INTEL: U.S. Delta Forces and U.K. "SAS" Fighting inside Ukraine since February!

A source in the French intelligence community reportedly informed a Le Figaro reporter last week that elite special forces from the UK and the US have been deployed in Ukraine since the start of hostilities with Russia in late February.


-1 # If The Ukes HaveForrest Mosby 2022-04-14 17:49
This capability[ to sink a missile cruiser, even a piece of shit like the Moskva] why dont they go ahead and clear their coastline…enforce a 50 mile limit or some such?…
Sink everything out there that they can: or is it just a demonstration?..
‘We Bad, Dont Mess With Us’ bullshit…

Be Interesting to see how this plays out
# What is Russia waiting for? 2022-04-13 23:59
If all of this is true, then Russia has to have intimate knowledge of it. Russia said that if any country interfered that they would pay a heavy price. So… what are they waiting for? Reveal to the world what they know. Who feels like a sitting duck for these (insert description) sociopaths/psychos?
# Yeah?Pierre Derelicto 2022-04-14 13:15
Did you happen to notice the UN's reaction, when Russia brought EVIDENCE of secret bioweapons labs in Ukraine to the "Security Council"s attention?

The globalist/satanist cabal OWNS Big Media. They shamelessly trumpet propaganda, while even more shamelessly silencing and censoring truth.

"So, what are they waiting for?"

Hmmm ... looks like they've been quietly redeploying a lot of military assets, themselves. With "Operation Sandman" -- their response to the Emperor Brown Drawers' Clown Show Regime attempts to economically cripple them -- Russia made the brilliant counterattacking move of putting the ruble on a gold standard. (... which only further illustrated the worthlessness of the USD, British Pound and the Euro, coupled with the grossly overstated values of our "investment" markets.) Apparently, more than 150 other countries -- which secretly signed on in the agreement to abandon the Petrodollar system -- agree with Russia's move to reestablish integrity into world markets, and block the globalists from fully consolidating their various thefts, and establish the ultimate serfs-and-peasants societal structure.

Perhaps Russia sees that a nuclear exchange would only advance their objectives ... create a false pretense for so many big NATO players' collapsing economies. Maybe they're playing a "waiting game" -- slowly turning the screws on NATO, while giving the individual nations' economies a chance to go down in flames with a war to blame it on.

... and maybe President Putin, himself, has more brains than all the NATO national "leaders" combined. (With the likes of empty-suit buffoons like CornPop, Bojo the Clown, Turdeau and MaCON, it's not difficult to conceive. I think the satanists NWO plans are looking very shaky.)

I'm not sure if Putin's patience is a "don't disturb your enemy, while he's in the process of destroying himself / Art of War approach, if it's because he knows a full-blown war is what NATO and the globalists want, or if he genuinely wants to avoid nuclear war at all costs, if possible ... or maybe a combination of all of these.

NATO may be winning the 'information' aspect of this war, but that appears to be all they're winning, THANK GOD.

Beyond all the hype, rhetoric and confrontations, this war is REALLY about 'The Globalists/Satanists vs. Humanity. The mRNA is one of their weapons. Fortunately, MSM treason notwithstanding, a majority of people on this planet know better than to trust the WHO and national bureaucracies that touted its "safe and effective" application.

To that end, how long and hard do you think vaxed troops will be able to fight?

The reality of this situation is: the longer Putin waits, the stronger his position becomes. Eventually, truth wins out -- and, MSM antagonism and vilification not withstanding, truth is on Russia's side in this epic conflict.
-1 # Proper War Cant BeginForrest Mosby 2022-04-13 23:16
Until the ground is dry enough for tanks…til then it will be bullshit like this and maybe some ships sunk or aircraft downed…Moskva was a piece of shit…Tubes welded all over it…damn thing had more different weapon system's than people…
Tanks can roll in maybe another 2-3 weeks…
Then its ‘Cry Havoc, and Let Slip The Dogs of War’

Unless Vlad gets pissed and launches
-2 # Rah-Rah, sis-boom-elites-bah!Loki 2022-04-13 21:03
" continue fighting Russia until better terms are presented."

