INTEL COMM CIRCUITS BLAZING: Claiming "Putin Gave the "Go" Order"

Intelligence communications circuits worldwide are BLAZING with rapid developments in almost ALL European countries.   Bear in mind that these Intelligence Community communications circuits only light up when info is so urgent, it cannot wait to go through normal means of communication.


+1 # When Will It Start?Gunner91 2022-02-14 14:18
Moon Phase on February 16, 2022 › phase › 02 › 16 › 2022
The Full Moon on February 16 has an illumination of 100%. This is the percentage of the Moon illuminated by the Sun. The illumination is constantly changing and can vary up to 10% a day. On February 16 the Moon is 14.56 days old. This refers to how many days it has been since the last New Moon.

-1 # Not to worrySamuel Badolato UNPAID SINCE JANUARY - SHUT OFF 07-24-2022 2022-02-13 23:47
Ukraine is giving up his bed to be a NATO member and changing their fundamental law in the Constitution to make that a priority go of according to one of their ambassadors that's under consideration now no wonder one night I had a dream about 3 or 4 years ago all of a sudden Ukraine right around Christmas time was giving full membership in the needle without any debates or any negotiations done ahead of time no one knew it was coming but they were given phone membership offered it and it seems so real like I time traveled I've done it before and heard numbers before they came in but who knows how real that is is it a dream or was I awake with the numbers I have a lot of mirrors in my room where I sleep they might have something to do with time travel
This will surprise most news junkies:
+1 # It's possible , Butkiltews 2022-02-14 00:07
This article does alot of assuming. Why would Germany come so close to completing Nordstream, and then do a 180 and shut it down. The only table War is on is USAs', nobody else wants it. Besides, Germany desperately needs Nordstream to be a success. Maybe USA is just using this story to cover up the fact that they are the aggressors and desperately need Russia to invade Ukraine to cover up all their past sins that they have committed there.
-1 # RE: INTEL COMM CIRCUITS BLAZING: Claiming "Putin Gave the "Go" Order"Peachey 2022-02-12 21:31
I know a lot of people are saying Russia will attack on February 15th, but I don’t think Putin will do the expected. He could of planned to look frustrated on his last interview. Waiting a few days more may make everyone nervous, tired, and doubtful of Putin’s intentions. Too many people saying the attack will be next week. Just my opinion.
-1 # OrWoulf 2022-02-13 03:10
He is waiting for those pulling their hair out and running around yelling the sky is falling to have a stoke or a heart attack. A lot of that going around lately. I am hoping for the guys with the butter nets and rubber truck to take them back where they came from.
-1 # RE: OrWoulf 2022-02-13 03:12
"Butterfly nets", so much for proof reading. Where is F7 when you need it.
# RE: INTEL COMM CIRCUITS BLAZING: Claiming "Putin Gave the "Go" Order"RockyMountainBeerMan 2022-02-12 23:37
Surprise attacks are best.
-1 # Canadian ‘Anti-Hate’ Group Used Miami Anti-Semitic Flyer to Smear Ottawa Truckers…Haarnaś 2022-02-12 21:08
I think that the term has obviously outlived its usefulness and everybody in the whole world knows it now!
+3 # Because...Gulfcaptain 2022-02-12 20:35
Because the West wants Russia to act, is one reason Russia will not, at least not the way the West is expecting. The USA will try to force Putin's hand (false flag?) But even then, Putin knows the one who moves first is the loser in this game. So after the false flag, a period of discovery where Russia stays still and demands an international investigation body to look at what happened. The west is time pressed. Putin is also pressed (expenses of deployment) but time is on his side as the west's credibility crumbles as time passes with no Russian invasion as claimed by the USA. Russia looks defensive, NATO looks aggressive and untrustworthy. When next Tuesday rolls around and nothing happens, then again the USA looks like fools.
+3 # ExactlyMan of the Atom 2022-02-12 21:48
This is like a chess game and the Russians are on their own territory. People are stronger when they are defending their homeland (Vietnam, Afghanistan - the 2 wars we lost). They were all together at one time in "the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics" (CCCP or USSR) and they will have many people who speak and think like them in Ukraine. We in the "West" with our funny alphabet and languages are the outsiders in this potential conflict. It is possible that any engagement may be like the limited war with Georgia about the Russians in South Ossetia.

Meanwhile Hal Turner is beginning to get noticed by the alternative media - two recent posts are on a leading alt news site - some would say THE leading alt news site.

Some more stuff for kicks and grins - US and Russian embassies in Kiev being evacuated?

Will this be "Biden crazy" or just "crazy"?

Are things not crazy enough for you? Try this site!

Meanwhile Putin is likely correct about the corrupt social media platforms:

I'm not on Macebook (whatever) so I don't know but frankly I would not doubt him for a minute. It begins to be unsettling when the head of the Russian Federation is making more sense than almost any other "world leader" ... this show how far the "West" has fallen. We may be on verge of either disintegration or becoming ungovernable.
+4 # I should addMan of the Atom 2022-02-12 22:16
Those of you who don' like Putin will find it unsettling when he is more making sense than anybody over here.
# RE: I should addRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-02-12 23:41
He has always made more sense than Biden and his keepers.
+5 # No WarDoug Brown 2022-02-12 19:46
Biden is a moron, Putin isn't.
Something is going on but it isn't war.
+1 # RE: No WarGunner 2022-02-12 20:37
The U.S. will probably be blatantly attacked/Invaded or Nuked. Think Yellow Chink bastards.
+1 # RE: No WarWoulf 2022-02-13 04:50
We have already been invaded. Our universities have been invaded with a student id by the CCP, our companies bought out. The CCP has quietly infiltrated and invaded. They need us mostly intact, the big cities not so much so.
-1 # RE: No WarRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-02-12 23:40
They'll certainly be easy to identify.
-2 # Exactly.Haarnaś 2022-02-12 21:12
Be ready!
# To Quote ...Palehorse 2022-02-12 19:38

As Haarnaś has become the Quote Mister and
Rumor Karen, lets quote Haarnaś, and see what
makes it/his/her mind click.

To Quote Harnasś
# Not quite right — Harnaś 2021-11-06 11:32

Wrong number. Wrong perspective. You need to see beyond horizon.
Only the Christian Remnant and those who convert will survive until
2022 April Easter
, the Second Coming of Christ and recreation of
the Earth, 1/3 larger and more oval (since time was promised to
be shortened, ie compressed by Our Lord it will be February 20,
counting the hours ~2300 hrs from November 15th 16:00 Rome time).
The original McCoy will be scattered to the Universe by our sun
doing a supernova with the brown dwarf and its own solar system.
Notice where Haarnaś says "Only the Christian Remnant and... will survive until 2022 April Easter

And, "the Second Coming of Christ... February 20..." which is only 8 days away.

Way to go Harnasś as you are obviously off
the cliff.

This quote can be found at:

Next time Haarnaś calls someone a moron,
just remember this quote from the past.
-6 # RE: To Quote ...Haarnaś 2022-02-12 20:27
Quoting Palehorse:

To Quote Harnasś
# Not quite right — Harnaś 2021-11-06 11:32

Wrong number. Wrong perspective. You need to see beyond horizon.
Only the Christian Remnant and those who convert will survive until

I have already informed the forum that these dates were off and we (ie Milan and I) decided not to publish any further dates. However, I always remind other forumnauts that the Great Chastisement is imminent, and this has been the case for several months. You are the only here as thick as two planks who does not seem to understand.
+1 # RE: To Quote ...Palehorse 2022-02-12 23:26

To Quote Haarnaś
dates were off

Your dates were far more then "off," they were
blatant lies.

Many things have yet to happen before the return
of Jesus according to the scriptures, the 2 witnesses
for 1,260 days, revealing of the anti Christ, mark of
the beast, etc.
And you squeezed all of that in between Nov. 2021
and Feb. 2022, a brief 3 months. 1,260 days
Good grief!
What are you smoking?
+3 # Famous quote from the old Newsweek print magazine (1980s?)Man of the Atom 2022-02-12 21:58
"One thing about the prophets of doomsday, sooner or later they're bound to be right".

Also I think of the words of a friend of mine who died in a car wreck which he did not cause at age 41 leaving behind a wife and two young daughters, "there's always room for further deterioration".
-1 # CorrectionFrankFan23 2022-02-12 21:42
*only ONE here
+1 # But, again, real time reportingDudimus Maximus 2022-02-12 19:09
even though the intel circuits are blazing for the past hour - there is still no cohesive or dispositive confirmation of ANY of it. yes but its more information than the options being relayed/reported anywhere else, AND they are the options being considered by the best available sources. If anyone has anything better here, by all means, fill us in. It's a game in motion- there may be more options and combinations- no one can call it ahead of time- leaks and false leaks, rumors and the deception of war is going to be everywhere. THANKS FOR THE REPORTS AND UPDATES.
+3 # Possible factorTerraHertz 2022-02-12 19:07
The Georgian assault on Tskhinvali in Sth Ossetia began when the Georgian artillery opened up during the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Both Putin and George Bush were at the ceremony. When the attack began Putin walked over to Bush (who appeared inebriated) and whispered a few words into Bush's ear then walked away.

The attack timing was deliberate. Georgian president (US puppet and tie-eater) Saakashvili was quoted as saying "Brilliant plan, no one would suspect we'd begin during the Olympics!"

Except that Russia had learned of the plan and prepared a massive counterpunch. They rolled over the Georgians, and could have taken all of Georgia. But halted suddenly, soon before reaching Gori. Events suggested the US side was planning to nuke Gori and blame the Russians, and the Russians had figured this out too.

Putin was disgusted with Bush & Sack-o-shit-Saakashvili for beginning the 'surprise' shelling of Tskhinvali in Sth Ossetia, actually during the Olympic opening ceremony. Showing an utter contempt for ancient civilized traditions - no conflict during the Olympics. You can imagine what he thought of the false flag nuke plan too. Not to mention Ukraine deliberately shooting down MH 17 and claiming Russia or separatists did it. Putin knows the political rulers of the West are despicable demons, who can never change.

I don't think Russia will venture into Ukraine during the Olympics. But after... a different story. Now it's all timing. How long will it take for the Duma to recognise the independent states of East Ukraine? Then to accept their wishes to merge with Russia?

It will go nuclear. If Russia tries to keep it a conventional conflict it will be NATO forces that use nukes first. Unless Putin decides that offense is the best defense. In which case a global decapitation of the Satanic Elites would be his best and most humane option.
+1 # The 20th FebTerraHertz 2022-02-12 19:13
I'd meant to mention that the 2022 Bejing Olympics end on the 20th Feb.

