting It Nicely.Doug Brown 2022-04-23 23:59
Trump's legacy is non-existent.
Trump discredited himself.
But I like the way you put it.
+8 # WELL WELL WELLBeetlepumpr 2022-04-23 16:58
+9 # Time will tellDogsncars 2022-04-23 16:56
I am sure soon or later they will do a false flag saying Russia did something. We need Russia to make the first strike in order to get our sheeple to get behind sending our kids into the meat grinder


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