...or more accurately, until NATO can gin up a decent enough false flag to get both Russia and the USA destroyed.
-6 # The French journalist who returned from Ukraine after arriving with volunteer fighters told broadcaster CNews that "Americans are directly “in charge” of the war on the ground."Haarnaś 2022-04-13 21:02
The French have never loved us and have been always jealous of our superpower status and their own loss of it after WWII. Lots of Commies in France as well. We need confirmation. Palehorse, do something other than complain, this is very serious
-3 # RE: The French journalist who returned from Ukraine after arriving with volunteer fighters told broadcaster CNews that "Americans are directly “in charge” of the war on the ground."Haarnaś 2022-04-13 23:35
Quoting Haarnaś:
We need confirmation. Palehorse, do something other than complain, this is very serious

I suppose Palehorse is not interested in this story. I will confirm the story is presnt on multiple news wires including hindu times and Russia Times without confirmation. Russia times does not name the source of this info, but just mentions that the claim (not fact) was reported by the Le Figaro's senior international correspondent Georges Malbrunot on Saturday, the day when British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made his surprise visit to Kiev.
Le Figaro is a conservative upper-middle class paper owned by the French defense contractor Dassault Aviation SA!
+6 # POWsJohnnyinKY 2022-04-13 20:37
I would hate to be a POW after what Ukraine did to captured Russians the other week. Torturing them on film for the world to see. Shooting them in the crotch, blowing their balls and pecker off, and leaving them to bleed on the pavement ( yea that really happened). There’s some Ukrainians who are going to have a REALLy bad night. I shiver at the thought of it
+5 # POWs...Rosewood11 2022-04-13 21:06
...then there were the Russians that were captured by some Ukrqinians, who gouged the eyes out of their captives on camera--and like the idiots in the US, then they posted it on youtube. I understand it took the Russians no time at all to find the culprits. Their end won't be pretty, either.
+2 # Whispers,,,oldschool 2022-04-13 20:05
# RE: Whispers,,,TB1 2022-04-14 11:17
Quoting oldschool:
# maybeLoki 2022-04-13 21:05
Maybe, but I don't think the Chinese are focused on that right now...they're sending weapons, yes, but I think they're more on economic issues and harassing Taiwan till the time is ripe for China to attack that country.
+1 # MoskvaNZWatcher 2022-04-13 19:54
The Ship Moskva has been hit and destroyed by the sounds
+2 # Moskvachip 2022-04-13 20:01
Well if that's true apparently their
anti missile defense isn't as good
as they think.
+3 # SurrenderJohn Jones 2022-04-13 19:02
With the big surrender today that might not leave time for the Ukraine forces currently being trained on equipment in Lithuania to make it back for the weapons deliveries of said equipment they are being trained on. If the proxy situation falls apart look for a false flag back home to blame on Putin.
+3 # There’s a change in the deployment of Russian forces.White Lightning aka Raptor 2022-04-13 19:01
There’s a change in the deployment of Russian forces. The first round of deployment into Ukraine was mostly with “meat grinder” pieces of hardware, things they expected to get damaged. Now, near Kharkov, we’re seeing a step up from Russian military deployment. Namely, we’re seeing the 4th Tank Division which consists of very advanced tanks such as the T-80U’s, T80UE1 & T-80BV — as well as KA-52s & the Konkurs ATGM equipped BMP2s
Ukrainian Soldiers Confirm They Were Ordered To Kill Civilians In Rubezhnoe
Drones with liquid tanks & sprayers discovered in abandoned Ukrainian base
Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry | 13th April
-2 # RE: INTEL: U.S. Delta Forces and U.K. "SAS" Fighting inside Ukraine since February!TexasWolf 2022-04-13 18:56
LOL only BoJo could think that getting your ass kicked leads to better terms. They will end up accepting the deal that was offered at the beginning. And the press will continue fellating Zelensky.
# Bojo the puppetLoki 2022-04-13 21:08
Bojo is a useful puppet for the western elites.
# █▓▒░ Report: ░▒▓█Palehorse 2022-04-13 18:49

Over 1,000 Ukrainian marines surrender in Mariupol

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj.-
Gen. Igor Konashenkov said 1,026 troops
from the Ukrainian 36th Marine Brigade
surrendered at a metals plant in the city.
-1 # History of Kiev be damned.Hope springs 2022-04-13 18:25
Nuke Kiev and Zelinsky now. That would be the advice I would give Psdt Putin. No more pussy footing these satanist US scums and their puppy followers. The manufacturers of Javelin, Stinger, Seastreak and Manpad missiles are fair targets too.
+2 # RE: History of Kiev be damned.Bruce Oxenford 2022-04-13 18:58
Germany needs fuel, America needs the illusion of the rest of the world having the "full faith and credit of the United states of America. "