The closing ceremony - moment of maximum irony. If that's of any significance.
-4 # Once The Thaw HitsForrest Mosby 2022-02-12 19:02
The Tank War is off til June
+1 # "Shock and awe"Man of the Atom 2022-02-12 22:17
That won't affect airplanes.
+5 # WWIIIVercinge 2022-02-12 18:50
According to this site that I have been following for years and which analyzes geo-politics in the light of the Holy Scriptures, the USA / UK / ISRAEL have probably programmed an incredible False flag for February 16 (or shortly before) that will force Russia to react militarily, without more no chance to avoid it. Personally, I do not exclude that they have planned the murder of an important person in the West in such a way as to put the blame on Russia. I think for example of Zelensky himself who is expressing doubts about the Russian aggression of Ukraine and could be the sacrificial victim that the Zionist globalists have designated even before making him the puppet president of Ukraine. After the False flag of 11 September, which marked a decisive turning point in human history, in which 3000 Americans were cynically sacrificed, we can expect everything from the Illuminati Zionist globalists in the direct service of Lucifer / Satan. Even an unthinkable that not even the most fervent fictional writer could imagine.

On the one hand there is the Satanist Zionist West which absolutely wants war, on the other hand there is Christian Russia which absolutely wants to avoid it. The only way to blow the balance of forces is a False flag so serious and similar to reality, but radically opposite to it (the murder of an important Western politician committed by the West itself!!!), that almost the whole world, thanks to the rigged Western media system, will hold Russia responsible.
+1 # RE: INTEL COMM CIRCUITS BLAZING: Claiming "Putin Gave the "Go" Order"Beetlepumpr 2022-02-12 18:36
Quoting Beetlepumpr:
i agree with your timing on war certainty except the 99%, with an addition. war by 3-22-22 ( 322 ) SPRING IS MARCH 20,2022 SO WITH THAT SAID SATAN WILL HAVE A WAR ON THE 20TH 21ST OR 22, MAYBE 23RD. WITH THAT BEING SAID REMEMBER THIS. Matthew 24:20 The Abomination of Desolation
…19How miserable those days will be for pregnant and nursing mothers! 20 Pray that your flight will not occur in the winter or on the Sabbath. 21For at that time there will be great tribulation, unmatched from the beginning of the world until now, and never to be seen again

Being the Temple of God's Holy Spirit now, the Abomination that causes Desolation has entered the Temple, and Satan has declared himself as God in vaxxxed ppl by changing their DNA, and bringing sure destruction.
This vaxxx has cause spontaneous abortion in 82% of all pregnant women in the first two trimester periods. Plus how many children died/sickened by nursing or being close to their vaxxxed mother.

+3 # As For Hal Bugging OutForrest Mosby 2022-02-12 18:09
Hell Yes…Good call Sir…Anyone at this stage, aware and prepared, that lives near a Strike Zone and HASNT pulled stakes will get a full dose whats looking our way……You can say it anyway you want—-Morrison said “No one here gets out alive”..he was talking about a room full of friends but it applies…like stocking food-Id rather not starve waiting for The Rapture; Id rather not burn until its time for The Whole World to go….til then, Id try to lay low, especially with dependents to care for….
Kudos, Hal….If you have to skip a few shows or posts, we get it….
Alas, Babylon
+1 # They Just BustedForrest Mosby 2022-02-12 17:59
Some dipshit female trying to smuggle a sackload of AR’s INTO Canada…False Flag or dumbass, its all the same…casting a bad light on The Movement
+6 # Two things coming 2022-02-12 17:58
1. The results of the mRNA vaccines on fertility will now show in official statistics.

2. The mRNA induced AIDS is now seen to be complete after 3 boosters - you are within months of death.

The NWO needs war - and NOW.
Otherwise their dreams will be destroyed by democratic goverments exposing this genocide.
-1 # Call To ArmsWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2022-02-12 17:45
Careth Emery feat. Evan Henzi

Call to arms!...
Taking over
The light
All there is to be said
Has been said
Let the walls fall
Let the Shadows disappear
Let our story star
From this moment here
# The Freedom Convoys Are Making “We the People” Protagonists of Their Own FreedomWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2022-02-12 17:40
Warriors Rise | The Crowhouse
The number of COVID vaccine injuries is Staggering
+2 # If Macron still had the consent of his people, he wouldn’t have needed to call in brigades of tanks to protect himself from them...”White Lightning aka Raptor 2022-02-12 17:37
With these spontaneous Freedom Convoys springing up around the world, we’re seeing once again that there is no force on earth so powerful as angry citizens taking back their own liberty from the illegitimate claws of government
+2 # Other Inteljcallaway67 2022-02-12 16:31
From Amir Tsarfati: The United States has updated Israel: A Russian invasion is likely to take place on Tuesday!
+4 # RE: Other IntelForrest Mosby 2022-02-12 18:01
Quoting jcallaway67:
From Amir Tsarfati: The United States has updated Israel: A Russian invasion is likely to take place on Tuesday!

That Means Sunday Night
+4 # heheheselah 2022-02-12 15:42
zelinsy is screwed. if he doesn't tell nato to "f" off, it's over for him.
russia has been so adamant about not invading ukraine that they're proly gonna bypass that option for now and hit all the nato capitals, hopefully.
# RE: heheheselah 2022-02-12 16:32

some of what went down earlier
+3 # Well two thingsSrmay72 2022-02-12 15:41
One this is just a scare tactic since gas is still being pumped into the EU OR 2 HAL BUGGED OUT TO PENNSYLVANIA. LETS HOPE ITS JUST A SCARE TACTIC TO CONTINUE TO CONTROL THE MASSES.
-11 # Sorry....BohdiUtah 2022-02-12 17:15
Hate to be the one to tell you but there is no eternal place of torment called hell.
# More heretics and heresies?Haarnaś 2022-02-12 20:30
Quoting BohdiUtah:
Hate to be the one to tell you but there is no eternal place of torment called hell.

Yes, they are ruling the roost on this forum!
-7 # TRY AGAIN...Rick Geise 2022-02-12 15:03
-6 # SEARCH "VALENTINES AND NIMROD'Rick Geise 2022-02-12 15:06 the above website.
-5 # HAPPY V-DAY!???Rick Geise 2022-02-12 14:55
For your thoughtful consideration:
-1 # RE: HAPPY V-DAY!???RockyMountainBeerMan 2022-02-12 16:39
Good site, very informative, thank you
+8 # RE: INTEL COMM CIRCUITS BLAZING: Claiming "Putin Gave the "Go" Order"Lambs Servant 2022-02-12 14:14
I wonder why Hall is not updating. I hope that he is okay. Maybe he is bugging out to his bug out location.
+8 # Out the doorjameschrls 2022-02-12 15:51
I heard him say on the radio show, his son was loading up the truck…a good time to bug out!
-11 # RE: INTEL COMM CIRCUITS BLAZING: Claiming "Putin Gave the "Go" Order"diversatech 2022-02-12 15:04
bugging out, most of us subscribed in the hopes that your info is reliable and timely in a crisis. I guess a moral and fiduciary responsibility does not apply to subscribers during a potential or ongoing crisis.
+6 # Really?AlcoluJohn 2022-02-12 19:09
For the vast sum of one buck a week, you really expect him to place your desire for information above the safety and survival of his family? Well, ain't you some kind of special!
+9 # Diversatech aka survivor 2022-02-12 15:36
Yes, we subscribe for reliable and timely info which I , for one , am satisfied to the point I just renewed my annual subscription this month. I applaud Hal that as a man who walks the walk he is taking care of his family first….but as a stand up patriot he prepared his bug out location to be able to continue to broadcast as long as internet/short wave facilities allow. He previously broadcast from PA to test out his system since he is that thorough an operator. Perhaps you are not aware of his backstory….former military, former US intel….we are blessed to have someone with his skills and love of country.
Now go take care of your own before you talk smack about this American hero….Rivka in MI

My backstory….movie quote “ I’m in a Bible prayer group, member of the PTA, the NRA, and I’m always packing….and, yes, my Saturday nite special shoots just fine any day of the week, bless your heart!”
-9 # RE: Diversatech aka survivor probeediversatech 2022-02-12 15:58
American hero? The rap sheet differs substantially from the self professed resume. Paid informant is vastly different from Intel specialist. I subscribe here in hopes that there is some usable info, but a snitch and an enemy of Israel and US policy is hardly what I consider to be an American Hero. I am a Disabled Marine vet, and I've seen plenty of heros, none of them blow their own horn. Those who do turn out to be liars or delusional. I believe there is useful info here at times, and so I subscribe. Please do the research on the source and you'll be, well, disappointed and disillusioned.
-1 # RE: Diversatech aka survivor probeeWoulf 2022-02-13 04:35
I can never recall a time when "Hal" has called himself a "hero". A lot of people will say "Thank you for your service". Some of us will tell you if can still wear "dress blues", have an honor guard and a flag, you will have a lot more than some of us will ever have. Our government can send billions of too countries that want to cut our throat, but the VA cannot be upgraded. We can 3D prints parts for cars but not people. All the hero's I have known are in a shallow graves or where gut shot on their knees with a satchel charge. It always ends the same way. The way a tribunal see's things. You did not "do" what you were supposed to "do" or did what you were "not" supposed to do. The "why" of it is for the sentencing phase. A man can do what is right, but they think is wrong. The end result shows in the sentencing phase.
-1 # RE: Diversatech aka survivor probeeDudimus Maximus 2022-02-12 19:25
Quoting diversatech:
American hero? The rap sheet differs substantially from the self professed resume. Paid informant is vastly different from Intel specialist. I subscribe here in hopes that there is some usable info, but a snitch and an enemy of Israel and US policy is hardly what I consider to be an American Hero. I am a Disabled Marine vet, and I've seen plenty of heros, none of them blow their own horn. Those who do turn out to be liars or delusional. I believe there is useful info here at times, and so I subscribe. Please do the research on the source and you'll be, well, disappointed and disillusioned.

I get your drift and agree somewhat; but have a question: WTF does "hero" and all that other crap that's been sold to us from birth have anything to do with reality besides used to motivate and coerce you into DOING the will of the people with the medals to bestow- they can keep their worthless medals and hero titles ... as one worthless poet said “You've got some 'Star-Spangled' nails in your coffin, kid. That's what they've done for you, son.” Hal provides a service of delivering some naked reality opinions. Hero is for Hollywood.... it's all bullshit.
There must be some way out of here"
Said the joker to the thief "There's too much confusion I can't get no relief Businessmen, they drink my wine Plowmen dig my earth
None of them along the line Know what any of it is worth" ..."No reason to get excited" The thief, he kindly spoke "There are many here among us Who feel that life is but a joke
But you and I, we've been through that And this is not our fate So let us not talk falsely now The hour is getting late"

That Hero crap will get you killed, and then, you're dead... and gone,,, so fckn gone..
+4 # 2022-02-12 16:23
First..thank you for your service.
I’m aware of his “rap sheet” as you identify. Again, stand up guy, Hal has discussed that issue on his broadcast. As a Christian,
I believe the Word when it proclaims all have sinned and I for sure and for certain won’t be throwing stones. As stated I feel I get my money’s worth…if you feel you need a better ROI there are other alt news sites hungry for your bucks.
+2 # RE: Diversatech aka survivor probeeselah 2022-02-12 16:21
Please do the research on IsraHell and you'll be, well, disappointed and disillusioned.
-1 # RE: Diversatech aka survivor probeediversatech 2022-02-13 00:36
Hey selah how about, PHUCK YOU. Mess with Israel and you mess with the one true GOD, The God of Abraham, Issac, and Joseph. You're toast, repent or suffer the promised wrath of G_D. You are a pathetic keyboard warrior waste of skin. My G_D is a vengeful and awesome God who ALWAYS keeps his promises.
+6 # Lambs 2022-02-12 14:24
Yes, on Friday 11Feb radio broadcast Hal indicates his son is loading their vehicle…check the radio archive, last quarter hour during call-in segment.
+5 # RE: Lambs ServantLambs Servant 2022-02-12 14:31
Yes, on Friday 11Feb radio broadcast Hal indicates his son is loading their vehicle…check the radio archive, last quarter hour during call-in segment.

Okay. Thank you. Very dangerous situation that we are in now. May God have mercy on us all.
-2 # RE: Lambs ServantRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-02-12 16:06
We don't deserve any. Some do, not all.
+7 # Biden-Putin phone call todayMary Wehrman 2022-02-12 13:55
Senior administration official briefed on @POTUS-Putin call and made clear there was no breakthrough: The call produced “no fundamental change in the dynamics,” and on the ground, there is “no real evidence of de-escalation, or interest in de-escalation…"
+3 # RE: INTEL COMM CIRCUITS BLAZING: Claiming "Putin Gave the "Go" Order"RockyMountainBeerMan 2022-02-12 13:33
Calm before the storm?
+1 # Trucks have left Ambassador Bridge and police are now blocking anyone from entering but Freedom Convoy supporters are gathering and vow to 'hold the line' - as more protesters descend on OttawaHaarnaś 2022-02-12 13:29
Freedom Convoy truckers left the Ambassador Bridge Saturday when Windsor Police arrived at the blockade on the US-Canada border - more than 12 hours after a court order to end the blockade took effect

Police descended on the scene around 8:30 a.m., warning protesters to 'act lawfully'
Many left without any resistance, but some are standing their ground.

Other protesters dismantled small tarp-covered encampments and swept the area
All vehicles had been removed from the blockade near the bridge north of College Avenue at Huron Church Road, but the bridge remains closed.

Officers remain in a standoff with a group of protesters who are 'holding the line' at the bridge entrance .

No arrests have been made as of 12 noon
The 'Freedom Convoy' protests, which began in Ottawa by Canadian truckers opposing a vaccinate-or-quarantine mandate for cross-border drivers, entered its 16th day on Saturday.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens said Friday that the government wants to see protesters leave voluntarily but steps will be taken to have them removed if they refuse to do so
Conservative Ontario Premier Doug Ford on Friday declared a state of emergency, threatening fines ($100 000) and jail (one year).

US group 'Convoy to Save America' is launching convoys from Nashville and New York City this weekend
-2 # Dykish Gov. Gretchen WhitmerHaarnaś 2022-02-12 13:51
Michigan tow trucks are clearing Ambassador Bridge, complements of Whitmire who had authorized it!
-1 # Where is the Queen in all of This? Ahh, she and old fart Charles have Covid!Haarnaś 2022-02-12 13:38
What a perfect excuse for inability to REIGN!
# Its Common KnowledgeForrest Mosby 2022-02-12 13:26
That people who go around shitting on themselves, especially in the presence of Royalty,don't have the mental capacity to have ‘nervous breakdowns’ so that lets Brandon out.
Vlad hasn't had a nerve to break since 1979 so he’s in the clear too.
This will all go down as planned w/o any input from the Top.
+9 # US sub found in Russian WatersThe_4th_Turning 2022-02-12 11:27

‘The Russian Defense Ministry summoned the US military attache because of the discovery of submarine in the territorial waters of the Russian Federation’

‘Russian ministry of Defense says U.S. Virginia-class submarine was detected in Russian territorial waters near Kuril islands. Pacific Fleet Udaloy-class destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov used special means and submarine retreated from the area’

This should turn out well.
+5 # MoreThe_4th_Turning 2022-02-12 11:56
“The provocative actions of the US Navy vessel created a threat to the national security of Russia”, - said the Russian Defense Ministry
-1 # CoolPioneer 2022-02-12 11:42
Thanks for the link.
+6 # ExplosionSpetsnaz7 2022-02-12 10:52
There has been a large explosion in eastern Ukraine residents say they get a shockwave near Donetsk
+2 # I've been looking..DM56 2022-02-12 17:50
..for this information to be reported elsewhere. You posted this several hours ago. Got a link?
+4 # Crimea Againgbhaywood 2022-02-12 10:27
NATO and the West are conceding. Troops and diplomat staff are being pulled
out. Russia gets Luhansk and Donetsk next week. The question is if they will overthrow the Ukraine gov to install their puppet. No WW3.
+5 # Don’t think sojameschrls 2022-02-12 15:57
The UK and the US are removing their few troops because this IS going hot. They provoke war and then turn tail and run like the pussies they are
-16 # Castle crack up jobsSamuel Badolato UNPAID SINCE JANUARY - SHUT OFF 07-24-2022 2022-02-12 09:49
When a person stays in a castle for a year and doesn't go anywhere they have a certain type a breakdown I think Mr Putin is having a breakdown and biden's supposed to call him today we will know if he had a breakdown or not Mr Putin depending what happens within the next 24 hours after that phone call I would be nowhere near Mr Biden when people crack up in a castle they're very violent there's no sense there is no backing off for a nervous breakdown Castle man
+1 # I think you mean Biden and his WH movie setsMan of the Atom 2022-02-12 23:12
... that are not in the WH?! When has anyone seen ANYTHING like this b4??

"He's like the crazy aunt you don't let out of the basement!"

Who's in charge here? WTH is in charge here???
+3 # Are you ok?ENDofTIME 2022-02-12 13:31
What the fuck did I just read? You ok friend?
+2 # Putin does not get depressed at all!Haarnaś 2022-02-12 11:33
Quoting Sammy b3368:
Mr Putin is having a breakdown and biden's supposed to call him today we will know if he had a breakdown

Mr. Putin is the oldest politician on the block, having become the President of Russia in 1999. He was also a Prime Minister briefly between 2008-12. He is a cool hand Luke and marches only to his own band. He knows exactly what he is doing and why. juvenile delinquent and ex-KGB, very methodical. He is therefore not a man to be admired, whose wife escaped from him to Germany and remains in hiding. He is a tyrant and mass murdered (Chechen war) and political assassin (multiple political rivals including most notoriously Lt.General Lebed and a military planeload of highest-ranking Polish government officials including President and his wife well as the entire Polish High Military Command and the President of Polish Bank were assassinated by him). Men like Putin do not get depressed, they get even!,h_330,al_c,q_80,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/94e197_43b98f4761ce490db0ad39cef9a45307~mv2.jpg
+2 # Donald Tusk a Polish globalist was in on it apparently b/c they resisted the EUMan of the Atom 2022-02-12 23:30
One of the Kacynski brothers on board that famous plane also had been in Ukraine during the Euromaidan protests encouraging Russia's enemies to overthrow the Ukraine government.

This is like the "men who know too much", Ron Brown (and a whole planeload with him!) said to have been assassinated by the Clintons b/c he said he "was not going down by himself" - and he didn't - it took a whole planeload of people to kill him, Vince Foster who allegedly was a bagman of sorts for Operation Black Eagle run out of Iron Mountain, Texas and Mena, Arkansas where the Cocaine Importation Agency in the 1980s brought in drugs to raise $$ to arm the Contras who were fighting the Sandanistas in Nicaragua - the source of the Foster hit is uncertain but it may have been the Clintons. How about Barry Seal a big time "importer" who had the phone number of an Admiral in the Pentagon? He was shot on the streets of New Orleans by Columbian hitmen. Investigators have linked that hit to Bush I. Anybody here still remember that Bernie Sanders supporter who was bumped off b/c he leaked Hillary's dirty laundry to Wikileaks?

"I only know what I read on the Internet."
+2 # He knows the score!Man of the Atom 2022-02-12 22:52
Trump was right when he asked what about our own killers. Think about the Clinton body count (dozens!) including the assassination of Ron Brown "a man who knew too much" - the aircraft beacon was moved to a different location causing the crash and yet there was still an apparent bullet wound on his head that the Black Caucus talked about + a nurse was seen walking around near the wreckage and later they found her with an incision in an artery (femoral?) on her leg - dead, the Loral Space scandal where they told the ChiComs how to fix their rockets (the CEO was a big Dim donor) - gives you "warm fuzzies" if a city near you suffers a CCP nuclear attack and you later glow in the dark, the Cocaine Importation Agency some call it (black lives didn't really matter to them now did they?), the whole 9/11 scandal that multiple books and sites now expose - anyone singling out Putin is living in a fantasy world. Hello Polyanna or is it Alice of Looking Glass fame? This is the real world. This is a multipolar world in terms of evil too. The Russians likely know all this and more and they know its BAAAAAD.
+2 # The (true) Christians here (regardless of denomination)Man of the Atom 2022-02-12 23:34
... will therefore appreciate that the Bible tells us that when Jesus returns, he will fight against "the nations".
+2 # SometimesWoulf 2022-02-12 18:43
You do what you got to do.
-2 # Not quite correctHaarnaś 2022-02-12 20:37
Quoting Woulf:
You do what you got to do.