If Deta and SAS have floundered in the Ukraine, then I'm expecting Russian spetsnaz and allies proxies to be released within our borders, especially if additional troops get set to reinforce Ukraine's failure so far.
+1 # Blue BeretsLoki 2022-04-13 21:10
they're already here with their Cuban and other special forces. The Chinese are helping the Mexican cartels not only in Mexico but in northern California and elsewhere. Don't forget the jihadis!
+2 # Our govts & Khazar influence .....BanjoDoug 2022-04-13 18:11
"The UK & US have been among Kiev’s most ardent military supports." ..... And the UK & USA are the most tightly controlled by the Khazar Jankster.....
+2 # Russia is behind the curve.Hope springs 2022-04-13 18:05
The B****** US politicians want war. By sending in more and more weaponry into Ukraine, how can you have peace? I read that the Russian Navy’s flagship “Moskva” has been hit by missiles two hours back. Russia needs to up their attacks drastically otherwise the US led war in Ukraine will turn into more serious losses for them.
+2 # INTEL: U.S. Delta Forces and U.K. "SAS" Fighting inside Ukraine since February!Igorbzo 2022-04-13 17:37
Very confused...
+3 # if so, certainly it has been knownDudimus Maximus 2022-04-13 17:15
Quoting supporttheblue:
# If true that Russia has known this all along, — supporttheblue 2022-04-13 16:54
then Putin will be forced to keep his word to strike the US and UK, or face a military coup d'état.

Rather- its scary to think that the game has been played with this known... total calculated restraint and control. ..." could have destroyed them, at any time..!?.... 'Da'"...
-1 # France is part of NATO, correct?Kdasl 2022-04-13 17:02
this is crazy
# 2022-04-13 17:12
They hate the Germans for WW1 & WW2
They hate the Americans for taking their USA colonies.
They are in NATO to sell arms.
+2 # RE: Yebbutmjc 2022-04-13 17:27

They are in NATO to sell arms.

They're in NATO for a seat at the table.

Whenever there's a NATO mission, you can count on the French to provide (demand) their flag officers to "lead" it.

Provide troops and equipment? Not so much.....
+6 # Russia initially asked for security guarantees.Doug Brown 2022-04-13 16:55
To the request for simple security gaurantees:
NATO said no. USA said no.
I don't get it.
Isn't peace everybody's objective?
Apparently not.
Sending in highly trained, soldiers, secretly,
clandestinely, just isn't right. Doesn't this
allow Putin ample cause to drastically
expand the scope of his operation?
Doesn't their presence somehow violate
Something? It sounds wrong.
So they have been there from the beginning
doing all sorts if miserable deeds.
Biden knows this, Johnson knows this.
What will Putin do to solve this situation?
What is the remedy?
-2 # What will Putin do to solve this situation?Dudimus Maximus 2022-04-13 17:29
Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
+5 # Bankrupt the 2022-04-13 17:14
The USSR collapsed economically under ever inceasing military spending.
Putin is forcing the USA to spend, spend, spend.
+4 # WhoaSBGlett77 2022-04-13 19:18
Golly, that's right ! And the Russian defense industry is nationalized, so they get their great equipment at cost+some small profit. In the U.S., we spend an estimated 12 times what defense-nationalized countries spend, to get the same results ! That's because our total procurement costs include huge salaries, a top-heavy, cumbersome organization chart, lobbyist costs, kickbacks, large numbers of defense dept. auditors, publicity staff, automatic markups, competitive demonstration costs, etc., etc..

In Russia, you have highly educated engineers working for slightly-above-average ordinary wages, and the bureau either produces good materiel, or the managers get replaced. I would guess Russia's system comes up with novel weapons systems through a method of free exchange of ideas, rather than military pork spending, too.

So maybe Putin knows he can bankrupt our already heavily indebted nation 12x faster than we did to them ! A Billion here and a Billion there......
+5 # If true that Russia has known this all along,supporttheblue 2022-04-13 16:54
then Putin will be forced to keep his word to strike the US and UK, or face a military coup d'état.
+2 # Did You Not Know This Already?ldx 2022-04-13 16:44
Cocky Biden, dead give away! Remember Obama's secret wars. Congress never did get asked.
+3 # That’s to badSerpa@82 2022-04-13 16:38
Unfortunate that it came to this...but it has. Harsh reality inbound. God help us.
-1 # May 16th461694 2022-04-13 21:00
The bible said that during the end times th many would receive visions and dreams. I did several years ago. I won't go into detail, but I was shown a date of May 16th. All I will say is that it was a vision. It showed the the date with Jesus pointing up. I know God knows my concerns. I have been worried about our country's future for a long time.
+11 # Lying bastards.Gregg W 2022-04-13 16:37
Not the military guys, they’re following orders.
The wretches who started this crap need to pay.
How many Ukrainians or Russians died needlessly?
+3 # How many?Buffalolips 2022-04-13 18:13
Apparently not enough yet. Perversely, that's probably the NATO objective, i.e., that more of both Russians and Ukrainians die. NATO probably sees that as a win/win.


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