Soviet Union and Russia earlier and now have always been run by psychopaths going back to Ivan the terrible, Peter the Great and Katarina Wtaroja, that German whore who became the Empress of Russia and then slept with its whole army. She died, when a special scaffolding made for her to mate with her favorite horse collapsed and she was crushed to death.
# RE: Putin does not get depressed at all!The Deplorable Renegade 2022-02-12 13:35
Harnas, those are some of the same points I have made about Putin in the past but the pro-Putin crowd just don’t get it. Putin is trying to revive the old USSR or something similar to it. Like you said, he’s former KGB, one of the protectors of the old Soviet system. There are two different groups of people in Russia; the victims of communism and the supporters of communism. Putin is one of the supporters and is trying to bring it back but he will ultimately fail.
-2 # RE: Putin does not get depressed at all!Haarnaś 2022-02-12 20:17
You are absolutely right DR. Most Americans think we won the Cold War and so do most Eastern Europeans that I occasionally come across in the states. Not the Russians. They know that Soviet Union still exists. Ask Eugene Malkin, one of Pittsburgh Penguins great hockey stars. He had to jump the ship in Finland and hide for a whole month in a Helsinki hotel in order to elude Putin's KGB and join Penguins against the wishes of his handlers in Russia who wanted him to stay with Metallurgist in Magnitogorsk! This incident happened 12 years after the supposed death of the Soviet Union.

Americans are so self-absorbed that they absolutely fail to observe what happened since the fall of the old Soviet Union. It went underground, while keeping the thin veneer of Russia for the benefit of Yanks, who needed to be deceived for a few more years, that is until now!

Putin and his inner circle have benefited enormously so far. His net worth is over 40 billion dollars now and his inner circle likewise have enriched themselves beyond imagination. His each step is very calculated and methodical. He follows the 60-year-old script meticulously put together back to the days of Khrushchev and Brezhnev, that he thinks will guarantee him a victory for Communism and a place in history for him as the greatest Gieroy (hero) of the Soviet Union ever! He will be soon very disappointed!
-4 # There is no backing off for a nervous breakdown Castle man,oldschool 2022-02-12 11:08
Would this scenario look something like a cat trying to cover poop on a slippery tin roof ?
God bless you Sammy, Hang in there !
+1 # It’s clearThe_4th_Turning 2022-02-12 10:48
That someone has had a breakdown…
+8 # Jings! You should have learned by now..Lexie 2022-02-12 10:32
Putin is far more a statesman than any of the clowns in our conjoined countries ,he is showing temerity, adult style patience and the ability to read his classroom full of idiot enemies . I had this chat with a neighbour this morning she said Putin was bitter, was angry blah blah bloody blah ...all from what she listened to on her media choice...MSM.
Yes he has prepared ,he would be a fool not to, don't you think? Yes he has to have gone through several layers of frustration ,he is the one who does not want a war but he is talking to a classroom full of idiots ,living in la la land and hell bent on blaming Russia for everything they themselves broke plus this is more than Ukraine this is the conjoined NWO demanding Russia submit to their great 75 yr old plan for a world governed by a NWO.
+4 # YesSBGlett77 2022-02-12 11:21
What you said, Lexie. The propaganda in this country is hip-deep.
-2 # SECRET RECORDING: Ontario Premier will announce tomorrow he’s 'pulling these (vaxx) passports'Palehorse 2022-02-12 09:46

“We’re pulling these passports. We’re going to
get back to normal. I can’t get you the exact
date, but it’s going to be very soon.
-8 # RE: SECRET RECORDING: Ontario Premier will announce tomorrow he’s 'pulling these (vaxx) passports'Haarnaś 2022-02-12 11:06
Quoting Palehorse:

“We’re pulling these passports. We’re going to
get back to normal. I can’t get you the exact
date, but it’s going to be very soon.

Kevin, next time you decide to write up your even briefest hypothesis, be mindful of the fact that we do not deal with rumors here, especially those that go against the grain (in other word they are fake news and disinformation).

On this forum we deal with only with facts. The fact is that the heretic/Freemason Premier of Ontario, Ford came out in public supporting the thassel judge Geoffrey "Morawetzki" judgement against the truckers.

You obviously know ZERO of Canadian politics and you have never visited the Great White North! Anything coming out of there only contuses you even more than you are at baseline!
-3 # Premier Reportedly Said He Was Going to Drop Vaccine Mandates But Today He Declares a State of Emergency?Palehorse 2022-02-12 10:36

What happened overnight? Did Ford change his
mind or was he lying on the phone to the caller?

But late this morning the same guy
announced he was going to forcefully shut
down the truckers’ protests in Ontario as he
declared a state of emergency.
-3 # WowPioneer 2022-02-12 11:31
That's too bad. Maybe he's waiting it out a little longer.
-3 # US Embassy in Kiev is to be EVACUATED as Russia mobilizes for 'invasion of Ukraine on WEDNESDAY'Palehorse 2022-02-12 09:23

The US Embassy on Friday night announced it is
evacuating its embassy in Kiev ahead of a
possible invasion by Russia

Russia is to launch an attack on Ukraine next Wednesday, February 16, according to Der Speigel

The United States is set to evacuate its
embassy in Kiev as Western intelligence
officials warn that a Russian invasion of
Ukraine is increasingly imminent.
-5 # Wrong again!Haarnaś 2022-02-12 11:51
Quoting Palehorse:

Russia is to launch an attack on Ukraine next Wednesday, February 16, according to Der Speigel

Kevin, did you know that Russia currently owns Germany and keeps Germans holed-up in her back pocket? Anything coming out of German press is therefore nothing more than Russian propaganda. You should have commented about that particular press release by saying something to the effect that Russian tanks may start rolling on February 15th or 17, but never on the 16th! Your most simple of hypotheses are becoming more and more pathetic Kevin! You are continuing to get contused!
+1 # I think that's more disinformationPioneer 2022-02-12 11:33
That's like a rapist saying, "By the way, I'm raping you on Wednesday. I just want you to know.".
-2 # What?jameschrls 2022-02-12 16:23
Russia is your rapist. They aren’t the ones saying we’re going to invade. It’s Der Speigel
-3 # Urgent: Chief Justice Geoffrey Morawetz of the Ontario Superior Court, obviously a close relative of the Polish Prime Minister Morawietzki ordered the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor cleared by 7 MP last night!Haarnaś 2022-02-12 08:36
Police action pending for those who did not clear the bridge by 7PM last night. Wall Bangers RULE and REIN, while the lizard Quenn (QEII) remains silent.

Meanwhile, without any parlamentary or public discussion, PM Mathew Morawietzki has signed on behalf of Poland a new offensive/defensive treaty between Poland, Brit Pit thassles and their Ukrainian coreligionist in power. The treaty obliges Poland (not a historical friend of Ukraine or Britain) to send arms to Ukraine and come to its rescue if Kiev is attacked by the Putin's panzers. It appears that Juifs no longer care about optics!
-3 # ErrataHaarnaś 2022-02-12 08:41
Quoting Haarnaś:
Wall Bangers RULE and REIN, while the lizard Queen (QEII) remains silent.

Meanwhile, without any parlamentary

Should be: Wall Bangers RULE and Reign
lizard Queen
without any parliamentary
-2 # It is time for QEII to REIGN in Canada, is it not?Haarnaś 2022-02-12 12:48
Quoting Haarnaś:
[quote name="Haarnaś"]Wall Bangers RULE and REIN, while the lizard Queen (QEII) remains silent.

Should be: Wall Bangers RULE and REIGN
lizard Queen

Looks like the Brit Pit forumnauts squad is asleep at the switch today, even though we are discussing something so close to their hearts ("Ahh, I saw the Queen today and we sat two tables away from her during lunch at Ye Olde Fighting Cocks in St. Albans"!) It is said of British monarchs that they REIGN, but do not RULE. The Queen should have done some REIGNING in Canada by now, don't you think Kevin?
+2 # Ambassador BridgeHaarnaś 2022-02-12 08:48
Canadians still holding the line
+3 # RE: Ambassador Bridgewendy 2022-02-12 09:06
Canadian Truckers doing the heavy lifting. OPP being sent to on line supporters of convoy. Delivering pamphlets advising safe ways of protest. Are there no drug pushes, children and animal abusers, thieves etc out in the city to arrest? What poor use of resources.
+2 # I am thrilledAlexBigsInUA 2022-02-12 08:12
To be in OD UA at this time (Hvy Sarcasm); trying to coordinate with my wife and her family in Crimea. As many insiders have written there is not 1 sane political leader since JFK; excluding our dear friend Ron Paul. This is why I recite The Rosary, daily. Alex.
-4 # Rosary is indispensableHaarnaś 2022-02-12 09:23
Quoting AlexBigsInUA:
TI recite The Rosary, daily. Alex.

in this day and age. I pray the Holy Rosary as well daily and encourage even the heretics, schizmatics and Juifs to do the same!

5,241 – Message from Our Lady, Queen of Peace, transmitted in 2/8/2022
Dear children, turn ye away from all that is false and live ye towards the Paradise for which ye were uniquely created. If ye want Heaven, love ye and defend ye the truth. Humanity walks on the paths of self-destruction that men have prepared by their own hands. Repent ye. Seek ye the Mercy of My Jesus to be saved. Convert ye yourselves. The path of holiness is full of obstacles, but do not retreat ye. Ye cannot achieve victory without passing through the cross. Ye are heading towards a future of great spiritual contamination. The lack of love for the truth will cause the spiritual death of many of My poor children. I suffer for what comes to you. I am your Mother and I have come from Heaven to conduct you to My Son Jesus. Be ye docile. I do not want to oblige you, but listen ye to Me. This is the message that I transmit to you today in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for having allowed Me to reunite you here once more. I bless you, in the name of the Father, of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Stay ye in peace.
+1 # Haarnaś is a brainwashed liar.Palehorse 2022-02-12 19:58

There is absolutely northing in the Bible to
support the claim of a "Our Lady, Queen of Peace" or a "Rosary."

These were introduce by heretics and blasphemers of the true gospel of Jesus Christ.
-2 # And your whole fund of knowledge about the world is limited tpHaarnaś 2022-02-12 20:48
Quoting Palehorse:

There is absolutely northing in the Bible to
support the claim of a "Our Lady, Queen of Peace" or a "Rosary."

These were introduce by heretics and blasphemers of the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

what Jews have passed on to an old drunk like you, whose name was Mr. Scofield, to publish their Talmudic musings as the "Scofield Reference bible"! My Jesus Christ is already God and has been since time before time. Your heretical Jesus is in the process of becoming a god, according to Luther, as we have discussed many times before. Heretics and Catholics just do not have any bridges to close their theological gaps, therefore any discussion with blockheads like you is a waste of time!
+1 # Haarnaś The PatheticPalehorse 2022-02-13 11:58

As you are miserably inadequate to address this
issue you resort to misdirection and (drunk like you) name calling.

Classic Satanic maneuvers and favored by leftist

You can't defend your position so you attack the messenger.

You are pathetical and a liar.
+3 # thank you, HalKdasl 2022-02-12 08:03
for all you do!
# White House Says War is ComingSwamp Yankee 2022-02-12 07:19
Despite the as usual contradictory messaging out of this administration, on the one hand serving up another dose of afternoon panic and market turmoil on the news Russia will invade Ukraine in a matter of days (it's been "days" and "imminent" for multiple weeks at this point), nothing seems to have actually changed on the ground at the Russia-Ukraine border... though Blinken has claimed Russian troops have moved closer to the border.

Multiple White House officials are currently telling various major US news outlets that the US now believes Putin has made the decision to attack Ukraine - though in a public news briefing Jake Sullivan still presented a confused picture... on the one hand telling US citizens to exit Ukraine immediately as a military offensive is nigh, but on the other cautioning he's still not sure Putin has made the final decision.
Hal is prepping his buyout location this weekend. Get your preps in order.
-12 # Smh.."go" order means GO..foldurrrr 2022-02-12 04:59
Another breathless breaking story....and we dont know yea or nay.
I got laffed at for sharing the smallpox story. And it only "confirmed" for me this: old,out of touch retired agents and their "intel contacts" are horrible resources. Its like the old telephone party line,gossip and hype rules the day. Unactionable.
Btw...LaPalma. Status????
+2 # White House Says War is ComingSwamp Yankee 2022-02-12 07:19
Despite the as usual contradictory messaging out of this administration, on the one hand serving up another dose of afternoon panic and market turmoil on the news Russia will invade Ukraine in a matter of days (it's been "days" and "imminent" for multiple weeks at this point), nothing seems to have actually changed on the ground at the Russia-Ukraine border... though Blinken has claimed Russian troops have moved closer to the border.

Multiple White House officials are currently telling various major US news outlets that the US now believes Putin has made the decision to attack Ukraine - though in a public news briefing Jake Sullivan still presented a confused picture... on the one hand telling US citizens to exit Ukraine immediately as a military offensive is nigh, but on the other cautioning he's still not sure Putin has made the final decision.
Hal is prepping his buyout location this weekend. Get your preps in order.
-2 # RE: White House Says War is Comingwendy 2022-02-12 09:09
well they hope - nothing else is working
# Cash'N'carrySmiley1984*! 2022-02-12 02:56
If the banks fail and you need Cash'N'carry you will also need protection. Everyone will know that you will be carrying cash as well as goods.

So even with cash handy, shopping will be a dangerous activity. You will be a target and need to go mob handed and have personal protection: Stab/bullet proof vests, etc.

Also, consider this, money may not have any value, either due to hyper inflation, or cash being made obsolete. Better barter, or have something of value to purchase goods with.

Just my thoughts!
+5 # Hope doesn't spring!Hope springs 2022-02-12 02:18
I would NOT be surprised if the US nukes Crimea as a starter. Don't forget they nuked Japan After Japan had surrendered. These monsters in human form B0, HC, JB , Dr F need to be hung in a revolution.
+6 # Thanks HalGregg W 2022-02-12 01:41
I appreciate all the information and hard work.
+7 # In Western Montana....LassieLou 2022-02-11 23:52
Military's flying,seen a stealth bomber that disappeared in front of us,and 2 B-52's all flying low,low,500 feet or so........wondering ,if they're practicing or looking/lurking?
+1 # US evacuating entire Kiev embassyMary Wehrman 2022-02-11 23:52
WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States is set to evacuate its embassy in Kyiv as Western intelligence officials warn that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is increasingly imminent.

U.S. officials say the State Department plans to announce early Saturday that all American staff at the Kyiv embassy will be required to leave the country ahead of a feared Russian invasion. The State Department would not comment.
+3 # Gascodeblue 2022-02-11 23:51
Russia supplies natural gas to many European countries. I wonder why he is not using this weapon.
+12 # RE: Gasselah 2022-02-12 08:09
It’s because Putin is a God fearing man. He wishes no death upon innocent people because of their completely corrupt governments. He has done everything but surrender in order to quell this situation. He has now been backed into the corner and let’s’ all hope for a just outccome. We certainly, as a nation, don’t deserve mercy. May the Lords’ undeserved mercy and grace be upon all that are good.
+4 # Russian Gas SuppliesShropshire Lad 2022-02-12 05:17
Russia does not have issues with most European countries so why should they cut off gas supplies?
+12 # Putin's "Go" orderMary Wehrman 2022-02-11 22:53
For those who follow Maxar satellite imagery on Twitter or various other sources, I think Russian redeployment from assembly areas by combat units we can see now to pre-attack positions that are more dispersed, is the best indicator. MonkeyWerx web site is also useful for tracking NATO recce flights near Ukraine. If a Russian attack is coming soon we should see such movement.Good luck Hal with your redeployment to PA this weekend.
-3 # RE: Putin's "Go" orderGunner 2022-02-12 08:30
Monkey is just that - a monkey and wrong all the damn time.
+6 # Allegedly written by a Russian living in Eastern UkraineMan of the Atom 2022-02-12 02:17

Interesting read in terms of WW II history

"I predict, with 90% certainty, that a major ukrop attack or provocation will occur before the beginning of March, and with 99% certainty before the end of March. I can say, based on impeccable sources and irrefutable evidence, that the plans and preparations for provocations and a major attack against Donbass have already been made. The ukrops and their US masters may chicken out, as they have many times over the last few years. But Russia is not a Pollyanna, not stupid enough to keep playing waiting games while their enemies build lethal force every day. Those who predict or advocate further diplomacy are fools. That Russia seems to do so is only deception and distraction. The fuse is already lit, on both sides, the detonation will occur, one way or the other, before the end of March, and maybe much sooner.

And when it does, I can assure you that the Russian response will be swift and sure, measured in minutes and (very few) hours, not days, or even one day. And Russia will not arrive (initially) on tanks and trucks, but on wings. For us in Donbass, the wings of Angels, for the nazis and terrorists who dare to attack us, the wings of instant and fiery death. Those who have failed to learn the lessons of Debaltsevo and Ilovaisk will be taught a final lesson with thunder and steel, and they will not live long enough to never forget it. They have all been warned for the last time already. The time for talking is over and done. It is time for work, Brothers. The job will not be easy, but it is simple enough. Who attacks Donbass, attacks Russia. Who attacks Russia will be vanquished. This is a warning. Listen. While you still can."
-1 # RE: Allegedly written by a Russian living in Eastern UkraineBeetlepumpr 2022-02-12 18:27
i agree with your timing on war certainty except the 99%, with an addition. war by 3-22-22 ( 322 ) SPRING IS MARCH 20,2022 SO WITH THAT SAID SATAN WILL HAVE A WAR ON THE 20TH 21ST OR 22, MAYBE 23RD. WITH THAT BEING SAID REMEMBER THIS. Matthew 24:20 The Abomination of Desolation
…19How miserable those days will be for pregnant and nursing mothers! 20 Pray that your flight will not occur in the winter or on the Sabbath. 21For at that time there will be great tribulation, unmatched from the beginning of the world until now, and never to be seen again
+22 # God Speed Hal & 2022-02-11 22:48
Thanks for the update tonight 11Feb22. You have consistently urged your listeners to prepare in the natural and in the spiritual. As a “Watchman” you have honored God and been faithful to fulfill your purpose. God is a Faithful God and will honor His Word on your behalf as well. See you on the other side, Rivka in MI
+17 # HalHaywardus 2022-02-11 22:42
Thanks for cutting down caller time. There are some great callers, and most make me cringe and shut the program off fairly quickly. Great move
+9 # YES .... AGREEDNHydg 2022-02-12 02:17
WE PAY TO HEAR HAL NOT listen to those that JUST want to hear themselves on the radio ..... some get on and I just shut it down ......... end of show.
+7 # Yes.... Agreedchip 2022-02-12 10:12
That's why I don't call in,, i would
rather hear Hal and unless i had
A pertinent question air time is
wasted. There are 2 women callers
,that call in every show with nothing
Of substance that i wish wouldn't.
+5 # RE: Yes.... AgreedJFY 2022-02-12 10:28
Hahaha, you mean the one from California that always goes "HiiiHaaal!!" in a strident, pseudohappy, piercingly loud voice? Oh that is so gutwrenching...

And also the lady from Iowa...

Hal is reeally losing his patience for either of them, thank God.
+5 # Amid Ukraine Tension, US Deploys Nuclear-Ready B-52 Bombers to UKPalehorse 2022-02-11 22:14

February 11, 2022

Two B-52 Stratofortress aircrafts arrived at Royal
Air Force Fairford on Thursday, with two more

"As the bombers arrived in the U.K., President
Joe Biden warned in an interview with NBC
News that American citizens in Ukraine and
Russia should leave immediately..."
+2 # RE: Amid Ukraine Tension, US Deploys Nuclear-Ready B-52 Bombers to UKwendy 2022-02-12 09:27
has Russia ever made announcement for Russians to leave the US, Canada etc.?
+1 # The Biden FamilyLoki 2022-02-11 21:48
The Biden Family:
-4 # The exact dateDitka1985 2022-02-11 21:28
They have to tell you the exact date. If you can't see why January 6 was given to us ad nauseum you'll remain asleep. They even put the date on our phone emoji
7/17. That's not July 17 as the goyim think. January 6 is September 6. Biblical first mirror gentile first. Sept means 7. What's the 17 day of September on civil calendar (17+6)? Add the fact it's a pregnant year as the jews call it and you have the exact date in front of you and exact month of February. The movie evan almighty says if your ark isn't done by mid day September 22nd you will be. Good luck
+3 # "Shake Baby Shake" 2022-02-11 21:10
+9 # CODE IN THE COMMS CIRCUITS?Rick Geise 2022-02-11 21:04
I was going to suggest that there must be a code in the COMMS similar to an NFL quarterback calling signals at the line if scrimmage that are meaningful to his teammates, but are veiled or intended to confuse the oppisition; however, all three orders are compatible.

It appears now that Russia intends to move into the Don bass following the expected vote confirming the independence of Luhansk and Donetsk- unless Ukraine moves in advance which would trigger an immediate Russian response including a threat on Kiev.

Unless Ukraine stands down the war will go kinetic at any time now?
# O-MA-HAW!RockyMountainBeerMan 2022-02-11 21:23
Gotta be in there somewheres...
+2 # RE: INTEL COMM CIRCUITS BLAZING: Claiming "Putin Gave the "Go" Orderwendy 2022-02-11 20:55
Putin said that Russia would not be the initiator of nuke war. It was contingent on Article 5 being activated by NATO. I think we have time?
+2 # 2022 NFL Super Bowl LVINevada Swede 2022-02-11 20:37
What if Russia's kickoff is about the same time for the 2022 NFL Playoff Scheduled Super Bowl LVI? I wonder if there would be an halftime Halftime show interlude?...hee-hee...

2022 NFL Playoff Schedule Super Bowl LVI
Cincinnati Bengals vs. Los Angeles Rams
Date: Sunday, February 13, 2022
Time: 6:00 p.m. ET (Coverage begins at 12:00 p.m. ET)
Location: SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California
National anthem: Mickey Guyton
+2 # RE: 2022 NFL Super Bowl LVIselah 2022-02-12 08:18
If something happens at the super bowl, it will be the jews, not Russia that does it.
-1 # Year of the Tiger.Gregg W 2022-02-12 01:39
I wonder if the Bengals will be given the victory somehow. Just a passing thought.
# 7 Hour Time DifferenceLoki 2022-02-11 21:44
There is a seven hour time difference between U.S. East Coast Time (the game starts at 3pm West Coast Time/6pm East Coast Time), so a 6pm East Coast attack would begin at 1am in Kiev when they kick off the drones, planes, missiles.

I just hope we get to the kickoff before we get incoming.
+10 # .Haywardus 2022-02-11 22:39
The Stupor Bowl probably isn't part of Putin's planning.
-1 # RE: 2022 NFL Super Bowl LVIMikeSkywatcher 2022-02-11 21:09
cowards downvoted your comment
-2 # Down voteWoulf 2022-02-12 04:45
I have never "down voted" a comment on this forum. If I think you are wrong but cannot come up with logical response as to "why", I will simply scroll on. If I can come up with a logical response as to the "how" and "why" of it, there is that button that says "reply". If there is nothing that I can add then I will up vote it. That is called "discourse".
-3 # PSWoulf 2022-02-12 04:48
Never feeds the "Trolls". They will just get fatter and meaner. They seem to "get off" on it.
-1 # GeeWoulf 2022-02-13 01:47
I got them wet and feed them after midnight. Where is that "troll" replant and BS spray. Haven't needed it since Obama.
+10 # RE: INTEL COMM CIRCUITS BLAZING: Claiming "Putin Gave the "Go" OrderHope springs 2022-02-11 20:32
Go Russia..drill some sense into the mislead Masters of the Universe. Godspeed.
Putin should make a world announcement, requesting Ukraine to lay down their arms as they don't want to harm anyone. Just returning things to sanity.
+8 # Looking at twitter ..Lexie 2022-02-11 20:28
Twitter just seems to be full of lies at the moment but for sure amidst the deluge of rumour and fear is a determined effort to message to the world that Russia is the aggressor ..I think today ,all of that, reached warp speed with announcements from nearly all vassel states within the NWO to get out of Ukraine NOW! One way or other they intend to get this shit started soon probably sick of poking the bear already.
+7 # RE: Looking at twitter ..RockyMountainBeerMan 2022-02-11 21:26
Twitter has always been full of lies and liars.
+23 # Sad it has come to thisMax S Stofle 2022-02-11 19:39
Thanks Hal ,I've been ready ,water food ammo mask ,Radaition tabs water purifiers ,Bottle water ,for a yr I think ,Yah if not Now ,Soon Shits gonna hit the fan ,Best Prep I Got is Jesus Christ
+1 # Bullets?Loki 2022-02-11 21:45
Got guns and bullets? Hope so!
+15 # A bit off topic but..Red Deer 2022-02-11 19:29
With all the possibilities of a European war, Biden spends his time selecting deviants to head up major US departments. This link is more effective than syrup of ipecac so be warned about Biden's new hire.
Yes folks we have gone full Gomorrah!
+2 # RE: A bit off topic but..Woulf 2022-02-12 04:11
The DOE, the same people that make and handle radioactive material and "nukes". Diversity hires with no experience, skills or brains. What could "possibly" go wrong? Just asking.
+5 # Mystery BabylonLoki 2022-02-11 21:47
We've gone full Mystery Babylon.
Revelation chapter 17.
+13 # RE: A bit off topic but..Palehorse 2022-02-11 20:14

And ya get a free crack pipe to boot!
Build Crack Better.
+5 # RE: INTEL COMM CIRCUITS BLAZING: Claiming "Putin Gave the "Go" Orderdaniel_beyond 2022-02-11 19:26
IF someone here is really rice cash out and get some Gold Bars. Gold price went up 20x in 20years and is unlikely It Will Go down. And with WW3/Nuclear on Horizon even cash might worth close to nothing in no time. As soon Nukes fly Dollar is gone
+2 # SchiffgoldLoki 2022-02-11 21:50
I bought gold bars years ago. Right now I'm buying silver eagle coins from Schiffgold.
+1 # I like precious metals also ..LilBirdie 2022-02-12 00:34
My choice has been brass & lead.
In the last 15 years it has gone up 900%.
In 2007 I could buy a brick of 22 shells for $5. Today I saw the exact same brick for sale for $45!
Some of my different "sized" lead/brass has not only gone up exponentially it's also gained value in rarity! It just can't be found anywhere!
I think my investment with grant me a great return over time ;)
+11 # Cash will be toilet paperNHydg 2022-02-11 20:59
Cash will be Barter ...
Ammo ..... Coffee ..... Beer ..... Salt .... Sugar ...... Pastas ...... and then your God given skills you have been honing all these years.
+3 # GoldAtomic Scout 2022-02-11 20:49
One problem with precious metals is they retain radiation. In the case of nuclear fallout gold and silver will be avoided like the plague at swap meets for fear they would be radiated.
+2 # RE: GoldWoulf 2022-02-12 02:30
They have higher melting point than lead, are difficult to "reload" with and take a toll on the rifling. What good will it do you if you cannot keep it.
+6 # You understand whySrmay72 2022-02-11 20:36
Mosses came down from the mountain and here was thousands of nimrod idiots made a calf of gold worshiping it God turned it to powder and made them eat it. Then killed thousands but when you eat powdered gold it acts like EXLAX. THOSE NOT DEAD ALL GOT THE SCREAMING CRAPS.
LIKE YOU SAID YOU SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT 20 YRS AGO. Before the collapse inflation is over 20%. If war breaks out with almost zero imports all you will have is a heavy boat anchor.
You always see who thinks about money and those that are fine with 20 cases of top Ramen. If you want barter I guarentee you whiskey, coffee, formula, and tobacco will be worth more then gold. 75% of those born before 85 still see war as we fought in ww2
Tobacco seed at one time was worth more then gold. It will be again. For gold and silver to be worth more then the piece of limestone in your drive we must have a civilized government. Ww3 kicks off ALL MONEY WILL BE WORTHLESS. that's why you should have bout ten acres in the national forest.
After week 1 dopers will be killing for anything they can find week 2 tobacco whiskey and formula will be all but gone the first 2 you can do without yet mother's that don't beast feed their babies will be dead shortly. Also those dumb enough to show the zombies you still have electricity all you will be killed first because they know if you spent thousands on back up generators were sure to have a years supply of food. . Week 3 60% will be down to the 2 cans of garbanzo beans you keep just incase. Also most dependent on prescription drugs wll be out with no way to get more, week 4 most city dwellers will be completely out of water. This will force most out to the wolves searching for the same and will kill for much less after 1 month "IF " THERES ACIVILIZED GOVERNMENT. Your home will be searched and all you that was not smart enough to put your preps in at least 3 seperate locations will all be taken and given to those that laughed at you. All farm animals would have been killed by now. Most quit reading by now but those that know when war is coming will gave been gone to their bug out locations by then. Don't forget a 1950s shortwave for news AND "NEVER" BRING ANYTHING MADE AFTER 1950S SPECIALLY PHONES COMPUTERS OR EVEN NEWER CARS WITH GPS.
+3 # CitiesWoulf 2022-02-12 03:10
The big blue cities are already "kill boxes". If things go sideways all the more so. I feel sorry for the kids, some things "seen' cannot be "unseen" and that is if they live through it. Your assessment is basically correct, the "rabid dogs" will kill a lot of people then spread out. My forefathers hunted this land before it was a country. They hunted, foraged and knew food when they saw it. Took what they needed and left the rest (weight). They "survived" but did not "thrive". That didn't happen until they "linked" with others. Extra hands in the fields, guard duty and scouting patrols. That was what formed a civilizing system and from that point they "thrived". Bugging out is a good idea but then you get "picked off" one or two at a time. Large groups will "attract unwanted" attention. Small groups can link up long enough to deal with a problem and then fade. Recon first in the field.
# RE: CitiesWoulf 2022-02-12 03:26
I always loved playing the "Fallout" games, but never I might have to live thought them. Their motto has always been "Order out of chaos". They have brought us the "chaos", maybe "WE" should bring the "order".
+8 # You Understand WhyLassieLou 2022-02-11 21:32
One thing I think of is baby bottles,reusable cloth diapers,along with some formula....
We can't bug out,but will sit tight,pretty decent area.Learned a lot from my Dad,who fought in WW2 and lived thru the great depression.I remember one time we went to a McDonald's,on a trip to "the big city" He ordered everybody burgers & fries....he took one bite,gagged and said "hand em' over" which my brother & I did,no question's asked (right? It was the 60's we did what we were told!) MY Mom asked why.....his answer? "Not feeding my kids horse meat...and I KNOW horse meat when I taste it,I ate enough during the depression" Okay,so I never ate a burger from McDonald's again!! LOL
I do weep for these young families with little ones,don't have a brain between the bunch,have no idea how to garden,raise small livestock,can,dehydrate.much less live without electric or running water.We have a well now,electric pump,but also a hand pump to slip on if we need it.However,we had running water from day one ran with a bucket & drug it back. Stay safe all never know when sh!t will go down & we won't be able to bounce things off of each other!!
+2 # well doneMANYROUNDS 2022-02-11 22:17
Youl be alright, just keep praying.
+6 # All of the AIDS experts have been killed.Paul Lambert 2022-02-11 18:40
More than 100 doctors and researchers on their way to a public conference where they were about to announce and demonstrate how the COVID "vaccines" are causing conditions equivalent to AIDS were killed in an aeroplane crash today.

Apparently, among them they possessed all the knowledge that man has of the disease. Of course, it is all documented, but it will take time before a new batch of researchers can catch up on the reading.

Mark my words: by the end of the year, there will be claims that AIDS is now as contagious as the common cold and we will be forced to take AIDS tests to gain access to public facilities. The claim will be that corona has mutated to become AIDS, when in fact it will be that the vaccines have damaged immune systems.

Apparently, the aeroplane crashed over Ukraine. Get two false flags with the same stone?
+4 # there is somethingAravinda 2022-02-11 21:25
to your subject about aids.
Luc Montagnier, may he rest in peace, just mysteriously died.

This article explains why the end to the plandemic restrictions is just the end of phase 1.
They got lots of cards up their sleeves, thanks to an idiot populace.

When I was researching back in early 2020 I found information regarding Kary Mullis and his fight in the "hiv" wars with Fauci.

The not for diagnostic use pcr test was already ruining lives and Kary spent time defending people who received a false positive back then. He despised Fauci. We also know what Fauci did to Dr Judy.

It appears we are on a time loop of some kind, since these evil idiots always do the same thing over and over again. The peasants never catch on though, too busy being envious of their neighbors and family members to go after the real criminals. It is like the halloween version of groundhog day.
-1 # RE: there is somethingWoulf 2022-02-12 03:39
You should look into a flight from Lockerbie Scotland. That should explain a lot of things, the how and why of it. Some peoples career I have been watching since the 80's.
+5 # Nitwitbridalhints 2022-02-11 19:08
This happened in July 2014. Get real!
+7 # Oops.Paul Lambert 2022-02-11 19:21
Oops. Old story. I just got burned.

I should have known better than to listen to a woman.

Never mind then, huh?
# Source?Momto8inKY 2022-02-11 18:56
Source? Link?
+5 # RE: Source?Paul Lambert 2022-02-11 19:22
Nah, there's nothing too it.

I've just been owned, as the young people would say.

Sorry for the panic.
+3 # Satellites going downRay 2022-02-11 18:36
Been seeing a lot of information about tesla satellites failing
+2 # SatellitesJnene 2022-02-11 20:39
The story is true. Forty of them fell from space because of the suns radiation burst.
-2 # Blinken says Russian invasion 'could begin at any time,'...Palehorse 2022-02-11 18:32

...including during Olympics: LIVE UPDATES
"...could happen at any moment."

Four U.S. destroyers arrive in European waters
to support NATO

President Biden is warning Americans who
remain in Ukraine that they should get out...

Biden orders 3,000 more troops to Poland
amid Ukraine crisis
2 hours ago
-2 # Blinken is a Jewish supremacist moron, miscast as the Secretary of State!Haarnaś 2022-02-12 21:02
Quoting Palehorse:
Blinken says Russian invasion 'could begin at any time,'...

Only somebody as thick as two short planks would be dumb enough to quote this Jewish supremacist on Hal's forum and expect forumnauts to applaud him!
+1 # Thank you Hal !oldschool 2022-02-11 18:20
for the info. Good thinking on the cash thing.
Everyone must prepare ! No telling what's coming ?
+11 # And The Global Push Back Is GrowingPalehorse 2022-02-11 18:18

Canadian Military Major asks fellow soldiers and police to stand up against the corrupt government and the forced covid injections.

-2 # Clearly the case of the blind leading the blindHaarnaś 2022-02-12 20:54
for the benefit of those whose only reference to the world is the "Scofield Reference bible" full of Talmudic musings!
-1 # CorrectionPalehorse 2022-02-13 18:11

Apologies to Haarnaś as I thought your comment was directed
toward myself rather than Canadian military and government officials.
I'll admit when I am wrong.
-1 # Did you need a little help with Scofield? Having posted this many times, once again for your benefit HaarnaśPalehorse 2022-02-13 16:30

Scofield Reference Bible, The Pre-Trib Rapture Cult and John Nelson Darby

Pre-Trib Rapture can not be found any where in the Holy Scriptures. It represents twisted interpretations of a few cherry picked verses.

The pre-trib concept was never taught throughout all church history. No. This complex lie, and damnable heresy, was set forth by a man named John Nelson Darby, the father of this cult.

Darby excelled at gathering assorted heresies and false doctrines and assembling the into a coherent systematic theology that could be taught to others.

The Darby family owned a castle in Leap, Ireland built around 1250 and it was claimed to be the most haunted castle in Ireland. Seances were held in the Darby castle, and an elemental demon known as “It” often made appearances. Also the described “Red Lady Ghost” walked the castle halls carrying a dagger. (A priest was murdered there while performing mass) John Darby also had connections with Freemasonry and British Intelligence of that day.

The infamous occultist Aleister “the beast” Crowley grew up in a strict Exclusive Brethren household where he was taught the rigid tenets of Darby Evangelical Zionism.

Darby, and family, were deeply involved in the occult.

After, Darby's death in 1882, his notes were acquired by Cyrus Scofield . Scofield created his own Bible were he inserted Darby's work next to the verses in the Bible.

The Scofield Reference Bible was the syringe that Satan used to inject toxic lies into the Body if Christ in the Untied States of America.

What do you think these verses mean about His return?
Matt: 26 “Therefore if they say to you, ‘Look, He is in the desert!’ do not go out; or ‘Look, He is in the inner rooms!’ do not believe it. 27 For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.

The scriptures clearly state that there is only 1 harvest.
-1 # Clearly the case of Haarnaś BullcrapPalehorse 2022-02-13 12:02
+3 # Hooyahsupporttheblue 2022-02-11 19:11
Stop the tyranny
+11 # Sum of All Fearsjameschrls 2022-02-11 18:07
Predictive programming scheduled for this Sunday? A nuke at the Super Bowl would be a great event to create more fear
+6 # RE: Sum of All FearsGunner 2022-02-11 18:23
Yup just like the damn movie. . .
+1 # RE: INTEL COMM CIRCUITS BLAZING: Claiming "Putin Gave the "Go" OrderBeenThere 2022-02-11 17:54
The "FED" is calling an emergency meeting. Makes one wonder if the party is getting ready to kick off in Ukraine! Gotta have cash to pay for arms in hostilities.....

Magnificent "standing against Tyranny" Must Watch.
So why has their parliament not had a vote of "no confidence" for the little "prick".
-1 # No confidencePaul Lambert 2022-02-12 06:37
The office of Prime Minister is a crown appointment. It is not an elected position, nor is he selected by the Parliament. Nobody has the power to vote no confidence in the Prime Minister per se.

An entire government can fall if it fails to pass one of its own bills, which is what can happen in a minority government, but then the writ is dropped an a new election is held for all of the seats.

There is no way for the parliament simply to remove a given Prime Minister, all else being equal.
# Poweful 2022-02-11 18:01
how come it is not banned ?
# RE: Poweful stuffWoulf 2022-02-12 03:54
It is not on "you tube" or another controlled asset. Bit chute dose not sensor anyone even the Satanists, with good comes the bad. Watch or don't watch it is all up to "you".
+6 # Canadian Major Patriot Speaks Out! Canadian Army Major Stephen Chledowski breaks ranks and spill the TRUTH!!welding 2022-02-11 17:17
alternative link
+16 # RE: INTEL COMM CIRCUITS BLAZING: Claiming "Putin Gave the "Go" OrderThe Deplorable Renegade 2022-02-11 17:06
Hal, I withdrew cash from my account a week ago and already stocked up on some more food, water, other supplies. I’m a few steps ahead of most others. I know that I will eat and survive. Whoever doesn’t prep is inept.
# Ditto!Nevada Swede 2022-02-11 20:41
We Too!
+8 # MONKEYWERX USHALFAN 2022-02-11 17:00
+5 # BarteringBobbyjames1 2022-02-11 16:40
When the lights go out beans and bullets go up a thousand %… that’s my money.
+1 # ...ChristianProChrist 2022-02-11 19:22
Only if you can protect your supplies.. Good luck selling anything to anyone, you'll be a target for gangs...
+1 # RE: BarteringJFY 2022-02-11 17:10
One should NEVER barter with bullets. They can't very well throw the beans right back at you, but with bullets, that's another matter.

The only way you should consider bartering weapons (bullets are a crucial part of a type of weapon) for something else, is if you are doing so with a relatively trustworthy ally, and even then you are risking that they won't run into some terrible necessity that will force them to reevaluate their friendship with you.

If they have to weigh their survival against yours, no prizes for guessing who will win out.
-2 # RE: BarteringGunner 2022-02-11 18:22
Plenty of people say that same shit about ammo and guns. You trade/sell what you need or have to sell.
-2 # RE: BarteringThe Deplorable Renegade 2022-02-11 18:11
JFY, better yet, I would never barter any bullets or weapons.
+2 # Better yetSBGlett77 2022-02-11 18:29
The friendliest and most civil bartering of anything is if both parties show up with an armed escort person. Hopefully will keep everyone behaving, or else no one behaving; as Putin says, "No winners".
+1 # RE: Better yetJFY 2022-02-11 22:47
Quoting SBGlett77:
The friendliest and most civil bartering of anything is if both parties show up with an armed escort person.

It's even smarter to do so with a third armed person some distance away and out of sight, but with a clear view of the whole area to prevent the two you mention from being bushwhacked by other hidden individuals from the opposite bartering group.
-1 # Gasp !SBGlett77 2022-02-11 23:40
Whoa ! I guess so !
+9 # Wouldn't it be ironicArrogant_Penguin 2022-02-11 16:34
I find it interesting that 48 hours puts us into Sunday the 13th. What events happens around then, Super Bowl LVI, Russian Duma votes to recognize the dunbas, Russia to run strategic forces drill, black sea exercise...

Wouldn't it be ironic if something happened towards the end of the Super Bowl (which would be around 4am in Moscow) which is being held in a new stadium in LA only 6 miles from the cost that could be blamed on Russia or someone we could claim was a Russian proxy? It's not unreasonable that a strategic or large conventional hit on that could be believably blamed on a sub or ship off the coast launching a cruise missile... After all, the port of Long Beach isn't that far and there are always ships hanging out off the coast in that area. That sure would be a convenient excuse to suck us right in to Ukraine and a war with Russia wouldn't it?
+4 # Yes, andSBGlett77 2022-02-11 18:41
Yes, and the media has people fully primed to believe anything bad about Russia right now. I was listening to WLW 700 AM Cincinnati this afternoon, and the commentary was of course all about the Bengals. Then, just all of a sudden, the host abruptly shifts gears and interjects his anger about why "that godless heathen Putin wants to kill millions of people for Ukraine or whatever". Just like that ! That is how you whip people into a war frenzy !

( As an aside, I wish we didn't have a godless heathen fraudulent lying leader who advocates for killing babies in the womb, and is OK plotting how to suppress treatments for a disease so that hundreds of thousands of people have no access to them ( cf. Collins and Fauci emails ), and who schemes with equally godless and lying generals to grossly distort an international crisis in order to promote a nuclear war. )
+10 # RE: INTEL COMM CIRCUITS BLAZING: Claiming "Putin Gave the "Go" Orderjdpsys 2022-02-11 16:17
Got one report that Russia's electronic warfare units began disrupting GPS signals in northern Ukraine
+5 # EKTAKTO - Putin orders invasion - All countries leave Ukraine - Civilians 2022-02-11 16:15
Article writer: Vassilis Kapoulas

We have rapid developments in Ukraine as Israel, the USA, Britain, the Netherlands, Latvia, Norway, South Korea, Japan are leaving the country en masse, while the EU is also removing its staff. The Greek decision is expected from time to time.

The Americans reconsidered everything, saying that " Putin gave the order to the Russian Army and now we are waiting for the start of the operation even before the end of the Olympic Games".

Intelligence services have given a "black alert" which means the start of hostilities and war.

These developments come after the outburst of anger of S. Lavrov for the EU response.
USA: Putin gave an order to the Russian Army

According to last minute information, the President of Russia has ordered the start of operations in Ukraine. This is reported by US sources, officials and members of the Biden government.

US media report that the US expects "two days of heavy bombing and an electronic war that will kill everything in the region.

"Then begins the invasion with the primary goal of changing the government in Kiev."

Six US and Western officials, including US Secretary of State A. Blinken, said "the Russian operation will start next week".

They emphasized that:

"Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to invade Ukraine. "He has given the order to the General Staff of the Russian Defense Ministry."

Earlier, the Americans appeared confident that " the Russian leadership has not decided whether to invade"!
Leaving Ukraine: Netherlands-Japan-EU-Norway-Britain - What alarmed Israel

The EU has begun withdrawing its staff from Ukraine. It leaves behind only the absolutely necessary staff.

Israeli media report that "the Prime Minister of Israel has ordered the immediate evacuation of Ukraine as the Russians have the number of forces required to launch the operation in a short time.

Israel is evacuating the families of diplomatic personnel from Ukraine, something it has so far avoided doing. Along with a travel instruction he asks his citizens not to approach Ukraine.

The alarming detail in Israel was the " sudden cancellation of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov's visit to the country. Lavrov was due to land in Tel Aviv on Monday. Israeli officials say the trip is not going to be rescheduled.

At the same time, the same order was given by the Foreign Ministries of Norway and Latvia.

The Foreign Office advised the citizens of the country " not to travel to Ukraine and those who have stayed in the country to leave immediately with commercial flights as long as they are available"
+12 # Nopegjones7777 2022-02-11 16:13
Nope, if the banks go down, then you won't be able to buy a damned thing because All the cash registers today are linked to a central server for that store and its highly likely they won't sell a thing while "the registers are down". You Better have a butload of food NOW, TODAY. If you don't, get busy NOW. If it all blows over the yard, and you don't have to grocery shop for a while.
+2 # I hat spell checkgjones7777 2022-02-11 16:16
If it all blows over, THEN goes on
+3 # Bugout Time?RepublicAmerican 2022-02-11 16:07
Nort Joisey right? You should be packed and ready to bugout north into upper NY or Maine.
# Curious...Carla 2022-02-11 19:03
What will be the thing that finally convinces those of you living in known danger zones to move to a safer location...Hal...the explosions???

Being early is always better than too late!
# RE: Curious...Paul Lambert 2022-02-12 06:46
It will take the support and encouragement of wives.

You, Carla, seem to be a very good woman with a head on her shoulders. If you are married, I promise you that your husband is at least open to the idea of bugging out, or at least getting ready to do so.

Most of us men hesitate for the very banal reason that we don't want to upset our wives. Ladies, please, if you take this matter seriously, bring the topic up first. Tell your husbands that you want to talk about being prepared.
# Thank youCarla 2022-02-15 13:38
I take time to educate myself and learn from trusted sources and pray to God for the wisdom to use this knowledge for His glory. With that in mind, I have been telling everyone I can about the true state of affairs and the love of Jesus for 22 months now. What I encourage others to do is prepare spiritually, physically and emotionally to the best of their ability then call on God to do the rest. I practice what I preach...God led me to sell everything, leave the beautiful coast (which I have always loved) to move halfway across this country to a safer place. I am thankful for His grace and mercy!
# ExactlySrmay72 2022-02-11 20:56
And to those thinking of bugging out to upstate NY, OR MAINE.have you ever bugged out in 2 feet of snow with Temps around zero. Unless you own a cabin you won't last a couple nights. But if this was truely dangerous then news owners would be gone. Specially a suburb of NEW YORK.
To many things still not right for all out war. When RUSSIA CLOSES OFF ALL GAS TO EUROPE THEN KNOW SHITS ABOUT TO DROP
# RE: ExactlyCarla 2022-02-15 13:51
In some places it will be as simple as this...leave and possibly live or stay in the danger zone and die. I chose a place in the mountains that is not quite so treacherous in winter and would suggest others consider the difficulty of 2 ft of snow (i learned all work that must be done is Much Harder! in the snow and I don't even get much snow here but it is new to me.) But winter in such conditions can be survived with good equipment like a Wiggies sleeping bag and some knowledge...
+8 # RE: INTEL COMM CIRCUITS BLAZING: Claiming "Putin Gave the "Go" OrderWoulf 2022-02-11 15:51
All 3-options sound justified. If the Ukrainians start shooting the unarmed civilian population, that would be a "war crime". These days though, I doubt anyone would say a word about it. Except maybe "Russia bad".
+4 # russian 2022-02-11 15:47
russian markets are plunging due to recent developments
+5 # Still Confused...Maria's 4 ThingsDoug Brown 2022-02-11 15:31
Trying to understand in Maria Zakharova's four things in light of our current reality.
1. Stop arms from going into Ukraine
2. Withdraw military advisors
3. Stop joint exercises
4. Remove weapons already given
These four demands coupled with the refused
Security Guarantees are confusing.
NATO's Stoltenberg, and US President Joe Biden are fully ignoring any of this.
So why would Maria say this?
Now this succinct word from Hal, Putin Gave The Go.
We will wait and find out.
+6 # Talks about 2022-02-11 16:01
The USA SOP is endless talks. They tried this again - mutterings about months needed.
The Russian answer was to stop the USA-NATO buildup to a "first strike" capability".
And then we will talk.
+7 # RE: INTEL COMM CIRCUITS BLAZING: Claiming "Putin Gave the "Go" Orderrustyw0703 2022-02-11 15:25
Good advice on cash! Reading your posts on Steve Q site and always like what I read so signed up! Thanks for updates!
+2 # Cash is so 2022-02-11 16:04
that I can keep a large amount at home, and not worry.
If attacked , they can have my phone.
+7 # RE: INTEL COMM CIRCUITS BLAZING: Claiming "Putin Gave the "Go" OrderMPAFF 2022-02-11 15:15
Thank you, Hal!
+14 # RE: INTEL COMM CIRCUITS BLAZING: Claiming "Putin Gave the "Go" OrderLambs Servant 2022-02-11 15:13
Get prepared spiritually and materially. Looks like the volcano is about to blow.
+23 # RE: INTEL COMM CIRCUITS BLAZING: Claiming "Putin Gave the "Go" OrderRockyMountainBeerMan 2022-02-11 15:06
You should have already had food and supplies stocked up...
+3 # RE: INTEL COMM CIRCUITS BLAZING: Claiming "Putin Gave the "Go" OrderBeenThere 2022-02-11 17:57
But it's always nice to top off a few of the things you might be running low on that you always use.....

If things pop off and the masses run to the grocery stores, take the opportunity to run to the hardware/feed stores and top off on whatever you need....
+8 # GO TO SAM'S CLUB NOW!Dolph 2022-02-11 15:35
Besides cash & silver coins get a few cases of 112 oz. cans of beans and several cases of canned green beans. If the electrical grid goes down this could trigger WW III. If you are really smart buy ten 50 lb. bags of rice. If any troops invade Ukraine it will go nuclear in minutes or hours. Whoever thinks they are losing the war will go nuclear. This isn't WW II! NATO, for example, will fire nukes at Kaliningrad that poses a huge threat to ALL of Europe. Repent of all your sins, stop sinning and make Jesus the Lord and Savior of your life.
+9 # If credit cards and such go downkiltews 2022-02-11 14:52
Hal I'm of the opinion that if credit cards and debit cards go down, so do grocery stores and all fast food outlets, pretty much any place you planned on buying food or anything will be closed for business. So unless you plan on bartering with your cash, it will be totally useless unless you need it to wipe your ass.
+6 # IndeedJessiebeaner 2022-02-11 15:47
Best to majorly stock up On all the nonperisables right now. The stores will be looted immediately if something bid happens…..AS IN A HEARTBEAT.
+10 # Putin's "Go" order?Mary Wehrman 2022-02-11 14:51
Other social media and commercial news sources have also now started reporting on this to include PBS reporter via Twitter and ZeroHedge. If cyberattacks escalate that could be an indicator?
I wonder what the Russian Duma will do if we're still at peace on Monday? US Sunday talk shows could be interesting. I'm with Hal, finalize your preparations just in case the "option is exercised"
# RE:cyberattacks?Haarnaś 2022-02-11 17:12
This is exactly what Uke Lt. Colonel Aleksandr Vindman had said very recently!
+17 # DURING SUPER BOWLDolph 2022-02-11 15:52
Pearl Harbor was on a Sunday morning and in America people have much more passion and love for football than God, so, he who has ears to hear let them hear.
+5 # Links to ZeroHedge and PBS PostingsKarriemosby 2022-02-11 15:23
I looked up the posting on ZeroHedge Twitter and the PBS story. I thought I would post the here to make them easier to find for everyone.
+3 # PBS Changed HeadlineKarriemosby 2022-02-11 16:12
Headline changed from "Putin to invade Ukraine next week according to US officials" (you can see this original headline in the URL) to "U.S. officials fear Putin to invade Ukraine next week." I find it very interesting that they did that.
+24 # RE: INTEL COMM CIRCUITS BLAZING: Claiming "Putin Gave the "Go" Orderselah 2022-02-11 14:49
on your mark, get set, GO! Lord, your will be done.


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